One Piece: Pirate Warriors Set For September Release As A PSN Download

By Spencer . July 18, 2012 . 1:03pm

onepiece1An English version of One Piece: Pirate Warriors is on its way to North America as a PlayStation Network download. You will be able to fight through waves of enemies with Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Portagas D. Ace on September 25.


Oh, and with the original voiceovers too since One Piece: Pirate Warriors has English text and Japanese voice acting.


Check out the latest screenshots of One Piece: Pirate Warriors and our hands-on impressions of the PlayStation 3 title.

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  • Spirit Macardi

    They mention the original voices like it’s something special that they added in. What would be special to me is if they got Colleen Clinkenbeard and the rest of the Funimation VAs to do an English track.

    • Muffum

      Not that I disagree (since I love the Funimation dub), but given how a large sum of people feel about the dub (and dubs in general) in comparison to the original voices… Yeah.

      • Yeah…..?

      • LittleMofreaky

        it’s funny how anime fans are killing the industry like this

        • British_Otaku

          I listened to a podcast somewhere saying the anime market is the most picky market. We are savvy and follow the news for the latest stuff and already tried it in three voice overs even if it hasn’t been officially released in English or Japanese for our region. We hawk over companies about cuts, censorship or petty changes to death.

          This game gets a bit lucky as dub + sub isn’t a standard for One Piece games, or many anime games. Removing music, though a dick move is usually tolerated while Monster (a great anime) moving a few tracks placement (well more than that but yeah) and having an instrumental for the outro earned hatred.

          We have high standards from anime/manga, that’s just how it is it.

          • LittleMofreaky

            “We have high standards…”

            No, it’s much worse than that. Anime fans never get what they want. I love anime and manga but 90% of anime/manga fans are insatiable, cheap, conceited assholes that never officially support the products.

          • Shogunreaper

            If they can’t give the fans what they want they don’t deserve money.

            Most of the time animes have great material to work with that has already been laid out for them (Manga) yet they still feel the need to ruin the story by changing it.

            Then theres the horrible subtitles they expect people to pay for. Its sad when fansubers who don’t get paid can make better subtitles than professionals.

          • ” We have high standards from anime/manga.”

            And what’s ironic is that those high standards will always be s*** on, and there will always be a percentage of such fans who won’t stop complaining over the smallest things, despite them being inevitable or just business obstacles, like the way this game turned out, which I find really funny considering the Naruto UNS games were given dual audio while this title does not. Makes you wonder who’s really suppose to have a budget.

            And as for replacing music, I’ll be pessimistic with a firm belief that complaints over music replacements will always fall on deaf ears. If an intro/outro has changed or becomes instrumental, the reason is obvious by now; it’s not worth owning or the foreign divisions don’t have the budget for it, among many other reasons that I wish I could comment on. Other vocals were lucky to get English covers.

            The anime market can’t please everyone, not even its fans. That’s just life.

          • British_Otaku

            Monster had it worse than just having an instrumental track for the wonderful outro, all of the international releases have the music rearranged from where it played changing the appeal of moments also removing allusions to character traits.

            If VIZ was upfront with it being an issue for all International issues having the problem, they would have gotten a better reception. I’m not fond of buying any manga or anime which is mutilated anyway, having a page removed, cross changed to a block or moments I loved (or my friends loved when they recommended it) toned down through a soundtrack change or censorship isn’t a habit. Outro/intro instrumentals are low ranking on my issues but unwanted as with content changes for games.

      • Testsubject909

        I happen to like both Japanese and English voices…

    • Exactly. Taking a dub that was already completed isn’t anything special, especially for people like me who don’t care about the Japanese dub.  It’s the same reason I haven’t gotten Orochi 3 yet.

      • Testsubject909

        I’ll start with:

        I love the English voice work for the Warriors games. Yes, they’re cheesy campy bad at times but it still doesn’t remove the fact that I love it for what it is.

        The lack of English dub will affect your gameplay as you’ll need to read the battle messages and that can affect your playstyle and optimal control of the battlefield, otherwise though it’s effect is relatively minimal. You should still try to get your hands on a copy eventually because… well… Warriors Orochi 3 is freakishly fun for a Warriors games and feels pretty damn packed. Though the narrative doesn’t have the same oomph as Dynasty Warriors 7. Still, it’s great good fun and, well, it’s another Orochi Warriors.

  • Naozumi Sudo

    I’m importing the PAL version since I refuse to buy digital if a hard copy is available, and I don’t care that it doesn’t have a dub since I wouldn’t listen to it even if it had one. It comes to about $39 USD which is a fair price.

    • Testsubject909

      I would’ve.

      I love both Robin’s Japanese and English voices!


      I mean. Both the entire Japanese voices and English voices are competent and Oda gave his personal approval over the English voices. And honestly, the English voicework would keep your eyes away from the sudden text. And from a long time experienced Warriors player… Oddly enough, reading those text bubbles? They do hinder you from reaching optimal efficiency on the battlefield.

    • Covnam

      Oh? Where from? I’d prefer a physical copy over a digital one, so if the price isn’t that great of a difference that would be better then having to buy some PSN cards just to buy one game.

      • Naozumi Sudo
 I purchased the R&C HD collection from them, as well.

        • Covnam

          Thanks, I’ll keep them in mind!

  • Solomon_Kano

    Good thing I cleared some space on my HDD.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Surprised they didnt go for the dub, but I guess thats a lot of future casting for roles that have yet to be announced or even at the time frame in the dub.

    But Ill get this on PSN…

    •  Viz at least had the guts to dub the Naruto UN games and that one Bleach game knowing full well that it’s WAY ahead of their track record. The same can’t be said about Koei unfortunately.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        Unless I guess viz has total rights to all of naruto so will reuse those same vas for the anime, funimation seems to have to get each season, where I dont ever recall viz having to say we have to get rights to season etc. 

      • Viz deals with anime related stuff on a daily basis. This is a gaming company, in which has to deal more through that. (as in not only the original media company for said product, but with the US branch as well, and has to use casts from them for the most part)

        •  Yeah, I kinda figured I was off the bar, since NISA were the publishers of the Bleach game. Though I thought Viz would have some involvement, should they promote the game and hand the cast over.

  • the9reen9uy

    NICE! I got to play this game at Anime Expo this year and it was tons of fun.. Can’t wait for this =)

  • LittleMofreaky

    so excited for this

    • Guest

       Well thats nice and I’mma let you finish but Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle will be the most epic PS3 anime game of all time!

      of all time!


      • LittleMofreaky

        Memes! Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! YOU’RE SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

        • LynxAmali

           But he’s right.
          It will be the greatest Ps3 anime fighter of all time.
          I kid, I kid.

          Or do I?

  • Barrit

    Sooo… Play-Asia has the US version up for pre-order. Should I tell them, or should you?

    • Testsubject909

      If only it were true…

  • Enigma_XIV

    Ahh my wallet…

  • In before the “WHINE WHY THERE NO DUBS IN THIS” excuse…you all do know there isn’t any dubs for the the later arcs that the game has…just saying that could be a reason :L. Sure it might not but still. So to the i don’t want it if it has no english dub…tough…

    • British_Otaku

      It isn’t an excuse. Naruto Storm games feature people who hadn’t been voiced in the anime yet. Dragon Ball Z games often debuted characters before they were voiced by FUNimation in their respective movie/OVA. One Piece Unlimited Adventure (2008) was released before One Piece had a single DVD or Bluray out from FUNimation, with characters reaching up to the low 300s of Episodes. FUNi have just passed 200.

      Even in Japan, characters often make voice debuts in games or drama CDs, perhaps the voice actor may not stay, perhaps the voice actor may change their performance (Nightmare Luffy in Unlimited Cruise -> Show and UC SP) or it may debut a Bruce Lee-esque performance which sticks in the show (Gigant Battle 2).

      Is this game set further yet? Yep, but the amount of new characters who need voice acting are minimal and I’ve mentioned how they can easily change if it doesn’t work out like the show hasn’t kept the same cast for over a decade.

      It is tough luck for people with the expectation that anime games always get dubbed though. I assume it is an issue with Namco Bandai’s schedule, not FUNimation refusing a game when they didn’t say no to Unlimited Adventure.

      • Shogunreaper

        Not really a valid comparison tbh. The one piece dub is like 8 years behind the japanese version, most animes are only 1-3 years at most.

        There really isn’t that big a fanbase in America for one piece, which is mostly 4kids fault. It might be different if funimation wasn’t so damn slow in releasing episodes though.

        • British_Otaku

          It is a valid comparison and here are the dates:

          Unlimited Adventure US (Up to Episode 300 basically): January 22, 2008
          First FUNi Movie released (Movie 8 = Ep90-130+late 200s): February 19, 2008
          FUNi release of Episode 1: May 27, 2008

          Aside from airing and starting with Episodes 147 to 195 (between late 2007 to early 2009) on Aussie and US TV, they started with Unlimited Adventure.

          I can tell you from experience that Unlimited Adventure features many more unknown voiced characters in contrast to the period back then and that there could be less characters in total to voice for this game as it skips many arcs and cuts down cameos despite claiming to follow the entire plot.

          Being years behind didn’t stop them trying a game, one of the latest movies and starting off the show where 4Kids left it before.

          • Shogunreaper

            They only just picked the series up.

            You didn’t see them dubing any of the other recent one piece games did you? They did that 4 years ago and a lot has changed in anime since then, especially in the u.s

          • British_Otaku

            I’m not sure how “they only just picked the series up” increases the chance they would go for the most ambitious One Piece game yet from cast playable and cast cameo’d. All with voice work.

            Voice acting companies in North America typically dub anime games when they gets localised in North America at the very least. It makes more sense to assume that Namco Bandai America would get in contact with FUNimation from there and request that all of the casting and voice work is done by a certain date.

            That is why they never dubbed another game, as there was never one localised in North America where FUNimation has to give the thumbs up for the release and it isn’t much work to get a dub (which the English speaking audience including the Australians and even the Brits who don’t have never had Televised FUNimation One Piece but may be buying DVDs or watching the show otherwise).

            What has changed in the anime industry which means that FUNimation would refuse this project?

  • Testsubject909

    Aaaaaaand… Double dipping it is for me.

    Guess that means a pre-order from Zavvi first for the Retail format followed by purchasing the PSN version.

    Yes, that’s the compromise I’ve taken for the purpose of physically owning a game. Yes, it’s painful. No, I regret nothing…

    *clears throat*


    I mean… Shame we won’t get to hear more of the Funimation dubs, they’ve done an excellent job. Quite honestly. I’ve actually listened to around 150+ of the English dubbed episodes and they’ve done an excellent job.

    • Tien Ron

       i love the funimation dubs their amazing!!!

  • Cameron Ward

    so there wont be a retail copy?  how much is this going to cost?

    • VietKnight

       Probably 49.99 like normal but any more than that is pushing it.

    • British_Otaku

      Not unless you are willing to import from Europe (probably five languages including English) or Japan (no English subtitles naturally).

  • British_Otaku

    I’m glad to be in Europe for once. I won’t have my compulsive need to triple dip on franchises I love. No one can try to guilt me for buying the physical copy too. >_>

    On topic: I hope those of you who stick around for the digital copy enjoy the game and we meet online to challenge bonus maps in Co-Op.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I am assuming there has been no release date for the DLC or if it’s already included?

  • I Am all for PSN Download but i still want to go and buy a retail copy for the game 

    • dahuuuundge

      nothing beats the a new game smell and a fresh new manual…unless that manual is in black and white and padded with French and Spanish versions

      • I Know 

      • Testsubject909

        I’m bilingual, so the French part doesn’t bother me.

        • British_Otaku

          That’s cool but I can’t stand manuals which are black and white. >_>
          Being X language I don’t know isn’t an issue going off the import stuff I already have.

          I would almost say it makes me what to double dip… Seeing wonderful artwork in a booklet, wasted by being printed in grayscale.

  • Guest

    I guess its better than nothing but cant say I’m all for this new ‘trend’ of localizing. I’d rather it be allocated to mainly games people would normally not even think of buying in the West in terms of retail, like Visual Novels.

    • Shogunreaper

      That doesn’t make any sense, why would they go through the trouble of translating a game that people wouldn’t buy?

      • Guest

        People in the west dont buy Visual Novels because first and foremost they are simply not made available on consoles. SCEA doesn’t feel they are “games”. If given the option to release in the states if SCEA ever would change their tune one them, then digital distribution would be the more likely avenue of selling them as more Western people would probably be more curious and inclined to get them online than in a store.
        Musou is different because it already has a long following and fan base and of course we have plenty One Piece fans. This is mainly to cut costs.

        • British_Otaku

          So Sony Computer Entertainment America has had a problem with games based on sprites, games without English dubs and also visual novels? >_>

          Why would they control the flow of the video game market so much when it can bring the player more games to play and perhaps new people to the PS3?

        • Shogunreaper

          Thats because they aren’t games, they are basically picture books.

          And one piece is not as big as other anime like bleach and naruto over here in the united states. Its almost the complete opposite of japan where it is the most popular.

          And it wasn’t to cut costs it was because they didn’t feel the fanbase was big enough for them to go through the trouble of doing english voiceovers.

          • British_Otaku

            Being “picture books” never stopped Gyakuten Saiban coming worldwide as Ace Attorney. >_> I’m sure something with some sort of cult following from CrunchyRoll or perhaps proper releases could benefit from some sales as well.

            One Piece is fairly big English-speaking (more so in Germany and France) worldwide if you want to go by the “Big Three” concept (that One Piece, Naruto and Bleach are the most popular ongoing anime/manga in the west, at least from Shonen Jump). Also, how VIZ pushes it, even more so than Bleach. It has significant presence as far as conventions and cosplay go too aside from being among the top viewed on streaming or scanlation sites.

            You may say these people are insignificant, especially the stats through illegal/free means. I see these people as the cult fans who will be buying the games though. If anyone will buy an artbook, game or DVD of an ongoing anime, it will probably be those who follow it on a weekly basis (eat it, drink it, sleep it) not the people who watched the show on TV 3 years ago and by chance see it in a store.

  • ThomasTruong

    I’ll risk going on record to say that since the PS3 still supports sharing one game, you COULD split the digital price with a friend and both be able to play it at the same time, which would be more than worth it.

    Having played it at Anime Expo though, the inconsistent framerate really irks me.

  • komiko12

    No dubs, less expenses I think.

  • Zero Shift

    I sprang for the 360 version of Warriors Orochi 3 because I wanted a physical copy of the game, but it looks like for Pirate Warriors, it will have to be the digital only version since it will be PS3 only. I may or may not try to hunt down just the case for a Japanese copy so I can put it on my shelf lol.

  • YoshEE

    Dammit why PSN!!!! Well I am glad they are releasing in U.S but why!!! Fck it is gonna be like WO3. 

  • YES!!!! I love the Japanese voice overs and digital download.

  • Haohmaru HL

    i’m actually glad it’s in PSN, would be easier to get it.
    good thing i’ve waited, afterall september is not far from now :)

  • how much will it be

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