The Final Fantasy XIII Project Sold 9.6 Million Units, So Lightning’s Saga Will Go On

By Spencer . July 19, 2012 . 11:47pm

ffxiiirog Since it was released in 2009, the Final Fantasy XIII series sold 9.6 million units worldwide. While Final Fantasy XIII-2 seemed to close the saga with the Requiem of the Goddess Lightning DLC pack, Square Enix plans on continuing Lightning’s adventures.


During the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary event, Square Enix will host a presentation about the next development for the Final Fantasy XIII project. Final Fantasy XIII’s producer, director, art director, and other staff will be there to talk about future Final Fantasy XIII plans.


Before anyone gets their hopes up for the still missing Final Fantasy Versus XIII, this presentation is for a new development in the Lightning Saga. So, unless Noctis and Lightning are going to be in something together, this particular announcement won’t be tied to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Fine by me, as long as they keep improving on the game. FFXIII was good. FFXIII-2 was great. FFXIII-3 could be one of the best if they keep stepping it up.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m excited as well.  All this time I had been hoping for a 13-3, because there’s no way a DLC could bring a satisfying conclusion :)  I thought SE really listened to the fans and addressed the concerns in 13 (to be honest I had a lot of problems w/ 13 but loved 13-2) and improved a heck of a lot w/ 13-2, which to me feels like a hybrid of Chrono Trigger and older FFs.  There’s still much to be explored in the Cocoon/Gran Pulse universe.  I still have to finish reading Fragments Before and After..  Hope to see more Director Hope, he was pretty dang cool :) 

  • Muffum

    “this particular announcement won’t be tied to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

    Are they ever?

  • Xapth

    September 1st 2012: Final Fantasy XIII-3 is announced as the next installment in the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.

    Seriously though, I know a lot of people are tired of the FFXIII saga, but I am so hyped for this announcement! I just gotsta know what’s coming next!

    • epy

      Must admit I did roll my eyes a little when I read this. Hope they announce a Complete or Director’s Cut version of FFXIII-2 or at least bundle all the DLC for a much lower price. Still on the ropes on FFXIII-2.

      What I can say for sure is that I hope making several instalments of numbered entries doesn’t become the norm.

      • Herok♞

         Well the dlc prevented them for releasing a second version of FF 13-2, because they would have made an international version before and only released in Japan forcing everyone to rebuy a copy so if anything the opposite of what you are saying happened. DLC lets you choose what you want and to be honest get it, the only dlc that matters is only $5 and the overall game is good.

  • Oh man, my heart jumped out the window when I read this. Thank you SQEX! <3 So much hype!

  • Go2hell66

    well this is bad news, for me anyways.

    kind of hoped the ff xiii series would just die a slow painful death after the fiasco that was ffxiii-2. i really didn’t enjoy that game

  • LightZero

    I know some fans will be butthurt despite this being obvious. However, I look forward to FFXIII-3. I like FFXIII-2 much better than the prequel. Hopefully FFXIII-3 will be better than both and close this saga off so we can move on. 

  • RmanX1000

    So…. XIII-3? *sigh* *begins writing check*

  • fancycakes

    ughhhhh, you’re KILLING me, squeenix!

  • I feel like if there’s a XIII-3 or an entirely new game starring Lightning, this is a fantastic opportunity for them to do something off-the-cuff. 

    • Ethan_Twain

      I would like to think so, but how often is it that the third entry in a trilogy (one presumes they’ll make it a trilogy) shakes things up a ton?  I feel like Square Enix has decided on what it is that defines the XIII series and isn’t gonna mess with it too much.  More Uncharted 3 than Metroid Prime 3.

    • As long as Lightning is actually the CENTRAL PROTAGONIST this time.

      She had to share with five other characters in XIII, she was falsely advertised from the start as main character for XIII-2 only to be replaced by two generic protagonists and an unfunny moogle.

      I don’t want XIII-3 to be about some generic young guy who I never heard of instead of Lightning. The only exception would be Sazh, he can narrate how the people he meets act like they’re from outer space.

      • Göran Isacson

        I have to admit, I would be totally down with Sahz taking on a narrative portion and lampshade how crazy everyone he meets is and how on Earth did he get into this mess, he’s just five years away from retirement etc.

  • FFmax

    Yes! I liked XIII-2 but I hope Lightning will be playable more in the next game, that DLC with her was really fun though.

  • Aqua King

    I’m probably the only one who likes Serah more than Lightning. But I would like the story to continue (especially since they ended the last one with a ‘to be continued’). The only thing I hope for in XIII-3 is that they move back to the characters and away from monster taming.

    • love Serah than the emotionless Lightning.. hopefully shes playable again for part 3. Her chemistry with Noel is great, thats one of the reason why i love part 2 considering it has a really stupid storyline hehe

  • Elemiel

    “this particular announcement won’t be tied to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

    It will never be tied to Versus XIII. Versus XIII is the new Duke Nukem.
    At this point, all I want is Type-0. Just Type-0, SE! I’ll give you all my money for it!

    • Maumac77

      4 more years and it will be Duke Nukem

  • Really another installment? Someone call up Superman and have him fly forward around the world as fast as possibly. At least within a time of three minutes we’ll pass through 10-12 more years of bullshit and finally get XII Versus -_-“

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well, more Lightning would be great here.^^ Even though FF13-2 is totally improvement from FF13. Serah taking the main stage there is not really my cup of tea there lol.

    If FF13-3 can keep up the improvement from 13-2 and at last gives Lightning more “spotlights”, i am sure going to get that one too.^^ As great game should never been missed.^^

    • I know what you mean. Lightning has a much grander story than “Meanie Miss Farron” with a cat and a moogle who kupos too much. Even Lightning has a better sense of humor than Mog.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Yup.^^ And while i don’t want to said this, can they please at least give some pairing here lol.^^ I mean most FF MC at least had been known who is their partner isn’t it? (Except FF1 and 3 i think?)

  • RablaAndrews

    Yeeesssss, great news, can’t wait to see the climax to this series. I did kind of expect the 5th and final FNC game to be XIII-3, but good to see it will most likely happen.

  • Kefkiroth

    If it’s XIII-3 hopefully they will change up the battle system (possible as X-2’s battle system was quite different from X’s). I still hate this actiony/turn-based hybrid; either make it full-on KH or full-on turn-based. Though I will admit XIII-2 fixed up XIII’s battle system nicely.

    • why they need to change something that great? just to try to please few people?

      • FF XIII-2 did sold less than the original FF XIII… FF XIII-2 sales is one third of FF XIII’s from what I remembered when it was released…

        • Herok♞

           2 things about that, with all the hate the 13 games get that isn’t surprising and the main games always sell a ton more then the sequels.

      • Kefkiroth

        I didn’t think XIII-2 was that bad, but I can tell as of right now most of the FF fanbase hates the button-mashy battle system. Made the games easier than they could’ve been. 

  • Daniel.S.Z Bhadurkhan

    Same IP 3 or is 4 years in a row, you would think they would want to mix it up a but( talking about versus here), I dont mind XIII-3, but am kinda tired of playing the game with small improvements here and there, they could’ve just released it as DLC
    (Like they said they would), but instead they are pushing back other IP’s(Type-0 localization and Versus) all because they want to milk their new fans…..great job SE, great job…….. You are on your way to making the “Call of Duty” rpg version…..

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Lol how can they release everything on DLC there if they intent to continue the story much more? It will be a more viable option to release a new game here.

      And about Type-0 localization, you should blaim that on the fact that PSP is dead outside of Japan here. Piracy has been so rampant there that the sales is so small that it is almost surely that it is going to cause deficit rather than profit there.

      While for Versus 13, well i kinda agree there as it does take a really long times there. Here i can only hope that  it won’t end up like what Miyamoto mention before that a game that is being kept too long would not make the game great there.T_T

    • Except I rather Lightning than a generic soldier fighting terrorists, not in CoD games but a million CoD-knock-offs every week.

  • Did FFXIII-2 really do enough to redeem FFXIII? I haven’t played the former yet because it is practically painful to churn through the latter, and I do have hopes for FFXIII-2 to at least not be so comprehensively cringe-worthy as its predecessor.

    Regardless, I, too, hope FFXX-# sub-series do not become standard. As for FFXIII-3 specifically, this better be enough to justify feeding another trilogy into the modern media maw. After all, FFX-2 wrapped its matters up in a veritable expansion pack.

    • Syltique

      “Did FFXIII-2 really do enough to redeem FFXIII?”

      Why not play it and decide for yourself?  You won’t believe anyone else anyway.

      • That’s the thing, though: I have to finish FFXIII before I would allow myself to play FFXIII-2. For FFX and FFX-2, this was not a problem (princess! ), but I just haven’t mustered the will to finish act I off.

  • Ross Woofels Mason

    Could not care honestly, same with these FXV rumors. Square is slowly killing this series, they milked the hell out FFXIII-2 and now want to milk it even more, at this rate they are going to out do capcom lol.

  • komiko12

    I think they really are trying to replace Cloud with Lightning. :D

    They are trying to make the Fabula Nova Crystalis surpass the Compilation.
    I really feel like that XIII would’ve been much better than VII if done right. The concept is great but something went wrong with the execution so that’s why the goal was not achieved.

    • If Lightning appears in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, then the deal is sealed and Lightning is Square’s new mascot.

  • MrKappa

    They might as well announce FFXIII-3 already and get the damn thing out of the way.
    We just need this over and done with because FFXIII is only getting by on the FF brand name. It’s too bad SE thought people actually liked FFXIII and then FFXIII-2 sales prove them wrong despite supposedly being the better game.

    In other news Versus is still in limbo.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    so now the final fantasy games will have the length of the ones in the classic ones, but will cost you over 200 dollars(if you buy it new and early) to fulfill the story, they are killing the series(quite sad since this is the porterchild of JRPGs)
    and its really doing that good? look at the amazon ads above the comments, it seems like XII-2 its acknowledged as a dlc, for the price it has after only 6 months.

    • define “killing the series”? it sold 9.6 Million copies, I for one doesnt mind paying for more FFXIII and besides its alot better than most JRPGs(except for Resonance of Fate, that game is great!)

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        Those 9.6million copies count for 13-2 as well and that game sold really poorly. 13 sold so much because of the hype and build up to the game. It looked amazing in the trailers leading to the game and then when it was released the Western side of the world decided to tear the game apart because “omg Japanese gamez suck lately and it’s no FF7!”

        9.6 million sounds impressive and it is, but I am sure nearly 8 million of those copies were the original which is expected of a Final Fantasy game in general.
        Final Fantasy 13 –does not– need a second sequel. Square Enix don’t even need to remake FF7. They need to make new games and that is what Versus and Type-0 were. Type-0 can say goodbye to an English version and the rumour is Versus has been cancelled. They are killing the series because they make good looking games and don’t make them available to everyone and then decide to give people something that shouldn’t be made. Lightning is not the greatest character ever made in the FF series so why should we care about her story? Ok some people actually love the 13 series so we’ll leave them alone.

        Also, I actually like 13 as well so don’t think otherwise, it’s not the best but it is not terrible.

        • Anime10121

           Agreed, while I think Lightning is OK as a character (nothing more, nothing less) the first game should have been left as is.  While XIII-2 was far better as a game, it was almost pointless overall to the original FNC mythos.  Though I do look forward to the sequel, since nothing at all was resolved at the end of XIII-2, I’d much rather Square focus on something new like vs. XIII.

          If the rumor is true that vs. has been cancelled, Square will get no more money from me, I’ll start treating them like Capcom and buy all their stuff used besides maybe KH3, but if vs. is cancelled, I dont see that ever getting made.

        • LightZero

          Actually FFXIII only sold around 6.5 million. FFXIII-2 did very well in sales. Sure it didn’t do as well as some of the main FF games but it definitely sold better than all the other spin-offs minus FFX-2. Let face FFXIII is way more divisive than FFX hence the drop in sales. FFXIII-2 also was their most profitable game along side Deus EX in their recent financial reports. 

      • Nicolas Vasquez

         JRPGs are really a niche market, and FF is probably one of the few series to appeal people outside that niche audience, and people wich would have given a chance to FF with the latest iteration would pretty much be dissapointed, where the stronger points of JRPGs fall into the battle system and story, and with a battle system that is like playing the sims and await they do the sequence of actions you inputted, and a story that needs 3 games and tonloads of DLC to finish, even some FF fans are dissapointed, i wouldnt had minded if the sequels, have been more of a prologue, like the shequesls of past titles, also its pretty cheap to advertise FFXII-2 as the conclusion to the story, just to see they want to make more money and do another game, im surprised i havent heard of any legal actions abot this.

  • Nitraion

    This will be first offense comment in game for me:
    Does that mean they will keep XIII battle system? honestly i think X-2 have better battle system but not char… no offense for XIII lover but spamming magic without any cost (in this case MP) is ain’t my thing…

    • The Auto-Battle completely ruins the idea of the player being able chain a series of attacks.

      • Nitraion

        Auto-battle feels like i play video with “Play” and “Stop” button
        well i’m the minority if the fans is still pleased so be it…

    • Anime10121

       I also hope/pray that they actually change the battle system this time.  It was refreshing in XIII-1, good enough in XIII-2, but by God if this SAME system comes back in XIII-3, Ill get angry, and Square wont like me when Im angry!

  • So XIII-3 anyone? -sigh- SE… you are so stupid.

    • they sold more than 9 million copies.. the only stupid thing to do is NOT to make a sequel.. and besides FFXIII-2 is great IMO.

      •  making money doesn’t exactly equal total success. They’re looking at an expanding bubble here. The more they rely on rehashing the same game over and over again; using the oh-so great selling points of “it’ll be better this time!”, will only get them so far.

        Eventually the bubble will pop, and then they will have to come up with something to deal with their fans’ growing apathy towards the franchise. I welcome this time with open arms, and if there’s some actual heart to their next project, an open wallet.

  • Syltique

    “So, unless Noctis and Lightning are going to be in something together, this particular announcement won’t be tied to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

    Well, I heard an interesting Ultimainia XIII-2 rumor that hints that they might be connected.  Very spoiler-ific.

  • Damn it…. Oh well, let’s see what else can Square Enix cook up this time???

    What now after XIII-2??? XIII-3 follows Lightning and her sister go through time and prevent some future world war III of humans vs monsters???

  • I’m a fan of XIII, so this is good news. 
    As for Versus… I heard about the rumors of it being cancelled? I’m on the fence about this case since 1) I really just want KHIII to come out asap. 2) I was really interested in the gameplay they’ve shown us of Versus.

    Hopefully, Noctis and Lightning do show up in a game together in the future. I feel like Noctis got the short end of the stick. 

  • Monsley

    I can’t wait! :D
    I just hope the focus will be on the characters again (XIII), instead of dealing with everything and nothing (XIII-2)…

    • komiko12

      Hehe. I found it amusing that in a sense, there are times that you can do nothing and everything at the same time.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Well fan******tastic. At least that should please XIII fans…I hope

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    While I do look very forward to XIII-3, I really wish they’d, at the very least, give some info on Versus XIII. I get the feeling it will probably be one of the final PS3 games, along with Last Guardian, and I’m okay with that, I just wish there was SOME info on it. ANY info on it.

    • Next time Square should just MAKE the game before unveiling it and show off the actual game like Watch Dogs. Take that into account for Final Fantasy XV.

  • Oni123

    Why did you have to mention versus XIII? T.T

  • 9.6 MILLION!!!? I thought 6 million at the very most but XIII, despite it’s negative reception, is the highest selling game in the Final Fantasy just after VII?

    I knew XIII has a strong fanbase but WOW! Despite all the peer pressure from most hardcore (and old-school) Final Fantasy fans, I guess you can say we are “Defiers of Fate.”

    I read that kotaku is claiming that Versus XIII is quietly cancelled a few weeks ago, although likely kotaku is just wishing gain attention in the same sense as someone saying “The Final Fantasy series is dead” or “Is this the of Japanese video games?” like a British tabloid and to get fans riled up and make angry violent comments against XIII some more.

    I hope Versus XIII isn’t really cancelled though and as for XIII-3, developers could’ve just left it to out imaginations on what will happen next based on the secrets ending from the game and Lightning’s DLC because Lightning’s in a wasteland devoided of life unless Square makes a 3D CGI movie like Advent Children. Bring on the yet-to-be even angstier Lightning and a flanderized, much hammier Caius!

    • malek86

      While it could be Kotaku being sensationalist as usual, I wouldn’t be too surprised if FF13V had really been cancelled. The game has been in limbo pretty long now…

    •  it’s kind of the same thing with the Transformer movie franchise.

      I know why it makes so much money, but I wish I didn’t, and that it weren’t so.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Anime News Network made a similar article regarding the franchise and it got a huge amount of complaints.  

    • Anime10121

       By the XIII project, I think they are actually referring to XIII AND XIII-2. though.

    • Göran Isacson

      Yeah, what others said. The first Final Fantasy XIII sold 6.73 mil according to VGchartz (if you can trust those people,) and the sequel sold about 2.50 mil. I think that 7, with it’s 9,72 mil sold examples AND all the money the other parts of compilation must have brought in, are still the reigning champions of profit for Square-Enix.

  • I love FFXIII.
    They should make it until XIII-13.

    • Talbot

       I’m really looking forward to XIII-13. I can’t wait to see a colossal showdown with planet-sized Lightning hurling entire moons at a gas giant-sized Caius with a sword as long as Saturn’s rings.

    • Am I the only who thinks XIII-2’s story could be completely cut out? The story for XIII-3 might be Lightning fighting Caius in a timeless wasteland, and what did the first trailer of XIII-2 should us? Lightning fighting Caius in a timeless wasteland.

  • Talbot

    Not surprised. Anyone out there reacting with shock, i.e. “the hell? A chance of ANOTHER one?! What are they smoking?!” is either in denial or has just woken up now, considering FFXIII-2’s infamous conclusion and how the DLC have supposedly ceased. 

    I sincerely hope this isn’t going to be a precedent so that from subsequent main numbered games from now onwards, they will get sequels or even trilogies of their own. I do miss the days when the games would be more or less standalone and gave you that satisfaction of a closure when you beat the game, rather than sitting around twiddling thumbs waiting for the next one to be announced.

    Personally, I wouldn’t go anywhere near this game, but good for the fans I guess. I just don’t know what they can do now for a third game to stretch it so that it lasts at least 40 hours or so unless they do something just as contrived with the storyline.

    • I agree on how you can stretch that much time when Lightning’s story is simply to fight Caius in a wasteland but the more old-school fans preach against XIII in an angry tone with lots of swearing, the more I ground myself as pro on XIII and stay away from the old-school stuff if they made fans that bad-tempered against anything considered new but this ain’t like the new episodes of the Simpsons.

      • Talbot

        I’m already a heretic of the old-school fans considering I actually prefer FFXII over FFX. =P

        • Daniel.S.Z Bhadurkhan

          Am an old school fan, been playing since the SNES versions, but I loved XII, the combat was a step in the right direction, as for XIII, I didnt hate it , it just wasnt my cup of tea, the same way not each and every FF game is my favorite,e.g, am not the biggest fan of FF IX, so i wouldnt say all old school fans are stubborn, would be too much of a generalization. However, I agree on your point of not seeing how they will extend Lightnings story past 40hrs, though I think might throw in new characters and try to explain more over-convoluted plot twists.  

  • Sion Cruz
    I seriously hope this is a lie…. But as for FFXIII-3, ehhh… I’ll buy it if they make it as diverse as XIII-2. But it seems as though FFXV is in development at this time. 

    • Kefkiroth

      Read that recently… everyone’s going crazy over it haha. They should just rebrand Versus XIII into XV. It would definitely sell a lot more.
      But if they cancelled it completely, like the story and gameplay won’t ever be used again, that’d just be disappointing.

      • omeganeko

         ” They should just rebrand Versus XIII into XV. It would definitely sell a lot more.” I have been wondering why they haven’t done this from the start.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      I kinda think that this is a bit exagarations here as it is from Kotaku. But well, lets what SQ kept in store for us in the future then.^^

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Okay, just read the rumor on Versus XIII. If it is true, then scratch my last comment. I will not buy XIII-3 if Versus XIII is canceled. In fact, I will not buy another Square-Enix product until Wada steps down, if this is true. Not a retail disc, not a digital download, not DLC, not on my PS3, not on my 360, not on my Vita, or any future systems I may own.

    • Anime10121

       Yeah I think even I would start buying used from Square myself.  The first console game in years they have that looks EXTREMELY interesting, and they scrap it.

      Not a good look Square, not a good look at all!

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Great overreaction there becuase there has never been a game canceled before…Not even comforted tho it make be true but still.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        No, it’s not an overreaction. It’s a perfectly reasonable reaction to a company that would have proven itself completely incompetent by the cancellation. It would be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Fans have been calling for a FFVII remake for how many years now? No effort is made to make one. Last Remnant gets released on 360 in some of the most unacceptable shape I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing and PS3 owners don’t even get the respect of a cancellation notice. Nier purposely given the big, bulky dumb looking father character instead of the more appealing brother character because it is felt that Americans won’t like a more feminine character, despite having bought all the Final Fantasy’s from VII on. Dragon Quest X announced as an MMORPG on a system that is on the decline in Japan and on a system that is completely unproven when the previous titles were all released on whatever the top system in Japan was. Final Fantasy XIV. And many more things, with this now? No, it’s not an overreaction. It’s seeing a company that could have been the kings of this gen being the jester and being tired of it.

        And I say this as someone who really enjoyed FFXIII and FFXIII-2. If they are stupid enough to cancel their most anticipated game in years, then it is obvious that Wada is in over his head and needs to either step down or be removed from his position.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I am not believing the Versus cancellation news because I am an optimistic human being but if it were cancelled and Square decided to come out with another sequel to 13 then I won’t care about anything Square produce in relation to Final Fantasy any more.
    At this point the only thing saving them is Eidos and the Dragon Quest franchise, imo. 
    Versus’ development was the reason Kingdom Hearts 3 was delayed, how does the team come out and make a game after working on Versus for so long only to see their work scrapped and never to be seen or heard of again?

    Versus was a very cool looking game, it was the first game that made us go, “omg is that blood in FF? :O”. Fingers crossed though that the internet was just bored and thought they’d make up a stupid rumour about Versus.

    Oh and in relation to this article, lol no more FF13 please.

  • Honestly, I just can’t bring myself to care anymore. Doing so just keeps resulting in my intelligence being constantly insulted with the “new direction” Final Fantasy is going in.

    For those saying they will buy FFXIII-3 if it’s not as bad as the previous two games, just stop. You’re contributing to their growing dementia and stagnation as of late.

    Do the world a favor, and stop buying this dribble, and hope that they decide not to continue down this route. Instead buy Bravely Default (if it ever is coming out in your country), send them a message that their “bold new direction” for their franchise is hurting them more than helping.

    Food for thought; When Final Fantasy IX was being made, they originally had thought to NOT call it Final Fantasy, since VIII was part of their “new direction” (any more of these air quotes and I’m gonna lose my mind). Thankfully, someone had a brain in Squaresoft at the time (Sakaguchi, for one), and they wised up and made it a FF game. This sounding familiar? Bravely Default: Flying Fairy was originally going to be a Final Fantasy game as well. Telling isn’t it?

    • Luna Kazemaru

       So you telling people not to buy what they like….Right ok.

      • Oversoul

        He’s completely right. Just because you’re the lowest common denominator that’ll buy any new shiny garbage that Square puts out doesn’t mean the sane of us should stop getting legitimately good and original titles. You are the cancer killing RPGs.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I rented 13 and 13-2 off a friend both where meh at best if people like it people lile how about both of you get off your high horse ok.

          “you are the cancer that is killing RPG’

          Ok you game me a good laugh there dear what ever makes you feel better alright.

        • Paradox me

          Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 have been disappointments for a lot of folks, including myself (you can see my mini rant a few comments above), but kindly get over yourself.

          Who are you to call anyone the cancer killing RPGs? Final Fantasy XIII might not have been to most of our liking, but it was certainly a well-made, polished game that appealed to a certain segment of the franchise’s fanbase.

          If you really must focus your anger on someone, direct it towards Square for actually developing the title and insisting on pushing it further, not gamers that are just playing what appeals to them.

        • hahaha..lowest common denominator? are you serious? how did you come to that conclusion?haha

    • Dont act like you have the best taste in games.. reality check, most people still loves the FF brand regarding if it has a new direction. I for one has no problem with the new FF, and with all honesty, I dont think the old FF are that great anyways(im talking bout I-VI), i know im in the minority but still just my opinion and feedback to the post above me

      • cj_iwakura

        We’re definitely the minority, but I also loved XIII and -2. It’s X I disliked.

  • badmoogle

    I hope they make XIII-20 one day.

  • Paradox me

    If they’ve gone ahead and cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII then Square is as good as dead to me.

    I didn’t even hate Final Fantasy XIII and have generally done my best to remain positive up until this point, but the most polarizing entry in the series getting two sequels is absolutely ridiculous. No, ridiculous doesn’t quite cover it. Just about everything they’ve done this generation is mind numbingly stupid. Not to mention if they’ve canned the incredibly promising Versus XIII so that Motomu Toriyama could shoehorn in those two unnecessary sequels.

    It pains me to say, but this company just has absolutely no idea what it’s doing anymore. It’s actually impressive how completely clueless they are.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Noctis wanted to post a comment in response to this but it was very inappropiate for this site. Anyway, I just hope the next FF13 game has more than two main characters

  • Raze

    Noctis better come out first before the revival of Lightning from being crystalized

  • Luna Kazemaru

    The tears in these comments….

    • Godmars

       Think you mean to say “The tears those comments bring.”

      • Luna Kazemaru

         No I’m enjoying the salt and tears coming from a few people atm.

  • Daniel.S.Z Bhadurkhan

    If anyone here is interested in supporting Versus XIII, theres forums on the official Square site for NA where we are building up support for the game, I have said this many times before, I have no hate for XIII, but SE really have to stop with this strange business approach, it doesnt hurt to have a little diversity with the current FF releases and Versus was going to provide such. Heres the link for those interested: 

  • Speedo Redempteur

    Very happy for more FF13 ..FF13 was ok but fun and i loved FF13-2

    Furthermore there is a story to finish there so i’m gonna be happy with another game in 2014 telling me the rest

    • badmoogle

      What if the “story” isn’t finished in XIII-3 either?Will you continue buying XIII sequels until SE is stupid enough to one day finish XIII’s “story”?

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    I’m mildly excited for Final Fantasy XIII-3.

    FF XIII had one of the more complex and original stories this generation and although FF XIII-2 had needlessly tangled dialogues and seriously lacked in challenge, there is definitely “fertile” ground for a third entry.

    +Caius is an excellent adversary with a deep and proper dramatic story connecting him to the protagonist unlike the impersonal Orphan.
    +Noel Kreiss was very well received and a personal favourite, seeing how the unexpected ending of -2 transformed him into possibly a darker character him will be really interesting.
    +There is space to finally fully take advantage of the battle system and make a challenging action/strategy/rpg game, like the Long Gui battles were about 60 hours into FF XIII.
    +Lighting. One of the best characters of the series and deserves closure.

    My only suggestion to people who haven’t received the news well: play FF XIII again BUT focus on the story this time, there is not point judging the game for all the thing it wasn’t but for the things it was.

  • Godmars

    Well, kind if good for Square that the original 13 has done well over 9 million, if they’re talking about the original 13.

    If however this is some shareholder’s numbers game which includes 13-2 and any number of discounted re-releases of both, then this is just a sad day.

    Have to wonder if this is another superstitious move by Wada like the move of Square’s main offices. A fascination with the number 13 since its also present in KHs as well.  

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      the numbers include both XIII and XIII-2

  • Oversoul

    Publish mediocre to terrible JRPG
    It sells a lot on brand name and shiny graphics alone
    “It’s a success, let’s make more!”

    Joke company.

    • Jack Frazee

       Yes, making boatloads of money on a successful game release and then wanting to repeat that makes them a joke company.

      You do realize they are in the business to make money, right?

      Besides that fact, there are a lot of people, myself included, that fully enjoyed FFXIII and XIII-2.  They’re not my favorites, but they’re certainly up there, especially XIII-2. If they can improve even more with XIII-3, all the better.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Lol don’t say that because this dumba** will call you a cancer lol.

  • Cephrien

    Shut up and finish Versus XIII, Square Enix.

  • So wait. I know this is stupid but… a sequel to XIII-2 will be called XIII-3? No, it should be XIII-2-2… cause it’s a continuation of the sequel, XIII-2, and not the main title, XIII. o.O Just kidding, you guys.
    But on a serious note, I just hope whatever these Square Enix dudes are making or scheming, it makes them happy and contented, it makes them sleep tight and well every night, and that it convinces them they are ‘winning’ and they are on the right track… kinda like a prideful captain on a sinking ship – too proud and confident of his ship that he doesn’t tell his people to abandon it and drowns everyone else with him. idk. I just feel Square Enix seems like that to me these years.
    Square Enix is in the dark and our role, as fans of their products and/or the company, is to tell them, really tell them, that they are doing bad – like what a good friend will do. And if they keep insisting on their madness, give them the tough love – like boycotting their products. (I know it sounds bad but that’s tough love)
    THAT will send them the message.
    Anyways, whenever Square Enix news upsets me, I just watch these… Enjoy

    • Sadly enough I share your oppinion on this long gone “great developer”
      since I never found as much depth and love in the new SE’s storywriting
      as I did in past games. 
      But things like that have been discussed enough so… there’s only one thing left to say:

      Good lord, I nearly choked on my lemon iced tea. That really made my day, thank you for linking those videos. xD

  • XiaomuArisu

    Well…good for the fans but I find ff13 boring…
    BTW if this is the lightning saga why focus on her sister?

  • AlteisenX

    So if it sold so well, does this mean we can have our FFVII that doesn’t look like lego blocks on pre-rendered backgrounds soon? Personally I despised FFXIII and haven’t played XIII-2 but if it’s just more of the same [where auto-battle apparently = playing the game]… *sigh*

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      Square will never remake VII until they surpass it with another and I totally agree.

      Can any single person muster the strength to make a comment about XIII and not include VII, seriously I’ve been hearing the same broken record since FF X.

      • AlteisenX

         Well I’d like remastered versions of VIII and IX more, but you can’t disagree that FFVII looks horrific. I felt like Jenova was a Power Ranger villain or something. And it’s hard not to bring up VII when it was recently said that until it surpasses VII, which if this game gets 5 games revolving the same world, beats out FF7. 6 if you include the soon to be XIII-3 [or whatever it may be called].

        It might be a broken record, but it’s still deserving of a graphic touch up instead of selling us the old FFVII PC on Steam with no updates.

  • StaticDestroyer

    Would people be kind enough not to buy the next one. Personally I’m tired of these XIII games and would very much like them to move on. The story is convoluted, the gameplay is lacking and in general it’s a drab and uninteresting addition to the series. If people keep buying these games they’ll almost certainly keep producing more of this trite. 

  • shadowseer

    I enjoyed FF13 and FF13-2, so I’m kind of excited to see FF13-3 for more closure to the plot. I wonder what structure it will follow, timetravelling like FF13-2, or more like FF13.

    • Gaara D.Dragon

      I think there will be time travel in order to fix everything but this time the whole situation will be a lot grimmer because of the events at the end of XIII-2.

      • Mr_SP

         Considering the Lightning DLC… I don’t think they’re going to fix it at all.

  • isfuturebright

    I liked XIII but found XIII-2 to be too much for me :P so unless XIII-3 is mind blowing I’ll hardly bother.

  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    If they do a FFXIII-3 i might need a new controller, my cross button can’t handle it anymore.

    • MrRobbyM

      Took me a second to get it lol.

  • KingGunblader

    Given that I rarely hear anything but crap from people regarding the FFXIII saga, so I’m really shocked to see that the games have sold 9.6 million. I’ve said before that I enjoyed the games but enough is ENOUGH!

  • Natheren

    If they still plan to push on with 13-3 and the rumors about Versus being concealed are true then I’m done with Square Enix. I haven’t played a game that felt close to a FF title since IX. Let them keep on and ruin the series to the point they can no longer do anything with it. It’ll leave room for another company to fill the void.

    • MrRobbyM


  • I still haven’t played XIII or XIII-2, but this makes it sound like you don’t even get the complete story unless you buy the DLC. Is there any “complete” version out there? Like an international or Final Mix release with the DLC on disc?

    • Mr_SP

       Not that I’m aware of. XIII was a complete game, with no loose plot threads.

      XIII-2, however, indeed required the Lightning DLC to turn the ending from something empty and clearly unfinished, into something tolerable – even the Secret Ending just reinforces it. And even then, the Lightning DLC *clearly* does not “complete” the XIII Saga. It basically screams “we’re doing a sequel”.

      • Actually, XIII did end with one major unanswered question, and that pertains to it’s ending. Without going into spoiler territory, how XIII ended was a point of contention for a lot of people because of how the conflict was resolved, and how ambiguous the source of that resolution was. XIII-2 clarifies that and makes it a key element of the plot, as well as further expanding the mythos of it’s universe.

    • MrRobbyM

      There might be for XIII-2 in the future, which I hope they announce at this presentation or whatever. But the first XIII is a complete game which I recommend(only because you can get it pretty cheap). It’s a decent game with flaws through the roof. Well, not so much “flaws” as much as shortcomings but fun game nonetheless. Especially later on.

  • Cameron Ward


    • MrRobbyM

      I don’t think they can start 15 without finishing Versus first. But I don’t like where this is going either. They’re milking the cow that is XIII before anything else.


      • Domii

        Versus is canceled according to sources. Check my comment above ^

  • Yay. I mean this in a good way because I loved Final Fantasy XIII-2, but for some reason just not super excited lol

    •  I’m with you. It’s not that I didn’t like XIII and XIII-2, but it’s high time SE put their effort and attention into new projects and just leave Lightning be.

      I do not want a XIII-3. They should write a novel, make a CGi movie, or a Manga/anime series if they must. But another game is something I wouldn’t want right now.

  • Göran Isacson

    Eeeh. Can’t say I’m that thrilled, especially with the news that XIII Versus may be cancelled. I do of course hold out hope that it’s simply been transformed into XV as Type-0 was transformed into Agito, but if it really happens then I wonder just how much face these guys are gonna lose. XIII-2 sold much less than XIII and I fear that if they keep focusing on that and barking up that tree there may not be enough face left to save one day.

    • Maria Isacson

      OK nitpicking here, but it was the other way around – Agito was changed to Type-0 XD

  • Hey SE. I liked XIII. I liked XIII-2. But…enough is enough. The Final Fantasy series has never been about direct sequels….I’m okay with FNC or FF XIII related projects that aren’t videogames. There’s a reason why every FF is different, and I’d like to believe that’s partly because the series creators always liked to share different visions of the fantasy, and keep everyone interested in the new titles.

    By revisiting back the same worlds and locations and characters, and the same mythos actually, even if you change everything drastically, it’ll still feel like we’re just going back to a familiar place. Whereas I expect this from some videogames/franchises, that is not, I repeat, that is not what I expect from Final Fantasy.

    Also, the FF XIII project sold 9.6 million mostly because of the original FF XIII, the sequel didn’t sell nearly as well, and it’s a clear indication that most fans just aren’t as excited to dive back into Coccon and Pulse a second time as they were in the first.

    But hey, vote with your wallet and whatanot, so no use in wasting my time over this. At the end of the day, if they feel like it they’ll crank up another XIII game, and I can’t help but wonder how greatly their resources could have been spent on any other project. Because I just don’t feel that excited to revisit Lightning and Co., not in a videogame I don’t.

  • MrRobbyM

    Well, a new XIII game is obvious. Weather it be XIII-3, repackaged XIII-2(or both games together with all DLC) or a spin-off of some sort. I don’t care either way. I’m no fan of the XIII series but they can continue it if that means they can get more money to make VERSUS as good as they can. I’m getting the feeling they’re considering pushing the game to an early next-gen console game which I’d be less than thrilled with but at least it’s better than killing off the game for good.

  • Abhishek Posooa

    It would be so awesome to have a FF XIII with Lightning,Noctis and Ace(FF XIII Agito/Type-0).

  • kool_cid414

    Yes!!!!!!!!!! I disagree that the dlc closed the saga, as it seemed like story really couldn’t end the way it did. I think 3 will be about the restoration of the worlds and the rebirth of Etro.

  • Lightning really has become FF’s Poster Character. While I am excited about this, I am thoroughly disappointed that we still have no news on Versus. As a life-long fan of FF & Square/SquareEnix, I find it absolutely shocking that they could keep their fanbase in the dark for over six years on a game that everyone is obviously excited about.

  • Allon Hertz

    Wow. And here I was, getting pissed of about the DLC ending of Asura’s Wrath. Really… They should just stop. The Requiem of the Goddess was not that good, but hell, it was an ending. And now what? Another dlc? Another game? Looks like that FF XIII got the Kingdom Hearts virus.

    • revenent hell

      Well I still find kingdom hearts fun this? Not so much.

  • Domii

    Then I guess this explains why Versus13 seems to be canceled. Damn you Square!!!

    • MrRobbyM

      So I heard but I’m still keeping my hopes up until I hear it directly from SE. The game looks far too good to be cancelled. If anything, Versus will become FXV.

  • Not sure if okay with this… any news regarding VersusXIII? Or plans for XV? Or…

    Nomura: .w. *Holds sign “She must not be forgotten”*


  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    And there goes my last hope that SE would have return to reason and ditch out the FFXIII project for good, well another reason for not care for them anymore.

  • Guest

    I’m about as excited as someone getting notified that their house just burnt down, their bank account was cleared out and they have 3 months to live due to a life threatening illness

    • That… would probably be exciting just in a bad way.

  • revenent hell

    Instead of making spin off’s for games why not give the games the people actually versus?
    Its just so sadening to me how they are draging out this game and not to be to hatefull to the people who like it but its not a good game series. I mean they claim that XIII-2 was to remedy the problems in XIII,wich I personally think is non true since it was in development directly when XIII was realeased or did the article say befor? Regardless I would ask “Why” but its not worth it people and fans will still buy this probably poor game as well.
    I was ever so slightly less dissapointed in XIII-2 but I still havent botherd to finish out the game and befor people start in saying “just dont play it blah blah blah” I would like to say I did like the stories of the games I just think they end up getting hideously played out. The base story was very interesting to me when I read it but playing it in the game..It dosent come together and the charecters ..just dont add to the feeling of it at all.
    I remember the days where I would lack sleep  because a FF game was so fun to play now after I buy it I barely touch it.
    Now im just curious how many more sequals are going to be coming out for this game instead of actual new games…great

  • Kevin Lor

    I felt like FFXIII-2 was half the game FFXIII was… Going to the same map but just in a different time.. I told myself even though the battle system was boring I would play it for the story but FFXIII-2 was like a chore. Please no FFXIII-3!! Just do another DLC to finish the game

  • Foofin Around

    Well, I’m actually pretty excited with this bit
    of news!  I realize 13 and 13-2 were polarizing to FF fans everywhere, but
    I really enjoyed the games and their story.

    When you really think about it, the characters
    were all well developed.  You actually had to go below the surface to
    appreciate them.  And the story and mythos were pretty interesting as
    well.  I’m not going to go in complete defense mode for this game, because
    everyone has his or her own opinion.  I’m just saying that I’m more than
    happy to see more 13! (^_^)

  • Well, i dont see anything so bad about FFVXIII: last time i heard about it ~2 years ago.
    But FFXIII-3 is way too much, im not sure if i will get it blingly. Im going to wait until it comes out and recieves some reviews from some big portals, because they might just start stupid milking of series and game will be way too bad to play.
    And yet they may make it better, in some ways that happened to FFXIII-2: they changed battle system, added random battles and even cities. If SE could make battles even better (man, 10 minutes of stupid staggering?) i would gladly buy it, but if it will be bad in terms of gameplay – no, thx, but i will get myself something better, like ToGf or ToX.
    The last problem is story. FFXIII was great, FFXIII-2 is just good. So it might end with something completely boring. First part of story had pretty much like closed ending, but then all that Godess crap popped out. So what they gonna do this time? Another pime taradox? Hell no, i dont want to see it again.

  • sibarraz

    yeah, screw the haters who said that this arc will be dead in the water, lightning rules

  • Darkrise

    … Not very happy to hear this as it seems like they’ve run out of ideas for FF and decided to cash in on a “popular” character, resulting in MORE spinoffs… Expect FFXIII “series” to go up to 12.

  • AuraGuyChris

    If there’s another FFXIII game, it better have Sazh as the new main protagonist, or at least the Lancer/Ace.

  • Settsuo

    I loved FFXIII-2, XIII felt flat to me. I would love a XIII-3, but they need to keep the changes going. I really wish I could be a consultant for Square, because it seems like they don’t really listen at all some times. The battle system got better(a bit with just some subtle changes), but why not add other successful battle  attributes to it as well. I’d love to see a revamp of FFVI, FFXII, or even Chrono Triggers battle system which would fit pretty good with the direction FFXIII’s battle systems is heading. Basically Square hire me if you want to make better games and more money!

  • i loved final fantasy XII, but had no desire to finish XIII-2. it just wasnt interesting and it didnt feel very final fantasy to me. idk if another one will be attractive to me at all…

  • I feel v13 is canceled and will be ff15 at this point 

  • l777l

    Oh god no. Not more of this Lightning stuff.

  • kupomogli

    Looks like Square Enix’s test to see if fans would be dumb enough to purchase DLC for a finished game has paid off, atleast for them.  Unfortunately, the integrity of the company and future Final Fantasy titles will have suffered because of this.

  • KingGunblader

    UPDATE: Apparently these ‘new developments’ in the ‘Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga’ will be announced on September 1st. (Link to story on IGN:

    It seems pretty obvious that it’s a new game. But the specific term ‘new developments’ has me wondering.

  • “So, unless Noctis and Lightning are going to be in something together, this particular announcement won’t be tied to Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

    Oh god. Something horrible just dawned upon me. I hope they don’t ever decide to do that. Or anything like that.

  • Letiumtide

    I honestly think the only reason why they’re bothering with continuing XIII is because of their claim to the fabula nova crystallis as a thing.

  • amagidyne

    I hope that for XIII-3 they remake XIII, except all the characters are replaced with Lightning and all the enemies are replaced with Lightning and instead of weapons everyone wields little miniature Lightnings and both Cocoon and Gran Pulse are just giant spheres consisting of billions of Lightnings all huddled together.

    As the game progresses, everything becomes Lightning- even the sky turns into Lightning’s textures repeating infinitely. In the end, everything is Lightning and since you’re playing as Lightning, you can do anything. Be it to make Lightning drop from her Lightning, or Lightning to overwhelm Lightning.

    Sorry, I’m actually not sure where I was going with this.

    • Luna Kazemaru


    • MrRobbyM

      The came case doesn’t even have text. Hell, it’s not even a game case, it’s a cardboard cut-out of lightning with the disc poorly taped on to it.

      • Anime10121

         The discs shape is also Lightning so that when you insert into your PS3 Lightning shoots out at you and thus YOU become Lightning!

        Square’s master plan unfolded!

    • SolidusSnake
    • As for XIII-4, Lightning as DLC playable character and a new chapter where Lightning fights Lightning, afterwards Lightning joins your team to aid in your quest of fighting Lightning from the many timelines!

      All above while listening to this!

    • Levin_Scorpius

      B-b-but what about the other weather peoples?! Electricity can’t exist by itself!!! It’d be Ultima disaster! It be Chaos and the Cosmos probably couldn’t handle it all!

      You just can’t have Lightning without her daddy Cloud and her sisters Thunderah and THUNDAGA! And what happens when there is some Fair weather out there, huh? How ’bout when some stoic jerkish Squall rudely whips up some nasty Aeros all around Gaia, or some Typhon rips through L’Cie?What about the winter months where Cloud has to kick all of the Snow out of his Sora because he doesn’t what him to be fooling around with Thunderah, and then Lighting has to go and strike down on his douche-y face because he can’t understand that no means no? 

      There’d be no King or Queen to rule the lands! There would be no land, just an empty void with no men, ladies, or ladies who dress like men! No Kains for the the blind people to find their way around, no Ayde for that poor person who are sick! There would be no Paine for the people to feel, but their would be no Ai either! Why would you want to live in a world without any of these things?

  • AoNoise

    Between this and the FFversusXIII cancellation rumours I’ve officially lost all faith in SE.

    Lightning didn’t even need a sequel. FFXIII was a good game. Not EXCELLENT, but nevertheless good. Then they pulled the Deus Ex Machina plot of the “Darkness of Time” thingie and created one of the worst, most hollow FF games I’ve ever played with a plot that… well if the 3rd Birthday didn’t exist I would call it Toriyama’s “finest”.

    And now they plan to do it again.

    I’ll stay with FFIX and remember that at one point the FF were superb games and not cash cows.

    Thanks, God, for Dept. Heaven, Tales of and SMT because I’m still a sucker for RPGs and SE just doesn’t cut it anymore. Rant over!

    • Snow: I will protect Serah, I promise.
      Lightning: Everyone is rioting because the fal’Cie are gone. You REALLY wanna marry Serah in a riot?
      Snow: Duh, I’m stoopid!

  • Luna Kazemaru

    I love how the comments just turned into hey lets rage at 13…oh wait that always happens in post here.

    • ResidentMetroid

      Lol, that is true.

    • AoNoise

       FFXIII is a good game. FFXIII-2 eh… it’s just not.

      And regarding the upcoming FFXIII-3 I’ll kepp my hopes of having my words shoved back into my mouth at a minimum. And I’m being a fanboy.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         Both are meh to me but this is just laughable to me.

    • Anime10121

      Well even though I thought XIII was a good game and not deserving of ALL the hate it gets,  you have to admit the 70% of the game where you are still going through tutorials, a battle system that basically plays itself (I mean you may as well use auto-battle since most attacks took up the same amount of HP regardless of element),  and an RPG that you DIED if the player character dies (when a system similar to XIII-2’s could have easily been implemented), deserves at least some complaining. 

      Not to mention that to actually understand the plot, you had to read the data-logs that explained things not even mentioned in game (although KH is kinda guilty of that too, with the Ansem Reports, but at least the MAIN plot is explained enough in game).

      I felt that XIII-2 was a bit better, as it actually expanded upon the FNC mythos and it didnt spoon feed you how to play the game for more than half its length, the antagonist was actually definable and had reasons for doing what he did, and more importantly, was actually more of a game than a straight a way guided line to the finish, with little to no sidequests.  My only hindrance with XIII-2 was the lack of playable characters and it being relatively short (although the multiple endings added playability, I still beat it with less time than it took to beat XIII).  In the end many felt that it resolved nothing, Fang and Vanille were still crystal, Lightning wasn’t smiling (remember thats what Toriyama said he wanted for XIII-2 for Light to be happy), and the world was thrown into chaos (I really liked that part too, its refreshing for the consequences of what the “good guys” were doing not be overlooked).  Many just felt gipped.

      Where was I going with this, oh yeah, well most are just upset because they generally felt that XIII did not live up to the “FF” name.  I didnt even like XII (I actually like XIII and its sequel more than XII), but even IT felt more FF than XIII did.

      The one game that people were excited about, because back when Square actually WAS releasing info on the game, it was everything people had been asking for for years, a world map, open worlds, air ships, and etc is rumored to be cancelled.  The team behind KH was at the development helm and when they showed the trailer last year it was a refreshing evolution.  The main character being able to use multiple types of weapons, you being able to switch party members, some of those members with 1rst/3rd person shooting, being able to use enemy tanks and mecha, it was probably what most people expected out of the original XIII, to “wow” them.  But to hear that its been cancelled and yet another XIII project may come about (I’m looking forward to XIII-3, ESPECIALLY if it improves upon 2 as much as 2 did upon 1), people are just little riled up.

    • FFmax

      It’s sad isn’t it? A lot of these people sound like a bunch of angry 12 year olds. But I’m glad there are at least some people who still likes this series. But I also do respect the people that have valid complaints. There just seems to be hate everywhere for FFXIII though :(

  • LynxAmali

    Things to do if a XIII-3 is ever made:
    1) Take auto battle out. Sorry, it petty much plays the game for you.
    2) Go back to the XIII’s style of overworld encounters, not XIII-2’s random.
    3) Don’t pull any more Deus Ex Machinas in order to get a plot going like they did XIII-2.
    4) Did I mention make Lightning the main character again? Don’t invent any other characters aside from a villian. Use the ones you already have established.

    Mind you, all my opinion.

    • I agree with you entirely.

      1) Chaining attack together is really cool but Auto-Battle kills the joy out that idea.
      2) Random battles were annoying in most JRPGs and XIII-2 was no exception (especially Academia).
      3) Ragnarok saving Cocoon as oppose to destroying it, destroys all the built-up to Ragnarok almost as bad Yu Yevon, not to mention being incredibly stupid.
      4) When was Lightning the main character? XIII felt mostly about Vanille and Fang (at least I think so) and XIII-2 force Noel, Serah and Mog down our throats but Lightning deserved better justice and I’m talking about the action scenes. Lightning’s character-defining moments came when she punched Snow, helped Hope and swallowed her pride and apologized to Snow. When XIII-2 was announced, I hope it would be a whole new tale with an alternate dimension where Lightning is a knight.

      It’s like your stealing my opinion. :)

    • RablaAndrews


      First up, go in to your settings menu, change the default option to Abilities. There, now you don’t have to click on Auto-Battle anymore.

      Secondly, the battle system isn’t even about what attacks or spells you’re using, it’s about strategy, and using Paradigm Shift.

      • LynxAmali

        I did that as soon I figured out how which was a week after I got the game.

  • argh just add Lightningh to Versus story and have them intertwine 

    • RablaAndrews

      Please don’t ruin XIII like that, thank you.

      • Ilxus90

        Yeah dont ruin an original character like Noctis by putting him with an unoriginal and forced character like Lightning, who has been said many times to be copied from Cloud.

  • The Spoony One will have a good few years to broad and shout against the XIII trilogy for the next few years after Ultima IX.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      That reviewer was fired due to horrible jokes

      • I can watch his reviews on HIS site… Tidus.

        • OatMatadoQuatro

          He has a site?

  • Bhunivelze

    Haters gonna hate. I’m happy we’re getting an XIII-3. Did you guys really not see this coming after XIII-2’s ending? >_> Some of you are really thick headed.

  • Ilxus90

    FFXIII must die already, it a terrible FF. Stupid and uninspiring characters, the scenarios and themes we have already seen over a million times in every RPG´s, a terrible and vomiting story, the list goes on and on.

  • idofgrahf

    Honestly don’t care. And seriously, is two games totaling 9.6 million really that impressive? I recall FFVIII by itself sold over 8 million and FFVII the original game sold around 10 million. Square must have really lowered their expectations and what they consider to be a sucess. FFXIII’s characters were so one dimensional that it puts my folded cardboard box to shame. Its story (if you can call it that) involved more of reading encyclopedia entries than actually showing anything on screen. Then again, the last square enix game that I actually enjoyed was Front Mission V Scares of the War. One company brand to stay away from for the forseeable future.

  • Lunar_Outcast

    I sincerely hope Hiroyuki Ito is working on XV as we speak.

  • SerendipityX

    Lol at some comments here…personally I think FFXIII is turning into Kingdom Hearts in a sense where it takes several full games to explain the entire story. But I guess the polarizing hate on XIII blinds you the fact SE has been doing this with other (mainly KH) games.

    I for one am looking forward for next XIII game so yay-ness! XD

  • Abel.exe

    Funny, Final Fantasy was my favorite series until XIII came out. I never thought I would hate a FF game so much, they are milking it to no end, and if it wasnt enough it is delaying and possibly KILLING Versus XIII, the only FF game I’ve been waiting to play!
    I dont care if people liked the abomination that was XIII-2, but all those sequels need to stop, before the whole series dies. Final Fantasy was never meant to have sequels!

  • SLick123456789111

    ✿ ✿ ✿ Square Enix ! Over Here ! ✿ ✿ ✿
    It’s O-Kay.
    Don’t fret.
    We understand.
    You want to do your own thing & refuse to make the games your fans have craved for years.
    It is completely understandable.
    We (SE fans like myself) will oblige you by withholding our dollar from your palms , until things shape up.

  • Hinataharem

    I love XIII to death, but they seriously need to leave it alone. Move on to something new. I’m waiting for a game that looks like XIII in graphics but has the setting and character designs of games like IV.

  • Ridho Siregar

    Agh, those people…. hadn’t they get enough? Especially with those Versus XIII canceled rumors, it’s like hearing Gilderoy Lockhart says, “F*ck Defense Against The Dark Arts, let’s just hear my autobiography stories!”

  • dsar

    I though final fantasy 13-2 sold really badly compared to 13, I guess I wasworng, it was a pretty boring game though, even though I really enjoyed 13, I’ll be skipping 13-3, unless they start putting some serious effort into these sequels, rather than treating them like expansion packs.

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