An Almost Infinite Number Of Mugen Souls English Screenshots

By Spencer . July 21, 2012 . 12:13pm


All Chou-Chou wants is to rule the world. Can’t an undisputed god get a break? Chou-Chou Infinite set out to conquer seven worlds because each of them have something unique and Chou-Chou wants everything. Chou-Chou, the lead character in Mugen Souls, has two special abilities – she can turn anyone who adores her into a servant and she can transform to match a different personality. Her "ditz" personality has a tendency to fall asleep and her "sadist" personality loves to torment Ryuto.


Ryuto (standing to Chou-Chou’s right) is her first vassal who dreams of traveling through the universe. He takes care of Chou-Chou’s ship. Altis is a clumsy demon who always did good deeds and was reborn as an angel. She travels with Chou-Chou and Ryuto.


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  • MaruluGames

    No comments seems like I´m the only person who was able to scroll trough infinity ^^

    • Blaze Townsend

      You are not ALONE! I am here with you!

  • XiaomuArisu

    Only a hero would destroy vases in the middle of the town
    So TrueXD

    • And that hero’s name is… Link.

      • XiaomuArisu

         Link! He comes to town to break your vases!

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    The only thing that would make me buy this over importing it is having my favorite voice actors. Its your move, Nisa!

  • kupomogli

    I’m impressed.  These are the best graphics I’ve ever seen on an Idea Factory game.  It almost looks better than a first generation PS2 game.

    • Guest

       Nice. But we should know by now that most low budget Japanese developers simply don’t have the deep pockets to make high quality graphic games and their Japanese Otaku audience that they pander to doesn’t care for them anyway and would rather have simplistic Anime moe designs instead…

  • Hm… I wonder if I’m going to get a lot of messages on PSN asking “Is this a new Dark Souls game!?” if I play this game…

    • They’ll know when they check your trophy list.

    • Ronald Bixler

       Just tell them it’s the Kawai Edition.

  • James Smith

    Looks like lots of self aware and absurd fun, dialogue seems really fun.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Ok, DAMN, that’s a lot of screenshots!

  • James Smith

    • Ronald Bixler

       Are you a RPG protagonist?

      • SupaPhly

        he did a great impersonation of Chrono

  • XypherCode

    This is the game where they applied a little more censoring for the western localization, right? lol
    A shame but still picking it up though :))

  • Guest

    Chou-Chou?  Super-Super?

    • Leivinia

      Or if you want to go by the kana, it can mean idiocy, and coupled with her last name, Infinite, makes for great laughs.

    • Kuroki_Tenshi

      It’s actually シュシュ(Shu-shu) not Chou-Chou, if you transliterate properly.
      Chou-Chou is, well, can be pronounced the same way in English, so yeah, it can also be used as a proper transliteration, but I prefer Shu-Shu, because YOU WON’T MISTAKE THE PRONOUNCIATION this way.
      Compile Heart themselves couldn’t decide how to transliterate her name for a long time. In some places it was Shu-Shu, in some(like the opening) it was Chou-Chou.

      • Guest

        How do you get “shoe/shew” from “Chou” in the English vernacular?

        “Chou” is “Cho”. 

        The only time “Ch” is used as “Sh” is in the French vernacular. (Charade, Chandelier)


    Wait a minute…

    Didn’t they censored the Hot Spring scenes? What’s this doing here?

    •  They removed the nude loli screens, but I don’t believe they removed all of the hot springs stuff.

      • landlock

         I believe they just added a towel of something like that if I remember correctly.

        • Kuroki_Tenshi

           Well, some characters had towels on them to begin with, while others(like Shu-Shu) were totally nude only being covered by the smoke or bubbles.

    • Alix is correct—the functionality to boost your stats is independent of the edited content.

    • Arrei

      Well, they said they had to change them, but they didn’t say how – censors could range from skipping the minigame entirely and just applying the effects automatically, or putting towels and/or swimsuits on them and making some edits to the minigame.

    • Thanks everyone

      My biggest issue about the censorship was that those scenes actually boosted your stats, so the game would actually lose a function if the minigame was totally removed

      I’m relieved

    • Barrit

      They removed the bath mini-game, but not the hot spring scenes.

  • Cephrien

    Okay. I don’t know about this game.

    What’s the general word on it?

    • Leivinia

      The game wasn’t bad and the battles were nicely balanced; you’ll like the battle system if you enjoyed Neptune. Story went by fast and I got bored after that, though I still pick it up once in a while to do the 100 Floor runs.

      • Hey, you played the game then?

        Is this an easy platinum? Like Neptunia 2?

        • Leivinia

          Yeah, I finished it pretty quickly, overall time spent was like 30 hours, and I wasn’t even rushing. Load times were kind of hell, so maybe I should take off 8-10 hours just for those, haha.

  • Anime10121

    Dunno, I wanna give this a try, because this looks zany and fun like Disgaea, but I’ve tried two of Compile Hearts games out (RoA and HDN1 payed full price for both new) and both were borderline unplayable to me. The stories seemed interesting, but dat gameplay was just ugh.  I’ll probably get this and hope that the third times the charm (hopefully it is, because I wanna try HDNmk2 since people say the gameplay is infinitely better in that game), but if this turns out to be a dud too, no more Compile Hearts for me :(

    Question for anyone who’s played both, which would you recommend, this or Hyper Dimension Mk2?  I want to try both, but considering I’ve been burned twice already by CH games, I’m only getting one and then if I can actually finish it, will get the other.

    • Leivinia

      This and Mk2 are kind of on the same level of enjoyability for me. I’d go with Mugen Souls though since the bosses are a lot flashier, so you feel all self-accomplished when you take one down, despite how horribly easy it was.

      • Anime10121

         Thanks for the input!  I dont really care if the game is easy, as long as its fun to play, and has good characters.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Yeah almost every time Idea Factory has good ideas but horrible horrible execution. The only good ones thus far are Agarest Senki Mariage, Neptunia Mk2 and possibly Mugen Souls. Neptunia V is looking good too. Basically, they’re finally learning.

      This coming from someone who suffered at the hands of CH for years ;_;

      • Anime10121

         So would you recommend Neptunia Mk2 or should I just wait for this?  Normally I’d go with my own gut, but I’m really at my last leg with IF/CH games.  If the next one I buy doesnt have at least decent gameplay, I think I’ll be done with the studio for good, and I really dont wanna just dismiss them like that (especially since the two games I tried, were two of their earliest games for this gen), because as you said, they have great ideas, but dat execution :(

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          I can’t really recommend this over Mk2 since I haven’t played Mugen Souls yet, but Mk2 is definitely worth it. The gameplay is leeeeagues superior to the first game. I’d say you should go for Mk2 if you can. If you like it, you’ll definitely wanna go back to the first game and play it just for the characters alone.

          • Anime10121

            Wow, so it is that big of an improvement?  Great! Because the first game seemed fun (and had hilarious characters), I just couldn’t stand that battle system!  I was kinda leaning towards HDMk2 anyways, so its good to keep hearing that it’s far better than the original.  I think I may go with that, and then if that game is good, pick up Mugen Souls and try and see if I can find the original HDN game again.

    • Are you a PS + Member?

      You could try the full game trials for Agarest 2 or Neptunia 2 (That is getting a PSN Release 7th august)

      • Anime10121

         Nah, I’m not a PS + member anymore, and plus the 1hr trials are nowhere near long enough to get a good grasp on how an rpg is.  Heck if I would have gone off of the 1hr trial for Catherine, I never would have purchased it (because the trial didnt paint a good enough picture), though I went with my gut and bought it anyway and loved it.

  • Kuroki_Tenshi

    Thank gods I imported the limited edition of japanese version and finished it already, so I won’t be playing with translation that rough.
    The game is great, fun and cute, has it’s own charm and all. The characters are unique and interesting.
    But the translation I’m seeing here is something a person who finished the japanese version and knows japanese WOULDN’T want to see, as well as fans who prefer translation over interpretation and adaptation.

    And I thought NISA said they’d stop making such rough translations…
    Seriously, they should’ve.

    Anyways, the game’s good, but they’re going to censor it, AFAIK, well, not that I care, of course.

    • MrKappa

      I also imported this game since I didn’t think it would come out and now that it will it is a censored and badly translated mess.
      Everyone can’t help but like NISA though because they bring these games we wouldn’t get otherwise so they simply ignore the butchering and rewriting that they do. Honestly NISA is the worst company when it comes to releasing games because the written dialog is so drastically different that you are basically seeing a different story.

      It would be nice if Siliconera could get another interview with NISA because I would like to ask them what the hell their translators are doing and who approves this nonsense?

      • Kuroki_Tenshi

        Yeah, I know what do you mean. NISA were the first to bring this much niche games to the west, this much is true, but since the start their translations were, eeeh…well, I don’t want to remember that.
        Just take Chou-jigen Game Neptune(both the first and mk2), I won’t talk about their renaming sense, since I’ve never though of it as anything good, but if you read the script of japanese and english versions, they are similar, but have totally different meanings at times, making the game not what it was originally.

        There are worse things they’ve done, like renaming(Gods, WHY did they need to rename characters in Mana Khemia/2, Cross Edge, as well as some Atelier games of the PS2 era, as well as PS3 era…makes no sense), or cutting some things and changing character age(Just what exactly was so bad with Rorona being 14, Totori being 13 that they changed it to 17 or won’t mention Totori’s age at all?). The only thing that saves them is that they leave the original voicetrack in the game. It’s their greatest, and nearly the only achievement worth mentioning.
        I can get why they would censor Mugen Souls, the game did have a bit of mature material, though, I honestly think it’s not that mature to censor it, but their mindset about it is understandable.

        Would also like another interview to ask them the same question.

        • Raharu95

          Could you give me an example of those differences?

          • Kuroki_Tenshi

            Like…every line of the text?
            Nearly every line of the text is translated differently that it should, giving a different meaning. NISA also added more harsh words for who knows what reason, japanese script doesn’t have that, more like, it can’t have that.
            One would say it doesn’t affect the story, but oh no, don’t be mistaken. From the start of the first Neptune game, the story text was translated, well, not to say bad, but to say very bad. Extra lines everywhere, and in the end it looked like I’ve read a totally different story.
            The name changes(there were some) also give the game a different feeling. But it doesn’t feel so in the first Neptune, but in mk2 you can feel it entirely.

          • Clifford Michael

            But isn’t this also the nature of Japanese, to have wordplay or puns that just don’t translate into English very well? I mean, what do you expect them to do?

          • The translation is made for the US audience. The Japanese version was made for the Japanese audience. Huge cultural differences. These games have a lot of references that most of the US audience simply wouldn’t understand. NIS America are just making the game more accesible for THEIR audience without changing TOO much. Few actually care about the age changes, and other companies are much, much, MUCH worse when it comes to name changes. Playing as a 13-year old character is ten times as acceptable in Japan than it is anywhere else. I can imagine a lot of people not in the know would assume that the game was made for kids.

            NIS America are NOT changing the story at all, they’re simply making it more accesible. The core of the story is (obviously) still there, it’s not like their remaking the game or anything.

            What Clifford states is absolutely true. It’s like watching Paniponi Dash! without any translations of references and meanings. The first release of PPD on DVD had pop-ups in the episodes to help the audience understand all the references and the series is pretty confusing without them.

            I will criticize NIS America for disregarding this for their release of the anime Katanagatari because they didn’t put linear notes in to explain really important stuff.

            On the other hand, if NIS America released a booklet for Mugen Souls (or any other game with a lot of references etc.), people would moan that they had to check a booklet to understand many things in the game. And could you imagine a game having pop-ups trying to explain stuff? It just wouldn’t work at all. This is EXACTLY why they’re taking liberties with their translations.

            Do you think NIS America only tries to appeal to the small group that actually understand everything Japanese, references and stuff that doesn’t translate very well at all into English, or do you think they try to appeal to a large as group as possible to increase possible sales?

            Be happy that NIS America are even localizing Mugen Souls, because without them, the game would remain in Japan forever.

          • Kuroki_Tenshi

            to @ Nicolai Grude 
            They MIGHT be TRYING to make it ACCESSIBLE, but if the audience doesn’t like it – it’s not good. And the audience requested them to stop translating everything so frivolous, because most are playing it with japanese voices(which NISA themselves consider the main ones), and understand that the text is off for a bit too much.
            I never said the story changed, it’s just being presented another way, and a wrong one as well. They get the characters awfully wrong many times.

            It’s okay to adapt jokes, if you do it right, though, I’d prefer them not to, but it’s understandable that western audience just won’t understand most kanji puns which are for much more advanced than average japanese games fan playing with japanese voices would understand.
            Still, being frivolous at translation as NISA does is unacceptable. Stopped buying their localizations after first Neptune game, and won’t ever support them until they will start translating things right.

            Also, games NISA localizes are niche by default, they won’t lose much from proper translation, but many people like me, who only support proper translations will start supporting them. They can also do dual text, like they did with Sakura Taisen 5(the Japanese Voiced disk had better translated text than the english voiced one, also had no name changes on jpn voiced disk).

          • Göran Isacson

            I think I would like some specific examples, if only to understand what kind of changes they make to the “spirit” of the game. It’s all well and good to say “every line of text”, but if that was the version I played how am I supposed to figure out what was so different from the original, japanese version?

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          Well man, it’s not like me (or any consumer) that can only read/speak English can do anything about it haha. Learning just one language has an incredible advantage in this world… I liked Spanish until I had this… well strange teacher. I feel like I may come back to it though. I do want to learn Japanese, like ASAP lol.
          I do appreciate you telling us about these changes and whatnot though.

      • Raharu95

        What exactly are you guys talking about?

    • Haven’t we banned you for this twice already, after repeated warnings? This makes it the third time. I do wish you’d stop coming back.

      • BlackWatcher

        Yes, you did ban my IP and some profiles, but not like you can ban all the VPN and proxies I can use to appear again, right?
        I see you’re greatly against people who complain about BAD translations or localizations, which is, well, pretty much an important thing. Not everything is rainbows and love, you know?
        Anyways, ban this profile as well, if you wish, not like there’s anything else to do, since I’m promoting hate for bad localizations, right?
        Go ahead.

        • We’ll just keep banning you until you give up. :)

          And just to be clear–this isn’t because you do this occasionally. It’s because you bitch about nearly every English localization out there, followed by your usual “I’M SO GLAD I KNOW JAPANESE” routine.

  • With the titles I’ve pre-ordered so far, there isn’t anything I want to drop to make this a day-one, but I will get you… Chou-Chou & co.

    Shame about the censoring but that shouldn’t stop people from supporting this title. :D  

  • I wonder if they’ll have Magic Knight peons lol

  • davidvinc

    Is this a traditional turn based RPG with an explorable world map or just more Idea Factory garbage?

    • Raharu95

      It is an action RPG. And why garbage?

      • Darkrise

        Because we have quite a few biased Idea Factory haters here.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Lol thats nothing new here

          • Raharu95

            True to that.

        • Phlo

          It’s not bias if I keep actually TRYING to like their games and fail.

        • Or Idea Factory really can’t make any good games.

    • Anime10121

      Dont know much about the game, but I do know it’s not a “traditional turn based RPG” with an explorable map, its a SRPG the likes of Disgaea, Phantasy Brave, or Final Fantsy Tactics.

  • $24431191

    Exactly what did they censor and why?

    • Kuroki_Tenshi

      Well, they said they will censor the hot springs, some characters are fully nude in there in the japanese version, only barely covered by smoke and bubbles.
      There are also other moments that are slightly not for kids to see.

    • Anime10121

       Basically the same type of stuff that’s in Agarest.  A lot of prepubescent looking girls doing extremely awkward/suggestive things.  This game took it to another level though by actually letting you “bathe” the characters in a hot tub, while they make suggestive sounding “moans” and “unghs”.  Stuff that would not fly in America even with an M rating by the ESRB.  Fox News would be on this faster than the speed of light! 

      NIS America would probably get shutdown (angry parents, politicians who see a cause that’s beneficial for their campaigning to fight against, and the extremely religious, can be a very dangerous lot) and the ESRB disbanded if this thing ever made it here with everything in the Japanese version in tact and this got anything less than an AO rating.

      • MrKappa

        Nice that you try to throw NISA a bone but that spiel of yours is the same thing everyone trying to give NISA a break is saying; and it isn’t true. Fox News? Really? I know they have nothing better to do but this wouldn’t make their radar.

        And you said it already but Agarest basically did the same thing this game did and got a T rating, they even take it a step further with a mini game where you massage the girls.

        This game on the other hand despite the fact the girls are naked you never see anything as the steam barely clears as the game goes on.

        Fact of the matter is nothing had to be censored and this game would of cleared with a T rating like Agarest. NISA just doesn’t take chances which is also why they change their game names just to avoid law suits as if they’ll happen every time.

        I couldn’t care less that people like NISA but don’t make BS excuses for them.

        • Anime10121

          Yeah you could be right, I never actually played Agarest long enough to actually get to any CG scenes to see how much was actually edited out (I was really going off the Japanese Agarest screens).  But you have to admit that the girls in these screens “look” extremely young and for them to be naked in a tub (regardless of steam or not) would get some kind of attention.  Dont get me wrong though, I know that the character designer’s art style is that chibi-look, I mean this is the same person who does Disgaea’s characters and I love his art style.  I also have no problem with the scenes themselves considering for all intents and purposes, they are cartoon characters and not real girls (I’m all for artistic expression, regardless of whether or not people deem it “offensive”, because art, much like words, alone cant harm anyone).

          I was just saying that I dont think that the stuff they edited out would fly in the US (but then again as I said before, I havent played enough of Agarest to know how far they did let it go).

          And the thing about NISA not taking chances is completely out there though, heck they publish a lot of stuff other companies wouldn’t touch with a 1-mile long pole.  Just because they make changes in the scripts to make things easier for people in the west to relate to, does not mean they dont take chances.  And I also dont believe all the changes are because of “law suits” (although I’m sure that’s probably a big part of it too, because this country IS extremely sue happy), but because of cultural differences.  We may all be people that share similar ways of life, but things that flow in one country, may be completely un-relatable/offensive (again, i dont see how people can take offense in fiction, but thats another story altogether) in another.

          Basically all that said, I would like for it to retain its original format too, but I can understand Nis being weary about stuff like that. We will never know what goes on behind the scenes with the publishers and the ESRB. I’m not defending NISA as much as just saying that I understand where they are coming from.

        • fancycakes

          There’s nothing wrong with a company playing it safe. 

          I think the fact that it even made it over here is worth something, honestly. If these games weren’t so niche and more widely played by kids, I bet you dollars to donuts that there would be loads and loads of angry parents outraged that their kids were playing these games. 

          After all, these IS a chance that kids could easily pick up such a candy-coated-looking game and stumble upon such a feature. I disagree with you; there are no ‘BS’ excuses. I believe they’re all valid concerns.

          EDIT: And with such a cute cover with adorable girls plastered on the cover, parents would most likely feel safe with their kids playing this game. There’s no gangsters on the covers. No war scenes. No monsters. Just cute, doe-eyed anime girls, something that might be seen on their child’s favorite cartoon network. I wholeheartedly support NISA’s decision, now that I think about it.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Fox News would never get this game on their radar. It’s nowhere near high profile enough for them. It’d pretty much have to be a AAA Western-developed game before they’d pay attention. It’s just how they are about that sort of thing. Anything niche will never be a target for them.

        • Anime10121

           Oh idunno, I seem to remember them making a BIG deal about a PC/Japan only hentai game a few years ago, that I never even heard of until gaming sites reported on Fox news’ reports about it.  It was no where near a AAA game.  This game, I know is nowhere near that bad, but never underestimate the power of a bored “news” reporter.

          • Luna Kazemaru

             Lets stay on topic please and not turn the comments in lolFox News this and that everyone knows by now Fox is a crappy network of lies.

          • Anime10121

             I am on topic, this was a question about the censors, Nemesis_Dawn was saying how only AAA games are the only ones that would spiral out of control if there was something in them that people deemed offensive.  Im simply pointing out that there have been cases where smaller games have received just as much coverage.  It’s not only “Fox News” that does this, but most main-line media hop on any story they deem offensive.

            All that said, I’m simply saying that I can understand why censors like that take place (not to say I think its right for art to have to be changed for anyone, but thats another subject entirely), and that sometimes it’s necessary if people want the game at all.

      • devilmaycryrules

         That’s not quite true.  Look at Witcher 2: that wasn’t suggestive, that was plain full sex scenes with frontal nudity and clear showings of the female buttocks; in the God of War series there are easter egg mini-games where it shows frontally nude women engaging in an interactive sex scene with the protagonist, Kratos (though the “action” is shown off-screen).  Bioware games are well known for their romantic sex scenes that occur in many of their released games.

        All of these games can be found in a local store near you!  While this game certainly has suggestive content, “suggestive” is where it ends and begins.  There is no actual sex in this game; you aren’t gonna take a female character straight from the bath and immediately throw her in the bed for a long and totally messed up night. It’s just a stupid fan-service game.

        America only cares if it’s an actual sex game experience (Look up “Rapelay scandal” if you want a truly twisted example of this), or if the game is a high sales title by a known developer (such as Bioware and the “Mass Effect sex scandal” as the media called it).

        Truth be told, all they really have to do is just change all of the characters’ ages to 18 or higher to be legally free of all this mess.  Ultimately they just don’t want the RISK of a lawsuit.  Ultimately, that’s all it boils down to.

        • Anime10121

          Wow, late reply ;)

          I didnt say it had sex in the game, what I was saying is that most of the girls in the game looked like teens-preteens in appearance, and that is what is causing the “censoring uproar”.  I’m well aware of both Rapelay, Mass Effect, God of War (dont know much about the Witcher though), but the difference is that Rapelay was a “sex” hentai game and thusly rated as such, while God of War and Mass Effect only depict fully grown women. 

          This game has cute characters that look extremely young, even if that’s not entirely the case (see: Etna from Disgaea, looks young but is thousands of years old).  So in this case even if they were to give them an adult age, considering they still “look” young it wouldnt matter because they “look” underage.  I read stories all the time on Anime News Network where people are prosecuted as “sex offenders” for having pics of naked anime chicks that “look” underage.  I still think NIS made the right choice to avoid potential harm to their company even if Record of Agarest got away with something similar.

          As I said earlier, I am against censoring art, though I can understand (in todays world) why it sometimes must be done.

  • Darkrise

    I’m still broke but this is still going on my to buy list. 

  • 1) AzureNova enters the post looking forward to game
    2) Reads and then starts scrolling down thorough pictures
    3) Fingers starts bleeding from all the scrolling
    4) Loosing strength and conciseness while typing……number…….4
    ……..5) ……X_X

    • Nitraion

      Haha nothing new here
      *look at screen shot leave silently*
      Edit: o yeah the game is in my to-buy list…

  • WyattEpp

    I was curious about this yesterday, so I dug up an LP.  It…doesn’t look bad, I suppose.  The polygons are a little obnoxious, but the systems actually seem interesting.  I like Harada’s character designs (as usual), and Sato did the music (always a plus in my book).  I don’t know about pre-ordering, but I think I may eventually get this.

    As far as the censorship outrage, having seen the content in question, I honestly can’t blame them.  NISA isn’t in the business of porn games like Peach Princess.  I feel like anyone saying they should just push through anyway lacks any sort of appreciation of just how dogmatic and stigmatised the intersection of sexuality and minors is in the US.  Yes, even as regards two-dimensional drawings.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    So how exactly extensive is the censorship? I can understand putting a bathing suit on the nude lolis, but did they actually out-and-out remove the scenes? That’s when it’s no longer acceptable to me. There’s a changes I have a problem with and changes I don’t. Changing a character’s name or age or giving them a personality where they didn’t really in the Japanese version is fine with me. Actually cutting a scene out completely is not. So, which is it?

    • martin celeste

      they removed the minigame where you controll a sponge (shaped like various things like rabbits, Popsicles, etc.) and wipe suds off their nude bodies to raise their stats. In the original japanese release this can be skipped anyway (while still gaining the buffs) and has no barring on the story whatsoever anyway.

      oh, and they toned down Chou-Chou Sadist’s dialog to be a little less.. umm.. explicit. 

      This and much more can be all read here-

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        So, why did they remove the minigame completely, instead of just covering up the nudity? That’s where I start to think maybe I won’t purchase this game.

        • martin celeste

          Look, I think it’s best to look at that thread I posted before jumping the gun there buddy. Chances are that somebody answered a question alot like yours in the first few pages.

          Hopefully other people here will start to do he same.

          • MrKappa

            That topic will not help him. It is basically 67 pages of confused people wondering why NISA did what they did giving good examples, reason and logic as to why they didn’t need to censor. Then a little bit of tools and NISA drones saying you should be happy we are even getting this game.

            The topic itself tells you nothing about what they did and chances are NISA will remain without word as they wanna keep this on the down low and keep sales up.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I read the first four pages and all I saw was arguing over the definition of censorship and assumptions that the game would get an AO, without it actually having been submitted first.

            Also, someone trying to use “Agarest was censored in Europe” as an excuse for the American version of this being censored, ignoring that the American version of Agarest was uncut, so they’re comparing two different regions.

          • Barrit

            Since NISA is publishing both US/EU versions, there is a lot of speculation that this is probably a huge reason why it was completely cut out. Any sensitive material that may involve characters that look underage is illegal in EU. Agarest 2 was left untouched in the US as you know, and censored in EU (the scenes with the loli character were cut). BUT, you got to remember that Agarest 2 had a different publisher for each region. (Ghostlight? in EU, and Aksys in the US). This is not the case for this game. The same publisher is localizing the game for both regions. I doubt a small publisher like NISA has the funds/or maybe just didn’t want to make 2 different versions for each region.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            @Barrit:disqus Yours is the first post that makes somewhat sense on the pro-cut side.

        • Barrit

          Odd.. my whole post to you that I left last night seems to have disappeared. First of all, there are some loli characters, but not all of them are. Also, none of them are nude. There seems to be a lot of confusion about that here. Each character has a more soapy and less soapy CG in the mini-game. I’ve seem some of the less soapy CGs and they all have swimsuits on. The more soapy versions can be mistaken for having nude characters because there is so much soap suds, that I see why people may think they are nude under all the soap.

          People on the NISA forums are estimating about 68 CGs are cut, and that’s not including some post-game CGs that are related to the mini-game. 17 characters X 2 different scenes X 2 versions (soapy/less soapy) = 68.

  • Ronald Bixler

    Eh, I don’t see the point in censoring the game too much. I mean the Agarest series has a similar shtick. If Lunar is able to show scantily clad or conveniently censored nude images, then why should the scenes in this game be completely removed? Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel like playing my import copy of Criminal Girls for some odd reason…

    Oh, also, is this going to have like 90 DLC items, half of which I won’t be able to tell if it’s DLC only items?

    • I think they’re worried about the nudity, but the fact that it’s loli character in sexually suggestive situations.  I don’t mind since it avoids a lot of drama and we don’t lose all that much.  I suppose you’ll have to make do with youtube videos if you are so inclined.

    • AlteisenX

       Agarest had a different publisher, while Compile Heart is developing both series, the publisher has the final word I guess. Maybe if it was Aksys publishing you’d get the scenes [and this is a big if because it’s loli’s] but you’d most likely only get japanese voices. I prefer English voices in my Disgaea-esque titles because the comedy is awesome.

      Also keep in mind Agarest Marrage just came out in Japan recently and that one shows a lot of revealing stuff afaik. NISA has censored stuff before though and changed a huge gameplay mechanic [Disgaea 4’s custom maps] so at least it’s only a mini-game this time…

  • TheSwordUser

     You know, there’s supposedly a PS3 “Super slim” coming out soon….
    …maybe it’s the time for me to finally jump onto PS3 bandwagon. Better late than never.

  • HassanJamal

    im liking the combat and the overly top attacks like disgaea but i just cant stand this cutesy character designs, the huge anime eyes and i presume super cutesy girly voices. im hoping the good outweigh the bad.

  • Göran Isacson

    “Only a hero would be excentric enough to break vases sitting around in the middle of town!”
    “Why not take all the pretty girls and hot guys and create the end-all, be-all harem!”- from a guy character, no less.
    I have to admit, I did chuckle at this. Enough so that I may give this game a test-run, should the opportunity arise.

  • SupaPhly

    is this game grind heavy?

  • Zoozbuh

    H-holy crap, that indeed is a lot of screenshots o__O I’m still a bit lukewarm about this game.. I might wait and see how the reviews are/wait for a pricedrop.
    Also, I really don’t care about the censorship? And neither should anyone else, unless you’re particularly into loli p0rn…. :S

  • Nazoc

    I…I actually kinda want this game now.

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