Legasista’s Random Dungeons Make Weapons With Random Skills

By Spencer . July 23, 2012 . 3:56pm

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ClaDun developer System Prisma is about to release their first PlayStation 3 game and Legacista is pretty similar to their other dungeon crawlers. Players will explore dungeons with different gimmicks like slippery ice floors and water logged areas that make it easier to jump. "Ran-geons" (short for random dungeons) return with Baby-geons, Ran-geon, Hard-geon, and Demon-geons to complete.


All of them have enemies to defeat and weapons to find. Weapons have various abilities like stat boosts and special attacks. What makes Legasista different from other dungeon crawlers is these abilities may have different power, casting time, and MP consumption even if they have the same name.


Legasista will be released as a PlayStation Network download in August.


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  • Now, we just need a collection of new images of “The Witch and a Hundred Knights”

    • Raharu95


  • I just hope The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen isn’t download only too.

    • Pretty sure it won’t be since it’s a NIS-developed game and it’s up for preorder on Amazon.

      • SpecDotSign

        I think it is download only. It was a retail release in Japan. 

    • kiacan

      I don’t think this game is download only but I may be wrong. Houk said somewhere in the nisamerica forums that “The game will retail for $39.99 and we’re shooting for a late August release, but that’s not rock solid just yet.” He also later said it was actually going to be only $29.99 and if I am not mistaken retail means a physical copy. He also added in of course that it will be on PSN as well with around 1-2 GB of space required.

      • SpecDotSign

        This title is PSN only if I recall correctly. I remember
        receiving a press release from NisA regarding the three games coming out
        (this, Mugen Souls, and The Witch and the 100 Knights). I couldn’t find
        the email but here is the product info page: http://nisamerica.com/games/legasista/bbs/product.html

        Also, on price, I think it’s going to go for $20. I may be wrong on that one.
        And booo, that they’re taking some stuff out of Mugen Souls because of questionable content.

        • kiacan

          Aw really? Well hopefully that is the price, I was just going based off of what Houk has said. I would have loved a physical copy, oh well. Yeah the Mugen Souls thing.. oh well I’d rather them not risk their reputation but I definitely understand why nobody likes censorship. 

          • SpecDotSign

            I hope I’m wrong though. Would be nice to have a physical copy. The only problem with that argument is that it may be a bit too late to start the manufacturing process (pressing discs and shipping out to retailers). Also, there are no pre-order option for the game so it is looking download only.  

    • Nozomi

      I don’t think it will be. Amazon.com has a retail listing for it.

  • Shady Shita

    looks like a game for android :/ diffenetly not paying 40$ for this one !

    • nekoCiel

      do android games let you customize your character (and equipment?) to the point that you can draw them?
      also i played cladun (the game that the game makers made for psp) all i can say is (since they have similar gameplay , but this game has more extra goodies)this is worth it~
      you can waste a lot of hours for dungeon grinding,not to mention customization
      maybe 150 hours minimum >w<b i say its a total buy 
      (but thats my opinion)

    • nekoCiel

      ~part 2 of my reply~

      i say its a total buy but thats my opinion

    • TiredOfMyOldUsername

      It’s 30$ actually

  • echokanon

    When randomness, it reminds me of Disgaea. Something I both love and hate *Shrug*

    I hope there will not be too random-ed and forces for S/L to achieve something…

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