This Week In Imports: Persona 4 Arena Enters The Ring

By Spencer . July 23, 2012 . 3:28pm

imageIn this corner we have Persona 4 Arena making its home debut in Japan. Atlus and Arc System Works’ fighting game will be available for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with online play and a new story set after the events of Persona 4.


Nintendo will release New Super Mario Bros. 2 as a retail game and a download via the eShop. While both versions cost 4,800 yen ($61), retailers in Japan usually discount games at launch. Amazon, for example, is selling New Super Mario Bros. 2 for 3,927 yen ($50). As a bonus the digital version includes point to get the rare game Donkey Kong: Original Edition as a 3DS Virtual Console download. New Super Mario Bros. 2 will take up 2,950 blocks or 370 MB of storage space.


PlayStation 3
Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce 2 HD Version
Persona 4 Arena* (please note this game is not region free)
Super Dimension Fortress Macross Hybrid Pack


Xbox 360
Persona 4 Arena


Just Dance Wii 2


Nintendo 3DS
Cave Story 3D
Kobitodsukan Kobito Kansatsu Set
New Super Mario Bros. 2


Chronobelt -Schwarz Oath-
Dunamis 15
Grimm The Bounty Hunter
L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshinengi~
Saihate No Ima Portable
Shirokuma Bell Stars: Happy Holidays!
Super Danganronpa 2
Trails of Nayuta


Key European Releases
One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP2 (3DS)
Pokémon Conquest (DS)


Key Domestic Releases
Kung Fu Strike: The Warrior’s Rise (PC)
Malicious (PSN)
Planet Crashers (3DS)
Rusty Hearts: Reborn (PC)
Wizorb (PSN)
Wreckateer (XBLA)

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  • Can’t wait to get Pokémon Conquest! 

    With P4U being region-locked, I look forward to seeing how it does in next week’s chart. Also, will Pokémon keep the No. 1 spot, again?

    • James Beatty

      With NSMB2 launching along side the 3DSXL it’s quite possible for pokemon to get bumped down. I am interested to see how the game will sell digitally though, and also, i’m pretty interested in seeing how the 3DSxl helps the sales of 3DS games in general. 

      • We probably won’t know the digital sales figures unless Nintendo release them for us to know. Since the Japanese one comes with an adaptor, it’s safe to assume that it will sell; the resurgence of old 3DS titles appearing on the chart will be the best indicator of the 3DSXL’s effect. 

        • malek86

          Actually the japanese model doesn’t come with an adaptor. The american one does.

          • Oh,yeah! My bad. Totally forgot. In the UK, a retailer is offering the adaptor as a bundle. I probably had that on my brain. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Dokurochan

    Trails of Nayuta~! Hopefully Xseed will decide to localize it. Pipiru piru piru pipiru pi!

  • kylehyde

    When I read the header and saw the image that appeared on the article (with NSMB 2) the first thing that crossed my mind was: “Is going to be a knock out”.

    Please don’t get me wrong, it was just an innocent thought (I don’t intend to create a flamewar or something it was just something that crossed my mind), and I really hope that persona 4: arena do it well.

    • James Beatty

      Well, persona is popular, but this is just a fighting game and NSMB2 is a mario game, not only a mario game but a 2D one (which sells a lot more) on the 3DS which is launching alongside the 3DSXL so i would imagine that mario will be the top spot this week (just a guess though) followed by pokemon and persona 4 arena. 

      • kylehyde

        Actually I was refering to persona 4: arena as the one that is going to be knocked, but still I hope that this game (P4:A) do it well.

    • Ty Arnold

       I don’t think there’s a competition between the two. The games don’t seem to have anything in common.

      Unlike Mario and, say, Cave Story

  • SirRichard

    Pokémon Conquest at last! Now my list of games to get is starting to grow again, joy.

  • Why do they keep thinking that releasing Cave Story 3D alongside Mario is a good idea?

  • Go2hell66

    saw import and “p4 arena” and “import” in the same sentence, and i was like oh hells yes

    then i was like… oh wait…

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Wow. Europe is going to get good game there lol.^_^ Pokemon Conquest and One Piece is surely going to eat lots of your gaming time there.^_^

    Seeing the release this week……….do we even need to ask there lol. Mario is surely going to “stomp” all game there lol.T_T

    Sometimes, i can’t understand why does game company dare to take the risk of releasing game near Mario or Pokemon here.T_T I mean, it is almost 100% that your game sold number will be eaten by Mario there even if the genre is different considering Mario and 2D is still one of gamer favorite here.

    ………Cave Story 3DS sorry to said this.T_T but R.I.P.T_T

  • SeventhEvening

    I would be rushing out right now to buy P4 Arena, but because of that lockout, I can’t. There’s a lot of stuff coming out these days and it is too much of a pain for me to import a US copy and pay shipping costs, so I’ll have to pass on the game entirely for now. That was a terrible decision to put region lockout on it. 

    Despite Atlus’s claims, Lollipop Chainsaw costs a small fortune in Japan and Korea, is region free, and it came out within a week of the American release that cost half as much. The standard version in Japan even has less content than the US version and there is no indication that damaged sales. In fact, Grasshopper and James Gunn have both commented that is exceeded all expectations. P4 Arena’s time gap between regions is actually greater and the price difference is smaller, so I don’t know why they are worried. 

  • Hmmm, a 2D Super Mario game releasing in Japan? I think we all know what game we’ll see as #1 in the upcoming Japan sales chart, lol.

  • Istillduno

    Noticed a typo, Persona 4 and imports.

    In all serious another region lock warning should be given with the article before some poor fool goes and buys an expensive teacoster their ps3 can’t play.

  • ShinStar

    I’m confused. It says the PS3 version is NOT region free.

    I thought PS3 never had any sort of region lockout for their games?

    • Istillduno

       Yeah that was for 6 years before Atlus decided to give their (hopefully former unless they are just willing to take whatever **** any games company throws their way) customers the finger in pursuit of more Yen.

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