Fate/Extra CCC Will Keep The PSP Going Strong, At Least Until 2013

By Spencer . July 24, 2012 . 12:14am

imageImageepoch has their hands full working on the English version of Black Rock Shooter, Sol Trigger, Another Princess, and Time and Eternity: Toki Towa. Something had to slide and it looks like it’s Fate/Extra CCC… again.


On the bright side, Fate/Extra CCC has a firm release – February 21, 2013. The downside is the game has been pushed back from its winter 2012 target. Originally, Fate/Extra CCC was slated for spring 2012.


Aksys localized Fate/Extra and released it last in North America last year. Europe got the game this year, thanks to Ghostlight.

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  • epy

    Unsettling. The more this game is delayed, the lesser chances it has for localization. I trust you, Aksys!

    • Christopher Nunes

      Have faith, I’m sure we’ll see an English release of it here one day! ^_^
      Believe it!

      (And, no, I’m not Naruto)

      • Tom_Phoenix

        I don’t believe it…

  • Luna Kazemaru

    seeing the number of games they trying to push out kinda saw that coming. Well playable Gil will be worth the wait.

  • Akarnage

    Y’know, for a second there it sounded like ImagePooch was busy with the english localization for BRS AND Sol Trigger.

    My heart skipped a beat.

    Oh, well… delay it as much as you like. You give me time to get a decent japanese level.

  • ragnarok989

    I read that first paragraph so wrong…I thought this was an announcement for an English version of ALL those games. I was so confused how I missed all that news…then I realized that was a mistake and was disappointed

  • “Imageepoch has their hands full working on the English version of Blablabla,Sol Trigger ”

    Eh really?

    • Solomon_Kano

      To be clear, they aren’t working on the English version of Sol Trigger, but the English version of whatever AND they’re working on Sol Trigger. That wasn’t anything about localization.

    • @Solomon_Kano:disqus is right but I love how you worded that sentence lol.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Yea, they’ve really got a lot on their plate. Well, at least it wasn’t cancelled. Good to see them working so hard.

  • At least it’s in the radar. 

  • Dokurochan

    I wish that the cause of the delays is so that they can put Illya in the game.

  • fayt255

    I still hope Aksys will localize Fate/ExtraCCC I really liked the first one.

  • Z3

    Sol Trigger is being localized?? YAY!!

    • JazzyMan123

      Please read the article more carefully, I think its a mistake or something…

  • MrKappa

    Why is Imageepoch working on the English version of BRS? As far as I know they don’t have a western branch.

    • JazzyMan123

      I think it means that Imageepoch is programming the translated script (presumably) into BRS’ source code.

  • Here’s to hoping that localization for this game is going to be announced in the future.

  • Guest

    So I checked Marvelous AQL’s site, JRPG NEWS, and the Fate/Extra CCC site itself, but there’s no announcement on this delay. I googled it and only found a bunch of obscure Japanese gaming blogs reporting this change, however, their sources just link to other obscure Japanese gaming sites (a lot actually link back to each other; it’s kind of funny). Marvelous AQL still has it listed for a 2012 release too.

    Do you have an actual source on this push-back? If not, I’m willing to say this is random 2ch users screwing around again.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol, the way it is writen there can make many people think that Sol Trigger is also going to come here lol.

    Well,I only hope that Aksys will still take  F/Extra CCC there as i think they did quite a good job there even though they had some problem especially the “Brother of Liu Bei’ fiaso lol.^_^

  • komiko12

    Let the profits flow in a steady stream.

    Hope that things won’t be hectic on their side.

  • xavier axol

    we have come to the point where even if there’re great psp games, it doesn’t guaranteed that it will localized (example: grand knights and i’m sure there’re others). so give up your hopes for sol trigger, it will never see the light of day outside of japan.

    • Lets be positive!!! At least until there totally no news abt it.

    • Then I must sacrifice more to make sure games like this get localized.

    • James Smith

       The PSP is in such an uncanny situation right now.
      I don’t know, maybe if the vita had real backwards compatibility or if they could release those psp games as PS3 downloadable the situation could be different for the localizations.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I [email protected]#king loved this game  better bring it state side 

  • Type-Moon time. On the other hand, glad they are working on tht many project. But maaaaaybe IE needs to slow doen a little…..

  • XiaomuArisu

    So…..when do we get this game?
    2014….2013 march….maybe….

  • Damn you wording for tricking me into maybe thinking Sol Tirgger was getting localized too and that this was an official announcement for Time and Eternity (Toki Towa).

    I do hope that Fate/Extra CCC gets localized too and that things go well with sales.

  • Darkrise

    I’m still a little dizzy but I thought for a second the first paragraph meant an english release for ALL those games.

  • Whoa,whoa whoa… *Doing best to remain calm* So it’s more the English version of Black Rock Shooter… And theeen finishing up Sol Trigger, Another Princess, and Toki Towa? Not English version of all of them?

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Darn it Spencer, use words more carefully from now on. For a moment there I thought that Sol Trigger is being translated. 

  • Visa Vang

    Well, at least I don’t have to keep in mind that I have to save some $ for my pre-order at Amiami. Like this, my September isn’t looking so bad.

  • Please finish the Black Rock Shooter game quickly! I can’t wait ^_^

  • “Imageepoch has their hands full working on the English version of Black Rock Shooter, Sol Trigger, Another Princess, and Time and Eternity: Toki Towa.”

    did i read that as they working on english versions on all those games??? lol

  • PS Vita Roundup

    I hope we get the Limited Edition BRS bundle with figurine, that’d be excellent. But I thought NIS had canned plans for a Black Rock western release? Would be delighted to be proved wrong, or if IE has found another publisher. 


  • Nerroth
  • i want this game to be in the United States so i can play it, i hate the Vita, its just a scale down version of the hard systems, i like the normal PSP systems more due to the games are straight to the point on it.

  • I cant wait till this comes out!!!! Im curious ”
    Imageepoch has their hands full working on the English version of Black Rock Shooter, Sol Trigger, Another Princess, and Time and Eternity: Toki Towa.” this was stated at the beginning, so when it said workin on the english version of these titles does that mean that all those titles that were listed are going to get localized in the us and eu for everyone on this side!?!?! i really hope so cause i have my fingers crossed and my money waiting for brs, sol trigger and this game, I dont want to get it imported but i still might do it for the limited edition of it.

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