Persona 4 Arena Has Lag Issues On Xbox 360

By Spencer . July 27, 2012 . 3:00pm

BadStatusThe Persona PR team confirmed the Xbox 360 version of Persona 4 Arena has lag issues. Atlus is looking into a solution, but for now they recommend players select "custom match," "same area," and "good connection" when playing online.


This problem only affects the Xbox 360 version.


Persona 4 Arena still has a week or so until its released in North America. Hopefully, Arc System Works and Atlus will have a patch ready for launch.

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  • Testsubject909

    Nah, leave it as a multiplatform, no sense in limiting gamers.

    On another note. I’m also a PS3 owner. I keep repeating myself, my 360 died long ago and I never bothered replacing it.

    Also as a gamer with a tightening wallet. I’m grateful for free online capabilities.

    • I don’t understand how making a game exclusive to one console is limiting gamers, have we come so far in this industry to consider “Exclusive” a bad thing? Just cause this fighting game has the title “Persona” on it doesn’t mean the series is going multi-plat. ALL fighting games are muti-plat! Persona 4 The Golden is what we should be looking at here, a general true mothership Persona Game.

      Ideally while making a multi-Plat does give developers more money, in Persona’s case this is NOT TRUE.  The Persona series has already made tons of money since it started on the Playstation, it created the the fanbase we know today, and merchandise for the series are selling like hotcakes. It’s not a matter of money here, it’s where the developers feel comfortable where their game should be and so far in been on the Playstation brand.

      Another thing you guys wanna consider is that JRPGs don’t make a profit on the 360, have you seen how terrible the sales are in Japan? In Fact, ATLUS will lose money bringing it on 360 due to such low sales and how the console revolves around FPS. The fans in America are expecting ATLUS to release a Persona title on the 360 but in Japan they’re expecting a full blown PS3 Persona title which to this day we have yet to see. I’m not convince the Persona series will go multi-plat, especially after the director  revealing they will be using a different Engine to make the game that will be different from the one they used for Catherine. That being said just enjoy the fighting spin off people, this game isn’t meant to be taken seriously story wise.

      • “In Fact, ATLUS will lose money bringing it on 360 due to such low sales and how the console revolves around FPS.”

        This is complete and utter nonsense. I can’t tell if you genuinely believe this or if you’re just saying it out of spite. This kind of ignorance is the reason we have such strict moderation guidelines.

        To put things in perspective, the reason Catherine was multiplatform is because the game was very much aimed both at Japan and the international audience. The same goes for Persona 4: Arena. Persona 5, too, will be the exact same way.

        As for the Persona series being on PlayStation because Atlus are “comfortable” with it… that isn’t the reason at all. Persona 3 and 4 were on the PS2 because Atlus weren’t willing to make the leap to HD consoles just yet, and the PS2 was a viable platform as it had an audience for those kinds of games on it already.

        Persona 3 Portable was on PSP because, well, where else would they have put it? The DS certainly couldn’t have handled it. And since P3P was on the PSP, it only makes sense that Persona 2 be released there, too, since an audience that owned Persona games existed on the device already.

        • cameron forsyth

          I think he meant the process of supporting xbox hard ware will be unprofitable due to apparently low sales figures.

          now I’m not exactly adept in the gaming business but i think this is similar to the lack of pc support, as the money invested into converting the game for smooth performance and just producing physical disks becomes a waste due to the lack of income from the investments. this guy is trying to say that the xbox doesn’t have enough supporters to make a profit out of developing a xbox version of the game. who knows maybe this is the whole reason the xbox version has this flaw due to low or cheap investments.

          or maybe you already knew that, sorry it’s hard to tell. but i do think this guy is making Some sense when keeping in mind the statistics but it’s hard to say whats profitable sales and whats not. only what looks to do seemingly well in the face of poorer sales. (man i should make a account, feels kinda weird using my real name.)

          and directly to john dude. the persona series has got a great international fan base from the ps2 era. however this fan base has ever since been divided when players decided to convert to xbox due to the ps3 price issues. and for other reasons like preference of controller designs and so on. so regardless of the percentages i would recon that there is enough support on either console to make a profitable investment for the two consoles.

          • Thank you for not taking my post as spite. I appreciate it. 

            But yes that’s what I’m trying to say y’know, I hardly see any JRPGs on the 360 and the only one I own is Tales Of Vesperia (Which a remake was release on the PS3, a better version of the game.). You see where I’m getting at here,  I’m just using the facts that are presented to me and I’m just thinking “Ok since Persona 5 a JRPG, I suppose to the best move would be to release it on Playstation.”. I can understand the PS3 didn’t have a good start, in fact it had a horrible one. So bad in fact that the “No Games” Meme was created and Sony was looking like a joke. However that was in 2007-2008, we’re in 2012 where Sony seemed to have change the direction and now it seems the 360 is having its fair share of what the Playstation experience in 06. I want you to look at this chart, The Playstation 3 is close to surpassing the Xbox 360 globally, predicted by the end of 2012 if Sony manages to steal the Holiday sales. 


        • This is complete and utter nonsense. I can’t tell if you genuinely believe this or if you’re just saying it out of spite. This kind of ignorance is the reason we have such strict moderation guidelines. 

          I own a 360. I have a Limited Edition Gears 3 Console. Why are you taking my explanation as spite? How am I breaking the rules? Also why the hell do you sound mad, I’m just trying to have a descent discussion here. Jesus…

          Also I’m a PC-fanboy if anybody wants to know. =/

          To put things in perspective, the reason Catherine was multiplatform is because the game was very much aimed both at Japan and the international audience. The same goes for Persona 4: Arena. Persona 5, too, will be the exact same way. 

          Catherine is not a JRPG. Persona 4 The Arena is not a JRPG. Persona 5 is a JRPG and a Mothership title. It can be aimed to for both countries, but I know for a fact JRPGs don’t work on 360 unless it has “Square-Enix” on the box cover.

          As for the Persona series being on PlayStation because Atlus are “comfortable” with it… that isn’t the reason at all. Persona 3 and 4 were on the PS2 because Atlus weren’t willing to make the leap to HD consoles just yet, and the PS2 was a viable platform as it had an audience for those kinds of games on it already. 

          And you’re saying the 360 has a descent JRPG audience fanbase? Name me three JRGs that have a decently Metacritic score and have sold a profitable amount and compare that to PS3 JRPGS. In fact, does the Xbox even support the anime industry or anime base games? Playstation getting an exclusive Anime channel App and CrunchyRoll on there.  Then we have Tales Of Grace F and other JRPG exclusives ( that have sold well and positive score on Metacritic.

          I’m asking you, WHY is exclusivity a problem here?

          Persona 3 Portable was on PSP because, well, where else would they have put it? The DS certainly couldn’t have handled it. And since P3P was on the PSP, it only makes sense that Persona 2 be released there, too, since an audience that owned Persona games existed on the device already. 

          That’s exactly my point! There an JRPG/Persona audience on the Playstation already! If you want to play a JRPG games and a nice library, you get a PS3! Shooters? Xbox 360! 

          • For starters, the U.S. market isn’t like Japan where 90% of people own PS3s and 10% own 360s. The market in the west is far more evenly split, and actually tilts in favour of the 360 in the U.S.

            What this means is that it isn’t just a question of which system has more JRPGs in the west; it’s a question of creating opportunity and expanding. Look at the vast majority of JRPGs on the PS3–they’re Compile Heart and Gust and Nippon Ichi games. Those games certainly do not represent the JRPG audience; they represent a tiny niche within that audience. Just because the pickings have been slim on consoles this generation doesn’t mean that everyone that liked JRPGs on the PS2 is now playing Disgaea or Atelier on PS3. 

            Most people just stopped playing JRPGs altogether, or perhaps moved over to the DS/PSP, both of which have had considerable JRPG support this gen. 

            Now, the people that stopped playing. What happened there? A lot of former PS2 owners upgraded to the 360 this gen, and play plenty of other kinds of games there that aren’t shooters. This is a fact. Yes, they aren’t playing JRPGs, but it’s not because they only like shooters. They aren’t playing them because they’ve grown up as all people do, and JRPGs have refused to grow up along with them.

            This brings us back to opportunity. There’s been a very popular argument these past few years that JRPGs have sort of gone down the gutter. This isn’t coming from people who dislike JRPGs, it’s coming from people who used to love them and think they suck now. There’s a reason Xenoblade and The Last Story are praised as much as they are–it’s because both games are widely considered a “return to form”. They aren’t childish, they don’t rely on pandering for their sales, and they’re both very highly-polished games created by well-known developers. And they got people’s attention.

            Considering how well-received they were, that naturally means that there’s still an interest in the genre. And neither of those games was on the PS3. Now, who’s to say all of those PS2 owners that upgraded to a 360 wouldn’t mind more games like Xenoblade and TLS? Who’s to say they wouldn’t be interested in Catherine or Persona–both the kinds of games that are willing to treat them like adults.

            That’s where the opportunity comes in, and that’s why Catherine was on the Xbox 360. This is what creates a very solid argument for Persona 5 also being multiplatform.

          • Zefiro Torna

             @Ishaan:disqus Frickin’ awesome. I’ve been meaning for quite some time to bring up some of the exact same points you’ve just expressed on this issue, but never wanted to stir up any hornets nests. To back you up…

            “Look at the vast majority of JRPGs on the PS3–they’re Compile Heart and
            Gust and Nippon Ichi games. Those games certainly do not represent the
            JRPG audience; they represent a tiny niche within that audience… …doesn’t
            mean that everyone that liked JRPGs on the PS2 is now playing Disgaea or
            Atelier on PS3.”

            I’m proof of this. Not a single Gust/NIS/Idea Factory game in my PS2 library, as much as I enjoy RPGs I can certainly say that games from those developers never appealed to me for a number of reasons. My PS2 RPG library instead has stuff like Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter (a game I personally praise highly), Dragon Quest VIII, Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne, Valkyrie Profile 2 Silmeria and so forth.

            With my RPG tastes in mind I never saw the RPG segment of PS3 catalog to be immediately appealing, even to this day. Instead I fed my RPG cravings when I…

            “…moved over to the DS/PSP, both of which have had considerable JRPG support this gen.”

            Handhelds have done so much to help keep hold of (and perhaps strengthen) my interest in (J)RPGs. Perhaps because I’m too busy now to sit in front of a TV for hours that the grab and go appeal seems like a perfect match. Perhaps because I’ve become too disinterested in the downward spiral RPGs have traveled towards that I now find myself attracted to the minimalist and classic/charming approach most handheld RPGs do well to embrace.

            Perhaps, like you suggest, I’ve grown up. Sick of the direction of games in the genre appealing more and more to an adolescent-minded (childish in reality), niche within the otaku demographic. Why should I care about protecting mysterious moe girl yet again when all I need is a silly (and proud of it) happy charming type of adventure or a minimalist setting that flirts the imagination and reawakens the lost-since-childhood sense of discovery. Or both in one.

            Further proving your other point, I’m amongst the PS2 owners who…

            “…upgraded to the 360 this gen, and play plenty of other kinds of games there that aren’t shooters.”

            Yep, not a single FPS in my 360 library, as I’m more comfortable playing with the familiar keyboard and mouse combo via PC. Even so, my favorite kinds of shooters are the ones we now call shmups (heh). Of course, there’s plenty o’ shmups for me on the 360, and plenty of other games from other genres that appeal to the classic arcade fan inside me. After all, my interest in RPGs only represent a fraction of video games I enjoy. Truth is, I could have gone either way or both ways when it came to choosing between 360 and PS3, as their offerings are honestly mostly similar, but it was really the lineup on XBLA that attracted me the most. Not to say that there isn’t an ace lineup of PSone classics on the PSN amongst other things.

            On the 360’s RPG front I highly enjoyed the two Mistwalker efforts: the charming throwback game that is Blue Dragon and the poetic Lost Odyssey. I look forward to getting over my Monster Hunter Tri addiction so I can get around to playing my copy of Xenoblade, and I await The Last Story. I don’t feel like I’ll enjoy Atelier whatever, as well made as they look, and I’m not feeling the sting of missing out on the fifth or so NIS PS3 game released this year. The thing is, I don’t really care what others think (WAT NO PS3 U CRAZY!), but people of a certain mindset should know that their standards they’ve declared are not absolute and there are just too many similar to me to be categorized as exceptions. After all, I can certainly say that I can’t stand seeing the label “Xbox fan” (and believe me, I’ve seen it thrown around here much too often now) like I’m some oddity just because I own a 360, since I’m as much a video game fan as the next person.

            Thanks for bringing up these points you’ve brought up, Ishaan. It was all much needed.

          • @Ishaan:disqus 
            We should hold that argument later until we know more about P5…

            Regarding that former PS2 owners switch to 360, I think the times and preferences has something to do with it…
            When the 360 released, people were ready to move on and found the control setup to their favour thus causing the PS3 loses potential buyers because it was expensive and was released a year later…

            You know, we grown up gamers can’t keep buying games forever and companies has to look for younger generations to sustain their survival… The way I see it, the “younger” market is the pillar of any “older” market… if nobody supports the “younger” market, the market collapses and so will the “older” market soon… 

            The horror genre seems to be having trouble, Resident Evil 6 is aimed at enticing newcomers while satisfying the old comers… If RE series don’t entice newcomers, the RE series will die down slowly until it’ll ceased to exist….

            If a series keeps on catering the older fanbase, it will have a hard time finding a new and fresh fanbase unless given a reboot…. 

            The gaming industry doesn’t look bright with the mobile gaming industry taking over the younger market with Angry Birds and what not….

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I know I switched to a 360 from a PS2 because of two things: exclusive JRPGs and the awful price of the PS3 at launch. For a while, it really looked like the PS3 was going to tank and up until the release of MGS4, it was on that road. I bought a PS3 as a secondary system when I started to see all the exclusive JRPG’s head towards the PS3 and less and less towards the 360. Now, the PS3 is my primary system and I only played four games on my 360 the last year. I think Persona 5 will be multiplatform, myself, but I don’t think Atlus would lose any money by keeping it exclusive to PS3.

            @Raiu – I do disagree completely about games sticking with their original fanbase. That’s the only way a game can survive, by not turning on those who supported it. Persona 5 and this will sell more on PS3, because the people who played the originals are more likely to have stuck with Sony. It’s just how the market works. I know other people who bought PS3’s before I did who bought them expecting the JRPG market to be cornered by Sony for the third time in a row, and it turns out, they were right. Wouldn’t surprise me to see the PS4 end up the place for JRPG’s next gen too.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Personally, I feel the Last Story and Xenoblade are praised as much as they are not because they’re great JRPG’s, which they very well could be, but because they’re the only things in the genre to come out for the Wii in a very long time, so Wii fans do what they do with everything on the Wii and make them out to be the best things to ever come out.

        • @Raiu:disqus I’m not sure what the point of your comment was.

          • I wish I’m good with words…

            Point: A franchise has to ditch its old ways and in with the new in favour of attracting newcomers, even if it meant losing old fans… It can’t keep on relying on the old fan base forever…

            The JPRG genre seems to be aiming teenagers rather than adults but with some exceptions(Catherine)…

          • @Raiu:disqus Yes, but outside of Japan, the JRPG genre (which is currently aimed at teenagers) is not making any strides. Which means that it’s time to try something else. There’s no reason a game can’t appeal to several audiences at once. Again, I’ll point to Xenoblade, which does just that.

            Besides, Atlus’ strength is making games that are a little more mature in tone, and they’re well aware why people like their games.

        • @ZefiroTorna:disqus Yeah, it’s unfortunate. A lot of the “ooh” and “aah” around JRPGs on PS3 is just from a tiny niche of PS3 owners that don’t have much else to play on that front, and like to make a lot of noise about the NIS/Compile Heart games that are on there. 

          It’s honestly become very annoying because these people are so convinced that they’re playing the cream of the crop, and that everything else on other consoles sucks or isn’t worth their time. I don’t usually get into this sort of thing, but the best JRPGs I’ve played this gen have all been on DS, PSP and Wii. If you want to include P3 and P4 as part of this generation, those were on PS2. 

          No JRPG on the PS3 has really gotten my attention. I’m 25 and I really don’t care for the shounen anime clichés in Tales. I don’t care about prancing around as some little girl in the Atelier games either. I know PS3 fans on here have a soft spot for the Neptunia games, so I won’t fixate on this subject, other than to say I don’t care for those games in the least either.

          A quick list of some of the great RPGs from Japan I’ve played over the last three or so years: Xenoblade, Persona 3, Persona 4, Radiant Historia, Dragon Quest IX, Final Fantasy IV DS, Rune Factory, Rune Factory Frontier, Devil Survivor, Hexyz Force, The World Ends With You, FFCC: Ring of Fate, FFCC: Echoes of Time, Persona 3 Portable (female route). That’s just off the top of my head. 

          The PlayStation fanboyism (and I usually dislike using that word) around here is unbearable sometimes. It’s a small number of people that do it, but they do it so constantly with their subtle snarky remarks against other systems, that it’s very annoying. In fact, PS3/PSV fanboys are the whole reason we have posting guidelines in the first place. They’re the ones that cause the most trouble.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I must admit and this is no attempt at any insult to you, but often times, you seem like you go out of your way to speak negatively about Sony games and gamers. I’m not sure if it’s just because you personally are annoyed by them and feel like you need to poke at them because of it, but it definitely does show pretty clearly. I’ve asked a couple times if you have a personal dislike of the systems.

            I can understand it. I mean, I find Nintendo fanboys to be pretty annoying too. We all have our preferences. But yours are pretty strong. Thankfully, doesn’t effect the quality of the articles here and you do seem to be able to keep your opinions out of them.

          • Locklear93

            I’m a little surprised your list skews that heavily toward PS3/PSV, but I certainly won’t contest it.  Though, as a Vita owner since day negative fourteen (ish… Amazon launch bundle that shipped way early), I’ve gotta say Vita owners are kind of justified in complaining about titles not appearing on the system.  Of course, that just means we’ve got LESS reason to like it, and SHOULDN’T be strongly defensive of it yet… MAN I can’t wait for the the summer’s Vita games to hurry up and get here. :P

          • @Locklear93:disqus Look, I understand that Vita owners are upset. But I also think they shouldn’t have been so quick to jump the gun and buy their Vitas when they saw the writing on the wall even before it was released.

            Especially on this site, people are intelligent enough to do their research. 

            A lot of the signs about how support and success were going to pan out were evident months before the Vita even launched. This is like folks who complain about Monster Hunter not being on Vita. 

            Why buy a Vita when you already know that Monster Hunter is on another system?! If you wanted the game that badly, you knew three whole months before the Vita launched that both Tri G and 4 were on another platform. Those are the people I don’t have any sympathy for.

          • cj_iwakura

            I strongly recommend you go play Nier.

        • @Nemesis_Dawn:disqus Our staff maintains a spreadsheet where we keep track of commenters that receive warnings/bans/talks etc. for causing trouble in the comments section. 80% of this spreadsheet is filled with PS3/Vita owners whining about how a game isn’t on their console of choice.

          Yes, admittedly, it is supremely annoying. No one else on Siliconera behaves this way. Solely due to this sort of zealotry and elitist behaviour, we’ve had to a) Introduce rules and guidelines, b) Hire more moderators, and c) Lost many longtime community members who got sick of the whining and just left.

          We made the mistake of allowing that last one to happen once. It will not happen again, not matter what we have to do in order to keep things orderly around here. 

          That said, we also realize that “fans” and “fanboys” are two very different things. However, it is unfortunate that fans are given a bad name by their “fanboy” counterparts. We do our best to try and make the distinction between the two.

          To address your other concern, I have nothing against Sony games, Sony systems or Sony themselves. 

          Two of my favourite series–Wipeout and MotorStorm–both come from Sony, and I feel they have a very talented network of western game studios. Their push for indie games is admirable as well, and they’re actually accommodating of smaller indie developers who want to put their games on PSN. As far as creativity goes, Sony have a lot of strengths in the west. 

          Please show me a post or a comment where I have unreasonably said anything negative about a Sony game. I’m fairly certain you won’t find one. 

          Finally, to address your comments on Xenoblade and The Last Story–it does not matter what you think of critics. The fact of the matter is that there has been a large amount of praise for both games from a very wide range of people across several different avenues.

          If you are not willing to accept this, I don’t know what to tell you other than that you’re being ignorant of the reality around you. There is a difference between a small subset of people on forums talking about how great a game is, and a large and diverse audience unanimously agreeing how great a game is.

          In fact, at the risk of sounding rude, this is just the sort of elitist behaviour I was talking about coming from certain PlayStation fans earlier. I realize that you may not have intended for your comments to sound this way, but insisting so fiercely that two well-received RPGs on non-Sony consoles couldn’t possibly be that good makes them come off exactly like that.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            I didn’t say they couldn’t possibly be good. That’s twisting my words. 

            What I did say was…well, it’s like the story of the boy who cried wolf. He keeps crying it so much that when a wolf actually does come, no one believes him. When everything ever on the Wii is somehow the greatest things known to man, because they were put out by the gods that are Nintendo, then I tend to look at such boasts with skepticism. I mean, you did just say the Wii, which has about exclusive four titles in the genre, was a better place for JRPGs than the PS3 and 360, which both have more exclusive titles in the genre. That’s exactly the type of thing I was talking about, where it seems like there’s a personal disposition to disregard things on a Sony system.

            They could be great JRPG’s. I will probably never know. And I’m okay with missing out on those two, because I have such a wealth otherwise on the two systems I do have. If you want to know the truth, the two best JRPG’s this gen were exclusives to their particular systems: Tales of Vesperia (I’m considering it an exclusive, since the PS3 version is never coming to America) and Valkyria Chronicles were two of the greatest experiences I’ve had this entire generation. My third and fourth favorites were multiplatform, in the form of Nier and Resonance of Fate. Two games that were criminally underhyped and undersold. 

          • @Nemesis_Dawn:disqus Tell me where I said the Wii was a better place for JRPGs than the PS3 or the 360. I said the Nintendo DS and PSP were better platforms for that genre, yes, but not the Wii. 

            I added in a later comment that I also happened to really like a couple of Wii JRPGs, too, but that hardly makes it the better platform for those games.

            Overall, I would say that all three consoles this gen have had their own unique and memorable exclusive JRPGs. Xenoblade and TLS on Wii; Lost Odyssey on the 360; Valkyria Chronicles on PS3; and Resonance of Fate, which was a multiplatform game, to name a few.

            There is no one single home console this generation that will give you a well-rounded JRPG experience by itself.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Ugh this post…made me sick..

      • Testsubject909

        Exclusives aren’t a bad thing, far from it, some games just won’t translate well into another consoles specs like, say, Infamous which is pretty much the only game out there that makes use of more than 5 of the cores of the PS3’s Cell last I checked.

        And that’s the only thing I’m willing to reply to your post with.

      • I see what you’re getting at the “exclusive” part…

        If your game is going multiplaform rather than exclusive, it’s another obstacle to deal with as a price to pay thus increasing development time and cost… It’s also unpredictable to see if it’s worth the hassle otherwise they would take a major hit financially…

        Look at Red Projekt… They were developing the Witcher 2 for one platform one at the time while maintaining their budget…

        My point: One thing to work on has less headaches than two at the same time…

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I don’t think they’ll lose money by making the 360 version. I mean, they’ll still sell another couple thousand in Japan and probably, at least 50,000 in the states. If it were 360 exclusive, I can guarantee you they’d lose money, but I think it’s just a little extra pocket change for them to be multiplatform.

        • @Nemesis_Dawn:disqus I don’t see how you came to the conclusion and Xenoblade and The Last Story are only praised by Wii owners. Those two games–Xenoblade in particular–have been almost unanimously praised both by fans and by a lot of games critics. 

          If you didn’t like them, that’s a completely different matter, but it doesn’t change the reality of the situation. However, the way you worded your argument also sounds like you haven’t played either game.

          In fact, I would say that it’s actually the opposite, and that a lot of Gust/NISA/CH games on the PS3 are put up on a pedestal because there’s very little else on there in the way of JRPG support.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            No offense, but I don’t put much stock in what most game critics have to say. There’s nothing special about the opinion of someone just because they work for a site. It’s just an opinion like everyone else’s. They just lucked out in getting paid for it. 
            And no, I haven’t played them because I don’t own the system, but the fact is that Wii owners are masters of hyperbole. I said, they could be great, but even if they were Last Rebellion level, Wii owners would still act like they were the greatest games to ever exist. If they were on one of or both of the two HD systems, then maybe they would be assessed fairly, but since they’re not, we’ll never know.

            Also, I actually would take issue with your statement about NISA games, because quite honestly, I don’t see the praise you’re talking about being thrown their way. If anything, I immediately see a lot of “Compile Heart = crap” and don’t even get started on what people say about Idea Factory. The Gust games get praise because they’re legitimately good games. 

            And Namco Bandai seem to be supporting the PS3 with localized JRPG’s just fine these days, so I don’t know what you’re talking about, really.

          • SirRichard

            @NemesisDawn:disqus “And no, I haven’t played them because I don’t own the system, but the fact is that Wii owners are masters of hyperbole.”

            “If they were on one of or both of the two HD systems, then maybe they would be assessed fairly, but since they’re not, we’ll never know.”

            You actually said these things. I just want to point that out to you; you actually said these things, you are claiming that people who own a particular system are prone to lying and exaggerating and that owners of the others are completely fair about assessing games, all while stating that you don’t own the system of the masters of hyperbole.

            The cognitive dissonance on display is astounding.

          • Nemesis_Dawn

            Yes, I did say them, Richard. And I stand behind my statement. 360 owners are more than willing to admit that Blue Dragon and Last Remnant are not great. PS3 owners are more than willing to admit that Last Rebellion sucks. But it is rare, indeed, that Wii owners can own up to the mediocre of some of their games. So, since everything is automatically great to Wii owners, I take what they have to say with a pinch of salt.

          • SirRichard

            @NemesisDawn:disqus And you can prove this completely beyond doubt, that people who own 360s and PS3s are humble folk who don’t talk up what they enjoy and that it’s only those lying Wii-owning gits that oversell everything?

            Perhaps it’s saying something about the quality of Blue Dragon, Last Remnant and Last Rebellion that very few are willing to come to their defence? No, course not, Wii owners just exaggerate everything to sound better, clearly, if only they had HD consoles and saw the truth.

            All sarcasm and mockery aside, you do realise how ridiculous you sound right now, right? It doesn’t matter what you own, everyone is likely to talk up the things they enjoy and insult the preferred things of others; it’s happened in this article multiple times, and you yourself have done it. You object to Ishaan (quite rightly) dismissing most PS3 JRPGs as nothing but really niche titles with no appeal to people outside that niche, you read it as unfair Sony-bashing, and then you turn around and write off a pair of Wii JRPGs simply because they’re on the Wii, and thus can’t be that good because Nintendo are never good.

            It’s okay for you to dismiss Wii JRPGs for being on the Wii, but when someone takes issue with the JRPGs the PS3 gets, they must clearly have a grudge against Sony and Playstation fans as a whole. It’s okay for everyone to have preferences, unless they’re not yours.

            Do you see what’s wrong with this?

      • Brian Riley


        • There’s no reason to sound rude. Please don’t fling personal insults at people. You would likely be taken more seriously if you constructed an actual argument instead or resorting to insults.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm This is first persona game for xbox of course the char need some adjustment..:p
    Okay joke aside I hear Xbox Live is superior than PSN in term of connection does it have connection with this?

    • kupomogli

      The fact that it’s Persona doesn’t matter, even though this is the first on the PS3 as well. Arc System Works released the Blazblue games, all of which had functional online on both systems. This is just a mistake in the porting process on someones end.

      The Xbox Live connection quality being superior to PSN is nothing more than 360 only owners trying to justify the additional expense they pay to play their games online unlike PS3 and PC owners who play for free. A myth if you will, one that has been proven wrong time and time again.

      The game usually plays just as good or bad regardless of the console it’s played on.  Go play Tekken 6 or Mortal Kombat against random players on either system, the majority of the time, you’ll have poor lag because of the garbage netcode.  Play any of the Street Fighter 4 games or Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown and you might play 100 matches and have one match that has noticeable lag.

      Cross game chat is the only difference and it’s a great feature.  That and voice messages. However, one thing that is a fact is that when downloading files or updates, the 360 downloads about 20-30% faster. Wireless downloads on the PS3 are abysmally slow. Vita wireless downloads are as fast or faster as PS3s wired downloads, while the PS3 wireless downloads are about 90% slower than wired. I’ve never used wireless on the 360.

      • Locklear93

         As someone who’s done both wired and wireless on his 360, with both consoles in very nearly the same place relative to my router, the 360 wireless networking doesn’t have the slowness I experience with my PS3.  That’s just one person, and wholly anecdotal, so take it for what it’s worth, of course.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Yeah, I’ve only used wired for both systems and the PS3 is pretty much the same. But wireless, I know people with PS3’s who go wireless and their connections are crap.

      • malek86

        Due to the fact that all of the PS3, PSP and PSV are slow via wi-fi, I have the idea the connection is slow not because the service “is worse”, but because Sony must have put some kind of security feature which has the result of making the connection slower.

        Of course this is just a theory. But since I have also noticed that, with the same connection, the PS3 ends up being much slower than the 360, this is the only thing I could imagine. Especially the PSV and PSP, it doesn’t make sense that they go as slow as they do, especially the PSV which is not limited to 802.11b anymore. So I think it’s a security thing.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips


    • Come on, man. You know better than that. :/

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Yeah I’m sorry. My apologies.

      • You got to admit though it is pretty funny. The “First” Persona title to hit 360 and it’s having bad lag while PS3 doesn’t have this issue. It tells us something, just sayin.

        • What does it tell us beyond that there’s a problem and Atlus/ArcSys will fix it?

          It isn’t as if Arc System Works haven’t developed on the Xbox 360 before. In fact, considering that there exists an unreleased PC version of BlazBlue, it’s very likely that the PC/360 architecture was the lead platform there.

          And in case you didn’t notice, this is also the first Persona title on the PS3. :)

          • It’s just funny to see the 360 version of Persona is the one having problems while the PS3 is perfectly fine. What went wrong with the coding there, unless the 360 version is of course a port. 

            I actually didn’t know that, Why wasn’t Master-race PC version release? Also Blazblue ended up having more sales on PS3 regardless. 

            While it’s true this is the “First” Persona title on the PS3, it’s still not a true Mothership Person title that fans are familiar with that were release on the Playstation. History wise Arena is like a Spin off to PS3 users. To 360 users it’ s a mothership.

          • Koulamatata

            Would it be funny if it was laggy on the PS3 and not the Xbox?
            Would you still be bringing this up?

            If your answer to these are no, then it may look like you’re trying to start something that really… doesn’t need to start.

            If your answers to these are “yes”, then congratulations. You’re awesome like the majority of us here who aren’t needlessly hating based on platform.

            I hope your answer is yes.

          • malek86


            Please stop using that term which didn’t exist until Namco decided they needed to cover their screw-ups. It doesn’t need apply here.

            Your other points aren’t even worth replying to, especially the “master race” one which was totally uncalled for. I will make you just one technical correction: the game was first developed on the arcade board Taito Type X2, so the PS3 version is a port as much as the 360 version.

            On a side note, P4 Arena may be a spin-off, but right now it actually has a chance of outselling P4. In fact, it should become one of Atlus’ biggest titles to date. Not bad for a spin-off.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    You honestly need to stop now

  • Please read our posting guidelines. We don’t like console war nonsense around here. First offense (now) gets a warning; second one gets a ban:

    • Guest

      I agree 100% I was out of line and this was totally uncalled for.

  • Hinataharem

    Please dont start

  • LynxAmali

    People liked this comment? Geez.

    And really?

    And it’s up to the publisher and developers on what consoles it’s on. You shouldn’t limit the amount of return costs that they make back.

  • Hinataharem


  • dang. ;n;

  • Koulamatata

    Hopefully it’s all figured out by release.
    But if it’s not, I guess i’m just going to have to enjoy story mode some more.

  • Hm hopefully they get it ironed out.  The NA market is the only place where 360 sales might have a real impact for Atlus.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Not really. In both the fighting and the JRPG market, PS3 sales are significantly higher than 360 sales in NA. Every fighting game except the original vanilla SFIV and Soul Calibur IV sold more on PS3 than 360. Every other fighting game has sold more on PS3 (including the further revisions of SFIV, like SSFIV, SSFIVAE, and SFXT).

      • I don’t think he was arguing which versions sell more; just that the sales of fighting games on the 360 aren’t insignificant in US/EU, so it is very much in Atlus and Arc System Works’ best interests to address the problem.

  • Istillduno

    Sooo, first the region locking on the ps3 and now this, maybe Atlus is alergic to money and is trying to cut down on customers?

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Some of you on here never stop to amaze me with the crap you post. This made me lol

    • Repede91

      I’m sure the lag issues the 360 version is having were intentional.

    • Testsubject909

      Quite the opposite I think.

      I’m thinking Atlus home base in Japan would love to maintain their sales at 90$ a piece by Japanese average pricing, so to not lose out on sales via reverse importing.

      And considering how low an install base the 360 has in Japan, again, I fail to see how this makes the home base company allergic to money.

  • Neophoton

    ..At least it isn’t the PS3 version, in which most people interested in this game will be playing it on.

    • Testsubject909

      *Looks at avatar icon*

      Hey. You know. A bit off topic but the Playstation Cat Toro Inoue is going to be in Playstation All Stars.

      • Neophoton

         Haha, I’ve seen that before. I love Toro (and Kuro!) so I admit it was an instant plus for me.

        • Testsubject909

          If I get the game. Toro will probably be my main since he seems like the most fun to me.

  • Oh man, seriously? I’m getting the PS3 version anyways, but it still hurts to know that it’s having issues in the 360. I hope the lag problem gets fixed soon. ; n ;

  • DongT

    aw maaan, i hope this doesnt affect the number of 360 players in japan too much D:

    • Testsubject909

      -insert joke based on numbers such as “All 50 of em” to make a note on the low install base-

      • DongT

        lol gewd wan

        • Testsubject909

          i no rite?

  • Niermyico

    *see’s title; rushes in with popcorn* Has it started, am I too late?! *looks around*

      • Testsubject909

        *Passes you a cup of coffee*

        It’ll be a long night.

        • Niermyico

           *sips coffee* Oh why thank you! :)

      • Niermyico

         Wut? Everyone saw this coming. Might as well enjoy a little chaos. :)

  • AuraGuyChris

    A better question would be why even bother to make a semi-sequel to a PS2 game…on another console that doesn’t have the prequel? It’s like Atlus wants people to buy a PS2 and try it out to get into the Shin Megami Tensei seri-…

    …Oh, I see now. It’s a business plan. You’re deviously smart, Atlus.

    • Sardorim

      It’s now on the Vita….

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Which doesn’t really help 360 owners.

        • Doesn’t mean 360 owners aren’t going to get a VITA and might possibly get the game. I have a 360… and soon to get a PS3. Getting the VITA with P4G when the White VITA comes out.

      • AuraGuyChris

        Which…is still proving my point.

  • Chippel

    That’s too bad. I don’t see why anyone would be smug about this. Either way, it reflects badly. People who know may hold off on getting it, people that pick it up without knowing might think the company is lazy/doesn’t care about their product. The effect won’t be devastating as far as already dedicated fans are concerned, but that really isn’t their entire audience.

  • AJ

    Wow.  I’m getting all sorts of news about this game.  First mild spoilers about some bosses and the future of the Persona series overall.  Then I got a tip that Adachi not only has a character model on the disc of Persona 4 Arena, but he might be future DLC.

    Of course, due to the source I’m taking it with a block of salt.  Though, Adachi’s model doesn’t match any of the others.  And that’s the only reason I even considered it.

    AND NOW, I’m hearing that this game has lag issues.  What’s next?

    • Ben Sylvia

       That’s awesome.

      Without spoiling anything, is there anything mind blowing that happens in the plot?

      • AJ

         Well…let’s just say that the persona games in general aren’t so disconnected.

    •  That’s fan art.

  • Yu_TheKing

    Yu can’t properly own people with lag interference. 

    Seriously, I have faith that the problem will be fixed soonish. (Though as a predominant PS3 player, it doesn’t affect me as much ><)

    • Testsubject909

      Yu’ll just have to Bear with for Nao to play it on the 360. It might be a bit Teddieous but a patch is sure to Rise up sooner or later.

      edit: Ai Gis if you can’t wait for a patch, get the PS3 version.

      • Locklear93


        I say that, but here I go liking your post anyway. :P

  • Narukami’s swag must be causing interference

  • DemonicX

    Majority of these comments below are just disappointing… -_-

    • Testsubject909

      Yu Kan-ji-st ignore them if Yu can’t Bear it.

      Great Scott, this is getting worse…

      • DemonicX

        True, and that’s why I didn’t specifically reply to them. Either way, I just hope Atlus will be successful in clearing up the problem before release.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well at least, Atlus there tries to resolve this problem lol compared to a certain company that totally ignore the problem lol.^_^
    And why does many people complain that this game is going multiplat there? Not everybody own both consoles or even PS3 there. And by going multiplat there, won’t they increase the number of gamer to like Persona series here???

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      I think it’s that traditionally, the Persona series has been on the Playstation brand. I can understand where they’re coming from, as someone who owns both systems. I often feel like multiplatform gaming waters down what makes a particular console special. I never saw the need for Mass Effect or Bioshock to go to PS3 and I can understand Sony gamers not wanting their exclusives to cross over either. It’s like, “You buy a PS3 for Japanese games, you buy a 360 for Western games.” 

      Personally, I have both systems, but I would never buy a fighting game on 360, because of that d-pad.

      • Locklear93

        Augh, I’d never PLAY a fighting game with a D-pad, gross.

        …but that’s kind of the whole point of multiplatform, too, from a consumer perspective.  If they only own one, or have strong feelings for preference, they get to use what they want.  I’d never touch a fighting game with anything but an arcade stick–but that doesn’t mean people who like the D-pad shouldn’t get to. 

        I’d never buy a game for PS3 if I could get it on 360, because I don’t like the system as well.  I’d rather get to play the games I want than feel like a system is “special” for having X or Y on it.

        • Code

          I think Nemesis has a fair point about the d-pad though. The area I live in never had any arcade scene so most players here grew up on fighting games being played on consoles, so d-pad usage is particularly high o3o;; And outta both systems PS3’s pad is a little more akin to traditional pads. Not that sticks aren’t around, but having straight access to an alright pad is helpful.

          But yeah I agree multiplatform, the whole notion of it watering a game down is silly. Particularly in this instance since it was designed for arcades first, so the console ports aren’t really going to be hardware specifically obviously >w<;;

          • Locklear93

            Oh, sure, the 360’s D-pad was a subject of complaint from day 1; I’m certainly not disagreeing with him about that.  My point was that if he’s got a strong preference that puts him on one console, other people may have strong preferences too, and multiplatform lets people have what they prefer.

            On the topic of D-pads, though, I’ve been adamantly pro-stick since DarkStalkers 3 turned my poor thumb into hamburger on the PS1. :(

          • Code

            Ahh I gotcha >w<; I'd love, love, to get a stick since I play lots of fighters and a lot of shmups. But I just can’t afford one, as shipping would wreck me sadly T3T;; But maybe someday, I look forward to making artwork for it uwu;

      • malek86

        “I often feel like multiplatform gaming waters down what makes a particular console special.”

        It still sounds weird to me. I’m only interested in the games. The consoles are merely the means to play those games. I don’t feel any attachment to a console or another. Games can be special, but consoles are pretty much just the pieces of plastic needed to run said special games. (tendentially, that’s why I really don’t like selling my games, while I have no trouble selling a console)

        Also I’m not sure why people woudn’t want a game that they like (presumably they do, otherwise they wouldn’t care) to become more successful by reaching a wider audience. They like the game, but they want it to sell less? Seems paradoxal to me. I could understand if they had a belief that the multiplatform port would lose the developer money, but that usually doesn’t happen, most of the times it seems to be just “this game should be exclusive because I don’t think it would fit the other console!”.

  • Some of the comments down below are just un-BEARABLE to read..

  • RmanX1000

    Dont use Xbox Live for really, anything but downloading DLC sooooo…. Yeah.  Still guna play the hell outta this game XDD

  • Sardorim

    Makes sense, they have far more experience with Sony Consoles. 

    • Locklear93

      Considering the game was done by Arc System Works, I’m not convinced it actually DOES make sense for that reason.  ASW has released every recent fighting game they’ve made for Xbox 360 as well as PS3, as far back as the original Blazblue or Battle Fantasia, whichever came first.

      Looking at my shelf, I’ve got 4 Arc System Works Xbox 360 titles with online multiplayer, and Arcana Heart 3 (an EXAMU fighter, but ASW did the console ports) also had a 360 release.

      At this point, I really don’t feel like per console experience is a logical reason after all.

      (On an unrelated note… why do I still have Battle Fantasia?  That game was awful…)

      Edit: I’m wondering a bit if people who liked this post liked my commentary on ASW’s console experience, or if they saw the last line, about Battle Fantasia, and said, “Man, that WAS awful!” and liked the post out of agreement with that. <_<

      • Code

        Although it wouldn’t be the first time Arc System Works had problems on Xbox Live during a multiplatform release, particularly BBCS stands out in my mind as having a few hangups. Although generally I do feel like Arc System Works does handle both platforms fairly well uwu; 

        • Locklear93

           Right. :)  I’m not saying ASW has never had an Xbox problem, or even that PS3 isn’t their forte–I’m strictly saying they’ve got plenty of Xbox 360 experience by now, so whatever the reason for this is, I’m not willing to chalk it up to just more experience on other systems.

          • Code

            Yeah I think it’s a little silly to think it’s about having more experience on one system than the other >w<; It's just likely a cause of Live having quirks that sometimes pop up I suppose o3o; ASW is usually pretty on the ball for patching things up, so I can't imagine this problem will last long uwu;

  • And the whining continues.

    ITS JUST A LAG. And they r fixing it up.

    And wow, ppl really left here due to whining so much??? Kinda feel sry 4 the SE staff hving to deal w/h these ppl….

    • AnimeRemix

      SE as in Square Enix? I’m hoping you’re saying SE for something else, because “Atlus staff” would be more correct… 

      • Code

        He means Siliconera. Which is what Siliconera is sometimes abbreviated as o3o~! Usually if SquareEnix isn’t in the article it’ll be referring to Siliconera.

        • AnimeRemix

          Ah, alright. Thanks for the correction. >< I don't think I really ever noticed anyone abbreviate Siliconera like that before… I'll have to remember that.

          • Code

            It’s not super commonplace but people will do it from time to time, I know I do it myself a fair amount >w<;; I think generally context will tell you which is which~

    • Asura

      Considering some people play fighting games nearly exclusively online, “its just a lag” is a big ****ing problem.
      And considering how fighting games are destroyed by lag on any competitive level, it’s a pretty damn big ****ing problem.

      Kudos to them for fixing it, boo at them for not catching such a glaring thing prior to submission.

  • i pity xbox player n owner , this game is the best among all the arc system fighting games , nice to play , easy combos , fun , amazing OST , just got it yesterday , i am really enjoy it!!!!!! hope they fix it for 360!!! Cheers

  • I know they can fix it. Really, I don’t mind a few lag issues… most fighting games have that issue now and then. I’m more likely to get this on the PS3 due to the fact that I don’t want to pay for LIVE and most of my buddies have a PS3. To be honest though, I see a lot of load time online more with the PS3 then the 360 :/… I don’t know, just saying what I see.

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