Work On Square Enix’s New Lightning Saga Project Has Just Begun

By Spencer . July 31, 2012 . 9:46pm

lightningSpeaking with Famitsu magazine, Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase clarified details about the Lightning Saga project teased for the Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary presentation.


Kitase said work on the project has just started. The project’s title will be officially announced on September 1st.

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  • SirTeffy

    Fifty bucks says the title is Final Fantasy XIII-3. Because if there’s something SqueEnix is NOT known for anymore, it’s the slightest SHRED of originality.

    • Sounds like the cycle of many publishers during the end of a console generation or even the thing you would do when you want to recoup the costs of making an expensive engine. Maybe you can enlighten your post further by detailing how to run a company.

      • SirTeffy

         How about innovating at ANY point during a console’s cycle, then?
        The only new game they released on DS was The World Ends With You. (4 Warriors of Light was an external company that handles their ports) Everything else was a remake or sequel (DQIX, developed externally by Level 5).

        PS3? Let’s see here… Hallway: The Game (FF13), Nier (again, external developer), Star Ocean 4 (external AND a port from 360), Hallway: The Game: The Sequel, and that’s it.

        PS2? Post merger we have… FFXII (which is a 50/50), DQ8 (developed by Level 5), Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Dawn of Mana (AKA LOOK A HAVOK ENGINE DEMO: The Game), Final Fantasy X-2, Kingdom Hearts 2, Unlimited Saga (Not even touching that one), Romancing SaGa (remake), and PUBLISHED Star Ocean 3, Valkyrie Profile 2, and Radiata Stories.

        PSP? Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, Parasite Eve 3, and Birth By Sleep. Oh, and a TON of ports.

        That’s… not a track record to be proud of, there.

        • MrSirFeatherFang

          But ya gotta admit, the OSTs for ALL of those games are great ^_^ lol

        • amagidyne

          Hey, Dissidia was good.

        • Herok♞

           They have innovated a ton all the sequels had something new and better about them, FF13 had a revamped battle system and new focus of always contuning the story, FF13-2 was a different because of the way it was explored.on Psp you forgot the entire dissidia series which was a final fantasy fighting game which defiantly isn’t original and is a played out idea. The 3rd birthday was the complete reinvention of a character so it was sequel in name alone. KH:BbS gave us the new command deck and even KH 3D has flowmotion to make it different. So I could continue but I think the point is proven they innovate.

  • MrRobbyM

    So a million things are going through my mind now but all I’m going to say is this.

    Just finish Versus already.

    • They have different teams working several games.

      • MrRobbyM

        Not all cards are on the table, yo.

        Edit: I would also like to point out that three XIII-related games would have been released before Versus will. Unless Versus is becoming FFXV, the “different teams working on different games” only means SE needs to prioritize.

    • That game isn’t worth caring about anymore. If it comes out, great, if it doesn’t — meh. SE obviously doesn’t care about it (they say it’s still in production, but they can’t even show us a new screenshot), if they did it would have came out ages ago. They announced it and then realized releasing an XIII spin-off while the main game was still going would confuse gamers (that’s how we got Type-0). It’ll probably come out after XIII-3 and it’ll sport a new name.

      • MrRobbyM

        “That game isn’t worth caring about anymore”

        That’s an opinion right there. I wouldn’t say SE doesn’t care about it, they just need to prioritize. They see that they can expand on the “Lightning Saga” so they will do that. Just as you said, releasing Versus in the middle of it just won’t make sense for business.

        So deciding to focus on and expand the main FFXIII doesn’t mean caring less about FFXIII “saga”. They just saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Its amazing how you all are riding versus and there hasn’t been much on it.

      • SaberSaurus

        The short amount of gameplay shown in the Vs.13’s trailers look better than the Hours of Gameplay FF13 provided.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          right thats all you seen ‘short’ gameplay ohh i’m sorry did i bust that bubble? What else have you seen hmm just traillers of talking and ine of battle if i remember yet everyone is riding it.

          • MrRobbyM

            Final Fantasy has always been quality, even though that quality has decreased in recent years. So well all know Versus will at least be “good”. Also, as I explained in a past Versus article, the hype for Versus comes from it being the most FFVII reminiscent game since, well, FFVII. From what we’ve seen from the trailers, it has that dark, lingering feeling, a more traditional world map at least compared to FFXIII/-2, Kingdom Hearts type battle system and a lot less melodramatic compared to FFXIII/-2. If you ask me, the whole melodrama and lets face it, cheesy characters and script is why FFXIII and -2 weren’t exactly the most well received FF games. It may not be your cup of tea, but a lot of fans have been waiting for a FF game like this.

            I wouldn’t say everyone is “riding it” either. We just know it’s going to be great. It’s not like THAT many people are excited for it either. Some people have just lost the hype and don’t care anymore. Which is why I say SE needs to prioritize.

        • Herok♞

           Not really it really just looks like Kingdom Hearts in a world that is poorly lit.

          • MrRobbyM

            Come on, let’s be a little classier here.

        • MrRobbyM

          Even though I agree, an opinion is never a good argument.

      • MrRobbyM

        It’s even more amazing how little we’ve all seen yet I know I will enjoy it more than most JRPGs this gen.

  • I’ll be the first one to actually say something positive without nitpicking about the littlest thing.

    YES!! I’ve been waiting for the next installment! FFXIII-2 was SO good! Can’t wait for the next.

  • I can’t wait to hear the announcement for this new project! (Even though thats pretty close to the beginning of school -_-)

  • Cero55

    i know alot of people didn’t like ff-xiii but i really like the game. im excited for this hopefully they end it with a bang and not a whimper.

    • kool_cid414

       Your definitely not alone in this regard I really want to see how this ends I want the world to live!

  • AuraGuyChris

    It’ll be titled “Final Fantasy XIII-3: Caius Keeps Winning, You Loser”.

    • LynxAmali

       And I have absolutely no problem with that.

      Do it, Square. You know you want to.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I’m ready to triple dip anytime. Just keep making improvements. And for the love of vidya gods, please remove auto-battle. It serves no purpose other than to have people complain about it.

    • RmanX1000

      I like it for when i wanna grind or be lazy. And its also good for when you may hafta use a specific character, and hafta use a specific role. Like Medic. I dont know a single person who willingly used a Medic and didnt use Auto.

    • Herok♞

       The thing is auto battle is fine since the people who complain about it aren’t smart enough to realize they can play the whole game without it if they and the menu even has options to turn it off.

  • RmanX1000

    inb4 “REMAKE FF7!”

  • Mago Iichi

    Don’t want, will never want, anything FFXIII is garbage to me.

    • Godmars

       Would ask if that included Versus but I gave up on that one a while ago.

      • $30632660

        I never cared for Vaporware either ;p

  • This comment section will get into whining mode soon…… 

    Positivity: Whtever stuff u r gving us, I’m looking forward 4 tis.

    • These sort of whining is somewhat allowed, not sure why.

      • Niermyico

         I guess its because below all of that is still an opinion of the person’s feelings on the subject.

        • MrRobbyM

          And let’s face it, the whining is somewhat justified here.

  • GWTrinku

    Is Lightning Saga what we’re calling the FFXIII compilation now?
    Remember when there were supposed to be three unrelated games back when the PS3 first came out? Me too.

  • I now dub this L.S.P.

    I enjoyed FFXIII-2 very much and hope this will be too.

    • amagidyne

      LSP? Will Lightning go looking for some waffles for her dump truck?

    • Aqua King

      Please SE don’t bring Paine back. I still have nightmares of her.

  • Godmars

    I didn’t mind Lightning until just now.

    Hate the fact that Square is only confirming fears when 13 first came out. That they were going, if not a wrong direction, then one I didn’t want to follow.

    Nice while it lasted though. Goodbye Square.

  • Laharl

    I’m amazed that such a lazy character has such a strong following.
    I guess “Girl Squall” is all you need to sell a game, but why no more Squall games?Also, she is the most irritating character I’ve ever played as, she’s angsty and pretentious like Cloud and Squall, but without the angry wit or redemption.

    • Godmars

       I seriously doubt that she does, its just that Square is promoting her. this a case – at least to me and likely others – of saying it enough times makes it true, even when its not.

      • Laharl

        The games sell well, Oh well…
        If only I lived in a world where it was the “Szah Saga”

    • amagidyne

      She was easily the best character in the game. Everyone else was so flat, whiny and soulless and never punched Snow in the face. Her character arc would eventually butt in and ruin everything, but for a few glorious hours she was my avatar, my messiah in that rotting swamp of nakama and stupid catchphrases.

      • Laharl

        Well, I certain won’t argue most of the supporting cast was crap.

  • I don’t mind them working on another Lightning project, but I really wish they would put more info out on current projects and how far they are into said projects before working on something new, you know? (Versus XIII, maybe?)

  • XypherCode

    I doubt this would be XIII-3 but who knows :D :P

  • Christopher Nunes

    That Lightning drawing is quite sexy! 0.0

    Though I’m curious what this “Lightning Saga” is? It doesn’t sound like XIII-3, but a game kinda like FF7 Crisis Core?

  • Alexander Aubert

    i’m seriously in love with lighting saga

  • Go2hell66

    calling it now, FF XIII : Advent parents The Movie!

  • Hyped!
    Meanwhile will be enjoying KH3D next week and Sleeping Dogs while waiting for this and TGS!

  • Luna Kazemaru

    And let the wave of hate commets begin..oh wait

    • amagidyne

       Yeah, no point in getting worked up about it. The hate comet is coming. Time to hit the Gold Saucer!

  • I don’t really wanna hate becuz XIII and XIII-2 were pretty cool. But I wish they would finish their projects instead of starting up new 1ns. I mean when is Versus XIII coming out. And I just got my KH DDD, but while it has three d’s it’s not KH 3. I need that. Other than that though, this looks pretty cool.

  • Lightning will be an old woman in her sixties, sitting and commenting on how Final Fantasy has changed, that she isn’t a heroine and complains that there is no place for her to hide from Square Enix, then gets out and save the world, it is going to be awesome.
    10/10 from Gamespot’s material.

    • amagidyne

       See, now that would be awesome. Can’t see anyone at Square-Enix going all Suda51 on us, unfortunately.

  • MrKappa

    They’re really trying to sell Lighting when she was not even important in the first two games? How or even why is anyone suppose to care about her? Aside from all the pervs who only like her because of how she looks that is…

    SE really needs to wise up and the low sales will probably be just the wake up call they need.

    • I love Lightning and maybe I’m a pervert because I played FFXIII to look at her panties and FFXIII-2 to look at her changing clothes cutscene!!! I also love Cloud, Squall, etc. Does that makes me homosexual?

      • konsama

        If it’s their Dissidia versions then yes <_<

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      I swear man it’s the pink hair. Who doesn’t love pink hair? But it would’ve made more sense if they made it blue…

    • Aqua King

      Serah was a much better selling/convincing lead then Lightning was. I’m interested in what they have planned next, although I’m fairly certain it is XIII-3.

  • WingsOfEternity

    Final Fantasy 13: Dirge of Sazh

    • konsama

      As long it doesn’t become Final Fantasy XIII: The after years i say anything is better.

    • xavier axol

      As long as they take out that stupid afro and give the man some dignity! (to say hey! there’s no way in hell i’m gonna have an afro, got that!), then he’s cool and deserves his own saga. yeah it seems that square enix forgot that the black man don’t use the afro anymore.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Because his afro was a problem with his character?


  • Can’t wait! looking forward to it!

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    And so it begins! Unlimited Lighting Works!
    (btw haven’t played XIII-2 yet, but I’ll assume Lighting dies at the end)

    • Aqua King

      *spoiler* she doesn’t die.

    • amagidyne

      Actually, she gets turned into a giant crow and then just starts sweating on everyone for hours and hours until they all drown. It’s kind of gross. I’m pretty sure crows can’t even do that.

  • Vadim Merzhey

    Square-Enix decided to continue ashaming themselves. Good luck guys.

    • LightZero

      Yeah because making money despite what some whining fans may think is shaming themselves. 

  • Rocket D

    I hope this will sum up the unanswered to FFXIII-2 and avoid making the ending so damn sad lol Seriously, the ending to FFXII-2 was pretty messed up when you spend 2 games defying fate only for everyone to die at the end. (ironically I didn’t hate the ending though like most but wanted a better one) And PLEASE let it be about Lightning as in she’s the playable main character. I enjoyed FFXIII-2 but I’ll admit they tricked me thinking she was at least going to be playable for more than 2 battles and DLC. I can’t wait to here the news next month (but then again I can since school lol )

    As much as I can agree with the people who would rather have word on Versus XIII (even if only a release date in Japan at least) it also seems kind of silly to completely shoot down anything from SE that’s Final Fantasy related just because it’s not Versus. I always wondered why people favor it overall when they don’t like FFXIII/XIII-2 because when you think about it Versus XIII is just that; a part of the XIII series. I know the details and that the Versus story does not directly relate to XIII in terms of plot or battle system (KH Team working on that) but people should still give this some thought (those who don’t like FFXIII/FFXIII-2 but still worship Versus despite the little to none they’ve seen of it). I’m not saying Versus will not be good or that SE is right with only releasing news on expanding FFXIII but here’s two things to think about:

    1.) Who said anything about them holding back Versus development to release Lightning’s story? These may be games to keep us occupied until Versus is completed. Food for thought: if SE did nothing between Versus’s development then we wouldn’t have any games from them FF related at all. Companies release games in between developing ones for fans to cope until release. Kingdom Hearts is another prime example of that and that’s what KH3DS is: a game to hold you off until KH’s final installment KH3 while at the same time it adds to the series in terms of story. FFXIII storyline was never set in stone to be only 1 game as interviews revealed but was released based on sales. Apparently the game is doing something right if FFXIII-2 still did alright even with it’s name tarnished by the first (I personally loved both though).

    2.) I’d rather SE take another few yrs if only to guarentee that Versus XIII is a 9 or 10 out of 10 wait. Seriously, if they need the time to make the game good then let them have it. It’s better than a rushed slop of a game people will complain about anyway. People are raising their expectations to a point where SE probably has to take more time plus they are trying to deliver what they promised: a fantasy based on reality which would mean some killer graphics. Keep in mind they do not want another FFXIII to happen as well (linear progression, lack of RPG elements like free roam/side quests/whatever else, ect) so they are probably making sure of that for those who are waiting. Everyone fell in love with the hype and their idea of what the game will be and not really the game so…it’s hard to say how this game will do even if it was ground breaking in every way.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      Didn’t you know if you are post how god like versus is even tho whe clearly havent really seen anything you are a hipster and don’t know what you talking about same with anyone who likws 13 :>

  • lorelai4cuties

    what about FF Versus? im sick of lightning..we need versus >:(

    • Domii

      Preach on dude!!!

  • Prithivi

    “She must not be forgotten”

    Does anyone care anymore about the uniteresting and stereotyped FF XIII characters???

    • Yes.

      • xAKUM3TSUx

        Me too!

    • Luna Kazemaru

      And then everyone in versus will be uniteresting and stereotyped

      • xavier axol

        i’m sorry to say this, but you came out short (may be if you do a little research). now he does have a point. snow came out looking as your typical white american douche (even though he was a more reasonable character at times), sazh really? that’s how square sees a black man (the afro was uncalled for), hope came out looking and acting like a brat (mommy?), lighting was the female cloud (but without anything appealing-i still like her, but give her more personality), sarah and vanille (i can’t saparated the word generic from these two), fang was ok, but do you see my point?. why couldn’t square center the story on lighting who was the main heroine?

        and here’s where i called you out on versus, tell me what character looks like your stereotypical something. because i don’t see it (after all the trailers and info i read about versus), every character looks normal to me. why don’t you give examples, unless you can’t back it up?

    • MrRobbyM

      Apparently people do so SE will take advantage of that.

  • Monsley

    I loved FFXIII and all, but I don’t really like how Lightning-centric the series has become.

    She’s one of my least favourite characters in FFXIII (the least favourite being Snow) and what’s worse is that she’s not even one of those characters that make me go all “god, I really hate this one”; to my eyes she’s so shallow and emotionless (especially compared to characters like Fang, Sazh and even Vanille) that I’ve never really cared for her and the only cool things about her are her moves and the way she looks.

    I’d still rather have a whole game about her than another one about Serah and Noel, but I don’t understand why they’ve made her go from being the faux-protagonist to “OMG the universe will implode if she doesn’t do something”. (I reckon it probably has to do with how random FFXIII-2’s plot was.)

    Anyway, I like to be optimistic about this kind of stuff, so I’m expecting FFXIII-3 (or whatever they’re going to name it) to be a great game!

    • konsama

      SO plain, the bit i had to force myself to play Dissidia 012, even though she was the most important or “main” character of her chapter all she said in 98% of her dialogues were “Nandato? (was japanese version) I suppose the English version was just a “What?!” spam. Great writers there. 

      Though i agree a third FFXIII might be interesting, if they have a new character that might happen to find or meet with the old games characters, by that i mean maybe know some, not just add everyone to your roster,and for gods sake, give them more story and less posing.

      • Monsley

        “give them more story” EXACTLY!
        And also more backstory would be great. I mean, one of the best things about Fang and Vanille (besides being great characters :D) was that they actually had a backstory, whereas Lightning’s was a mere: soldier girl is pissed because she really hates her sister’s boyfriend. I mean, I really liked the idea of having “normal” people in the game as well, but why does “normal” have to equal “boring”? I feel she could have been a very interesting character, but something happened and she ended up having the personality of a silent hero…

    • When these games ever revolved around Lightning?

      XIII was about Vanille and Fang while Lightning gets undermined by Snow.

      O12 has Light getting undermined by the WoL.

      XIII-2 was about a generic girl, a generic boy and an unfunny moogle.

      • xavier axol

        yeah i remember their first announcement of final fantasy XIII and lighting felt like the main character, but then they started to show more unwanted characters and the game centered more on them. they made lighting emotionless without a persona, i’m sure that lighting would had more personality if there wasn’t soo many unappealing characters (i hate everyone from final fantasy FFXIII, except for fang may be). i don’t care what anyone says, but sarah and noel shouldn’t had been the main characters in ffxiii-2.

        • Anger’s an emotion.

          • xavier axol

            “Anger’s an emotion”, yeah i know!. but what does that has anything to do with lighting? if anger was her thread then she would had beat the hell out of everyone (seen how everyone were freaking annoying), she seens more like a lonesome to me (hence the name cloud appear in my mind).

          • Fandom poisoned Cloud. I don’t want VII remade if Cloud is going to be like that in Advent Children and the games he appeared in for the past six years.

      • Monsley

        I agree that XIII was mainly about Fang and Vanille (that’s exactly what I meant when I called Lightning a “faux-protagonist”), and XIII-2 “was about a generic girl, a generic boy and an unfunny moogle”, yes, but it was also a lot about Lightning, despite her not being physically present. In fact, throughout the game I often felt like it was almost ONLY about Lightning, despite having to deal with two annoying characters and a confusing plot.

        I have the impression that since XIII-2 they’ve been focusing a lot on Lightning. Now, I know that “Lightning Saga” is only the name of the project, but I can’t help thinking that said project will deal a lot with her, which is not necessarily bad (after XIII-2’s ending, I really want to know what happened to her), but she must be backed up by at least a couple of more round, complex characters for the story to be interesting, in my opinion.

  • Talbot

    They’ve just started and they’re going to announce it in a month? Square-Enix’s usual announcement trigger-happy nature at work again? Though I guess to be fair, this one wouldn’t take anywhere near as long to make as some of their previous games (and *ahem* Versus), taking into account also that they’ve probably roped in someone else to do a chunk of the work, like Tri-Ace…

    And it’s proven that Lightning definitely strikes more than twice. And at the rate this is going, who knows when this storm will cease?

  • PLEASE let this next game actually be about Lightning and let there be multiple choices that actually affect the story like killing Snow. Make a Shepard out of Light.

    P.S. Will we ever get a violent Final Fantasy? I want XIII-3 to have Lightning rip Snow’s spine off.

    • Very classy.
      I would like to see them “make a Shephard out of Light” though.

    • MrRobbyM

      You know, I felt the same way about Snow but he’s kind of grown on me. Him, Fang and to a much lesser extent, Hope, were the only characters I gave somewhat of a f*** about.

    • xavier axol

      Oh dude!! SIGN ME FREAKING UP!!! can we also get to kill vanille, hope, and sarah (the most goody tissue generic character)

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    I want something very simple out of FF XIII-3: to make a properly challenging game with this current very underrated battle system.

    It’s a great battle system that was a bit wasted since the first two games, especially the 2nd, were walks in the park.

  • pho_Enix

    I love the way they call it “The Lightning Saga” when she’s one of the less-important characters.

    • Detrimont

      only in XIII-2, she’s kind-of major in XIII, i just wish Vanille would come back

      • We would’ve gotten more of Lightning story-wise if the boring heterosexual Snow-Serah romance was scrapped.

  • Darkrise

    I’m sorry but my initial reaction to the headline was “Oh god no…” They really are trying to bank on a supposedly popular female character… I got nothing against Lightning but come-on! Can’t we move along already!? What about Versus XIII! 

    • MrRobbyM

      It’s like Miranda Cosgrove on tumblr. Trying hard to make her a thing but she never will.

      • Domii

        I guess you’re right because I have no idea who she is lol..

        • MrRobbyM

          the girl from iCarly and she played Drake’s little sister on Drake and Josh.

          • Domii

            What?!! iCarly? How can I miss that? lol 

  • GILGAMESH Saga> Lightning Saga

    I would rather GILGAMESH get his own game.  So meh.

    Don’t see the appeal in Lightning.  Nothing gives me the “I care about this character” feeling.

    Then again the story is written by Toriyama, so this is expected.

  • Gaara D.Dragon

    Chances are (hopefully) it will be released after Versus. Otherwise unfairly negative comparisons between a XIII-3 and Versus, a game we have all deified in our heads would drown the game. After Versus the pressure will be far less.

    Come on XIII-3, challenging difficulty and a dark setting, not much to ask, come on ! 

    •  That depends on your definition of Dark Setting.

      • Gaara D.Dragon

        Well, the ending of XIII-2 was pretty damn dark !

        I would love to see Noel turn into a vengeful avenger.

        •  If by Dark you mean happy joy joy music played until the screen faded into darkness.  Then yeah there’s your dark setting.

          It’s like the game was happy it was over.  Then again I read too much BERSERK so my definition of dark is drastically different.

  • Souji Tendou

    Dear god, what did I just read? Are they seriously going to make another sequel for XIII? Sighhhh…. -_-;

  • SirRichard

    From Fabula Nova Crystallis to “the Lightning Saga”, huh? I’m not sure why Square Enix loves her so much compared to the rest of the world they made, honestly.

    As long as we still get Versus at TGS, they can do what they like.

    • Really? Because XIII-2 was all about Noel, Serah, Mog, Snow and Hope.

      • SirRichard

        And they still call it the “Lightning Saga” instead of a more general “XIII Saga” or what have you. A lot of the focus in the run-up to XIII-2 was on Lightning as well, if I remember right.

    • xavier axol

      i love her, but her story isn’t unique. she lack personality among other things, and she’s always surrounded by morons. it falls short and more people just want FF Versus III.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Shouldn’t the main character be Hope? They talked in previous games about how important he is so

  • Cephrien

    If they’re going to keep expanding the XIII saga like this, they should consider meshing together some of the other FF universes and throwing in their characters to keep fans happy. :l

  • I would rather like getting info of a new Dissidia game. . .

    • xavier axol

      I SECOND THAT!!.

    • MrRobbyM

      How about a Dissidia PS3 game? Imagine how freakin’ flashy that would look.

      • xavier axol

        how about the ps3 and the ps vita!!, you could do cross play.

        • MrRobbyM

          That would be cool.

          On the topic of Dissidia, I always imagined a 2D Final Fantasy fighting game would be cool.. They could even name it Final Fantasy Final Fight or FIGHT or….FIST in the FACE.

          • xavier axol

            but it has to have some rpg elements.

          • MrRobbyM

            FINAL FANTASY FIST in the FACEwith some rpg elements

          • Cause “Final Fantasy Final Fight” won’t break all kinds of copyright lol.

  • Domii

    If they release this before Versus, I will be done with Square Enix in general. I’m sick of this BS.

    • Be done with it now then, you know damn well that isn’t going to happen.

      • MrRobbyM

        I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

      • Domii

        Oh god, I hope you’re wrong.

        • I’m not angry with Square or anything, but I know for sure it’s gonna take a lot more patience until Versus is released. If you’re sticking around with some hope otherwise, it’s not gonna end well for ya buddy.

          • Domii

            You misunderstood my comment. I never said anything about loosing patience with Square. All I’m saying is that whether it takes a year or two from now, It’s only logical that Versus is release before 13-3. It was only announced SIX YEARS AGO!

          • Solomon_Kano

            Not really logical at all. We’ve never had ANY idea of when Versus would come out. It took them about a year and a half to make XIII-2. Assuming it takes about the same to produce XIII-3, there’s still no reason to expect Versus before it.

            Logically, you actually wouldn’t have any time expectation set for Versus since they’ve never even given us so much as a rough estimate.

          • Well if anything makes you feel better; Versus IS in full development. Still, like Kano said (below), we’ve never had any idea of a release other than maybe “coming soon” or something. We’ll just have to wait.

  • cj_iwakura

    I enjoyed XIII and XIII-2 to a lesser extent and look forward to the third.

    • Jack Frazee

       Same here, though I enjoyed XIII-2 even more than XIII, but both were great! Hoping for more improvements in the 3rd.

  • French

    Hey, why dont you guys release Versus instead and do more coverage on it. We dont need FF 13-3 right now :/ *priorities* 

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ


    • MrRobbyM

      Because money.

      • Domii

        How can that be the case when reports have been that 13-2 had underperformed?

        • MrRobbyM

          Would SE release batches of DLC and extend FFXIII, hell, any game at all if it didn’t make them money?

          No. Money.

          • Domii

            I’m pretty sure it did make them money, but we talking about one of the biggest publishers in the business. Which means; if it ain’t big money, then it’s not worth the investment.

          • …You’re saying more than 2.5 million copies + thousands of DLC sold ain’t big money?
            That’s funny.

  • Watch this game be even less about Lightning.

    • xavier axol

      Lol. sad but true.

  • Jirin

    Why is it the only FF universes they expand are the ones I don’t like?  FFXIII was enjoyable enough but the complete lack of freedom within it left with with absolutely no personal investment in the characters and story.  FFX, some of the most irritating characters in the franchise.

    But FFV, FFVI, FFIX?  Nothing at all.

    • Renzouri

      I know what you mean, but you have to remember that they are trying to appeal more to their native fanbase than their Western counterparts. The examples you mentioned in particular have more…Western roots.

      • MrRobbyM

        True, but FFXIII wasn’t as well received as SE hoped it would be.

    •  Trust me I know how you feel.

    • Domii

      FFX had a little bit of everything, it appeal to all regions of the world IMO. I love that game, but then again just look at my avatar.

  • Meanwhile: Final Fantasy Versus XIII Fans still waiting for…anything.

    • Justin Graham

       Supposedly, Square Enix will have something to say on Versus at the same show they’re making this Lightning Saga announcement.

    • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

      How can one be a fan of an unreleased game?

      • Trailers, Gameplay-leaks, it’s not really that hard mate.

  • Justin Graham

    I’m not sure if I’m in the minority on this or not, but I’m down for a XIII-3 to see Lightning’s story get a proper conclusion.

    • Anime10121

       I’m down for XIII-3, but not to see Light’s story get a proper conclusion, but the XIII series as a whole: Serah, Vanille, Fang, that awesome cliffhanger from XIII-2, Caius, Yuel, the story of Etro, Muin, and the other Gods etc.  I want to see more of these things resolved more than anything to do with Lightning, while I felt she improved as a character in XIII-2, she still was very dry to me.

  • I have a feeling that Square Enix is making Lightning as a cover girl just to sell you sequels….

    • It’d work for me if she had a personality worth noting.

      • Justin Graham

         Personally, I like Lightning’s personality.  She was one of my favorite characters in FFXIII and I’m interested in seeing where they take her from here.

  • square enix(final fantasy Team) really unbelievable and crazy , versus 13 haven’t finish now they thing about new project they really out of their mind

  • Tales_of_Master

    Yay, another game nobody asked for. People who are still waiting for Versus XIII…hang in there guys :c

    • Dark Testament

      As much as I like Lighting’s design, I’m getting really tired of Square Enix trying to shove FFXIII down our throats.

      • Anime10121

        While I do like Light’s design too, I actually could care less for Light, Hope, or Snow as characters.  I liked Vanille, Fang, and Sazh from the first game, but I think Serah and Noel were a better combo than anyone from the first game.  They just “clicked” better to me.

        I really wish they’d stop trying to make this series “all about Lightning” and stick to a story about the FNC mythos.

    • Rentekabond

      I asked for it. Your argument is immediately invalidated.

      • Tales_of_Master

         Good for you :D

  • Perhaps it’s too soon for a XIII sequel, they should care about other projects like—- no, nevermind…

  • Guest

    I thought good business is about NOT pissing people off?

  • Domii

    I have an idea guys. If Versus13 is absent at TGS and Square doesn’t give us any news on it, we should definitely consider doing what Operation Rainfall did with Xenoblade.

  • cameron forsyth

    quick question!

    Would this Still be part of the fabula nova series? or has that idea been completely scratched, because ever since Type zero i’ve heard absolutely nothing about the status of it. or what about FFXIII-2, if that instalment was in the FNC then i can assume versus has a chance of a sequel to, if it ever comes out. 

    anyway my point is that i find the concept of a saga inside a saga rather pointless.

    • Anime10121

       Yep all of em are still part of the FNC saga!  Each one of them have bits and pieces of the mythos inside.  Vs. has already shown in its trailers that it will be involved in the mythology, and Type 0 had  L’cie in it.

      There are other series that have “sagas inside of sagas” like Metal Gear with Solid (Solid is technically a saga in MG), Revengeance, and Acid.  And you also have Megaman with it’s many saga’s all part of the same series/timeline with Classic, X, Zero, ZX, and Legends.

  • Played XIII, wasn’t my thing, and now I’m stuck in Lightning Purgatory.

    If you’re a fan, great, but I just crave for a new experience.

  • $36598391

    Type O still has not gotten an english release
    Unless it’s released on PSP in North America I am not getting it

    •  I think they want to port it to another system.  All I’ll say is that if no extra content is added I won’t be getting it.  I already got the JP version.  And Type 0 makes XIII-2 look like child’s play.  I’ll even have the audacity to say it even blows XIII out of the water.

    • Solomon_Kano

      … I’d imagine most people aren’t getting it if it isn’t released on PSP in North America. If they were go to do otherwise, well, I doubt people would still be asking for it.

  • Final Fantasy X was the last FF that had my attention

    idk why that game was so special

  • yalissa

    I just want Vanille to come back… I actually liked her character a lot T__T

    • DCBlackbird

      YOU MUST PERISH!!!! jk vannille was probably the most realistic character in their i know that people might say thats kinda stretching it but cmon repressed sadness a constantly happy facade that sometimes borders on creepy its possible though i dont want to meet one. it really sucks that they really mean and weren’t kidding that lightning is the new face of xiii she might go XIII-3 solo 

      • yalissa

        I liked Vanille as a character so much ):

        I could relate to her a lot, repressing sadness and happy facades and whatnot. It’s a lot easier than it seems. Really.But yeah. Lightning kinda is the new face for Final Fantasy. I don’t mind XIII or anything though. I just hope that we get to actually PLAY AS LIGHTNING in XIII-3 for more than like one battle. I mean she was on the cover of XIII-2, but we never really got to play as her. 

  • Omikuji

    Ehhhnnn I’d rather they work on a new different FF rather then keep pumping out XIII stuff. They already messed up with the execution of this game first time around, why do they continue to attempt keeping it alive with such notorious issues?

    • DCBlackbird

      XIII-2 in my opinion wasnt really needed they just added a small totally pulled out of nowhere detail lightning disappeared right after xiii’s ending meh at least x-2 had a better hook oh god is this gonna inspire x-3?

  • Claire Oga

    FFXIII-2 was a disappointment in my book. What was surprising is the fact that SE made so much $$$ from gamers with those DLCs. And Lightning is getting a bit overrated!!! Give me something new and fresh. 

  • LightZero

    I really don’t get the whining. Most of you guys and gals knew this was coming. Complaining about it isn’t going to change anything. The FFXIII has fans that will buy it. If you don’t want to buy it then ignore it. KH3D was just release. I’m sure DQX, FFXIV 2.0, Versus, Bravely Default, and hopefully Type 0 International will be enough to satisfy those of you who hate FFXIII.

  • This better be Final Fantasy XIII-3! I am loving the XIII series, and I cannot wish anything but an expansion to it with Final Fantasy XIII-3.
    However, I do have one wish. Please make Lightning the main character again. I have nothing against characters like Serah, and she’s an integral part of the story arc, but Lightning is just an amazing character!

  • DCBlackbird

    huhhh…..XIII may be the omen that says my gaming days are over, now dont take me wrong i liked xiii the last 3 chapters were a logic bomb (tv tropes ruined my vocabulary lol) XIII-2 was pretty much chain of memories for XIII, it seems too tedious for me to even begin to care what direction this games go. Perhaphs omen of the end of my gaming days is an exaggeration. i guess its really telling in the most simplest form “SHITS GONNA GET CONFUSING”

    • I gotta admit I reached a point in all the convolution where I just said “I’ll just go with the flow…” and half of the constant “We were here… or were we? OR! We were never here to begin with and this all in the mind of a another that is seeing a future we have yet to live…” Thing just went in one ear and out the other.

      • DCBlackbird

        Time travel introduced late in the plot always confuzzles it no kitase you can’t pull of a chrono…or crono

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Lightning this, Lightning that, etc. What about Noctis? :(

    • Daniel Morandi

      What about anyone? >:

    • ResidentMetroid

      Even though Lighting is getting a lot of attention to the point where it’s unbearable I still like her better than Noctis.

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        Yeah Noctis is annoyin— wait a sec! We know nothing about him

        • Daniel Morandi

          Haha very true.

        • ResidentMetroid

          Haha I guess I should of been more clear, what I meant was in terms of looks I do not like Noctis.

          • Daniel Morandi

            I liked Lightning and now I hate her, doesn’t matter the looks anymore (even if has an strong impresion, the narrative can ruin or save anyone) and to be honest I was expenting of her to be an strong woman who want or can love a man while caring about her family/friends but then she only cared about her sister, she is a shotacon and worst of all had not “importance at all” in the secuel while becoming some kind guardian of time in and incomplete game while Nomura said to us that we will know more about her happines which I don’t care at all because they lost the main focus in the main storyline.

            Sorry for the large post.

  • Mowafaq

    Wow i can’t wait!
    we don’t want versus we want XIII
    and foul and tames hehe ^_^

    • hawk222

      I get the feeling you’re in the very, very small minority on this…

    • Brandon001


    • Should really replace that “we” with “I”. {I don’t want versus I want XIII} Sounds much better.

      I’m looking forward to both.

  • Daniel Morandi

    Versus or KH3 4ever delayed.

    MOAR about Lightning when we already know that she is only worth it in the kitchen, stop trying to give her more meaning that even old FF female were more important and least irritating not because her strange development, is SE fault for try to milk her (when she is not even a milf) DX

  • I know we got tricked into thinking Lightning would play a large role in the last one, but I seriously think (or hope) Square won’t do the same for XIII-3. They got heavy backlash for that. 

    People think Square don’t care about what the fans say, but if it starts affecting cash flow, they’ll change for the better. So I’m guessing we’ll get the sequel XIII deserves, and the one it needed back then. (TDK quote ftw)

  • l777l

    Is this a (radical) feminist move? At any rate, Lightning is so damn boring (as is her [parallel] universe) that this is just a bad decision.

  • I’m willing to give this a go. (The square fan in me cannot resist sadly *sigh*) hopefully this will be the nice send off game for Lightening and this part of the Final Fantasy Universe.

  • Gideon de Groodt

    I wonder if anything is going to happen to the gameplay..

    Naw… this will probably have UBER CINEMATIC ACTIONS.

    Start Game>Scenario Battle>Scenario Battle>Scenario Battle>Free Roa- NOPE.Scenario Battle>Scenario Battle>Scena..I’m expecting this.

  • Spider-Man

    Ugh, more moody Lightning and more of the boring XIII saga. Great. Square-Enix are really milking her. I’d rather they milk the FFVI series at this point. 

    • Zadion

      Even though I support another XIII sequel, I’m with you there. VI is one of the only titles that doesn’t have any kind of series whatsoever, and that’s a great shame. It’s my favorite game.

  • Solomon_Kano

    In all honesty, if people enjoyed XIII and its sequel enough to warrant another, more power to Squenix for giving the people what they asked for. That said, having this next game supposedly centered on Lightning just shot my interest.

    I couldn’t finish XIII because of the characters, particularly Light. Lightning was bland as all hell. For all the things people complained about with that game, I actually didn’t think it was that bad. The characters and story simply weren’t compelling enough for me to want to see it through to the end. Some grew on me over the course of the game (went from hating Hope to him being my favorite character in all that mess), but Lightning remained consistently boring. I didn’t play XIII-2 because I never finished the first, but I was considering doing so if they intended to continue this XIII story. The fact that this next entry is supposed to center on Lightning just ejected that thought though.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate XIII like some seem to, but I just can’t be bothered to muster interest in such a boring story. In concept these games sound really good, but their execution really hasn’t been the best. I’ll keep an eye on this as I never write anything off before I’ve even seen it, but I can’t say it sounds like something I’ll go for at this (admittedly early) stage. Now maybe Squenix shows something off that’s simply mind-blowing and I reconsider, but for now it’s looking like no. I suppose I’ll give XIII-2 a go now that it’s dirt cheap though.

    • Anime10121

       And the sad thing is, the mythology behind Fabula Nova Crystallis is EXTREMELY interesting, and would make the game’s far more enjoyable if the main story explained the mythology a little better.  I mean, once you read the datalogs it’ll explain a lot, but you never get the meat of the story otherwise.  It’s very bad design choices to not have the main story of the game, you know, EXPLAINED in gameplay, or even cutscenes for that matter. 

      While I did think that XIII was an okay game, and I loved XIII-2 (mainly because of Caius and Yuel), the way they chose to involve the mythology of FNC was very lax and basically just unorganized.  I mean watch the video for that describes the FNC myth and you will see just how underutilized it is in the XIII games.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, from what I read of the datalogs, it sounded like the games could have been incredible from the mythology around them. By burying that mythology in menus and making me sit through a poorly written bit dependent on that mythology, I just simply couldn’t stand to be interested anymore.

        In fact, after watching that video, I’m even more bothered by how little of that brilliance was used. That mythology was terrific. I didn’t get to XIII’s ending, but having made it all the way to chapter 11 there’s no mention of any of that in the game’s actual story. Just a repetition of fal’Cie, l’Cie, and Cocoon. Burying such an interesting mythology under a significantly less interesting story was silly of them. One of these days I’ll get around to XIII-2, but XIII really soured my interest. It’s a pity too because, of what I’ve seen/read, Type-0 has a pretty interesting take on the mythology.

  • Benny Tormoes

    Lightning Saga?
    I don’t want to live on this planet anymore, seriously.

  • Benny Tormoes

    In my opinion, if someone says that they actually thought FFXIII and or XIII-2 was the best of the series, then I honestly think they are lying to themselves. Both games have way too many obvious flaws and just are not as fun as previous installments. FFXIII-2’s ending made me furious with its transparent sequel/DLC baiting and forced “downer ending”, for example, and bloody Caius is my least favorite character of the entire series, such a villian sue :(

    But if you liked the game, that’s fine and dandy. Both games (besides the graphics of course) have decent battle systems (if not very interactive ones) and truly fantastic voice acting, so there’s that. Except if you liked it solely based on the graphics. Then I really don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    Versus XIII better be good dammit :(

  • Dantis

    Here is my main problem with XIII: The combat. Not because it’s too tough or too easy or whatever, the fights are just very dull, very slow and very long.

    I can look past everything else, but that just kills it for me.

    • Anime10121

       Yeah it does become VERY routine, the only battles I ever found challenging were some of the DLC fights in XIII-2.  Otherwise, every other battle in the games could just about be won with the same strategies.

    • Solomon_Kano

      Yea, much praise as the battle system gets, I actually didn’t find it very entertaining. I actually enjoyed it the least of any FF battle system. Except for controlling Eidolons. I liked that element of the battle system.

    • Nitraion

      I’m with you… Why SE not finish this first? 

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    just let her sleep she had a nice run

  • Göran Isacson

    … And yet, all you can say about Versus XIII is that “if we saw it we would be impressed”.

    Dude. I WANT to be impressed. Please, PLEASE Square-Enix… please impress me… I’m begging you here … (crawls up into fetal position and just. gently weeps into his pillow)

  • CirnoLakes

    You know, long before I knew of the vast shortcomings of Final Fantasy XIII, I was actually excited for the game, like many people. Largely helped by the thought I would finally get to play a female character, and a strong female protagonist at that.

    Then Final Fantasy XIII became a game that Lighting was no more of a main character than Terra, perhaps even less so.

    Look, Lightning is just fine. I think they could have handled her better, but she’s cool enough. That being said, people are SO TIRED of the Final Fantasy XIII universe. Final Fantasy XIII is the least loved Final Fantasy, and is currently the most produced Final Fantasy. Let it go and give it a chance for people to actually miss it, then you can consider producing more for it. Because things like this are making people want to forget that Square Enix even exists for a while.

    • Zadion

      Disagree. I enjoyed XIII quite a bit, even though it’s not one of my favorites of the series. It’s just too linear in every possible way. Its saving grace, for me, was the story (which I found fantastic; definitely one of my favorites in the series) and MOST of the characters. Yes, I’m aware most people disliked both parts of XIII, but you know… “haters gonna hate.”

      XIII-2, on the other hand, has to be among my top 5. It fixed every one of XIII’s flaws, and the only part that was disappointing at all was the story (which I still enjoyed, just not as much as XIII’s). I dunno why everybody bitches about XIII-2’s ending. It’s among my favorite endings, for sure; it’s a total mindfuck! I’ve been psyched for some kind of sequel since. Caius is definitely up there as one of my favorite villains, and I thought Noel is quite awesome – maybe even one of my favorite protagonists, too! I even like Serah, because she had good development – from a weakling who couldn’t do anything without Lightning or Snow, to a strong character full willing to even give her life for the sake of Pulse…

      Final Fantasy XIII’s universe is also one of the most expansive, lore-wise, in the series. They put a lot of creativity and effort into creating an entire mythology, and I respect that a lot. The execution was bad, but the creativity was great. I will enjoy seeing more of it.

      My ONLY problem with this is “Lightning saga.” Lightning is BY FAR one of my LEAST favorite characters in the series. Her development was bad, she was a huge ass throughout most of the first game, and worked as nothing more than a catalyst to the events of the second, and she was just boring. My only hope is that Lightning will be a faux “main character” like she was in XIII (we all know Vanille was the real main character there).

  • Frankie MacDonald

    Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga is going to be a Good Game and How Many Main Characters are gonna to be in Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Saga and the Last Game Final Fantasy XIII-2 only Had 2 Main Characters 1 Guest Character 2 Temporary Playable Characters counting DLC such as Sazh Heads or Tails and Sazh’s Story does not have battles at all it only takes place in the Casino and only Sazh can Play Poker during the DLC and Lightning Goddess of Requiem DLC when Lightning Battles Caius and then Chaos Bahamut and Lightning was also Temporary Playable for 2 Battles in the Beginning of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a Monster Ally AKA feral link.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I’ll laugh if they just title it Final Fantasy XIII-3… oh who am I kidding I’m laughing now lol

  • Hinataharem

    I like XIII. Haters gonna hate.

  • Somebody_Here

    I’d love to see more of XIII’s universe, because in terms of lore, goings-on and visuals, it was bursting with creativity. XIII’s environments may have been a slog to get through for many, but what they were, exactly, were quite unique, and you could see that creativity and attention were put into them. Sadly, this wasn’t reflected in the gameplay.
    But Cocoon, Pulse, the fal’Cie, etc… These and so much else were part of a mythos that could have been something spectacular, and I find myself wishing I could have seen more of the two worlds I explored in XIII. I wish I could have *properly* explored them. If that chance arises, I’d be pleased to give it a look-see.

    But it looks like we’re heading back one way or another — for better or worse — so instead of simply saying it sucks, why can’t we make our criticisms more encouraging and helpful? Ideas as to what would make it work, instead of slander for the sake of slander?

  • Guest

    XIII wasn’t the best game in the franchise, but I did enjoy it a lot. Lightning is also one of my favorite protagonists. I’d love to see what they do with her next.

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