Persona 4 Arena’s Arcade Mode Is An Abridged Story Mode

By Spencer . August 2, 2012 . 11:02pm


While Persona 4 fans will dive right into story mode, there is a another way to experience Persona 4 Arena’s plot. Arcade mode covers the same events with before battle banter that explains who Labyrs is. Of course, arcade mode isn’t as detailed. You won’t see what any other Persona characters are thinking, but you’ll get the gist of what happened when Yu returned to Inaba. Arcade mode has separate storylines for each of the Persona 4 Arena fighters.


p4a_screens_arcade_classroom_01 p4a_screens_arcade_gym_01


The catch is arcade mode has actual fights. You’ll need to figure out a few combos, learn to roll through attacks, and understand how to cancel moves to clear the eight bouts in arcade mode. Story mode, on the other hand, is mostly a pushover. Persona 4 Arena gives most character (Naoto being an exception) a powerful canned combo.



Yu’s canned combo.


By simply mashing the light button you can make Yu chain sword slashes, summon his persona for a lightning slide attack, and (providing you have enough SP) finish using Ziodyne. Elizabeth’s chain combo juggles an enemy with Maragidyne launches them with Magarudyne and finishes with a mid-air Maziodyne blast. Not too shabby, right? Using the same dial-a-combo is ineffective when you’re fighting a human, but against the story mode controlled computer enemies it seems like that’s enough.


Persona 4 Arena explains the basics with a five minute lesson mode, but it isn’t enough to teach a newcomer the ropes. That’s where challenge mode comes in. Arc System Works created 30 challenges to show how each of the characters in Persona 4 Arena works. You don’t need to complete all 30, but if you get through half of the challenges you’ll have a much better grasp on the game. The first 10 challenges are essentially a character specific tutorial that teach players special and super moves. Complete those and you’ll jump into combos.




I think I need a lot more practice before I can play online, especially if I want to use Elizabeth as my main character. The Velvet Room attendant from Persona 3 comes to Persona 4 Arena loaded with powerful magic spells and she *automatically* recovers SP. So, if you stay out of your opponent’s way you can fry ’em with a full screen fire blast and follow up with a tornado juggle. Elizabeth can also inflict fear status using her persona, which increases the damage she deals. The downside is Elizabeth has low life and she’s slow. If another player like Akihiko closes in on you, you’re in trouble. Elizabeth also has the ability to recover her HP after her awakening and her instant kill move is an awesome reference to a certain Persona 3 battle.

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  • Persona 4 Arena should have an Arena Mode.

    They could just call it “Mode.”


  • Valkenhayn

    Elizabeth’s Shuffle time move(B+D), she can inflict a status effect that depends on how much SP she has.
    0-49SP Charm
    50-99SP Poison
    100-149SP Fear
    150SP Confusion

  • Bottom Right pic:

    Surely you love women, Kanji. Why so nervous?


  • Laith Rem

    Yosuke: When I defeat you, I’ll become the hero
    Yuu: I don’t know where to begin with that one.

    I love this game’s humor. Still learning to play it tho.

  • Blesmi

    Woo Liz mains represent!

  • Herok♞

    I play BB on Hell mode should I go through the arcades or story first because I don’t want to do arcade and then be to good at the fights and take all challenge from story mode?

    • Valkenhayn

      Didn’t BB’s story was affected by difficulty setting also? So maybe persona is the same

      • Herok♞

         I hope so it would be boring to go through story with no challenge fighting but yeah it did scale to level.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Lol Kanji vs Naoto
    “If we’re fighting… does that mean I’ll touch her?”
    Guess we’ll finally see Kanji hitting Naoto… but not in a romantic way

    • And Naoto retaliate by sniping the hell out of him. Thus our MC had to get them back together again.

  • i like the conversation between yuu n yosuke , “i dun buy your nurse magazine”

  • Ben Sylvia

    And then Teddie got his face mauled off by a cute girl with a ginormous axe.
    The End.

  • personablaze

    The only reason I’m Interested in the story is cause P3 character’s are in it.Hell the only reason I’m buying the GAME is Cause P3 character’s are in it.

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