The Mobile Phone MMO That Became A PlayStation Vita Game

By Spencer . August 2, 2012 . 3:28am

Guardian Hearts Online started out as a mobile phone game and it’s getting a makeover for PlayStation Vita. The game is a standalone world where you play as a Guardian, but it sounds like Guardian Hearts Online will be more fun online when you make a four person party and search for rare items. Instead of classes, Guardian Hearts Online has a weapon/faith battle system where you can learn magic spells and learn how to use eight kinds of weapons. There are over 1,000 skills you can learn which you can arrange using the skill panel system.


guardian1 guard1

PlayStation Vita version left, mobile phone version on the right.



Players can collect materials to make new weapons and armor. If you want to play the game solo you can hire mercenaries using silver. Guardian Hearts Online will be a free download on August 9 via the PlayStation Store with some items available for purchase.


guardian2 guardian3 guardian4 guardian5 guardian6 guardian7 guardian8 guardian9 guardian10 guardian11

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  • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

    OMG that’s awesome. Vita is becoming a MMO machine, not to mention lots of free games. Way to go Sony.

    • Vampiric

       Less than .05 percent of the games are mmo’s, I wouldnt say that means its becoming an mmo machine

      • xavier axol

        well….one step at a time (may be it will).

        • Vampiric

           not at this rate

      • Zetsomaru

        There aren’t 2000 VITA games yet so your math is clearly off. 
        Just one MMO would drive it well over .05%

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lol, why do i think here the Mobile Phone looks better lol.^_^

  • Vampiric

    An rpg with no story, monitization, multiplayer…………….what is the world coming to

    I cant forsee a universe where I am excited about this

    • xavier axol

      may be you forgot the FREE part, sure it’s not the best looking ps vita game interms of (graphics, story, and execution on gameplay), but at least it’s free. i will take that if offer (°^°)/

      • Vampiric

         because its free I should ignore quality?

        • xavier axol

          no because at this point any support (as tiny as it is) for the vita is good for the system. and again you seen to not know the word FREE!!.
          it’s fun for those that don’t have money and want to try something new like motorstorm rc, those games aren’t for people who want big ass rpg, fps, fighting games. that’s why in fall we will get those games like assassin’s creed liberation,callofduty, and streetfightersXtakken. also in summer we will get ragnarok odyssey and little king story. again it’s a free game that some people will like for FREE!!.

          • Vampiric

             quality is always number one. Nobody wants support if its bad support. Id rather spend 99 cents on an app than a f2p honestly.

        • I dunno… Phantasy Star Online 2 is looking pretty good for an F2P, if you ask me. And if we’re counting MMOs in general, there’s also the upcoming End of Nations, which is also offering AAA-quality for F2P (although they also provide optional subscriptions and micropayment models).

          • Vampiric

            it doesnt to me. It looks like it has less content than any other pso, even the ds title

            “which is also offering AAA-quality for F2P ”

            No such thing as AAA quality, its a non statement, besides that game seems like crap

          • “it doesnt to me. It looks like it has less content than any other pso, even the ds title”

            I haven’t played PS0 or started PSO2 yet, so I’m not gonna comment on them at the moment. But I have a hard time believing that a PC MMO has less to offer than a DS one – to make no mention of the more stable connections, support for more functions (keyboard) and/or more comfort (gamepad) in controls, and much more potential for patches and expansions, just by virtue of being on the PC. I’d say PSO2 at least beats PS0 by its platform’s hardware and native facilities.

            “No such thing as AAA quality, its a non statement,”

            Then let me put this another way: “made with the sort of effort found in other games of its genre that can be considered ‘well-made'”.

            “[…] besides that game seems like crap”

            Letting aside for a moment whether you’ve had actual experience of it or not, you can’t just shove off a point like that. If you want to say that, you’ll have to define/elaborate in what ways it counts as “crap”. And just for the record, I’m currently having a hands-on experience on EoN; it’s no less in quality than other recent RTS titles I’ve played.

          • Vampiric

             I said content, not any of that other stuff.

            Thats better, but its just impossible for f2p

            Try playing team fortress 2, financial success

            the game is now broken

          • ” I said content, not any of that other stuff.”

            I know. But those noticeably affect the quality of that content you’re talking about too. The most obvious way is the disk space, which allows patches, fixes and expansions – something a cartridge just can’t do. Higher processing power also allows core elements like polygon graphics to extra touches like higher fidelity with voices and visuals, as well as better loading times and online connections. I doubt people would be lining up for PSO2 if it’s just a pile of content without any remarkable visual/audio/technical flair to show off.

            “its just impossible for f2p”

            “Rare” or “uncommon”? I would agree. “Impossible” is overassuming though. If anything, I’d say we’re starting to see more F2P games with pretty decent workmanship. Even on Steam alone, I can see more than a handful of pretty good F2P online games – just go browse the “Free to Play” section. So… I’d think it’s at least far enough from “impossible” at this point.

            “Try playing team fortress 2, financial success

            the game is now broken”

            As a matter of fact, I just started playing it today – literally today. The game runs and plays fine to me. No glitches or problems whatsoever; as a piece of software, I’d say it passes in flying colors in its current state. Of course, if you’re talking about game balance, I wouldn’t know what you consider to be ideal. I can only say that I tried out each of the classes and didn’t really feel that any of them are over-/under-powered, and found a particularly distinct way to play with each of them.

          • Vampiric

             1) debatable

            2) I tried the f2p thing, many times, never works

            3) When I say broken, I mean its pay to win

            Unless you buy weapons your 1 hit killed and the game is over.

          • “1) debatable”

            You talked about content. Even if we ignore other advantages, being on platforms with extra storage allows more content to be added in anytime. Nothing “debatable” here; it’s clear as day.

            “2) I tried the f2p thing, many times, never works”

            This, on the other hand, is debatable – because it varies by each game. I have no doubts that there are games which tip in the favor of paying customers. But that doesn’t mean F2P games can’t be made to be good.

            “3) When I say broken, I mean its pay to win
            Unless you buy weapons your 1 hit killed and the game is over.”

            Even as someone who’s not good as shooters, I managed to score more than just a handful of times on my first TF2 session. So… nope. Although I’d think finding a server/group that fits your level of play is important.

            I don’t know what you have against F2P games personally, but “F2P” doesn’t necessarily mean “low quality”. There certainly are companies who abuse it – like how many companies abuse DLC and only a few use it well – but that doesn’t mean good F2P games should be blamed for that. Nor should they be scorned for not being built like conventional buy-once home console games.

            And in case you forget: They’re free. It’s not really costing people anything to walk in, take a look and walk out. If anything, they’re like demos; you pay only if you want/like. (Technically, there’s the cost for download bandwidth and other things, but that’s not really part of the “cost” we usually talk about anyway.)

          • Vampiric

            And the ds has advantages like portability. but its irrelevamt in this discussion. No it doesnt vary by game, yes it does.

            You played tf 2 for 2 minutes and now your an expert? I am talking about the real servers. You cant live, unless you pay 2 win.

            Anything can be free, but if the quality is bad, that doesnt matter

            we are going around in circles, can we just agree to disagree? I am getting way bored

          • You played tf 2 for 2 minutes and now your an expert?

            I’d appreciate if you don’t exaggerate my words. I played for 5+ hours, and I know full well that it’s not enough to claim expertise. I was just sharing my personal experience that even as a beginner, it didn’t feel like I was being overpowered by other more experienced players with all their weird weapons; if I died, it’s because of my own carelessness. TF2 is a shooter; all those pimped-out weapons can’t do much if I play smart not to get hit enough.

            “No it doesnt vary by game, yes it does.”

            If you’re willing to look neutrally, you’ll see that there are F2P games that are more than just cash-grabs. But if you’re dead set on believing the generalization that “F2P = Inferior/Bad/etc”, then I suppose no one’s gonna be able to convince you even if they go into detailed observations on various games. That’s all I have to say.

          • Vampiric

            5+ hours huh?

            I put 100+ hours into the game

            unless you have something else to say I consider the discussion closed

      • Kevadu

        None of these “free” games are really free.

        • xavier axol

          well it’s an ammo so there’s bound to have a cache, but if it is like motorstorm rc then it won’t hurt you that much. again i go for the word free and see what happens, it wouldn’t kill you to try and see. or don’t it’s your choice, i’m just happy that the vita get’s at least something (sure i wish for something more bigger and have more quality),but hey! the world ain’t what it used to be.

        • I’ve put 50 hours into PSO2 and haven’t spent a damn cent, without feeling like I”m missing out on anything

      • Vampiric

         free has nothing to do with quality

    • That is called mmorpg, kinda late to the party eh?

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