Your Monthly Theatrhythm Final Fantasy DLC Schedule

By Spencer . August 2, 2012 . 6:44pm

f2a0ad While Japan had to wait a few weeks for new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy songs, Square Enix USA is releasing tunes faster than a yellow chocobo can run across a field. Although tilted towards later Final Fantasy games, there’s a nice selection of music on August’s release schedule.


August 2, 2012
1. “Movement in Green” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “March of the Dreadnoughts” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)
3. “Gustaberg” (FINAL FANTASY XI)
4. “The Crystal Tower” (FINAL FANTASY III)


August 9, 2012
1. “Battle Theme” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Dalmasca Estersand” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “The Darkness of Eternity” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “This is the Last Battle” (FINAL FANTASY III)


August 16, 2012
1. “Challenge” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Desperate Fight” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Battle 2” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)


August 23, 2012
1. “Otherworld” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “The Royal City of Rabanastre / Town Ward Upper Stratum” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “The Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “Battle 1” (FINAL FANTASY V)


August 30, 2012
1. “Final Battle” (FINAL FANTASY X)
2. “Boss Battle” (FINAL FANTASY XII)
3. “Dark City Treno” (FINAL FANTASY IX)
4. “The Decisive Battle” (FINAL FANTASY V)


Looks like Square Enix is saving the Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII music for another month, huh?

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  • the9reen9uy

    I hope they release discounted bundle DLC of these songs eventually.. $1 each really adds up x_x

  • Internet is Crash

    I want them to include Force Your Way, Kefka’s theme (not Dancing Mad), Final Battle of FF4 coz sadly I dont like or never even heard of the songs listed above :l 

    • Carlos Daniel Flores Loreto

       I could be wrong, but I swear I played Final Battle (FFIV) today, although I dont remember which DLC pack was.

      Regardint the topic, thanks, I was looking for a DLC schedule, but it saddens me that “The Extreme (FFVIII)” and “Esper Battle (FFXII)” aren’t here. But, they’ll come later, right? We’ll have the same DLC as Japan, right?

      • Internet is Crash

        Final Battle is available? havent touched theatrhythm in days I’ll check it in a while. too busy item farming in Kid Icarus :p

  • idrawrobots

    This game is so good. I like it so much and I have never played a mainline Final Fantasy before.

    • Internet is Crash

      You should try playing FF4, 6, 8 & 9! 

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        7, 10, 12 and Tactics too

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          No love for Advance?T_T

          • idrawrobots

            I knew this would cause a mini storm on here, haha. I have played every single crystal chronicles, and 4 heroes of light. Also watched spirit within, advent children and unlimited.

          • thundergodCN

            I’m going to give you a like simply because you watched FF:spirit within.

    • MrRobbyM

      What they mean to say is all of them after 3 with exceptions like 5 and 13.

      *runs away*

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Go play all FF there + the spin off too.^_^

  • Covnam

    I think I’m going to pick up Otherworld at some point, though a bundle pack would be nice.

  • keithmaxx

    Indeed a bundle would be REALLY nice. I don’t, however, see any incentive for Nintendo to prod SE to offer such a thing because the DLC offerings themselves are very tempting and would translate to great sales.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    No FFIV themes?

  • KingGunblader

    Wow the last three weeks are ‘X, XII, IX, V”.

    Hopefully this means that the September DLC will be focused around VI, II, and VIII. 

  • Holy awesomeness! I am ready (once I get a 3DS).

  • neo_firenze

    DARK CITY TRENO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, this is good news.  

  • Zonic505

    YES, cannot wait for Otherworld. Also got March of the Dreadnoughts today & probably will get The Final Battle from IX as well.

  • Good. More FF9 songs.

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I wish SE Europe would release a schedule of their upcoming dlc, you’d think the songs would be the same but we still haven’t gotten a few songs on our store yet, it’s a shame really.
    That said I have bought my fair share of songs already xD Still waiting for Somnus though…

  • Jesse Thompson

    Seeing this large number of songs being released for $0.99 a piece makes me a very unhappy customer.  I don’t mind paying lots of money for games, and I buy tons of DLC (I’ve purchased every DLC for RoAW, RoAW:Zero, and RoAW 2), but this done by Nintendo is such an obvious cash grab that it makes me sick.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE this game, and have been playing the crap out of it.  I’ve even purchased a few songs in the first couple of weeks of DLC, but then I shelved it for a while.

    Now I’ve come back and see they’re basically trying to get people to pay well over $70 or more for a game they could have packaged all of these songs into in the first place.

    Sorry, but I’m going to speak with my wallet on this one, I won’t be getting any more DLC for this game and I hope other players realize this for the blatant and insulting cash grab that it is and also speak with their wallets.

    In closing, $0.99 for the 4 songs released on each week would be a far more reasonable offer in light of the MANY songs they have at their disposal to choose from, and it appears like they are gonna miiiiiiilk it good.

    • GaiunxWolfenX

      isn’t this marketing scheme the work of SE? not nintendo, sure nintendo must have had a word in this but SE is as guilty as (even more should i dare to say) nintendo in the pricing scheme… either way the only song i want (that i remember right now) is not here yet so i can wait

      • Jesse Thompson

         You make an excellent point I had overlooked GaiunxWolfenX, however the two parties do have to reach an agreement for the price setting and naturally Nintendo is going to see a percentage of it.  I’ve not much love for SE these days anyway either.  *shrug*  My money goes almost exclusively to NISA & Atlus because they give me what I want.

        But really, do I need to go find…yes, I went ahead and did it.  Copy/paste and enjoy if you’ve never seen it before folks.

    • Nozomi

      I feel the same way, both about this and FF13-2. I may purchase my absolute favorite tracks (and we all know it’s hard to choose favorites with the soundtracks of FF), but I feel Squenix’s DLC consumer expectations are ridiculous, especially regarding the Coliseum.

      I hope that there are enough consumers like you and I, who withhold their money, and make a big enough dent to show that this obvious, money-grubbing DLC is not what we want.

  • Nikolai Sumcad

    I love how there’s a IX track in every release date.

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