Gamindustri’s Newest Video Game Mascot Character Is…

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 12:29am

While IF and Compa are in Neptunia V, both of Neptunia’s usual allies are babies. Compile Heart also added PC, a baby version of the PC Engine or Hudson as a new character. So, who is going to help you in battles?


Izawa summons… Broccoli-chan.


image image


You mean the vegetable? Nah, we’re talking about Broccoli the visual novel company. They released a bunch of visual novels like Love & Peace The P.S.P. and Evangelion titles like Battle Orchestra Portable.


Neptunia V comes out on August 30 in Japan.

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  • Luna Kazemaru

     Izawa is having fun with this isn’t he?

  • Awesome! >_< Broccoli Books has one of my favorite manga, My Dearest Devil Princess. Neptune just got even more awesome for me! I wonder how Broccoli-chan will look? Maybe like Maki (Pink Hair) or Miki (Blue Hair)? One can only hope and dream =^_^=

    • Luna Kazemaru

       Not yuri so I don’t care :<

    • tubers

      Thanks! time to read.. ehem

    • zferolie

       I’m still pissed we never got the rest of the Disgaea 2 manga :(

    • I’m expecting mostly Green/Black overalls with either one of the hair colors you’ve suggested.

      • Hmmmm, make them sexy overalls and we have a deal lol. I can see her now…….  (Thought Bubble)

  • Nee Nee

    No seriously what the heck Neptunia o_o

  • It’s good to see that this series started off as a play on the console wars and has just completely gone and ran with it all the way it has. Hats off to Idea Factory, Compile Heart, etc. for just having fun with this.

  • RaineNythra

    Hrmm. Did they not also do the Galaxy Angel games?

    • SeventhEvening

      Yes, they did do Galaxy Angel

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Izawa jobs seems to be one of the funnest job there lol.^_^ Summoning Moe girls?
    Sign me too.^_^

  • Izawa is a mascot for Neptunia like KB for Sony….

  • LynxAmali

    We Galaxy Angel now?

    We Galaxy Angel now.

  • neocatzon


    • I’m expecting Broccoli-chan to end each sentence with -nyo! It would be blasphemy if that’s not applied to the character!

      Broccoli, nyo!

      • neocatzon

        But, if you take that -nyo! from Dejiko what’s left from her?

        • Dignity, of course. If I had to listen to that for twenty bloody hours, I think I’d die.

  • Guest

    They need to add some actual memorable companies and games from back then

  • Göran Isacson

    And then the whole team was babies.

    And now that I’ve gotten that reference out of the way, anyone out there who’s played Broccolis games and know if they’re any good? Or why they merit a reference here?

    • William Hsia

      if i remember correctly they made the galaxy angel series, and that was fun as hell, plus the series had a huge ass boom as a franchise

      • WyattEpp

        Their dating sim got turned into multi-season gag anime– I think that achievement’s worth at least 30G.

        (Okay, so I’m not sure what it’s like after the first season, but I can’t imagine it being serious ever, considering the source material)

  • Benny Tormoes

    people need to stop trying to make neptunia happen, seriously, its not that good…

  • SeventhEvening

    That is a good choice for the retro theme. Broccoli is one of those companies that was really big and made lots of cool titles back in the day, but these days has waned. I’d love to see rival characters Square and Enix. My favorite thing about the SNES era was how completely insane their rivalry would get. It seems like a distant memory now that they have merged….

  • … Okay. I’d like to see them.

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