It Took Four Years To Make This Awesome Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy List

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 4:00pm

mgs4tGet out your copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 because Konami is releasing a free trophy patch on August 6. I’m not much of a trophy collector, but I have to hand it to Konami for making a unique list of trophies that goes beyond "Kill [insert #] of things."


If you want to earn all of the trophies in Metal Gear Solid 4 you have to buy an overpriced (and usually useless) Japanese musket, find ghosts on Shadow Moses island, and kiss…  Ocelot?


You enjoy all the killing, that’s why.
Killed many enemies in one area, and vomited.

Divine Wind
Caused a “divine wind” using the Tanegashima.

Hands Up!
Held an enemy soldier at gunpoint and performed a body check.

Emotion Control
Controlled an enemy soldier’s emotions using an Emotive Magazine.

Hurt me more!
Shocked an enemy soldier using Mk. II/III.

Drum Can Addict
Knocked an enemy soldier flying using a Drum Can.

That Tune Is His Mind Control Music
Played Oishii Two-han Seikatsu and made one of the BB Corps dance.

Overhead view — just like old times…
Used overhead view on Shadow Moses Island.

Obtained the Solar Gun.

I Just Don’t Fear Death
Caused ALERT status while wearing the Corpse Camo.

Where I Can See Ya
Located enemy soldiers using the Scanning Plug.

Ghost Photography Addict
Snapped at least 5 shots of ghosts on Shadow Moses Island.

FaceCamo Addict
Obtained 10 or more types of FaceCamo (excluding types obtained via password).

Can you feel my power now!!!?
Took control of an enemy soldier’s body using the Mantis Doll or Sorrow Doll.

Are you an Otaku too?
Viewed all model posters.

You’re pretty good.
Got kissed by Ocelot during the final battle.

Flashback Mania
Viewed all flashbacks.

Sounds of the Battlefield
Obtained all iPod® tracks (excluding tracks obtained via password).

I am THE expert on weapons, equipment and cutting-edge technology.
Obtained all weapons (excluding weapons obtained via password).

The Legendary Hero
Obtained all trophies.

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  • Robert Brady

    This is why I love Kojima.

  • Those trophies… so much FUN

  • Code

    rarr, I like the fact most of these trophies are kind of built around encouraging players to go through again and have a little fun with all the unlockables >w<; Although from the looks of it probably will still require a fresh play through for the all tracks/weapons trophies u3u;

    • Ronald Bixler

      – Build up a 50+ hour playtime prior to the trophy patch release (not counting cutscenes).

      • Code

        That’d be surprisingly hard considering the game is so short o3o;; It’s like what 6 hours tops ヽ(´ー`)┌ lol >w<;

  • MrRobbyM

    “free trophy patch on August 6.”

    It sure as hell better be free! Anyways, I can’t wait to do quirky MGS things and then hear the little *ba-link~!* This is going to be great.

  • konsama

    OMG that penultimate trophy… Assuming the patriot counts in “all the weapons” we need to get that goddamn Big Boss title for platinum… 

  • You’re pretty good! If you know what I mean~!

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    This is a hard platinum, but I’m looking forward to it. Only every played through the game once and had no idea what emblems I got. Now that you get two trophies by getting all of them, I will. Thank you, Kojima!

  • xavier axol

    it’s still the most epic ps3 game to this date, no uncharted, heavyrain, or infamous can top it. as a matter of fact, there hasn’t been a game from this generation that can rival or surpass it. and old snake is my hero. (taking the poster of batman out and replacing it with old snake poster) (and giving him a salute).

    • kupomogli

      I agree.  This is the most epic PS3 game to date, atleast if you like Metal Gear games.  Metal Gear Solid 3 has an amazing storyline, but never did like the gameplay of the series, so to me, not so epic.

      Also. Why would anyone want to date a game?

      • xavier axol

        oh you’re my best bud now!, but seriously mgs4 to me has the most epic story and gameplay then previews titles. i mean it’s the story of old freaking snake for crying out loud! (what other game let’s you play as an old man and be cool at the same time?) , this guy went through so much all while facing the fact that his body was becaming old at an accelerated stage than an average human being. it also provide some fillers from previews entries, i didn’t felt as confused like i did in (mgs2 and mgs3). again it’s epic, i will never care soo much for a game character other than him.

        also. Q: “why would anyone want to date a game?” A: because it’s awesome!, that’s why. but i meant to say “to this date”

    • Anime10121

       While I agree, Uncharted 2 is an EXTREMELY close second :)

      There is one title that I hope will Noct (hint to what title that is) MGS4 off the top though!  But yeah, while PS3 has had MANY good/great games, none besides Uncharted 2 have come close to what MGS4 did:P

      • xavier axol

        definitely! uncharted 2 is a close second, the chemistry between drake and chloe had me jumping in and out of my chair. and while i love to see drake and elena, it was fun to see drake with chloe (did i mention her great ass!!, when she walked away at the end). pure gold, epic, and out of this world sceans from the first time chloe meet elena to the train moment.

        back on the topic: Hmmmm…yeah old snake is my favorite (hero, game character, and the embodiment of what a great man should be). yeah..he’s right there next to the most interesting man in the world, except he doesn’t offer me beer. and don’t get me started on the bosses, the best boss fights in any game (they’re so unique from each other). i gotta tell you that even if they make mgs5, i doubt that it will be as epic (well if big boss and old snake got together then hell ya!, but i’m worried for old snake).

      • ChromeOrihara

         Are you referring to Versus XIII by any chance?

        • Anime10121

           Yep Yep, Noctis nick-name was Noct (wandered if anyone caught that). I have a feeling that title could be grand (if they ever get around to finishing it that is).  I’ve wanted a Final Fantasy that plays similar to KH for a while, just to see if it could benefit the series, especially since it seems to be heading toward a more “actiony/flashy” route anyway.

          I was excited when they announce that Vs would be that game, but when they showed that gameplay trailer last year, I was completely blown away by all the promise it showed, controlling multiple characters, different weapons, open worlds, controlling mecha/tanks, night/day cycles, teleportation in battle (like the original CG trailers).  It just looked too awesome!  If there’s any game released this gen that has the potential to knock MGS4 off the top spot, IMO its gonna be Vs (if it ever actually materializes).

          And the small tidbits released so far about the story seem to make good use of the FNC mythos and seems genuinely interesting.  I just hope it turns out as good as I think it will be, but I do think it will though, I mean it is the KH team and they have yet to let me down yet (although they’ve only actually developed KH1 and KH2).

  • Interesting that these are all novelty trophies. Would’ve liked to see some more for doing normal-ish things or displays of skill rather than knowledge of the game’s obscurities. Not that novelty trophies aren’t cool.

    • Draparde

      its probably the fact that the trophys are so late, that most are focused on Obscurities rather than story progress. 

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    but how this will apply for those who already meet some of the conditions for trophies?

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      They won’t. It’s already been stated that the trophies are not retroactive and you need to start a new save.

  • Ben Sylvia

    “Kept you waiting, huh?”

    • Ronald Bixler

       The Hardest Part
      – Wait years for the developers to patch in trophy support.

  • nice trophy challenge , very hard unless u need to spend hours of playing to get platinum 

  • Misty Dawson

     Surprised there isn’t one for getting all of the dolls.

    • Ronald Bixler

      – Collect all dolls.

  • Now if only a trophy patch was announced for Valkyria Chronicles…

    • Ronald Bixler

      Fail to the King
      – Complete the main campaign.

      Ace off Base
      – Defeat all enemy ace class soldiers.

      Tank You!
      – Rescue a downed ally using tank contact.

      Armored Corps
      – Purchase all unit armor upgrades.

      Why Can’t We be Friends?
      – Complete all optional teammate-centric missions.

  • SirRichard

    So basically, to get the Platinum, you need to get the Big Boss Emblem which requires you to beat the game in five hours on the highest difficulty with no deaths/kills/alerts, no recovery items or bandanas or the stealth suit. Right, then.

    I know a friend who got that emblem, and he slaved for it. If these don’t apply retroactively he just might gut himself with the disc.

    • keithmaxx

       …doing so should mean getting a trophy, too!

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      You might want to hide the sharp objects around him, then, because they aren’t retroactive.

      • SirRichard

        …Welp, now I have to break this to him. This is going to end horribly.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I bought the Piggyback Limited Edition guide after I collected everything in the game… though iirc it tells you the minimum amount of runs you have to make to get all emblems. Of course there’s a regular version as well, right? It’s a pretty nice guide if you forgot everything and feel lazy to look up everything on the internet

  • Katamari Toys

    without trophies = overrated game
    with trophies = still overrated game
    before the fan jump in, I loved the game, but it is the worst game in the MGS series and when I said it is overrated was comparing with what the others games delivered, for example, comparing to early games MGS4 doesnt have any remarkable new character, no really great scene, etc. That all IMO of course

    • Anime10121

      Well I do agree that MGS4 is the worst of the original 4 MGS’, but only because the gameplay segments were completed so quickly.  I love how the story actually manages to tie everything together nicely and I’d argue what little gameplay there was, was FAR better and more improved than the previous games.  The only thing I didnt like about the gameplay was its brevity, and Drebin’s shop.  While I liked Drebin himself, being able to buy weapons from him (even if it makes sense), instead of having to actually FIND them, made the game far too easy too.

      I will however argue that MGS4 had plenty of memorable scenes though, ESPECIALLY the final one, the scene when Snake meets Eva, the microwave/Outer Haven scene, and the fight between Snake and Ocelot.  Oh and the whole level of going back to Shadow Moses was a nostalgic thrill ride, even if there wasn’t much there to do (well besides the Metal Gear fight).

      I dont think its overrated considering its still a VERY good game, although not the best in the series, its still a beast of a game.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        I really liked MGS4 (imo, the worst one was MGS2), but it doesn’t hold a candle to MGS3. But no game does. 

        • Anime10121

           While I loved MGS4, I still think MGS2 was a bit better simply because it was the sole reason MGS4 turned out the way it did, with all it’s nano-machines, 40 Metal Gear Ray battle, and Solidus!  Also Snake (Pliskin) was a complete bad-a in MGS2, even if you didnt play as him for the majority of the game.  I also love Dead Cell, because I felt that they were more “explained” (cant think of a better word right now) than the Beauty and the Beast corps, who felt completely random to me, and were only described after they were defeated/freed.

          But hey both were extremely good games though, and it is kinda hard to place them, although as you say 3, is definitely at the top :)

  • Peace Legacy

    Kojima-san, you are pretty good!

  • Ricewarrior

    I don’t think I want to play through MGS4 again. Don’t get me wrong; I love the game, except for act 3.

    Out of all the game levels I’ve played, act 3 is one of the most boring I’ve experienced. So boring, it’s preventing me from doing a 3rd play through. That’s saying something since I did at least 6 play-throughs on all the previous MGSs.

  • TheInternetNomad

    nice, finally another excuse to play this awesome game.

  • Aww, a shame that the Solar-Gun one is called “SUNLIGHT!” instead of  “TAIYOU!”.. The Boktai series needs more love *sobs*

    Well, I’m glad that the Solar Gun is there in the first place, but still, would be nice if its roots were acknowledged more, instead of being lost in translation :(

    • Ronald Bixler

       The sun will rise tomorrow.

    • may the sun be with you.

    • Y-You guys are the best… *cries*

  • Pipiskin99

    a nice small reason to replay this great game

  • Ayaka

    I personally like this kind of patch: to be honest, this should probably be the way games are patched for, not bugs or glitches caused by a poor work on the launch title.

    Metal Gear 4 has its trophy-list now. Just gimme the one for Valkyria Chronicles and Eternal Sonata, and I can consider myself happy on the PS3 scenario :3

  • Daniel Morandi

    “get kissed by ocelot”

    Oh boy, that’s for fangirls lol

  • Oh man, I’m so glad there isn’t a trophy for the 5 hour boss extreme run; wasn’t looking forward doing that again.

    Though I wonder, the trophies for getting all weapons/music/etc.. would it be required to start a new save file?

    • Mister_Nep

      Actually you do. One of the songs require you to get all the emblems. 

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “Controlled an enemy soldier’s emotions using an Emotive Magazine.”
    Nice way to call the magazines.

    “Got kissed by Ocelot during the final battle.”
    Most confusing part of the entire game.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Giving me more reasons to finally buy MGS4…..your pretty good kojima

    • Anime10121

      You mean, you HAVEN’T bought it yet?  What was the reason, I mean its been 4 years, the game can be bought for less than 20 new and usually less than 10 used. 

      On the other hand if you’ve already played and beat it, I can totally understand not owning it, although its still kinda hard to believe you dont own one of the PS3’s best exclusives.  It was one of the many reasons I bought a PS3 at launch, along with DMC4, FFXIII, FFvsXIII (I figured since it was announced, It wouldn’t be more than 6 years and STILL no release date), and the unannounced yet hopefully PS3 bound KH3 (which I still hope will hit at least PS3 and probably WiiU).

      If you havent even played this yet though, now will be the best time to jump in!  This game is awesome in every since of the word!  The installations between chapters is one of the only complaints I have with MGS4 and this patch allows for a full install (wanted that more than the trophies)!

      • XiaomuArisu

         Have beated it already,But when I heard that they might be a extended MGS4 I thought:”Why not wait a little?”Actually I hoped for a boss rush mode.The bosses are crazy fun!
        BTW I wait for FFvs and KH3 too….and the last of us!

        • Anime10121

           Yeah, the bosses are fantastic!

          Oh yeah, trust, I haven’t forgotten about the Last of Us, those were just the games I were hyped for back when the PS3 launched.  My Amazon preorder queue is FULL of preorders for upcoming PS3 software, and after the fantastic Uncharted series, Naughty Dog had my preorder down for TLoU the day Amazon put it up :)

  • Kai2591

     I…don’t remember Ocelot kissing Snake…did that REALLY happen?

    • Anime10121

      • Kai2591

         I SEE. lol thanks for the enlightenment :)

  • RmanX1000

    im curious… why did they wait 4 years to patch them in? Dont get me wrong, MGS4 is a great game in itself. Just seems weird to wait so long.

    • Anime10121

       Yeah, it is kinda random even if it is the 25th anniversary of the series.  Its not like it will actually increase sales of the game by much (especially considering you can get it new for less than 20 bucks).  That leads me to believe Kojima Productions did this exclusively for the fans, and if thats the case, then I solute them, for being true Patriots:P

      • RmanX1000

        Not A huge MGS fan so i didnt really care to look into its 25 year anniversary. 

  • ivanchu77

    Better later than never i suppose.

    But i hate the fact that the trophys aren´t retroactive, i will try to do the easy ones but others like the one that requires the big boss emblem can go to hell

  • Anime10121

    News on the patch, currently out in Japan! (haven’t tested it myself yet, as I have a US PS3 and US MGS4)

    The MGS4 patch is roughly 500 MB in size, install time is about 16 minutes, and install size is roughly 9 gigs.

    All in all, I’d say that’s EXTREMELY small considering the original used up about 25 gigs between it’s various installs.

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