Kazuma Kiryu Is Kicking Back In Fukuoka When Yakuza 5 Begins

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 4:29pm

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Kazuma Kiryu is far away from Okinawa and Haruka, hiding out in Fukuoka under when Yakuza 5 begins. The Yakuza lead character spends his days working as a taxi driver and he lives with Mayumi.


Mayumi is a woman with a mysterious past living under an alias. She works in a cabaret club called Oliver and is the number one lady there. While initially reluctant, a lonely Kazuma lets Mayumi stay with him. Mayumi cares for Kazuma and never asks about his past. Soon, Kazuma settles into a routine and finds new meaning in his life with Mayumi. On a certain day in December 2012, Mayumi reveals her true feelings to Kazuma.


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Tadashi Madarame (left) is an elderly Yakuza boss who runs the Nagasu district where Mayumi works. He’s a tactical leader who would rather resolve issues through words instead of bullets. Youtarou Nakajimi (right) is the president of Nagasugai Taxi. He met Kazuma when he was drunk and wandering through Fukuoka and hired him because of his manliness. Kazuma believes Nakajima understands him best.


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While Kazuma is living a quiet life, Taiga Saejima is in prison. He escapes into Hokkaido’s forests and goes "monster hunting" according to his Another Story chapter.


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Shigeki Baba (left) is a fellow prisoner who transferred into Taiga’s prison a year ago. Shigeki is the youngest prisoner on the block and was convicted for a murder he did for his brother. Seiji Kousaka (right) is a harsh prison guard and second in command in Taiga’s prison.


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  • xavier axol

    it’s shaping out to be an epic story.
    “just when i thought i was out…they pull me back in” that’s so gansta (°~°;)’……
    i mean yakuza

  • Sperium3000

    By the sounds of it, I predict this will be a “in media res” story. It begins as described initially and we only learn why Kazuma is a taxi driver now and why Saejima is back in prison around the middle or end of the game.

  • hope this game can deliver , but i will still buy the yakuza HD ver 1st , cause that the best moment of yakuza series!!!!
    i hope sega change their minds of playing haruka story , it’s so boring

    • Guest

      How you know its the best when you haven’t played #5 yet

    •  “i hope sega change their minds of playing haruka story , it’s so boring”
      Geez Suck it up, if the whole game isn’t going be just that, i think you can endure it :L

  • D-Rev

    This probably been said before, but what happened to the Sunshine orphanage and the kids?

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “He escapes into Hokkaido’s forests and goes “monster hunting”…”

    Does that mean he had a PSP/3DS with him?

  • CasualGamer

    As if this game needs another hapless woman that needs saving. Oh well, hopefully this can get released at the end of the year so that at the very least, NA can get it at 2013.

  • LOL, another woman stick with him again, he sure is popular

  • ShadowScipio

    Man, what happened to that lady cop Kazuma had a thing with? After the beginning of 3 she just sort of disappeared.  Well, except for congratulating Kazuma on bagging all the hostesses which was…awkward to say the least.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hired him because of his manliness??? So being manly know can guarantee me a job.^_^

  • pho_Enix

    Whoawhoawhoa, did SEGA completely forget about Kaoru? I’m still waiting for her to come back and settle down with Kiryu damnit ;_;

    • Laharl

      They mentioned her in Dead Souls… that’s about it :

  • badmoogle

    Wow those character models look incredibly realistic…i’m not very fond of realism but man…some of these could be mistaken for real photos! :O
    IMO they look much better than even Uncharted!

  • XiaomuArisu

    Would be already preordered if it was possible to preorder it now!

  • Here’s hoping SEGA will release “Yakuza HD Collection” and “Yakuza 5” in the United States and Europe!

  • idofgrahf

     So Kazuma ended up with a cabaret club girl…guess him going to all those cabaret clubs from yakuza 1-4 eventually paid off. I’d like to see all those girls come knocking on his door one day, that’ll be fun to watch.

  • Ravage27

    No woman can resist our Kiryu :3

  • colorblindnightmare

    wow, stepping up in the graphics dept again are we sega? please for the love of all that is good bring the hd collection and 5 to the us!

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