Shin Megami Tensei IV Art Director’s Comments On The Game’s Chaotic World

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 12:30pm

imageEiji Ishida, the art director from Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey is working on Shin Megami Tensei IV.


Atlus updated the official site with a note from Ishida saying they’ve hit their stride with development and they’re working on improving the 3D depth of the world.


Ishida also said compared to their other titles, the feeling of surviving and wandering in a chaotic world has been improved 200%. I take this to mean that Shin Megami Tensei IV will be even more desolate than Nocturne and Strange Journey combined.

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  • I can’t wait to see actual screenshots and such, I love SMT, especially ones like the original, first person view with demon contracts yes that’s the best.

  • TheFoolArcana

    By 3D depth, do they mean the world or the 3DS 3D without glasses?

    • Asura


      “on improving the 3D depth of the world”

      “Read more stories about Nintendo 3DS & Shin Megami Tensei IV on Siliconera”

      Apparently Fool Arcanas can’t read.

      • TheFoolArcana

        I asked that question because I wasn’t sure which 3D Depth they were referring to. :/

        And I don’t know how you got both from something as vague as that. It could be either or.

        • Ferofax

          Probably referring to… whachamacallit… draw range or something? Um, the maximum range they can generate 3D models in the distance without clogging everything up?

          Draw distance, I think that’s the term. Basically, you can see 3D environments farther instead of resorting to painted skies and landscapes a few meters out.

  • leadintea

    Nocturne and Strange Journey were far from desolate.

    • cj_iwakura

      Nocturne was pretty dang desolate, outside the cities.

      • leadintea

        No it wasn’t. There were always NPCs abound, even in dungeons. They might not have been human, but they were still around.

        •  Would you prefer having a conversation with a demon instead of a human? That’s what it means by desolate.

          • leadintea

            How? For all intents and purposes the demons and souls act exactly like humans do. Not to mention that the main character himself is part demon so it’s not like you’re the sole human surrounded by demons in which case I could understand where people are coming from. I feel like people just say that Nocturne is a desolate game to make it seem darker and edgier than it really is.

          •  Yes, I wont’ deny that. But it feels sad just seeing demons and demons instead of a normal human. You don’t see demons every day do you? Not to mention that the only humans in the Vortex World are only 5, 6 if you count Dante and there are like a million demons in the Vortex World. Demons kinda react randomly than humans.
            Me: Hello Mr. Demon :D.
            Demon: Who the hell do you think you are talking to me!! GHWAAARRR!!!
            Me: D:
            *Battle engage*

  • cj_iwakura

    Also worth noting that there’s Nocturne BGM there now.

    • SolidusSnake

      Sounds like a remix of the intro music. That brings back memories <3

      • Daniel Morandi

        Good memories and lot of pain <3

        • And Meguro probably not there to work on SMTIV.

          • amagidyne

            He could be. Dude’s prolific.

          • I know that… it’s just that I only hear arranges from past Shin Megami Tensei games instead of a new track… and Tsuchiya is the sound director, it’s just a feeling I have, you know. I will make a party if he’s there to make the music again, I mean, hear Staff Roll of Nocturne, it’s awesome… I really like music :P.

    • amagidyne

       Ooh, nice.

  • SolidusSnake

    “Ishida also said compared to their other titles, the feeling of surviving and wandering in a chaotic world has been improved 200%. I take this as Shin Megami Tensei IV will be even more desolate than Nocturne and Strange Journey combined”

    SOLD.  Can’t wait for this to come to the US, it should be more than enough to justify the price of a 3DS. Sounds like they know that everyone has high hopes for the next numbered entry and that they’re willing to go beyond the impossible to make an experience even more badass and intense than Nocturne. If that’s even possible.

    • LightZero

      $169 for the standard and $200 for the XL are high? That’s dirt cheap if you have a job and money. 

      • SolidusSnake

        I never said the 3DS was expensive dawg, just that this game alone would make it worth purchasing. Unless you’re replying to the wrong post.

  • Letiumtide

    Honestly, as interesting as it is, I’m tired of this stuff getting pushed to handheld gaming.  Console games are starved for good JRPGs and get so few of them, for the last generation they’ve gotten a pittance compared to other generations.

    I guess that will hold true for this generation as well.

    • SolidusSnake

      Eh, handheld games are what sells in Japan. Plus, the cost of development is so high on HD consoles that one big flop can wreck a company. So for a ballsy, obscure series like Shin Megami Tensei it’s kind of a no brainer to develop for handhelds. Yeah it kinda sucks but that’s just how it goes.

      • You can develop the same exact handheld game for a console. It is a matter of knowing how much money to spend and plan accordingly. Specially with how successful digital/download-only games have been. 

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          But that also does not guarantee there the game will sells well. Company wants a sure profit there and considering they are japanese company there, releasing the game in the hardware that is most succesful in japan is surely the best choice there.

    • I prefer handhelds, so I’m happy. =P

      Probably because console gaming is more expensive and handhelds bloomed overtime in Japan.

      If one were to complain about Japanese games being on handhelds, what about Western companies could push for handheld gaming better?  They put all the interesting stuff on consoles and PC.

    • Zeik56

      HD games are far too expensive to develop to make it a focus for JRPGs. (Not without drastically diminishing the scope of the game.) If they did make SMT4 a console title then they likely wouldn’t be able to make Persona 5 a console title, and we all know that games has a better chance of succeeding on a console than SMT4.

      Sadly if the next gen is even more costly to develop for then there’s even less chance we’ll see niche console JRPGs, which is why I’m not too excited for the next gen. I really hope that the PS3 survives long enough that we might see companies more able to take risks late in the cycle.

      • Letiumtide

        I’m well aware that those are the realities of this generation, I just have to bemoan it from time to time as it’s rather tiring to play games on handhelds, my eyes just aren’t up to snuff anymore.  I have  the LKV8000 for the PSP, but there is no such solution for the DS (though I did get a DSIXL, I just bought a 3DS so the 3DSXL is a ways off from me purchasing it).


  • Tales_of_Master

    This game is gonna be GODLY (or is it YHWHly ?). That Nocturne remix brought so much nostalgia. I couldn’t careless if Atlus released this for the SNES, as long as I’m able to play the game I’m more than satisfied. What’s that about a world even more chaotic and desolated ? DO WANT. The only thing that would make me more excited is a confirmation on SMTIV localization. Can’t wait for the first trailer :D

  • Tales_of_Master

    I’m not sure if this is OK to do, but WTH I’m so happy to care at this point :D
    This is a link for the new BGM from the site
    ENJOY :D

  • Dantis

    Huh. I always assumed Kaneko was the art director. Did he just do the character designs?

    • Lunar_Outcast

      He just did character designs and demons.

  • Neophoton

    This and Bravely Default make me happy to own a 3DS.

  • darkfox1

    I wonder if other regions are getting games like this Soul Hackers, PxZ, E.X Troopers Bravely Default, Beyond the Labyrinth (which I totally forgot about), and Monster Hunter (the 3DS ones) will come to NA. Man I would so love to play those games especially the SMT ones. Japan loves their 3DS I’m sure they do they got all the games…. :(

    •  Hmm I wouldn’t worry too much for some of these.
      -Bravely Default looks to be S-E’s next big title after Kingdom Hearts
       -Atlus titles will probably be a given to fill out their release roster.  IV would be a bit later than EOIV and SH obviously so shouldn’t be a problem.
      -E.X Troopers has the Lost Planet IP attached to it so I can see Capcom marketing it.  Monster Hunter probably gonna be just 4 perhaps…
      -The hard ones would be Beyond the Labyrinth (which been out for a while and sold poorly I recall) and PxZ (previous crossover in this series didn’t make it out and loads of voicework).

    • kylehyde

       -Soul Hackers: Atlus currently has a good record of localizations for software on nintendo consoles, and since 4 SMT related products has made them to the west I think that the chances are pretty good for this game (at least for a NA release).
      -PXZ: the chances are not as high as Soul Hackers, but I hope that the recent collaboration between nintendo and namco on the future smash bros and that namco has obtained good numbers with their software on the 3DS could improve the chances.
      -E.X troopers: no one can deny that the support that capcom has give to the 3DS has been pretty strong and considering that the name has been registered on the west, theres could be a chances for this game, not as strong as soul hackers, but certainly stronger than PXZ.
      -Bravely Default: I know that still is too early but I think that the chances could be good if it sell well.
      -Beyond the labyrinth: this probably is not going to see the light on the west, specially since it totally bombed.
      -MH(3G/4): I would like to believe that both games are going to made it to the west, however I have the feeling that if a MH for 3DS is going to made it to the west probably is going to be 4, but  hope that a miracle happen, still the fate of the localization of both products is very blurry.

  • I’m still hopin they will make “at the very least” 3D battle…
    Don’t care if they make it First Person in Dungeon….

  • Alexander Aubert

    this thing release, me buying 3ds

  • I love Shin Megami Tensei. Bring on the demons!

  •  Hell yeah!! I really REALLY hope something about IV pops up at TGS.

  • I’m ready Atlus, just bring it on! Make it first person, third person, I don’t care, I just want my SMT :D

    • Dantis

       I half agree. I’d definitely prefer third person though.

      •  I’d prefer third person as well sure, but deep down there, all I want is my SMT fix :x

  • Guest


    • Hraesvelgr

      Galactor, please.

    • Banned. And you just got a warning for the same thing, like a day ago. :(

    • Gatchaman2

      You angry bird

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Trolling oneself — a true Science Ninja Team trick!

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Banned for trolling your own comments.

    • DDanny

      Well, at least that means the game will be first person classic megaten or so I hope.
      Also, go LNC and keep those Reasons far away Atlus. Devil Survivor 2 and Nocturne were more than enough.

  • Nicolas Simonpietri

    If it’s more awesome than Nocturne I will just explode. 

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    3DS is getting an awesome lineup nothing but epic new s 

    • Jason Ryer

      code princess as well some how its coming out in the fall unless amazon lies

  • Detrimont

    hope this gets localised soon

    • I hope PAL can get a localisation. Damn region locking :(

    • Shane Guidaboni

      It’s not even completed yet, so don’t count on soon. 

  • Solomon_Kano

    Can’t wait til we finally see the game. It’s sounding fudging sweet.

  • Hinataharem

    Sounds like you will be a survivor. Among devils.

  • How desolate is Nocturne and SJ??? (Nvr played them be4)

    • Jason Ryer

      its easy until you get to the god dragon that reflect bombs everything and rengens. sj is first person game btw not 3rd like persona. so you start off in a r/d team that gets separated and thrown into a different level of the black hole. That being said you cant contact earth or the other teams on the mission. most vehicles are destroyed with the crew dead  except a few survivors that are plot point needed. the game starts killing off unneeded crew as you progress upward.

    • Nocturne is probably the most desolate SMT title to date. The world gets destroyed in the first half hour and Tokyo become a circular world (think like a globe from the inside) that is mostly desert with a few shopping centres and warehouses here and there. All humans have been killed except for 4 people (including yourself) and the world is populated by a mixture of demons, sorrowful ghosts, and android-like beings called Manikins that have a very disturbing full-body spasm/twitch every few seconds.

    • Nocturne is basically this: Oh god I’m out of SP and I’m another damage squa-

      In terms of gameplay: it’s entirely possibly to wander too far too early and get killed by something ten levels higher, mazes tend to have damage squares, absolute darkness without the ability to map it unless you have a special ability and stretch on till you thank YHWH for another save point, even when you’re just level grinding it’s entirely possible to die if you’re unlucky and one of the earliest bosses in the game is also one of the toughest you will ever fight.

      In terms of story: 99.9% of the human race is dead (and that’s actually rounding down a lot, should be more like 99.999999999999999999%), what few are left don’t do a thing to help you, one of your friends turns genocidal, you’re forced to fight your friends unless you join their side (in which case they either die on you or force you to fight them) and at the end you’re pretty much alone. Have fun!

      SJ is slightly easier. Slightly.

      • @yahoo-GJD6KMPFMNNIHFKRN6FI76P5KA:disqus @facebook-594742092:disqus @facebook-510234553:disqus Wow tht ****ing desolute. DeSu and Persona was way lighter….

        • Yep. Ironically the game about survival actually has more people alive at the end and the Persona games (well Persona 3 and 4 ) are downright positive for Atlus games.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Aren’t we seeing a trailer this month when Soul Hackers on 3DS drops? Can’t wait for that!

  • LightZero

    I can’t wait to play Soul Hackers and SMT4. I do hope that SMT4 is third person. They could add in the option of it being first person if they want. I don’t mind first person but I’m more into playing games in third person. I wonder what their next megaten after SMT4 for the 3DS. I’m sure there will be a Devil Survivor 3 at some point. Then there is the unannounced Persona title. So far SMT and Devil Survivor came to light with SH as an added bonus. Either way it’s clear that the 3DS will probably be Atlus main system of choice for this upcoming gen. 

  • Jirin

    That’s a positive thing to hear.  I’m still waiting on combat system details.  I really hope there’s either press turn or some variation which preserves the strength of buffs and status effects.

    Also praying they keep it at party size four. There’s such a huge difference in strategic options between three and four. Actually thinking back fifteen years, reduction in party size was one of my original biggest criticisms of FFVII and the entire PS1 gen.

    •  I agree completely

      smaller parties means more basic strategies overall. The Tank, DPS, Support thing gets old fast. It’s why I love the combat in FFIX so much more than any ther FF game, lots of variation and unique team formation. Hell, FFV was all about creating unique teams.

      • Ferofax

        Why limit it to 4? Why not have a game mechanic where the number (and strength and quality) of demons you can have out is dictated only by your… wait for it… Magnetite?

        Imagine the last stretch requiring a party of SIX (including you) full-grown oversized hulking behemoths because the monsters there are strong enough to warrant such a team…

        Imagine all the tears shed at the sheer difficulty, and the bloat in ego when you achieve total victory…

        • malek86

          Because that would be a balancing nightmare. One could just fight a lot, and then they could walk over the final boss with, like, 15 demons. And if the developers expect it, they’ll make the final boss a lot harder, but then nobody with a standard 4-demons party would be able to even dent him, and grinding would become a requirement.

  • Ferofax

    Surviving in a chaotic world…

    OMG game over 5 minutes into game exploration. Totally called it first.

    EDIT: Also, team might be improving draw distance when they said they were improving the 3D depth of the world… if they were aiming for first person grid/tile based movement, why would they wanna do that?

    Unless they’re working on a free-form sort of exploration? Also, a long shot but… open world?

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