Xseed Updates Us On Ragnarok Odyssey

By Spencer . August 3, 2012 . 3:30pm


As Siliconera reported yesterday, Ragnarok Odyssey will be available in Hong Kong with English text on August 16.


A representative from Xseed confirmed that the Hong Kong version of Ragnarok Odyssey will use Xseed’s translation. However, the Hong Kong release will be different than the North American one. DLC packs like the Epic Weapons and Sograt Desert packs will be released as downloadable content instead of being on the cart. A representative from Xseed said, "we should be releasing the DLC" and "it will come as DLC. It won’t ship with the game like the version that’s coming out in Hong Kong"


The good news is all of the DLC that’s free in Japan will be free in North America too. Game Arts made a couple of content updates like adding extra quests, a Dokuro, and a hat where Forte sits on your characters head. There are a few paid content packs like a four hat pack (hanging cat, an apple with an arrow through it called "archer’s proof," rabbit ears, and goat horns) for 100 yen.


Unfortunately, we do not have a release date for Ragnarok Odyssey in North America, but we’ll keep bugging Xseed for more information about the title.


npc_eadgils quest_hammersmith_attack1 quest_mage_attack4 quest_merchant_air_attack3 quest_merchant_attack5 ro_opening2

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  • XSeed’s saying they’re gonna release a game I want?
    I’ll start holding my breath now.

  • Rasec46

    guess i might try importing the game now  and not wait for the xseed release in us.
    They still haven’t said anything about releasing in europe and i was to support them
    and import the US version if europe doesn’t get one if i got it right the dlc will only come on psn while the HK version it’s on the cart.

    Since i don’t pretend playing with a us account i guess it’s best to import the hk for me.

    • Samurai_Heart

      Same thoughts, it’s a shame that the PSVita account cannot be like the PS3. I would have wanted to support Xseed; but I guess for Europeans the appropriate version to get is the HK one, do you have a website you’d normally use? I normally use Yesasia but they don’t have the HK version for preorder… I guess ebay?
      Any chance Siliconera staff can ask them for information on a European release =D?

  • If only for learning purposes, I will eventually get the HK version. Three language support and a better cover art is enough for me to get that version.

  • Blesmi

    So let me get this straight. HK ver will have XSEED’s translation, all the dlc for free on cart, and will come out (probably) sooner? Why exactly would I get the US version of this?

    Oh right to give XSEED more money so they can localize more great games that generally have a low chance of being localized. Sounds good to me.

    • Rasec46

      that was my idea mas the US dld not coming on the cart makes things difficult to me since i’m from europe and xseed gave no release for europe.
      guess i’ll have to think and decide this weekend which version i should get. 

      • Since I’m not bothered to go through the account switch if I want to download those extra mission, I guess I’ll wait for the Europe version which I doubt will be localised in Europe unless xseed release a psn version which I believe they done for their Ys games.

        • SirTeffy

           XSEED has been trying to universally-publish, Orgarhythm will be universal from them and Sumioni I believe is on EU from XSEED. Otherwise NISA may take over publishing over there, I know they’re doing Way of the Samurai 4 over there.

          • Yeah I would have thought NIS could be the publisher for EU…well Koei Europe. To be honest I have my doubt that Ragnarok will come to EU as the previous Ragnarok game (The DS one if you can recall) hasn’t even released in EU which I would LOVE to play as I use to be a long term Ragnarok player.

          • XiaomuArisu

             How about Ghostlight?they becoming the xseed of europe

          • @XiaomuArisu:disqus not sure they have the license to publish Vita games yet. 

    • To be clear, the Hong Kong version does not have all of the DLC free on the cart just the three expansion packs that upgrade Ragnarok Odyssey to version 1.3 (the current release in Japan). There are other quest packs and stuff that aren’t in the HK version. It sounds like Xseed will release the content in North America, but at a later date as DLC. 

      And, I think Xseed probably got paid something for the Hong Kong version too since Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong is using their translation.

      • PoweredByHentai

        It sounds like it might have been a deal where Xseed gets clearance on all the DLCs in exchange for providing the translation that they have.

        As for the 3 pack-in DLCs on the HK version vs the online DLCs in the North American version, maybe Ragnarok Odyssey’s game cartridge has hit its size limit?  I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case given how ridiculously detailed some of the environments are.

        • xavier axol

          how big are those DLCs? would you say that it’s like gravity rush pack dlcs in terms of size, new items, and story? what i mean is..are these dlcs important? (like may be game arts forgot to put some ideas in the main game but later put them as dlcs).
          may be i shouldn’t have to worried my pretty little head about it, i’m sure it’s a great game. but the curiosity is killing me (it’s my most anticipated ps vita this summer and i would like to get inform about the game as much as possible).

          • PoweredByHentai

            That depends on the DLC in question.  There are item-specific DLCs, costume-specific DLCs, and quest-specific DLCs.  Each Vita DLC is about 100 KB in size, at least from what I’m seeing through my PS3 via my Japanese PSN account.

            The Apple of Archer stuff is not available on the Japanese PSN store (at least I didn’t see it under the equipments section) so that seems to be new content that they are rolling out.

          • xavier axol

            well even if we don’t get those dlcs in the actual card, we still get them eventually. so long as xseed get a positive resection (i’m sure xseed will keep rolling those dlcs until we get them all), i have grown to love them much more then my family (ouch).
            anyway, as for me having my vita since it came out (i had grown to like digital more than the physical card). only because it feels right on the vita and i don’t have to worry about the piles and piles of cards spread around the house or outside. the only problem is the expensive memory stick, but onces you got it (you will begin to appriciated the convenience).
            thanks for all the responses you been giving me about the game, it was helpful and thanks to it. it has become my most wanted ps vita game to this date.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Yeah, Xseed said that they’ll be bringing over all the DLCs from the Japanese version, which probably includes the Ninja outfit that I got for being an early adopter.

            The memory card prices aren’t that bad.  32 GB for around 80 bucks with free Amazon shipping.  I’ve actually loaded up my memory card with about 5 GB of songs and some OSTs.  The rest is taken up by PSP games and some digital Vita titles like WipeOut and MotorStorm RC.

          • xavier axol

            i have an 8gig, which i deeply regret not having more space to download more games (like growlanser wayfarer of time and sound shapes coming next week). so i guess, i have to delete something (dissidia12, tits, gods eater, gravity rush, persona3, and valkyria chronicles2 already occupy everything..well there’s also youtube app). it sucks cause i keep deleting something, but then only keep downloading it again like tactics ogre and monster hunter.
            the price of the memory stick still bugs me, with my list of games coming out very soon (i’ll be broke in no time). my budget is tight which means, if i purchase the memory stick, i’ll not be able to get a copy of either (assassin’s creed 3 liberation, playstationallstars, or ragnarok odyssey). so i need a cheaper memory stick (i’m not saying is crazy expensive, but it will hurt me from buying a game).

          • malek86

            When one can buy 32GB MicroSDs for $20-25, paying $80 does sound that bad. I know they were worried about piracy, but if they aren’t gonna support the most popular format, they could at least match it in price.

    • PersonaSpace

      Best post ever.

  • Barrit

    Still gonna stick with the Xseed release. I really don’t want to have to worry about switching accounts on the Vita just to download the content from the Asian PSN.

  • Aurizen

    cool i cant wait to buy this!, you should bug Square Enix on FFX HD :P 11 months. yes i am counting!

  • SirTeffy

    I’m confused, XSEED had previously stated the US version WOULD include the DLC with the rest of the game and were working with Game Arts to get as much of it included as they could. Why does the US version NOT have the DLC included while the HK DOES? Or did they get that backward and the HK DOES NOT include the DLC in the US version?

  • Clifford Michael

    Just got back from a trip to Gamestop, and their database says that Ragnarok Odyssey is releasing on September 12th.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Gamestp doesn’t know anything about the release, unless informed by the company. That’s just a date set to allow pre-orders and such.

  • PoweredByHentai

    The “apple with an arrow through it” is called “Apple of Archer” on the Ragnarok Online servers.  Man, that hat brings memories of my time spent in Payon 3 and 4 in the first year or so of iRO’s existence.  I was slaughtering a whole bunch of Soldier Skeletons and the occasional Archer Skeleton hoping to get the Soldier Skeleton cards that were so incredibly important to any Katar-using Assassins (SS cards give +9 crit and crit rates are doubled for Katar Assassins).

    Nothing quite like waltzing around with ~75% (total) crit rate and owning things up.

    Super tempted to switch my Vita’s account to my Japanese PSN just to load up the DLCs for my Ragnarok Odyssey.

    Oh yeah, Ragnarok Odyssey is GLORIOUS.

  • I’ll wait.  You’re lucky I love you Xseed.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Will support Xseed.

  • If the game is already translated they should let us know when they plan on releasing this.

  • Well, the good news is, if the game’s translation is in a state where it can be printed, I’d assume release here is not too far off. It’s probably mostly a matter of arranging distribution at this point (which is no small task).

  • physical release = first day purchase.  Thank you xseed.

  • Wait, so amazon’s date might be wrong?

  • Whoomp

    As a European I will be screwed with DLC (unless I want to jump through hoops to get a North American PSN account) so I’ll gladly take the HK-release over NA.

  • Seeing these screenshots reminds me how much I want an open world, Japanese developed action RPG on the Vita.  It would be truly amazing to get lost in.  

  • networkpadawan

    Can I use an european account with the HK game?

  • igotareallybigthingwithcars

    I really thought it was FFIX’s Eiko Carol

  • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

    You are screwing yourself over in the long term. Supporting Xseed isn’t just supporting the localization of more games, it’s supporting the PSV since they’ve shown quite the interest in continuing to bring games over~.

    Having the extra content on the card isn’t worth the fact of not supporting a company who takes on such endeavours when nobody else will~.

    • samson7point1

      Believe me, I really want to support XSEED.  This will be the first XSEED release that I have not purchased – I own their entire catalog (well, when they released a regular and collector’s edition, I only bought the collector’s edition, but I have every game except the stuff they released as DLC only), and it was all purchased at retail. I bought Last Story from europe because there waas no U.S. release date, and I still went out and pre-ordered the game when XSEED announced it for the U.S. – just to make sure to support them. I did the same thing with Xenoblade and Nintendo. I feel the same way you do about this- if we don’t support XSEED then we might stop getting a lot of the non-mainstream games outside of Japan. As much as I would hate that, I can’t let that make me turn a blind eye to the terrible precedent they’re setting. I love the company, but I can’t support them in this anti-consumer move. I have told them through every means they have made available exactly why I will not be buying this game from them.  I am voting with my wallet. Who knows, maybe it’s not too late for them to change their minds and include the content with the game after all, or maybe they’ll re-release the game with the content included like Gearbox did when we complained about the Borderlands GoTY. If they do, I will buy another copy of it just to support them.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    The dlc is free yet…My god you have just shown you lack reading comprehension..Wait looking at your past comments have been nothing but sh** posting so yeah…lol.

    • samson7point1

      Cost has nothing to do with it. It is about control. DLC means you are leaving availability, access and control of the content with someone else. It’s okay for you to be fine with that, but it’s also okay for me not to. Most of the people you hear trash-talking DLC are hypocrites who are still buying and supporting it when it comes to stuff they really want, so I can understand that it is easy for you to confuse a principled stand for arrogance. The fact is that the only way I will ever be able to enjoy any of that content is if it comes on the card. I don’t do DLC, period.  And as for my other posts being “sh**”, you comment is unhelpful-you sound like a fifth-grader who lacks the vocabulary to articulate yourself. On the other hand, the negativity in my comments is always coupled with clear explanations of exactly what is wrong and how to fix it – an utimately vauable resource for any company struggling with understanding what is wrong with their products.

  • Go2hell66

    ugh really xseed, so the hong kong version is using an xseed localization, which i assume is complete, but they still won’t give us a release date?!

    well that does it, sorry but i think i’m going with the hong kong version.

  • NoOneSeesWhatWeSee

    Who is that blue haired girl?

    I want to be her.

  • release it already!

  • start ads for this awesome game already! come on xseed, do you want it to sell?

  • what realese date ragna english version in philippines?
    i can`t wait to buy 

  • you guys will have to wait longer release date is in October 16

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