Sony Translated Persona 4: Golden Into Chinese

By Spencer . August 4, 2012 . 2:00pm


We’ve seen a couple of Persona games in Korean before and now Atlus is expanding the market by teaching the Investigation Team another language. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong localized Persona 4: Golden with Chinese text. The Hong Kong edition of Persona 4: Golden also has a Korean text option and Japanese voiceovers.


The game is slated for release on August 16. Select retailers are giving out a Persona 4: Golden pouch and decal along with the game.




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  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Chinese? Yes! Now I’ll finally be able to understand—wait, no. I know nothing about that

  • Myri Vigkli

    oohhhhh i want that pouch

  • Oltheros

    Gaaahhhhh why is there no English text option on that version? I really want that Japanese voice acting.

    • Barrit

      Was it confirmed that the US version would not have Japanese VAs? That is probably a dumb question on my part though. I only have a few Atlus games and they don’t include the original Japanese VAs :(

      • Aoshi00

        highly doubt it, not even Catherine had.. just like FFs, never had dual track for US ver.  So US P4 Golden should be Eng only

      • Myri Vigkli

         It is confirmed that the North America version wont have Japanese VAs!Thats a bummer i know! :)

    • asch999

       Nah, If it has English version, I’m pretty sure almost all of us will bought HK version instead waiting for US version which is released 2,5 month later -_-

      • Oltheros

        That’s an excellent point, hadn’t thought about that actually.

        Still bummed :(

  • Farid Belkacemi

    Too bad there’s no English text option like Ragnarok.

  • Hm. Tempted to import it since it has Korean.

    • Myri Vigkli

      you should import it.i have the japanese version.its an amazing game

      • Yeah, I know it’s great. I’ve beaten the original, and have been keeping up with the updates >_>

        Well, since it’s only 20 bucks more, I guess it’ll be alright.

        EDIT: Thanks to Shuhei Yoshida’s Twitter, he confirmed it’ll have Korean. Pre-ordering!

  • kroufonz

    some commenter think it didn’t have english text? is this confirmed?

    if this is done by sce hk and have chinese and korean it is usually will also have english text.

    • Aoshi00

      A bit strange the game also has Korean text instead of Eng since I don’t think many people in HK know how to read Korean at all (at least Jpn has kanji). 

      This is pretty cool.. not many JRPGs have been fully translated into Chinese other than perhaps FF13..  Nice it is in traditional Chinese too (personally I really dislike reading Simplified) 

      What’s w/ Yu having a TV w/ his seiyuu’s face being interviewed in the velvet room, it’s a bonus for Golden right :) Cute..

      • s07195

        Traditional Chinese rules! But yeah, the lack of English text options with a Korean text option instead is kinda weird…

        I might buy this version and play it on my friend’s PSV (He only has Disgaea and Ciel no Surge on it anyway)

    • Persona 4: Golden’s Hong Kong edition will only have Chinese and Korean text. No English for this one!

  • Any chance America is getting that pouch?

  • Alexander Aubert

    no english? well i just have to wait……

  • RmanX1000

    oooooo that pouch swag…. :3

  • Chris Downes

    Wait… which version is coming out August 16th? The Hong Kong version, or the US one?

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Haha! “Harry Potter and the Personas of Swag”|5

    • Wow they manage the make the bear joke lame in chinese ==||| 

  • Neophoton

    I’d whine about how it’s out before the English release, despite already having most of the game’s text translated, but I can handle the wait now that P4A is in a few days.

    •  Half the trick is that Japanese -> Chinese is *really easy* in a lot of ways, though. Like, a good number of the kanji between Japanese and Chinese have the exact same meaning. A Japanese person can pick up a Chinese newspaper and, not really knowing Chinese, still muddle their way through it somewhat. Ditto Chinese to Japanese in many cases.

      There’s still work to be done, but in writing, the two languages are VERY closely related.

      • Aoshi00

        Hm.. that’s half true, because there’s still tons of differences btwn Jpn and Chinese even though they share some kanji, just like translating Eng to French or Spanish, or Spanish to Portuguese, you might see a lot of common word stems but the difference is still big.. and there are still words in each language that people can’t muddle thru, vocabs unique to Jpn and Chn using diff. combination of kanji.. say, words like 勉強 (to study) or 大丈夫 (It’s OK), in Jpn they have totally different meaning, a regular Chinese person would not know the Jpn meaning and take it to mean, “be forced to”, and “man”. Or the word 大家 means “everyone” in Chinese, but in Jpn it’s “landlord”, a common Chinese person cannot just pick up a Jpn manga w/o knowing Jpn, and vice versa.. of course they’re still more similar to each other when compared to Korean.

        Like Midnight channel 真夜中テレビ (in the game it’s even in katakana マヨナカテレビ), but here in Chinese it’s 深夜電視.. Jpn and Chn might look relatively similar to an extent on paper, I just don’t think it’s that much easier to translate from Jpn to Chn than Eng though.. It’s much easier for me to translate Jpn to Eng because my Eng is better than my Chn lol..

  • Alphabet Soup

    Glad to see P4 expanding its reach!

  • 讚!

  • WTH , i rather wait for english version or play jap ver than play p4g in chinese version

  • It feels….weird seeing it in chinese instead of usual english or japanese lol. I’d prefer english ver though this is not bad too…..

  • Kefkiroth

    I hope the US version will have a Japanese voice option… considering the Hong Kong version can even fit a Korean text option and Japanese voices.

    • TheSquishyTanker

      It’s already been said that the US version won’t have Japanese voice. Aram Jabbari said it in an interview;
      “Persona 4 Golden will NOT have Japanese audio. Persona 4 Arena,
      the Arc System Works co-developed fighting spin-off, WILL have an
      option to toggle between Japanese and English audio (and, as Andriasang
      recently reported, offers 30-40 hours of gameplay and full voice work in
      its story mode).

      Hope that clears the air, so to speak!”

      • Kefkiroth

        Ah, that’s sad to hear. Hopefully the voices will be good, or there’s an option to turn it off (wasn’t a fan for P3P’s VAs).

  • Myri Vigkli

    Do we know which retailers will give out the pouch?

  • wow… definitely… awesome and weird at the same time… seems like they finally realized how big the Chinese market is for jRPG lol. You can bet this version will go for premium in the China mainland grey-markets.

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