Ouya Gains XBMC Media Player And Radio Stations From TuneIn

By Spencer . August 7, 2012 . 1:08pm

image-145097-fullOuya, the $99 Android video game console, also doubles as a media player. The open source XMBC player will be available for Ouya, perhaps even built into the system.


TuneIn, a free radio service with over 70,000 stations, is also backing Ouya by bringing their app to the tiny console.


You can still get an Ouya in the next 30 hours or so by ordering one on Kickstarter. Each palm sized console includes one regular size controller. The Ouya is expected to ship in March 2013.


 image-145099-full image-145100-full

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  • Well, regardless of peoples thrashing of the console at least you’ll have a cheap alternative to a home theater PC from the looks of it.  If you need a 99 dollar box to stream your animu that you [cough cough] then you have your option.

    Honestly, I see this box being more of a ‘homebrew’ thing than anything else.  I mean the warranty even goes into mentioning that rooting the console won’t void the warranty – they only really are marketing it for the hardware, I think.

    • drproton

       They are pushing their own marketplace as well.  The good thing is that running a custom Android ROM or such won’t lock you out of it, meaning that even hobbyists and hackers can still pay for software. Whereas mainstream hardware will lock you out if you tinker.

  • Looks sweet, for sure. But somehow i am doubt that it will be a powerhorse at that price. Media player is nice and all, but will it handle HD content?

  • Alex Cattaneo

    the thing is stronger then the x360 or ps3 and wiht a 99 price tag and mostly games that maybe wil cost between 2 to 40? dollar its amazing!

  • Vyrus

    I don’t want to knock the console, but I can’t help the fact that it will be another OnLive. Streaming games are just not for everyone.

  • First off… those who think it’s stronger then the 360 and ps3 is delusional.  They don’t know how to judge hardware at all.

    Secondly, it will be android based games.  So anything a Ouya can play, android phones can play as well.  And trust me, that isn’t going to mean you’ll get all the latest games that are also on the ps3 and 360.  Hardwarewise, the graphic isn’t powerful enough to do thatLastly, but most important, my samsung galaxy s3 is already more powerful then a Ouya (no joke, go do research on specs of both if you don’t believe me).  Both are android based and everything a Ouya can do, I bet my samsung galaxy S3 can do as well.  That includes connecting it to a HDTV and connecting a ps3 controller, wii classic controller as well as a 360 controller to it, playing movies in 1080p, listening to music and ect.

    Right now, samsung galaxy s3 might cost more, but by the time Ouya is out, it will probably cost the same or be free with a plan.  And by the time Ouya is out, there will probably be better phones then the samsung galaxy s3.

    Sorry to disappoint some of you.  But Ouya is more like a really smart scam for people who don’t know better.  It’s just taking the current android phone, putting it in a box.  There isn’t anything revolutionary about this.

    • JuVu

      It can be very easy to talk like that if you don’t know how the game developing works. Being able to develop games without the need of paying for all the different fees regarding a release on a bigger console is a big thing among smaller developers, who can mostly develop games only for smarthpones, due to insufficient funds and the uncertainty of getting their money back with a console game. This way, even if their game wouldn’t sell so well, they could at least get more profit than with a bigger console release (WiiWare, I’m looking at you). Ouya is said to be a developers’ console, and I can count to that.

      Personally, I’m interested in Ouya because it has the possibility to host a library of games similar to Live Arcade ones. And those games are the only reason I would ever buy Xbox360. And, to be honest, I enjoy playing games more on a console than on a PC, or a smartphone.

      Of course, it’s important not to expect anything like Xbox360 or PS3 in the terms of power and performance. Doing so would definitely be delusional. But the important thing is, that not everyone are expecting anything like that.

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