Persona 4 Arena Has Smooth Netcode On PS3, Not As Good On Xbox 360

By Spencer . August 8, 2012 . 2:55pm


We had Persona 4 Arena for over a week and matches against Japanese players have been pretty smooth. We’re glad to report that online play for North America is just as good a BlazBlue. The bad news is it feels like the netcode flaws in the Xbox 360 version are in the North American release. In the few matches I played, there was slowdown in the beginning even when playing against players from the same region and with three bars or more. Atlus will release a patch to remedy these issues, but a date has not been announced.


While a bit barebones, Persona 4 Arena has all of the basics for online matchmaking. There are ranked matches for players who want to prove they’re the manliest Persona user and free play. Arc System Works added eight player lobbies too, but that’s about it for online play.


My favorite part of Persona 4 Arena is the story. Yeah, it treads familiar territory with the Midnight Arena, but Atlus gets a gold star for successfully bringing the cast of characters from Persona 3 and Persona 4 together. (OK, we’re not counting the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable since she doesn’t exist.) The two groups essentially make two storylines for players to follow in Persona 4 Arena. There is a "fast" route at seeing the main plot, but I guess I shouldn’t spoil it. You don’t have to complete every single character, although Persona fans will probably want to do that. On top of getting into Yu’s mind, you’ll see events from Kanji’s sleepy eyes, understand Mitsuru’s insecurities, and read all of Teddie’s… flirtatious thoughts.


p4a_screens_storymode_10 p4a_screens_storymode_09 p4a_screens_storymode_11 p4a_screens_storymode_12 p4a_screens_storymode_13 p4a_screens_storymode_08


I think Elizabeth has a pretty interesting storyline too that kind of sits between everything happening in the game… If Persona 4 Arena seems slow in the beginning don’t give up until you see Labrys’ storyline.


p4a_screens_labrys_01 p4a_screens_labrys_02 p4a_screens_aigis_01 p4a_screens_aigis_02


Arc System Works designed Persona 4 Arena’s story mode to be a walk in the park. Most fights last for less than a minute and you’re back to reading the plot. Just for fun, I played Teddie’s story mode only using the canned combo and was able to clear it, losing only one fight during the playthrough. The challenge, for hardcore players, lies in score attack mode and versus mode. There are also some hidden voice navigators that I haven’t been able to unlock in Persona 4 Arena too. Atlus is also selling instant unlocks for these on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store. Glasses, unfortunately, are paid DLC only. Oh well, I guess Teddie doesn’t need a Zorro mask to fight in the Midnight Arena.

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  • David Bond

    looks like xbox got a bad net code 60 dollars goes a long way

  • Tales_of_Master

    Too bad since I got the X360 version, because my PS3 is EU and I couldn’t wait -_- At least I got the Bonus soundtrack. When the EU version gets released a month from now, I won’t get stomped online at least :P Screw you Atlus, you forced me to buy your game twice >:c

    • Herok♞

      to be fair you are buying from Zen the second time, and without region lock they would have made no money because of people importing instead of waiting.

  • Laith Rem

    Oh god Labrys’ Story Mode is so painfully obvious what is gonna happen and yet still so effective.

    I cried like a little girl while reading it ;_;

  • RmanX1000

    Ima huge Persona, and the story mode has way too much text. While i did enjoy Kanji’s story for its humor, the sheer amount of read-only sections is annoying and tedious. But i love the game overall so far. As for online play, i have had lag, but its not as bad as people say. Its noticable but not unplayable as long as you have a good connection.

    • TornZero

      The amount of text seems pretty normal to me, actually. It’s at least not nearly as much to read as going through all of Persona 3 or 4 (especially not in one sitting), and the differences in storylines can really be interesting. That said, you can always turn on the “Unread Text Skip” option in the menu so you can skip straight to the choices and fighting every time.

      Also, I notice a lot of people love the humor of Kanji’s storyline (as do I), but I haven’t seen anyone comment on Yukiko’s “bad end”, so to speak. I felt so bad for everyone… especially Yu. She… she just kept forcing it in…. T_T

      • RmanX1000

        but at least the full story of Persona 3 and Persona 4 were voiced. Those werent interrupted by really long “Here’s what im thinking” segments. It breaks the flow and its annoying. The only non voiced parts in P3 and P4 were S.Links and NPCs during unimportant times. 

        • TornZero

          The thing with me not worrying about the voiced parts is my reading speed. I frequently read quite a bit faster than the voices in-game, so I tend to skip over the speaking. If anything breaks the flow of voice acting, silent breaks in between the spoken parts isn’t it, especially since the unspoken text is just an internal monologue.

          Along with that, Persona 3’s voice acting quickly got annoying for some characters. Even though it was much improved come P4 (aside from Rise during battles; I couldn’t help but want to tape her mouth shut), I still had the personal issue of reading speed. If I get bored with hitting X and stopping the voices mid-sentence (at least in P3/4 nowadays), I leave the auto-read on so I can take care of other business and get to the next scene at the same time.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    i wouldnt deny P3P female protagonist when the first 2 persona games prove that this like many shin megami tensei titles are multiverses with different dimensions and timelines that can be conncected.

    • TornZero

       You DO know what happens to Minato/Hamuko (because the female protagonist is the alternate-universe version of the male protagonist and follows the same exact storyline) and that’s why they can’t appear in P4A, right? Right? I mean, it still brings a lot of players to tears; it’s not an easy event to forget.

  • AuraGuyChris

    Naoto: Tell me, what are the contents of your cargo?

    Mitsuru: *Doesn’t respond and draws rapier out*

    Naoto: *Draws GUN out*

    Mitsuru: There’s some game breaking thing going on with this, I just know it…

    • TornZero


      Mitsuru: “Why’re you aiming at ME?! You’re supposed to shoot YOURSELF in the head!”

      • Naoto: People die when they shot themselves.


        Mitsuru: BUFU = Heal!!
        Naoto: Damn it.

  • Shadowman

    -Sighs- They got to fix this sooner or later.

  • darkfox1

    The reviews this game got was amazing….

  • Brandon001

    lag before matches is kind of annoying, but nothing is perfect.

  • The only problem I’m having with it’s online is when i play my friend, when it cut to the next round it freezes for some reason and we gotta sign out but other than that its been great!

  • Atlus releasing a patch for the Xbox 360 version?  Not likely if Konami couldn’t do it for the Silent Hill HD Collection. 

    • shuratan

      I fail to see the relationship between what Konami couldn’t do and what Atlus has said they will do. C’mon have a little more faith in them. 

  • TruSpindash

    I was planing to renew my live subscription for this game but I will hold off on it until the patch is out.
    Regardless, I have been loving everything else about the game.

  • Tee Niitris

    Damn that sucks; no doubt people’s decision on buying P4A for 360 (which I’m hearing a lot of good things about) will be swayed by the poor online interface.

    EDIT : Patch came out today; that was quick. ArcSys really came through. Unfortunately it’s probably too little, too late in Japan. Hopefully that’s not the case in the U.S.

  • Lol I saw one particular Ho-yay scene on tv tropes lol. And Yu and Yosuke is making me LMAO.

    And why Labrys portrait looks diff frm her charac art??? Is it a spoiler??

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Wonder if they’ll release more Persona games for the Xbox. Until now, all have been for Sony’s consoles

  • Maia Kasoya

    “we’re not counting the female protagonist in Persona 3 Portable since she doesn’t exist.”
    I’d get mad at that, but sadly that’s true, both P3 protagonists can’t exist at the same time…

    • TornZero

      Does no one else realize that even in her own alternate universe, the female protagonist still follows the same storyline as Minato?

  • Göran Isacson

    can’t say I’m superhappy about what I hear re: this games plot retreading many story beats from the first, but this line…

    “I’ll teach you a true appreciation for meat”.

    Am… am I the only one who reads the innuendo into that? Because dang Akihiko, don’t you think she’s a bit young for ya?

    • TornZero

      At least it’s not as bad as everyone else thinking Akihiko’s some kind of traveling pervert, or Yukiko dumping her screwed-up lunch into Teddie’s mouth and stuffing it into Yu’s. Poor Yu. She used her elbow. T_T (Teddie kinda had it coming with all the perversion.)

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