DmC Producer Discusses Reboot And How They Made Gameplay Feel Like Classic DMC

By Spencer . August 10, 2012 . 1:45pm


While DmC has a completely different look and a reimagined Dante, it feels like, well Devil May Cry. That was my first impression after slicing through enemies in the game’s tutorial level and defeating the Succubus boss in DmC. Since the core gameplay is essentially the same my first question for Motohide Eshiro, producer of DmC and the Ace Attorney Investigation games, and Hideaki Itsuno, director of DmC and Devil May Cry 2, was why they wanted to reinvent Dante.


Why do you feel now is a good time to reinvent the Devil May Cry series with DmC, which Ninja Theory is developing?


Motohide Eshiro, Producer: As far as the timing is concerned, a big part of the motivation is not waiting for the series to fizzle out, but to do it while the series is still doing really well. We’ve done Devil May Cry 1-4 and they keep getting better with each iteration, but rather than waiting for things to go badly and then trying to give it a rebirth we thought it would be an interesting challenge to try to do something new with it while it’s still quite viable.


While we were doing this rebirth we decided on a new artistic direction to potentially draw in more Western fans. That was the motivation to work with Ninja Theory. We had the right developer, a good concept, and Itsuno-san to supervise and direct the title with Ninja Theory to make sure we have a proper DMC game while still trying to break new ground. As a company, we want to challenge ourselves rather than wait until the series is not viable. Let’s do it now and see what happens while it’s still quite big.


DMC’s gameplay is so much like the other Devil May Cry titles and at the least from the demo it feels like it’s just as responsive any other Capcom action game. Do you think fans, perhaps, have judged the book by its cover?


ME: You raise a good point, when people actually get to play it or see more of it they will understand its a proper DMC in every sense of the word. It’s difficult to get that across with screenshots and without getting more people to play it. Something we struggled with from the start is when you do something new with an established series is you do have a certain amount of winning people that needs to be done.


How do we win these people over? Part of that is increasing opportunities for them to play the game and part of that is releasing more assets that aren’t screenshots. Something they can see in motion. These are elements we need to engage in to get users interested. We’re not just looking for new fans, we’re looking to make the game for the standard DMC fan as well.


Hideaki Itsuno, Director: I think when people get the controller in their hands and feel the responsiveness in the controls they will start to understand it’s a proper Devil May Cry game. In our discussions with Ninja Theory we haven’t given them a directive on how to do things, but we identified these pillars that are really important to the Devil May Cry series when it comes to the controls, responsiveness and gameplay. I can’t give too many specifics and reveal our secret sauce, so to speak, but we gave Ninja Theory these pillars so they can work these elements in the game and we’re pretty happy with their results.




It kind of feels like the angelic weapons, like the scythe, is a long range and fast weapon while the demonic weapon, the axe, is slow and heavy. Can you tell us about the angel/demon weapons and will it always be like that when Dante inevitably picks up other weapons?


ME: You picked up on something that is quite deliberate. Generally speaking, the angel weapons will be about speed, crowd control, and a wider range. The demon weapons will focus on big damage against a single foe, shorter range, and they’re slower, but more damage dealing. These themes will run throughout each side of the weapon selection.


I see. I like how you can switch weapons at anytime and continue the combo. So, you can switch between crowd control and heavy damage on the fly. Can you tell us more about the other weapons and how this will affect the game?


HI: I don’t want to talk to much about the specifics of the other weapons we haven’t revealed because it’s not time to address those. But, what I can say is the way the system is set up is you will always have access to all of your weapons. There isn’t a pause menu to equip different weapons.


In addition to the triggers to select angelic and demonic weapons, you can use the d-pad to pick weapons inside those categories. You’re right that you can link everything together. If you think about the kind of combos you can do and the three dimensionality of the combat this time – there is a lot more of a focus on aerial combos as well as ground based attacks the sky is the limit. The key is the freedom players have.




I noticed there were red orbs in the game. Can you tell us how Dante will develop?


ME: What you’ll see is similar to previous DMC games. You can use red orbs in shops, but it goes deeper than that. There are also other ways to upgrade moves and weapons, in a separate sphere, but there is a great deal of character growth on Dante’s part.


Will it be like Devil May Cry 3 at all where you have different styles?


HI: I would describe it as very similar to DMC3.


While some action games simply controls, DmC rewards players for specific actions like extending your devil trigger if you keep enemies in the air and a speed burst when you get a "S" ranked combo. Was Capcom trying to create an effective play style?


HI: That is definitely the case. We’ve seen similar systems implemented in Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4 as well. For the players that are exceptionally skilled and can show off by doing cool things we feel they should be rewarded in some way and that continues in this iteration of Devil May Cry as well.




The idea for Malice, the morphing world came from Ninja Theory. Can you tell us your impressions when you first saw it and suggestions you gave them to fit this into DMC?


ME: I think at the beginning, the Malice mechanic was a visual motif. The advice, what we at Capcom wanted to see more of, was not just to look at this as a method of giving the game more visual impact, but to tie it into the gameplay. If the world is trying to kill Dante, let’s make that happen with traps and tie it into the way you have to make your way through the stage.


Let’s talk about the story. What are your thoughts on a half-angel and half-demon form? And it looks like the story has dark humor in it too from the demo and so forth. How do you feel about this tone?


ME: [The half-demon, half-angel concept for Dante] was Ninja Theory. Interestingly enough, we’re at the point where we are putting the finishing touches on the Japanese script so it’s hard to pick out lines or scenes since we’re cementing them for our version. What I can say is, we took a largely hands off approach with the script itself. We wanted Ninja Theory to have a sense of control over that. We wanted to see what Westerners could bring to the table, as far as the storyline, the character, and cool lines to speak. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve seen so far.


HI: We’re going through the script with a fine toothed comb revising it and we noticed there are a lot of homage lines. Dante will say things he said in previous Devil May Cry games, Easter Egg kind of stuff. I think fans will look forward to that.


Will we see any characters from the Devil May Cry series in DmC? Maybe Vergil…


ME: In the coming months, as we talk more about the storyline we can get into the characters that appear in the game. [Laughs.]


Moving forward with Devil May Cry as a whole, will we ever see I guess I should call him classic Dante again? Devil May Cry 2, which is the last game chronologically speaking shows Dante riding off into the sunset. Will we see a continuation from there?


HI: We see this branching off into a new path as an expansion in the Devil May Cry universe, rather than a replacement. Only the future can tell us where the series will head, but this doesn’t mean the old series has ended or we’ll never go back to it. We’re certainly eager to do new things with this new series as well.

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  • The question on “Let’s talk about the story” isn’t bolded :3
    I like the themes, and the characterization is something I have always loved from Ninja Theory games. They have variety too, Heavenly Sword and Enslaved had their comical moments, suspenseful ones and sad ones. Those are the type of adventure games I replay often. Same with Shadows of the Damned!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    “Maybe Vergil…”I don’t think people will receive Vergil very well if the staff had death threats when revealing the new Dante

    • revivegamesrise23

      well who ever that voice was in the demo, it has to be Vergil, who else would it be? they’ll probably put him in, but your right those Death threats are stupid and People need to chill.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Who else? A new character perhaps? I mean, there’s no need for every important character in this new series to be one of the important characters from the old one.

  • SirRichard

    “While we were doing this rebirth we decided on a new artistic direction to potentially draw in more Western fans.”

    And then the comments section was consumed by the fires.

    At this point I’m just waiting for some form of demo to be released at large, and I still hold reservations about Ninja Theory’s involvement and really have to wonder what they were aiming for if they’re happy with the script (judging by what we’ve heard, anyway). I guess we’ll have to see.

    • revivegamesrise23

      Since DMC comes out January 15, A demo should come out in the winter break becauuse thats the right time to release a Demo. like you said we’ll have ti wait and see in 5 months. the story will be great and awesome. we’ve seen he’s combat and the amazing environment so, the story wise will be good and the ending may be twisted. i have high hopes for NT. 

  • Valtiel Ikari

    in every “hands on” I have seen in the net, they always say that the gameplay is similar to classic Devil May Cry, but they always emphasize (and price) that it’s toned down to be easier, in that sence, it does not sound it will actually be the same in gameplay, so when they say it plays just like past Devil May Cry I have my doubts (guess I will know when I actually play it, if I rent it, if it’s cheap rental)

    And for what I have seen in videos, the gameplay is (looks) actually slower than past Devil May Cry. And I saw a Video that actually shows that the city isn’t really trying to kill you, it’s just scripted stuff to make it look like it want to kill you.

    Also, it will seem that they actually like how this Dante’s cool lines are in its majority (for what have been show to us) a bunch of “f*uck” added here and there and a literal “f*ck you. No f*ck you” contest. Dante’s humanity was actually very important in past games, this half angel instead of human is really a turn off, but hey, it’s an AU, and they finally confirm that whe will have more of real Devil May Cry with real Dante coming, so officially, they can screw up all the things they want, they can put a Sucker Punch plot twist for all I care now, there will be more propper DMC, and this new game will be it’s own series, like in DC where whe have series of different realities, so all good in the world, except that Devil May Cry 2 still havent been kicked out of the classic cannon

  • “We’ve done Devil May Cry 1-4 and they keep getting better with
    each iteration, but rather than waiting for things to go badly and then
    trying to give it a rebirth we thought it would be an interesting
    challenge to try to do something new with it while it’s still quite

    Glad he knew that the series may flop sooner or later.

    “You raise a good point, when people actually get to play it or see more of it they will understand its a proper DMC in every sense of the word. It’s difficult to get that across with screenshots and without getting more people to play it.”

    Thank You! :)

    “We wanted Ninja Theory to have a sense of control over that. We wanted
    to see what Westerners could bring to the table, as far as the
    storyline, the character, and cool lines to speak. We’re pretty happy
    with what we’ve seen so far.”

    I wonder how happy. Mercurystream had free reign on Castlevania: LOS’ story (which by the way is epic in the literal sense), so here’s hoping NT is at least trying.

  • eilegz

    still not impressed with this game, but i dont hate it like before… they are improving at least

  • Solomon_Kano

    So they didn’t say no old characters besides Dante are coming back… nice. I’d definitely like to see NT’s take on Vergil since he was my favorite character. It’s already been confirmed that his father in this universe is still Sparda, so I’d imagine his mother is still Eva. Really, those are the only characters I’d want to see reinterpreted. It’d be weird to see a different version of Trish since… well, it’s a bit hard to to do anything different with her without it just being someone else with the same name. Same for Lady, awesome as she was.

    That DMC3 comparison though… we’ll see. Nothing shown so far gives me the feeling of 3’s styles but, to be fair, we’ve only seen 4 weapons (scythe, ax, Rebellion, Ebony & Ivory).

    I’m betting Itsuno’s answer to that last question goes ignored just so people can keep raging.

    • Kris

      Yeah, I’m curious about the DMC3 comment… I wonder if he’s referring to the upgrade system alone, implying that Proud Souls might be gone. I hated those things, despite the respec options. I felt like DMC3 did progression much better than 4 did!

      •  Ugh, those damn Proud Souls. :(

      • Solomon_Kano

        Yea, I vastly preferred the way DMC3 handled progression to having to get Proud Souls and orbs. Twas stupid lol.

        • Kris

          I like the idea of being able to respec, but it just wasn’t fun grinding for the things and having a stupidly large amount of red orbs by the end of the game. :P Also, I hope we don’t have to buy combos this time around!

          • Solomon_Kano

            I dunno… I kinda liked buying combos! If we don’t have to buy them this time around, I wonder what the divinity statues would be used for now? Just items?

          • Kris

            I should clarify: I like buying skills, like in DMC1 and 3 (that’s where the fun of progression comes from!) But I didn’t like that I needed to pay proud souls with Nero to have more than one sword combo, especially considering that all Nero had was the one sword. Since they’re saying it’s like DMC3, I assume we’ll be buying skills for each weapon. :)

          • Solomon_Kano

            @TheCleaningGuy:disqus Ahhh. Yea, hopefully that’s what they mean by it’ll be like DMC3 then.

    • Poison (the “secret ingredient” boss) confirmed Eva anyway. And are you sure about Lady? Being the vengeful character she was in DMC3 made her quite engaging. Heck, she and Dante developed as they’ve interacted with each other. I dunno if much of her “character” would be changed if NT took a spin on her.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I loved her in DMC3, but that’s precisely why I wouldn’t want to see NT’s take on her. Much of DMC3 is spent dealing with her and her father and you learn a lot about her character as you interact with the both of them. I suppose I’m saying I don’t want to see NT touch any characters that come with baggage, so to speak. Lady’s baggage being her relationship with Arkham, since so much of what she is has to do with him, and Trish’s baggage being the her ties to Eva and Mundus. A lot of their character came from what we knew about them in relation to other characters. Again, doing something different with them would feel like just giving a different character their name. Leaving them the same wouldn’t really be interesting either given the new take we’re getting on Dante and all.

        Does that make any sense?

        •  It would. The baggage you’re probably looking for is the chain that binds the characters. What accompanies a character’s development or inconspicuousness is the chain that binds them, which you as Dante see for yourself.

          NT can always take a spin on that chain. Mundus is in the game so chances are Trisha is there too. Or rather, DmC may be about Dante breaking his chain which is held by Limbo and it’s big boss.

          • Domii

            Wait, when did they hinted at Mundus being in this game?

          • Solomon_Kano


            Here ya go.

            @Garyuu:disqus Having read the wiki’s page on new Mundus… I’m liking that Dante Alighieri parallel. Ninja Theory took our hero’s namesake’s historical connection and ran with it in a whole other direction than the original (the original giving us Vergil and Nero), but I’m liking what they got out of it.

          • His name is mentioned by one of the demons who’s apparently his wife and happens to be hosting a rave center, presented by Capcom during Comic Con.


          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm… seeing a spin on that chain would certainly be interesting.


            Having just seen this today, I’m now thinking it’s a guarantee that we see Trish. The English language being what it is does make Dante and Mundus enough to be called “familiar faces” plural, but I’d imagine we’re getting more than just them. So I look forward to NT’s take on Trish.

  • l777l

    I didn’t worry about the gameplay; it was unlikely to be dramatically different. The problem is Capcom’s concept (especially of Dante). One and two (despite considerable shortcomings) were somewhat coherent and somewhat serious. DMC 3 has Dante be a juvenile moron, a moron of a calibre that can’t be reconciled with 1 and 2. 4 has Dante calling Nero “kid” and “kiddo” and acting like someone who desperately tries to be “cool”. Additionally, they ruined Trish, who was a promising character in 1.

    At this point, it is clear that this series is not one for sophisticated style and depth. DMC 3 already was a reboot, introducing juvenile Dante (for new players), and 4 followed much of the same idea, by giving new players Nero. It’s difficult to say whether 4’s Dante is the way he is due to Capcom’s inabilities or by choice. I think it’s both (and would like to point out that they were trying to dramatically reinvent Dante there, too [remember the first “gameplay” trailer with a different-looking “thug” Dante]). Now there’s Twilight Dante, presumably a hopeless amalgam.

    Thus, on it’s own, I don’t care about DMC (or DmC, dMC, dmC, whatever) anymore. But it’s part of a greater context, part of Capcom’s changed direction (DMC, Onimusha, RE, Dragon’s Dogma). I still care a bit about what Capcom does. But that will change as well.


    It’ll be interesting to say how Hitman’s reboot turns out.

    •  What? DMC3 is no reboot. It’s a prequel within the same universe. The word you’re looking for is “retconned,” pretty much shaping the same universe however the director and/or writer wants. Part of the reason Motohide knew that the franchise might turn out badly as Capcom kept the same concept of Dante that seems to work.

      • l777l

        “The word you’re looking for is “retconned,” pretty much shaping the same universe however the director and/or writer wants.”

        No. It’s not the same universe if that universe’s main constituent – its protagonist – has been irreconcilably altered. This is what happened with 3. That version of Dante can’t develop into 1’s Dante. There’s fundamental discontinuity, there’s rupture. 

        “Part of the reason Motohide knew that the franchise might turn out badly as Capcom kept the same concept of Dante that seems to work.”

        This sentence needs to be revised.

        • Cloud was “irreconcilably altered” in FFVII Advent Children. He’s not the same person who got over Aireth’s death and had the conviction to stop Sephiroth. He’s moody and “emo” for most of the movie because Square-Enix pretty much wanted that, regardless of continuity. Again, retcon.
          And what I was saying had to do with Motohide believing that he should start fresh rather than wait for the franchise to turn out badly, which I believe is true after DMC4. Besides the fact that it had great gameplay, as it is a staple in the franchise, the idea of replacing Dante with Nero at the beginning of the game was jarring for most players, especially fans, and the writing/narrative was shallow and effortless. Yes, I’m arguing over the narrative of an action game because fans still like the convoluted lore, which STILL has holes. Even if we were to get pumped for the next DMC “within the same universe,” there was no telling what Capcom could do. Their new story may include more details about Sparda, which would be nice so long as the writing is not so shallow as to leave behind important details. Things like that.

          Edit: As for Dante, his character may eventually become oversaturated, despite being the strong, “cool,” laid-back demon hunter that everyone loves.

        • SirRichard

          “No. It’s not the same universe if that universe’s main constituent – its protagonist – has been irreconcilably altered.”

          Nnnno, that’s retconning in action. Elements of characters or past entries are ignored or rewritten to accommodate sequels and later changes. Deny it all you want, mate, but that’s simply a retcon in action.

          And “irreconcilably altered”? Come on, no need for that level of hyperbole. Dante in 3 was just an exaggerated version of himself from the first game, likely because of the backlash from DMC2. You don’t have to like it, of course, but it’s not like it killed the series.

          • I won’t say the shift of Dante’s character killed the franchise, but I’m holding a belief that it may cause him to be oversaturated, as I said below. He’ll most likely be the same, exaggerated incarnation as the series goes on. And each game may be more convoluted than the last because it’s not like Capcom really cared about the lore. Castlevania is the first game franchise to end up like this before being rebooted.

            That’s just me being precocious though.

  • ZEROthefirst

    “We’ve done Devil May Cry 1-4 and they keep getting better with each iteration, but rather than waiting for things to go badly and then trying to give it a rebirth we thought it would be an interesting challenge to try to do something new with it while it’s still quite viable.”
    Well I wouldn’t say DMC2, and 4 were getting better.

    • Seconded, Nero had some cool mechanics, too bad the whole experience was a little lack luster especially riding the wave of the ridiculously awesome DMC3.

    • Kris

      4 definitely has its problems (particularly with regard to the story and level design), but mechanically, there’s some great stuff in there! 

      I just beat it again recently, and liked it much more than the first run (except for the last three or so missions)!

    • Domii

      Yeah 2 was an embarrassment compared to the other ones, but for some reason I still had fun playing it. Specially when turning in to a massive powerful demon on those pesky blood goats at the Bloody castle.  

  • Someone seriously needs to ask these people already that is this game really called; “Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry.”

  • Wait what happened to Dante? Isnt this an alternative Universe continuity… Im so lost here

  • Well, that pretty much explains why the gameplay is the thing I like the most about this game, judging by the trailers. Definitely not keen on anything else that was shown: the music and the overall artstyle aren’t doing it much for me right now.

  • epy

    The gameplay actually looks pretty solid (but I still don’t like the gunplay) and I like the art direction but from what I’ve seen, I really dislike the main character. I wonder what audience they were going for but I guess I’m not the target demographic anymore. I may give it a try if there’s some deep character development or a really good story in spite of the main character which supposedly NT is very good at.

  • Wow, so he pretty much says that they’re literally trying to fix something that isn’t broken… That’s just ridiculous. Oh well, at least there might be hope for a real Devil May Cry in the future… I’m by no means saying that this game looks bad per se, but it isn’t Devil May Cry, even though the gameplay may be similar…

    • Kris

      If the gameplay isn’t what makes Devil May Cry Devil May Cry, what is?

      • The story, settings, characters and gameplay. If they abandoned the first three for something “new”, well… you know.

        • Kris

          But DMC1, 2, and 3 Dante all seem entirely different! Aside from Dante, there weren’t any returning characters until 4, and 4 kinda ruined most of them, in my opinion (like my beloved Lady). 

          The music and style are different, but I don’t see how that makes the game “not Devil May Cry,” the series is constantly reinventing itself.

        • Asura

           Gameplay changed from 1 to 2 and from 2 to 3.

          Story was always awful no matter which game, though 4 was just painfully atrociously bad; I would have settled for saving a princess from a castle over 4’s story.

          And yeah, Danta changed in character from 1 to 2 to 3 once again.

          Not to mention the whole concept of reboot is to potentially change large amounts, and leave behind remnants here and there which collectively trace the product back to its source material.

      • As amc99 said, there’s more to Devil May Cry than the gameplay. Sure the gameplay is important, but the story, the setting, the characters, the music and the overall style are integral to Devil May Cry. Besides, there’s still a lot of story to be told in the original Devil May Cry universe.

    • Domii

      It always makes me laugh when people say “there might be hope for a real Devil May Cry in the future”. Seriously, if this ain’t “Devil May Cry” then WTF is this? 

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        Something in the original canon with the original characters that plays at 60fps.

        • has the frame rate been announced? NT has a history of sub 30fps games… so yeah i’m a bit worried.

      •  See my reply to Kris.

        • Domii

          You make absolutely no sense, being that this game HAS NOT BEEEN RELEASE YET. We don’t know if it’ll turn out good or not, but from what I gather so far this looks just as “Devil May Cry” as any other game in the series.

          • I did say that the game does not look bad per se. My complaints about the game have nothing to do with it’s quality. The aspects I have mentioned can most certainly be discerned from the current promotional material. The game has a different setting, completely different characters, a whole other style of music than typical for the games, a completely different story and a different atmosphere and feel, trading the series’ trademark flamboyancy and clever dialogue for a gritty feel and the manner of speech of a rebellious teenager.

          • Domii

            Which is still very Devil May Cry.

          •  @Domii:disqus I would like to disagree with that. All of the aspects I have mentioned have changed quite immensely. If you are specifically referring to the dialogue: No, it is not very Devil May Cry-like. If you’ve seen some of the latest gameplay you’d notice that the new Dante’s manner of speech is very aggressive and aggravating compared to the original Dante’s very nonchalant way with words.

    • Yeah the whole idea of a pre-emptive fix on a problem that hasn’t happened makes me scratch my head in bewilderment… 

  • s07195

    Looking at some of the comments below… Oh dear me.

  • Domii

    Cool interview. You guys forgot to ask them more questions about the devil trigger.

    • Kris

      Like what? I’ll be getting some more hands-on time with the game at PAX, I’m curious about what people would be interested in knowing about…

      • …or what they’ve (strangely) don’t know about. I mean, we’ve known most of the Devil Trigger (which isn’t much) to the point where it’s conceivable. What more is there to know?

      • Domii

        You lucky. I wanna know if the DT that they have shown so far will be the final form, or will he turn in to a full fledged demon like other games. I know Capcom are not going to spill the beans, but at least a hint about a real DT will be cool.

        • Kris

          Given the look of Dante’s portrait in the corner of the screen when he activates DT, I expect that there will be a more demonic DT, but that’s probably the kind of info we won’t know about until the game’s released. :( I’ll ask about it though!

          • Domii

            We’ll see.

  • Shaun Huseman

    Well the best thing about this interview is that they are saying it’s not taking over the real Devil May Cry series. 

  • Fidelis

    “Only the future can tell us where the series will head, but this doesn’t mean the old series has ended or we’ll never go back to it. ”

    Well now

    I’m happy, happy, happy

    very very happy

    Now I can go from having inextinguishable negative emotions about this game to being completely apathetic about it. And then..who knows..maybe I’ll grow excited to play it!

    But this game will really have to tickle my pickle if I’m to be convinced not to buy it from a form of resale

  • Spider-Man

    “We wanted to see what Westerners could bring to the table, as far as the storyline, the character, and cool lines to speak. We’re pretty happy with what we’ve seen so far. ”

    All the excessive swearing from the latest trailer is cool, huh?

    “We see this branching off into a new path as an expansion in the Devil May Cry universe, rather than a replacement. Only the future can tell us where the series will head, but this doesn’t mean the old series has ended or we’ll never go back to it. We’re certainly eager to do new things with this new series as well.”

    Now THIS is what I like to see. Glad you mentioned DMC2. I’m looking forward to how things would go after Dante’s trip to Hell. Really hope they expand on that.

  • MrRobbyM

    I always had a feeling Capcom wouldn’t just abandon a beloved franchise like that. Dante, that is, original Dante, is one of their most well-known characters. I’m sure we’ll see him again.

  • $3587643

    There is literally nothing they can do to convince me that this redesign was a good idea. If I ever buy this game, it will be used.

  • Setsu Oh

    again my aquestion wasn”t asked: did you change dane from the ‘punk ‘ dante of the early trailers to the ‘random dude ‘ dante of the latest ones?
    or is it that he changes during the game?

    • In early production the developers make a dummy face (look at the early version of Heavenly Sword’s protagonist). So when the mo-cap is done with the facial capture is adjusted with the games model, making it look like his actor. He now looks like his actor: Tim Phillipps.

      • Setsu Oh

         its not just about the face(i don t care about the face) its about the attitude.
        he goes from moody emo suicidal younger punk hank moody to …..jason bourne? well dude lambda(i dunno i don’t like those heroes so… i don’t remember the names clearly)

  • SH3

    They can do as much wall of text damage control as they want it still won’t change the fact that they have destroyed the DMC franchise just like they have destroyed the RE franchise.

    • Domii

      How did you get a early copy of the game? Tell me I wanna play it too.

      • WEL

        just look at the combat. Is slow as hell and the game’s more about platforming and story-telling than anything else.

        • Domii

          Yeah like Nero from 4 was lighting fast right……… So far everything looks smooth enough to make the 30fps argument seem invalid at this point. We’ll see what happens though when a demo is release.

          • some people played the game at pax and they said it was quite simplified, easy and with lots of plataforming and prettier graphics with a western narrative (instead of japanese)……..seems like the typical  ninja theory stuff,just saying. No doubt it will be prettier to look at, but im not going to pay for a moving picture with annoying teenager characters on it.

      • SH3

        NT have yet to create a good game and Capcom will make RE6 even more of a third person shooter than RE5 already was. All the games they have outsourced so far have been terrible and I fail to see why that should be any different with DmC.

        Even if in the end the game isn’t terrible they have made it pretty clear that they have abandoned their core audience by publicly shitting on it.

        • Domii

          Yeah ok Nostradamus. Let’s have this conversation when the game comes out.

          • SH3

            Yeah that’s what apologists said when Ninja Gaiden 3 was criticized.

            Look how that turned out.

            So far everything suggests that this game will be terrible and you have not made a single argument that refutes my points.

          • Domii

            Ok. Well I’ll tell what I think about the game so far. The art style and environment looks better than any other DMC game so far, the music that we came to love is still there, the story seems to be on par with DMC’s 3 story, and the environment looks to be more a live and intriguing than before. The gameplay so far looks great although not better than 3, it does look better than the other games imo.

            Overall I have a great vibe about this game therefore I don’t see why you say that everything suggest that this game will be terrible when it has gotten so much positive press by everyone who has played it.

  • Souji Tendou

    Thanks a lot Siliconera. This clears up a few things for me. And it’s relieving to hear they won’t ditched the original series. :)

  • I don’t think they’re gonna go back to the way it was with previous dmc games, if this game does really well im sure they’ll just continue on this way

    • yeah because ninja theory is known for creating awesome franchises… oh wait they aren’t… this obviously a gamble by capcom, and my money is on big smelly flop… NT has potential but the focus on all this wannabe hollywood stuff misses what DMC’s soul is about HIGH-OCTANE-ACTION – drop hollywood and go hong kong – chin tsui tung/ raymond chow

      •  +5 internetz for you sir XD!!!111!!11!
        no, now seriously, you are right, but what i fear is that this game will sell good because of pandering+ pretty graphics+marketing. holy hell just look at the entire cast, they look like they have been taken from a twilight movie, its sooo creepy.

  • Red Veron


    • +1 Internetz for you sir xD

      • Domii

        Well deserved too lol.

    • $3587643


      • Kris

        HE HAD CHAPS IN 4. 

        IT COULD BE WORSE THAN A SILLY HAIRCUT AND BLACK HAIR (Admittedly, the new coat doesn’t have as cool of a look as the classic)

        • Bentan

          dont forget the manbra he had in dmc3, which everyone seems to like

      • hahahaha ruin? are gamers these days really that judgmental? 

        • Fidelis

          What do you mean by judgmental?

          Are you just trying to make out having a negative opinion of a character redesign as a bad thing?

          By that logic the people who think it’s good are just as judgmental..

          • yup, having a very shallow reason to hate/judge a character, thats judgmental to me. Why do haters always use the word ruin anyways? just dont get it, did they play the game or something already? im not saying gamers cant give opinions, just a valid one and with well thought out reason for hating/liking a character

          • Fidelis

            You’re coming off as not knowing what you’re talking about, no offense . Shallow is the incorrect word to use because the reasons that people dislike him are not purely aesthetic. People dont like him smoking because thats a direct contrast of his creator’s and fans’ vision of him. People don’t like the excessive profanity because it comes off as an immature and try hard way to make him seem cooler and appeal to western youth. People don’t like him being half angel because it completely wipes away what was the old Dante’s main point of motivation (His mother’s death protecting him and Vergil convincing him that humans are worth protecting). There are nearly no traces of the old Dante left and in his wake we get a different character who’s appearance, habits and mannerisms pale in comparison. Taking something good and making it worse is ruining by definition. We have as much a right to this opinion as you have the right to believe Tameem’s haircut, drugs and cussing makes him cooler

      • some people may be tripping on the look but that probably belies a subconscious realization that hey there’s really no new gameplay elements in this version of a series that has been the pinnacle of action-game innvoation  (bayonetta has usurped DMC on this front but that’s another story) – and oh the character looks dumb.

    • Domii

      Make that 2+ internetz for you good sir.

  • French

    Still not really feeling this, I hope as a stand alone game it’s at least average… I just get a bad feeling about this game. I guess I’ll wait and see, Im not gunna buy it new though, that honour is saved for MGS Revengence !! 

  • AaqibRawat

    This game has to be better then devil may cry 3 and bayonetta.

    then i will buy it



       DMC 3 was like stabbing yourself in the eye, but Bayonetta was fun enough and a nice change from DMC for sure.

  • ZBaksh386

     I thought it would have been a bigger feather in their cap had they did try to advance/fix the current canon because it is the bigger challenge than doing a simple reboot.

    the reboot they come up is a mixed bag but the pr aint doing them any favors. Most people left cause their mad or bored.

  • sedoi

    I hope NT burns out before they could do it in big franchise, so DMC could rest in peace.

  • AnimusVox

    I was honestly waiting for a story continuation, especially with that ‘secret’ ending with Dante, Trish, and Lady. I was really crossing my fingers they’d do something with that, not in the sense of DMC2 mind you. 

  • i can’t help but to think this westerner/japanese division is so contrived… DMC has always sold better in the west than in JP… i think the division is more gamers who want over-the-top manual dexterity games and those that don’t… it has nothing to do with west vs japan and more to do with a niche market of gamers who love their action extreme and don’t give 3 farts about the characters motivation, or cut-scenes where there is no action moments… gimme my action cut-scenes directed by or Yuji Shimomura (DMC3/4/Bayonetta) or Ryuhei Kitamura (
    Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)… not some talky crap…

  • Torncurse

    This thing is getting better every time 

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