Best Buy Blowout Has Dragon Quest, Rhythm Heaven, And Rayman Origins On Sale

By Spencer . August 12, 2012 . 2:16am

image Best Buy has a huge summer sale with games like The 3rd Birthday, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Rayman Origins for just $9.99. Rhythm Heaven Fever, which came out just a few months ago, is only $4.99. That’s a steal!


Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, Q? Entertainment’s Child of Eden, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, and (if you still don’t have it) Dragon Quest IX are discounted too.


Cheapassgamer kindly put together a list of the games, many of which are also available online.

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  • urbanscholar

    I ordered Child of Eden myself.

  • DuskSharkEX

    And then Kingdom Hearts 3D and God of War Saga had to wait.

  • gaiahatergaia

    Piku piku piku desu ka?

    Lol, people who know where the thumbnail of this article from the main page is will get the joke.

  • Paradox me

    Huzzah, Jonas brothers DS for only $8!

    Er.. I haven’t bought Final Fantasy IV in a while. I will be sure to order that right away.

  • Herok♞

    My Best Buy doesn’t have Rhythm heaven fever which was the only thing I wanted.

    • Aoshi00

      Same, got other games alrdy, and Rhythm Heaven Fever not in my store either..  argh, got Kirby Epic Yarn for around $30 before and it’s still sealed lol.. 

      Best Buy is on fire lately when it comes to game and movie blu-ray sale.. traded in a bunch of DVDs too.

  • CirnoLakes

    “Not Available for Shipping”
    Wait, so I can’t order it online? I have to go to my local Best Buy to get it?

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, these are special on sale items, could only get from your local BB.  If it’s available in your store, you could place order online and choose store pick-up.  Infamous 2 was on sale for $9.99 several weeks ago but my store was out.. one time I drove to a far away BB to get the Skyrim LE for $60 lol (and then later it was even cheaper on Newegg w/ free shipping *.*)

      • CirnoLakes

        I didn’t want to go into town today. Guess I’ll be doing so anyway.

        I wonder how long this sale lasts.

        • Aoshi00

          Usually last 1 week, from Sun to Sat. You could place order online today and have ~1 week to pick up from store.  I use in-store pick up a lot, very convenient.

      • kupomogli

        It’s not a special sale that you can only get from your local Best Buy.  It’s douchebag resellers that buy up every copy they can, add an additional 300%, throw them on Ebay and sit on them forever.

        Try adding a game that doesn’t sell for too much right now or no ones interested in. That one is sure to have shipping. I’ve been waiting to get Kane and Lynch 2, even though it’s cheap enough everywhere else, I picked it up in this sale since it’s cheaper.

        • Aoshi00

          It is special in that the sale price only applies to store stock.  Best Buy probably has more in diff. warehouse (where items are shipped from if ordered online), like the Arkham City LE or Infamous 2 before. But you could only get the price from the store, not its whse stock. Best Buy still has them but not for $9.99 anymore (now MSRP dropped to $20 though and we’re going to have a $30 collection).  And it depends on how demanded the game is, Metroid Other M and Sin & Punishment were on sale for like $5 before too but there were still available. If it were me, I wouldn’t go thru the trouble of buying extra copies and putting on ebay, too much hassle and fees not really worth it, most of them are really old games anyway..

          A lot of times BB don’t put these up for shipping though, they want to get rid of the local store stock first.

  • MrRobbyM

    This is pretty neat. Lots of great games on that list. I might pick up Epic Yarn, Rayman Origins and DQIX. Thanks Siliconera and Best Buy of course.

  • kelsniff

    Dang my closest Best Buy is 3 hours away T_T 

  • davidvinc

    Did SquareEnix print way too many copies of DQ9 or something? Last year around Christmas Bestbuy was selling it for only $5 and now they still have too many copies on hand?

  • $4.99!?! Sonnvabitch! Got that thing on full price around release.

  • K Mantle

    I bought Rayman Origins (Wii) for $200 (mexican pesos, mexican blockbuster) and Rhythm Heaven Fever at full price (gamestop) just a freaking week ago

    And I would buy Dead Spase 2, Epic Yarn, Rayman 3DS, 3rd Birthday, FF IV, or even another game cube wireless controler… If I even had money

  • CirnoLakes

    Well, I’m disappointed. I knew I wasn’t going to pull anything amazing out of this the minute I saw that “not available for shipping” label on the online store. I don’t exactly live in the big city. More like the deep south. And I’m talking Ozarks, not Texas. My town barely even has a Best Buy and we got it recently. Well I guess the Ozarks aren’t exactly the deep south, but I do live in the middle of nowhere and my town is a small town surrounded by much smaller towns.

    Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have anything I needed hardly. I ended up picking up Spirit Camera because I didn’t really have much else available and didn’t want to make the trip a waste.

    I like some things about living in the middle of nowhere. But I have to say, there are certainly some opportunities you city folk have I’m jealous of.

  • All but Spirit Camera was store only. T__T My shopping list was destroyed so quickly.

    And what sucks is that there are like a dozen copies of Fever among most of those games on sale at all my stores in town but no Best Buy means I have to look at regular price copies all the time.

    At least there’s Black Friday to look forward to.

  • LOL, when I saw this, I went straight to my local Best Buy and bought the last DQM 2. Thanks Siliconera for the heads up!

  • Barrylocke89

    Now I’m tempted to get Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2. We’ll see.

  • puchinri

     Epic Yarn an Rhythm Heaven Fever. YES.

    Probably gonna pick up Never Dead too. Just to try it. Since it’s cheap enough.

  • That is the best deal ever for Rhythm Heaven Fever. It was a fantastic deal at $30. People should DEFINITELY grab it!

    • Visa Vang

       I got mines for $19.99 just a month after release but 5 bucks is over kill…

  • AceWildCard

    I live in canada D:

  • Ack. The Rhythm Heaven Fever for $5 stings. i bought that just a month or two ago for full MSRP since first party Nintendo games rarely go on sale (that I notice). =(

    In any case, anyone here with a Wii who doesn’t own Rhythm Heaven should go get it. Your homework is to interview wrestlers! Playing badminton while flying planes is also acceptable.

  • Ouch, Rhythm Heaven must’ve bombed something fierce. That said, at $5 I’d be crazy not to give it a shot.

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