Mega Man Returns With A Social Game For iOS

By Spencer . August 15, 2012 . 11:11pm

rockmanx1Before news about a new Mega Man game makes anyone jump out of their seat, Rockman Xover (which will probably be called Mega Man Xover if it comes out overseas) is a social RPG.


Mega Man Xover melds the entire history of Mega Man together into one iOS game. Dr. Wily, Sigma, and all of Mega Man’s villains broke through the space time barrier. To fight evil, Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack (!) teamed up to create a new kind of robot, a robot that uses “battle memory” scattered around the world. This model has unlimited potential to increase its power. The concept of Mega Man Xover is making your own Mega Man and battle evil robots with your friends.


Mega Man Xover is designed for casual gamers, so I guess there won’t be Quickman level traps. Players can customize their character and communicate with other players. Well, on the plus side Capcom didn’t totally abandon Mega Man.


Capcom will release Mega Man Xover this fall. The game is compatible with iPod Touch (generation 3 and up), iPhone (3GS/4/4S), and iPad.


Thanks to Brian, Protodude’s Rockman Corner, and everyone else who sent in this tip!


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  • I would prefer the name Megaman X Rehash: Social.

  • ShinGundam

    Thanks Kappacom.

    • Godmars

      Give them some cucumbers to placate them? 

  • ZXA

    Megaman shows signs that he’s not dead after Inafune leaves and finally has a fan favorite idea realized in the form of a crossover, but what do they put it on? Not the 3DS, not the Vita, not the PS3, not the 360, not the Wii U, not the PC (excluding the online game that’s already going) but the stinkin’ Iphone! If it doesn’t get ported/ have home console/standard handheld versions, this will be an absolutely terrible waste of potential. If it gets released even. *looks at Universe and Legends 3*

    • Kaihedgie

      Mega Man’s still in a rut from sequel anxiety, so give it time. Afterall, FFIV The After Years and KH Coded started out on the iPhone. If it sells enough, it’ll pop up on other platforms

      • Godmars

        Capcom is still in a rut about what to do this console gen. especially on the HD consoles.

      • Anime10121

         Actually, KH Coded wasn’t released on iPhone, it was released on the Japanese only NTT Docomo, and FFIV the After Years was also released only on some obscure JPN only phone.  That’s the reason they were released on different platforms in the US, because their platforms didn’t exist in the US. 

        Also considering the After Years never needed precise controls for gameplay and KH was remade to accommodate the DS, even if this game was ported to consoles, as-is, it still wouldn’t be suitable for controllers unless they actually took the time to adjust it and tighten controls.  Touch screen controls for a game like Megaman wont translate easy from touch screen to dpad or vice versa unless they actually try and adjust the game, which honestly I dont see Capcom doing for a Megaman game.

        • Kaihedgie

          My mistake, I wrote that when I was pretty tired and a bit distressed.

          Erm, KH Coded was also released on the DS in Japan as well as After Years. Also, I don’t really see what the problem is going to be for controls considering this is suppose to be an RPG and not a side-scroller.

          • Anime10121

            True, but we still dont know whether it’ll be turn based or an action based rpg.  If its an action based RPG, it could still very much play like a side scroller, so tight controls would be a necessity.  Now you have brought up something I hadn’t thought of, and that if it is a turn based RPG, it would make it a whole lot easier to play on a mobile, so that at the least would be a plus.

  • Okay, come on! Does anyone else find it funny that the newest MegaMan game made while people are fearing for the franchise’s future is called “Megaman Over”?!

    • TaintedSeraph

      The game is titled Rockman Xover. The X is pronounced as CROSS meaning the game is actually titled Rockman Crossover.

      • OOOOOOH, that makes more sense… Why didn’t they just call it that?

        • TaintedSeraph

          Its Japan. They did the same thing with Digimon Xros Wars, spelt with an X but pronounced cross. They’re just weird sometimes. :P

  • Oh Capcom, your sense of humour is just a bit too sour for my taste~

    •  Sour and salty.

  • RmanX1000

    New MegaMan game announced?! Is it the re-kindling of the cancelled MegaMan Universe or the long awaited and cancelled MegaMan Legends 3? NO!! its some stupid iOS MegMan crossover game! iOS? ARE YOU KIDDING?

  • Hoshi星

    So far, an E-can of OST and an iOS Megaman game for 25th Megaman anniversary. At least Capcom, do ANOTHER collection of Megaman or release this on handheld  or a sequel to any of the previous Megaman franchise on console/PC geez.

    • Anime10121

       I would freaking LOVE a Megaman Collection that puts ALL of the main series games on one disc/collection like
      Megaman 1-8 plus DLC codes for 9 and 10
      Megaman X-8
      Megaman Zero 1-4
      Megaman ZX and ZX Advent
      Megaman Legends 1 and 2 (though unlikely since although they seem to love Tron and the Servbots, this series seems to have undue hate from Capcom and also fro the fact that they cant rerelease them in the west due to “licensing issues”)

      They may not all fit on one disc for 360, but I guarantee they would on a single layer Bluray disc.

      I’d gladly shell out $150 bones for this, moreso than I would the StreetFighter collection (mostly because I already HAVE all of those games/movies/ova’s in the SF collection on a console already).

      • Hoshi星

         You are missing the Megaman Battle Network collection and the Megaman Starforce collection, but yea, that would be too megaton for Capcom to handle this

        • Anime10121

           Well I was actually just talking about the games in the “Official Megaman timeline” as the Battle Network/Starforce games are (while Battle Network at least were great games, never played Starforce so I dunno about that one) from a completely different continuity/alternate reality.  If they did actually include those too, it would be beyond awesome!  But I sadly doubt we’ll see any kind of collection like that.

  • Skip and Autoplay buttons and it looks horrid.

    Capcom keep alienating people, that works.

    • Anime10121

       Yep but the sad thing is, they dont care if they alienate Megaman fans or any other fans of their franchises.  Truthfully, Megaman games haven’t been selling all that well for years, even if they are cheaper to make than average games (well except for Dash/Legends, which I’m sure would command the biggest budget of any Megaman series). 

      Even though they are good/fun games, the fanbase is not as large as say Street Fighter or Resident Evil (though fault can be laid at Capcom for relegating the series to only handhelds after the last two X games), so sadly they probably care less about this franchise’s fans (and to a lesser extent the vocal DMC crowd who disowned that game before its first trailer) when they know they can pump out other series and make larger profits.  Sadly its how the business world works, which is why I sometimes hate being an adult that has realized the world truly is run by the dollar/yen/euro etc.

  • imaguni

    Oh Capcom…

  • elsalvadorps

    Capcom don’t ever stop trolling the MM fanbase, the reactions that come from them are just too good

  • TaintedSeraph

    Just to let people know: you pronounce the X as cross so the game is actually Rockman Crossover. :)

  • Aw man, and it seems to use the same horrible  “engine” of the MMX game on the appstore :/ , sad news for the blue bomber, AGAIN.

  • LOL the japanese name in the logo actually called it Rockman CrossOver.

    what a lame…. and how sad the series has become… an iOS game? not so good direction.

    • Are you basically saying all iOS games are considered bad?

      • You mean they’re not?

      • Anime10121

         I dont think he’s saying ALL IOS games, just the Megaman ones :(

  • Cephrien


  • $30632660

    I am not surprised by this at all Sapcom.

    The Breath of Fire series was brought to cellphones.I haven’t seen anyone, besides myself, wanting another BOF game and it’s a shame.

    Stay classy Sapcom.

  • Phlo

    It hurts!

  • William Carpenter


    •  Capcom: I give you oblivion. *Joking*

  • Oh god no….

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Social game? Must be bad…lol great logic guys.

    • Well, at least nobody have said the same about Free-to-play games. …Yet. …In this thread.

    • Anime10121

      To me, its not so much because it’s a social game, because actually this seems almost like what Megaman Universe was, what with you being able to build your own custom Megaman and all.  Honestly, I like this style better than that hideous thing that was Megaman Universe. 

      My main problem is Megaman just doesn’t control well on mobile’s.  I’ve tried Megaman X for iPhone and I think it was Megaman 4 on an older phone (also touch screen) that used arrow keys.  It just does not work, Megaman’s (at least the side-scrolling platforming ones) fun lies into its tightness of control/difficulty, and they’ve yet to make a mobile Megaman game that controls even half as good as ones that do on a controller/handheld.

      • Luna Kazemaru

         still only believe that’s your reason( which isn’t sallow like most). After being on this site for awhile and looking at the comments on anything that becomes a phone,or web base game everyone here loves to cry about it I.E the VC duel thing for one.

        • Anime10121

           Understandable, but do realize that the vocal majority is usually in no way the true voice of a fanbase, just the loudest.

    • No, just the platform sucks.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’d definitely give it a go if it comes to the US an is on Android as well.

    • Anime10121

      I’ve tried Megaman X on iPhone, and Megaman doesn’t work well with touch screen controls.  I dont even mind the graphical style of the game like many seem to, but I’m just hoping that this isn’t “it” for Mega’s anniversary. 

      God how I would like a “real” Rockman game from any of his established series (although I still would prefer for them to actually FINISH Legends/Dash although I realize that’s pretty much a futile dream now) or even a new one, instead of what this seems to be, a quick cash-in that includes all versions of Rock just so they can label it the 25th anniversary game.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Well, here we go, a reason for me not to look forward to this that isn’t “it’s on phones” lol. Thanks for the bit on iOS’ version of X.

        It’s kinda pitiful to think that this and a soundtrack release were the only things Capcom’s cooked up for the anniversary. So far, at least. SF had a new game this year and a box set coming that has all sorts of stuff packed in it. I wish we could’ve at least gotten a new X game. X9 for PSN in the spirit of the SNES games is all I’d have wanted and I’d have been fine with the anniversary. That would’ve been easy enough, I’d imagine. Ah well. Poor anniversary aside, their treatment of MM is squat next to other series.

        • Anime10121

          Yep its brutally sad the way that Capcom’s treated Megaman over the years, its like after the failures of X7, X8, and Command Mission (sales-wise) they refused to even TRY and do a full console Megaman game anymore. 

          And while extremely fun and in the spirit of the classic series, I still cant justifiably call 9 and 10 “sequels” to the original classic series because of all the steps back they took gameplay wise, story wise, and graphically.  I did appreciate the throwback to 8-bit at first with 9 but after they did 10 the EXACT same way, just with added slide controls (or rather the REaddition of slide) I was already starting to realize that Mega had basically died already to Capcom besides merchandising outside of games. 

          When Legends was announced I thought I could have been wrong, and that Capcom actually had enough faith in the franchise to release a “bigger budget” Megaman game, though they proved me right in my initial thought (that Megaman was sadly dead) when they cancelled the game and Universe because of Inafune’s departure (while I wont list the reasons I know that to be a fact, the way things turned out, there is no other explanation other than Capcom cancelling those titles to spite Inafune, basically saying F’ the series fans in the process).

          • Solomon_Kano

            Long ass response ahead.

            At this point I’ve given up on a console Mega Man title not because of Capcom’s actions, but because it just wouldn’t be a viable thing for them to do.

            Consider this: it’s been years since a Mega Man title just flew off of the shelves; many PS2-era companies have either moved to portables or closed down altogether due to the costs of current-gen development; PSN, XBLA, and other digital platforms have allowed many smaller developers the opportunity to make games in the same vein as Mega Man.

            Now look at this from Capcom’s perspective. How do you justify to consumers a full priced console Mega Man game when the series hasn’t evolved beyond what it was on NES/SNES/PS1/PS2 while indie developers have taken that mold and made games from it, selling them at prices far below what any Mega Man game has ever sold for? The series was already flagging in the last generation and now the rise of indie games and digital platforms have led to a devaluing of what made that series special. A similar thing happened to Castlevania. If Konami had greenlit a $60 HD Metroidvania it wouldn’t have sold anything deserving the series’ reputation. Why? Enter today’s average consumer “why should I pay that much for this when Shadow Complex was only $__”. It’s just not viable for Capcom to make a full console Mega Man game when the returns wouldn’t justify the work, time, or money that would be spent creating it.

            Let’s not forget that it’s only been 2 years since the last Mega Man game and that prior to that there was a Mega Man game released in some territory or other every year since ’91. The series had its time to shine, it’s run its course. I miss Mega Man like nobody’s business, but I’m not going to act like it makes sense for it to keep going. He’s been milked more than anything Activision’s made (EA’s Madden gives him a run for his money though). He’s had over 50 games and he declined, I can’t blame Capcom for not wanting to spend console money on him.

            That said, a new portable title would’ve been lovely and is certainly within the realm of possibility. Legends 3 is never happening, but I wouldn’t mind a whole new series. We haven’t had one of those in a while. A clarification on your comment about them cancelling projects to spite Inafune though: the only project that was greenlit before its cancellation was Universe. That cancellation is inexplicable. Legends 3 on the other hand had never gone into full production. The game was being made on interest of the fans alone.


            Now Capcom’s refusal of Inafune’s offer to have Comcept finish the game, that’s just baffling. They weren’t willing to go through with the game due to a perceived lack of interest from fans, but having another company doing the work should’ve pretty much made that ok. Ah well, I’m not gonna beat that dead horse any further.

          • Anime10121

            I come at your long ass response with a longerer ass response :P

            I agree whole-heartedly with everything you said about a console Megaman, as a matter of fact, I basically replied an extremely summarized version to what you just wrote to Leafhopper in this same thread a while ago.  I just find it sad that they wont even try, I do know that it would be risky, but hey it worked for Sonic with Generations and Colors (both EXTREMELY short games), so I dont see how it couldnt work for Megaman if they took the ZX approach (making the whole game connected with multiple routes instead of just “stages”) for consoles.

            I’m not gonna say that Capcom didnt whore him out a few years back, because quite honestly, they did.  It has declined, but I still attribute that to them never trying to actually trying to advance the series until it hit portables which FINALLY broke away from stage selecting 8 “Robot Masters” and instead opted to go for large worlds with different routes/paths to different bosses and better story telling.  I believe Megaman fell into the same situation that I deem Kingdom Hearts to be falling in now, a series that’s normally more successful in the west being reduced only to handhelds which are vastly more successful in the east and thus hindering sales in major territories.

            With Legends, I can agree that yeah it probably wont ever happen now (no matter how nice it would be) but however, I feel I must correct you on somethings involving its production (considering I’d been following it VERY closely since I was a HUGE fan and had been following news since before it was even officially announced). 

            When Legends 3 was announced, it was announced just as any other green-lit game would be, just as a project that would involve fans.  It was announced in September, and really detailed in October at Comic con here, and there was no hint that then that the game wasn’t green-lit, only that it was early in development. When the DevRoom was first initiated, there was never any mention that the game had a chance of not being released.  All they ever said was that together we (fans/devs) would work together to get it out, and through fan contests and ideas in the devroom, not actually getting the game out period, as that was what they were for.

            Once Inafune left basically at the start of November (officially like a couple days b4 Halloween), things were still looking good for a couple months, although after about 3 months the Devroom slowed down TREMENDOUSLY with any kind of worthy posts/contests and the posts of the day became less about the game and more about what the devs were eating and what kind of card games they were playing. Then in March, they announced the game had not yet been green-lit, which astonished a lot of people, because you dont announce a game in an established franchise and one with this much anticipation (10 years of buildup) and not have it be green-lit for actual development.  This was all mind you after a couple months of almost silence on the game, and right before Megaman Universe’s cancellation at the end of the same month (and on my birthday of all days, I took it as a bad omen of things to come).

            A couple days after that, Seth and the Devteam assured us that Legends 3 was fine and we had nothing to worry about on that front.  And the DevRoom actually started to pick back up with legitimate updates/contests, with Voice Actor clips for both English/Japan and interviews with said VA’s and also character model viewers, I guess to “prove” it was still in development.  They even came out with a 9 minute long gameplay trailer to prove it.  At the end of the month (April) they announced that the gameplay they showed was actually not from the game, but from a “prototype” build/prologue/demo that they planned to release a month later (in May) day and date of when the eShop was originally supposed to come out.  The prototype had already been rated by an Austrailian ratings board (before it was even announced) and rated by the ESRB later in the same month (which means for all intents and purposes, it was done and just waiting on the eShop to open).

            They say that the eShop prologue was supposed to gouge interest in the potential of a full product, when just a month or so prior, they said Legends was doing fine.  So what happens? The Eshop releases (early June) and Legends prototype is nowhere to be seen.  Weeks go by with nothing but silence on Capcom’s part about anything regarding Legends and in July they outright confirm that they’ve cancelled the game without ever even trying to release the prototype to gouge interest.

            I just really and truly believe that the only reason Capcom announced Legends 3 was to try and keep Inafune from quitting.  After Inafune left Capcom decided it would kill off the thing he had been wanting to make for years, and NOT try and work out a way for him to finish it (made very clear by the interview with Inafune where he reveals he offered to finish the game at Comcept here ) and do take into account that Inafune requested this LONG before Legends 3 was cancelled, he said he was trying to work this out before he even left Capcom. 

            Universe was also a game he was heavily invested in, and it actually had numerous trailers and even a Live action “old school” commercial trailer that announced its release as “coming soon”.  Guess when the last month was we heard anything about that?  October 2010, the same month Inafune quit .

            The signs just point to Capcom doing cancelling both Universe (though honestly I didnt care much for what I’d seen of that title, I was gonna get it anyway) and Legends to spite Inafune for leaving and not sticking around at Capcom.  Trust me when I say that I didnt want to believe that Capcom would stoop so low as to do something like that, but the way they’ve been going about a lot of tings this gen, I wouldn’t have thought Capcom would do, especially considering they used to be one of my favorite developers/publishers.

            Wow, this ended up way longer than initially thought up in my head :P

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hahaha. You actually outdid my long response!

            Alright, I’ll respond to this in chunks lol. Paragraph by paragraph.

            – The difference in Sonic’s situation is that Sega never took him from consoles. Budget apparently was never a concern because they gave us plenty of sub-par console games before Colors and Generations while Capcom gave us quality portable titles instead.

            – An excellent comparison with Kingdom Hearts. A very sad thing there, but that should be fixed with KH3. That’s another discussion though lol. On Mega Man, well, they did have Legends on PS1 but its success wasn’t great enough for them to continue it on PS2 and we know the deal with 3. So Capcom, like lots of devs in Japan over the last several years, used portables to experiment with something that might not have gone over well on consoles. I LOVED Battle Network, but they were right in picking GBA/DS as the platform for that sort of game.

            – I don’t dispute that it was announced like any other title, but you yourself have said you know that it wasn’t green-lit. That’s where the problem lies. It was never on solid ground, despite how it was made to appear to us. It’s cancellation came as a surprise given everything we’d been told and shown, but the lack of a greenlight shows that they had no faith in it from the beginning. It was less about spiting Inafune and more that he was the only reason they were making it. With him no longer at the company they had no reason to keep going with a project that HE wanted to make. To do otherwise would be like if decided to put on a play with some friends and you talked it up and convinced them all to do it even though they really didn’t care for it, but they helped because… y’know, they’re your friends, and expecting them to maintain that interest after you tell them you’re going to work on something else. It was Inafune’s project, put together for Inafune and with Inafune, then Inafune left.

            – Universe now, that’s another story. For one, when it got announced there was a largely mixed reaction. Reading on IGN and Game Informer at the time, it was clear that a lot of fans weren’t really feeling the direction that game was going. Stuff like Ryu and Arthur apparently being in it were positively received, but the rest came under fire. By your own saying, Inafune was heavily invested in it. Now answer me this (I’ve got a MILLION analogies haha): you’re tasked with a science project with a group of peers and your group does a majority of the work, let’s say you type up a presentation; you present the project to your teacher who gives you a D with a chance to improve your grade, but the rest of the group decides to bow out; the project wasn’t yours to begin with, you had minimal involvement; do you move forward with that same project? That’s the position that Inafune put Capcom in.

            Now, I believe they should’ve moved forward and improved on what he had come up with and the timing of that cancellation in relation to him resigning was dubious. From what the both of us have said though, it doesn’t sound like spite, it sounds like the only person keeping Mega Man alive at Capcom was Inafune. That’s a whole other sad story. The man most identify as the creator of the series kept it alive and Capcom wanted nothing to do with it once he left. That’s how it looks to me.

          • Anime10121

             lol, yeah it actually came out far lengthier than intended, but glad ya read it though :)

            In response to the Sonic situation, true enough they never took him off consoles, but thusly that’s where my disappointment with Capcom lies is that they didnt even try after the failures of the late X games (even though they were games that were never intended to be a part of the series at all, as X5 was supposed to be the end of the X series, the less well received/selling games were from Capcom milking).

            About KH, I can only hope that we will receive KH3 after the slow down of series sales in the west for BBS (probably due to being on PSP), Re:coded (likely due to it being basically unecessary), and Dream Drop Distance (likely due to being released so early in the 3DS’ life), but Square could look at the slowing sales and think that its lack of interest in the series and will make it harder to green light a console KH3 (especially considering it hasnt even been officially announced yet, only mentioned here and there).

            About Legends green light, what I was trying to get at with that, is they never mentioned the product wasn’t green lit until a few months after Inafune left.  Before they announced half a year after its announcement that it had never been green lit, they were talking about the game as if it were assured that it would be “finally” finished and released after all these years of rumors and behind the curtain cancellations, as Inafune had already said the game had been started and then cancelled NUMEROUS times before the announcement for 3DS, so it seems odd that they would publicly announce the game this time without it being green lit.  I just firmly believe that it was green lit for development until Inafune left, thats when they decided to say it wasn’t “officially” green lit to fans (and thus started a whole lot of doubt that it would indeed be cancelled).

            On Universe, I agree with everything you said, it didnt really have much in the way of good reactions coming in about it.  Heck the only reason I was even gonna buy it was because the concept “seemed” interesting and it was Megaman.  But the graphical style of it was horrendous, and while I have no hate for the Power Puff Girls, turning Roll into almost a palette swap of Blossom was a BAD IDEA!  I mean look at that thing and Megaman too, they look horrible (at least IMO).

            And I can agree with what you said in relation to Inafune, Megaman, and Capcom.  Inafune may have been the only reason Capcom supported the games, but honestly that shouldn’t be the way a company with hundreds of thousands/millions of fans should treat a property like Megaman.  If they weren’t sure enough they were going to go through with it, they shouldn’t have announced it publicly, and just developed it quietly in the company like they had done so many times before (and thus fans wouldn’t have felt as jerked around).  It may not have been out of “spite” for Inafune, but they sure as heck weren’t thinking about the fans, as seen by the largest support/response for a cancelled game I’ve ever seen.  It just seems like a really sour move by Capcom.

            But alas this is coming from someone who puts the Legends series as one of my top 5 series of all time even with the cliff hanger ending of 2(the charm it has is almost like a Disney Animated Classic movie to me). I will probably forever be angry at Capcom for the Legends move and while I have grown less so over the last year or so, Capcom’s practices as of late haven’t been doing much to win back my support.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I always read long responses because I always hope people read them when I’m the one who gives em lol.

            Yea, it’s unfortunate that Mega Man left consoles to begin with, but I think he was better for it. There’s nothing to be gained by having continually worsening entries on a console over having quality games on portables. That’s how Sega turned practically half the Sonic fanbase into cynics lol. Having quality in the series somewhere was nice, even if we couldn’t have it on consoles.

            Square Enix is much too smart to do something THAT stupid. After all, they’ve already said that Nomura’s team would be making KH3 after Versus and he’s discussed the series in relation to HD graphics — and that’s only possible on consoles. That aside, flagging sales over the last several entries (all on portables) is exactly why Square Enix needs KH3 on PS3. While in Japan the series probably lost steam due to being on 3DS at this early point, there’s a lot of confusion among fans in the west. They’ve largely been ignoring the portable titles considering all of them spin-offs, so those won’t ever pick back up. That said, dislike of the “spin-offs” aside, there’s still a crazy amount of people that seem to be excited for KH3. I was in McDonald’s the other week with a friend and the manager was talking to one of the workers about KH3 and how it was gonna be on Wii U. He was spouting lots of false/unproven stuff, but they were both excited lol. On top of that, a friend of mine who plays nothing but Madden and Call of Duty was saying that he’d be excited if KH3 came out. On top of that, KH3 is all the internet seems to want from Squenix other than Versus and an FF7 remake. So I think KH3 is safe, and it’ll definitely be on consoles.

            As for Legends, I guess we’ll never know what really happened. What we do know is that a lot of what we’ve heard about apparently wasn’t what it was cracked up to be and we went from the promise of something to nothing at all. I’d say Legends had a big response, but it’d have to be the second largest I’ve seen. There was a pretty nice uproar when (VERY impressive) footage and concept art of Battlefront 3 leaked only for us to find out the game had been cancelled. People are still sour about that lol.

            I can understand lamenting Legends though. I only got to play the first one (and on N64 at that haha), but I’ve always preferred every version of Mega Man but the original lol. Well, not whatever Universe was supposed to be. That did not look good. It sounded good, but it definitely didn’t look it. Legends 3 looked promising and I was hoping that it would lead to a re-release of 1/2 on PSN, but that’s dead now.

            It’s funny though, with all the series I liked that they’ve gotten rid of, I probably should be as bitter as some people on here. But then, for me at least, they’ve come up with enough interesting new IPs that I don’t actually think about those games too often. Except for Onimusha and Viewtiful Joe. Mostly, the former. That was easily one of the coolest series on PS2, so it’s sad to see it go. And Joe. But, ah well, it’s not like Capcom’s got a personal grudge against me lol.

          • Anime10121

             Short reply this time I promise :)

            Agree on Megaman being on handhelds was better than having more games like the late X games, but I just always hoped for something like the handheld games (Zero/ZX) to be released on consoles, as I feel they would have been appreciated far more as console titles.

            I hope that Square is smart enough to get KH3 out there, but with as long as it is currently taking Nomura’s team to do FFvsXIII, I just hope that Square doesnt lose confidence in them.  Although what we’ve SEEN of vs XIII looks amazing so far, no one yet knows how well it actually PLAYS.  So I just hope that the team will actually deliver, so that he is given a sizable enough budget to do with KH3 everything he’s setting up to do.

            And with Legends, all in all, I feel like (and I know it isnt purposely) Capcom completely screwed Legends fanbase to try and keep Inafune working for them.  There were years and years of rumors and Capcom finally came out to confirm it, only to renig, by adding certain “details” after Inafune’s departure.

            Megaman Universe I can totally understand its lack of appeal.  As like I said earlier the only reason I even wanted the game was 1. because it was Megaman and 2. because its premise “seemed” good even though many people said it failed miserably in its execution.

            And yeah I forgot about Battlefield, but for something like Megaman, the outcry was tremendous, which should have sent a message to Capcom.  I also miss Viewtiful Joe (never played much of Onimusha).  And I know Capcom has nothing against me personally, but a lot of their decisions are dampening my perspective of them and my excitement for the games that they release.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I wish we could go to parallel worlds, because I’d love to see how the Zero series would’ve fared on consoles lol.

            Versus is HIGHLY anticipated and Nomura has more sway than a palm tree in a hurricane. Which is to say we’ll definitely get the KH3 he’s been planning and the KH3 we deserve.
            Battlefield? Oh no, no, no. Nobody really cried about that. Battlefront stirred up some major stuff for EA and LucasArts. LucasArts can never release a game without the first reaction being “why isn’t this Battlefront 3?” Just watched it happen with Star Wars 1313 on IGN during E3 lol. They really can’t escape that. Legends has endured as well though.

            I guess Capcom just hasn’t done anything to seriously drop my confidence yet. But then, that’s probably because they just recently brought back one of my favorite series ever (MVC), one of my favorite games ever (MVC2 specifically), and another that I didn’t get to play nearly as much as I’d have liked originally (SFIII). For all the stuff they do that pisses other people off, none of it really hits me lol. As a kid who had grew up with Crash and Spyro and watched them ruined; loved Vicarious Visions’ Spider-Man games; adored VV/Raven Software’s X-Men Legends series; and lost hours to Tony Hawk’s Underground, nobody can ever shake me more than Activision. They’ve single-handedly destroyed the most things I enjoyed in gaming lol. Every now and then they do something I like, but damn man lol.

          • Anime10121

            Warning another long post (think this is the longest running convo I’ve had on Sili, well probably besides the one for a Digimon reDigitized article, cant remember how long that one got :P)

            My bad I meant Battlefront dont know how I got myselft to type up Battlefield lol.  And yeah I dont think Lucas Arts will ever be able to make another Star Wars and be questioned as to why its not Battlefront 3.  As I’ve said earlier, I’m not the biggest fan of MMO’s (or Star Wars) and the like, but some of my good friends LOVED Battlefront 2 and played the crap out of it.  I played my fair share of it too and it was a pretty tight game, and all the mods and stuff out for it was simply amazing!

            I just hope every thing turns out right for vs and KH3, but hopefully its like you said and Nomura has far more sway than I thought he did!

            While I can say that my hate for Activision is strong, as I’m a fan of just about EVERY series you listed that Activision has ruined besides Tony Hawks Underground (was more a fan of 1-3), Capcom is closely inching up high on my list.  While I LOVE MVC1, and like MvC2, I just didnt care much for 3, after the initial excitement wore off that I FINALLY got another MvC game, 3 was just too different from the others for me to keep going back to it.  While I liked 2, I wasn’t the biggest fan of it either.  I liked Marvel vs Capcom1, Marvel Super Heroes vs SF, and Xmen vs. SF FAR more than MvC’s two sequels.  I also didn’t like how they came out with an Ultimate for MvC3, as that
            was the first time that had ever been done in the vs series, and I felt
            safe in purchasing the original MvC3.  I do however love SFIII so kudos to them for adding the online multiplayer.

            Their treatment of Megaman over the years hasn’t been as good as it used to be with the last “real” Megaman game that came out (that wasnt a throwback or a spinoff) was ZX Advent, which released 5 years ago next month, and the way they treated Legends doesnt earn them many pluses either.  Like I said while 9 and 10 were fun they made far too many recessions for me to take them seriously as “full/real” Megaman games/sequels.  I also dislike how they are “rebooting DMC while its still loved” (Capcom’s words).  While it has grown on me and I will give the game a chance as I wont diss a game I havent played, I would have much rather had Ninja Theory just work with the universe that was already there and to come up with a good plot that fit the original universe, rather than just reboot the whole thing and start it over (as I have a feeling, regardless of what Capcom is saying now, that if this reboot is more successful than the original series, then the universe I loved with 1,3, and 4 will completely be discarded, when there is still so much left to be told, in favor of the new one). 

            Then there’s the whole SFXTekken character thing where the characters were done and ready and put on the disc and yet they charge us to play them (not an exclusive issue with Capcom), and I’d probably be a little more lenient if they let us pick the characters we wanted to buy, but its a all or nothing deal here, so if I only want 2 of the 12 characters released, I have to spen $20 for them all.  Now I understand they may have been made on another budget but if they were meant to be extra characters, MAKE THEM EXTRA (real DLC I mean) if the game has to be patched to play against them, make it so people who dont have them, can only play against others who dont have them. 

            Its not that they were made before that makes makes me mad, its that they are already there on the disc and yet we still have to pay for them.  Also the exclusive DLC thing is also an issue (although again this isnt exclusive to Capcom), putting Megaman and Pacman on disc for the 360 only to confirm that unless they hack their systems, they’ll never be able to play them (irks me even though I dont even own a 360 anymore), the exclusive RE ORC DLC only for the 360, and actually making a DEMO a timed exclusive (RE6), Capcom has been doing some REALLY crappy moves this gen.

            But the thing is, I think I only get so mad at Capcom because I actually AM a fan of so many of their franchises, so when I see them, IMO, messing up SO much in the span of 6-7 years it really irks my nerves.  Capcom used to be one of my favorite game companies and now they are falling far down the list to one of the worst.  Even putting them near my list with Activision, I find just sad. I find it really puzzling how they’ve disappointed me so much in such a short time, when growing up they basically did no wrong.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Probably the longest convo I’ve had as well, and I’ve been around for here for a couple of years now lol.

            Yea, even as someone that’s still alright with Capcom, I can agree with a lot of the stuff you’re saying. They’re just generally prone to some stupid decisions. I definitely wouldn’t say Capcom is better now than they were in the 90s. Looking at them then and now is like night and day.

            I liked all of Capcom’s Marvel games even going back to their SNES games that weren’t fighters, so MVC3 being different didn’t phase me. My favorite Marvel fighter from them is still a toss-up between Marvel Super Heroes and MSH vs. Street Fighter. Thanos or Apocalypse and Cyber Akuma is a tough choice. My love for their PS1-era fighters makes me all the more happy that they’re doing MVC Origins for PSN and XBLA.

            Now, the one thing I really can’t get with you on is DMC. Personally, I’m interested in Ninja Theory’s reboot, but I think they should’ve ended the series altogether after 4. DMC3 is one of my favorite games of all time and Dante and Vergil among my favorite characters to ever grace the PS2. That said, I abhorred DMC4. Not from a gameplay perspective, certainly not, but with that I was absolutely uninterested in the series story.

            DMC1 introduces Dante and his conflict with Mundus and Nelo Angelo; DMC2 shows us Dante’s next adventure and hits us with something of a cliffhanger, but not quite; DMC3… does away with the damn ongoing plot but, as a result, delivers my favorite story of the series in Dante and Vergil’s rivalry (Vergil being my favorite character in the series); then there’s DMC4. Instead of continuing DMC2, which there was really no way to continue, they give us a completely unnecessary story about some guy who seems like he has a connection to Dante and Vergil but that we know ultimately goes nowhere since there’s not so much as a hint to Nero’s existence prior. This game introduces the mystery of who Nero is… for no real reason, because they don’t solve it. The whole point of DMC4 was to set up another sequel that would have nothing to do with DMC2. I’m not fond of the idea of several interquels to explain a character that didn’t need to be there in the first place. Again, the game was fun, but it killed any and all interest I had in that universe.

            So Capcom’s having run that series story into a rut has me completely open to this reboot. Again, I’d prefer they end it altogether, but a reboot is infinitely better to me than the mess they started with 4. Even if I’m not really fond of how Vergil looks now. He’s a pretty creepy combo of Michael Fassbender and Matt Damon, and that’s gonna bug me through the whole game lol.

          • Anime10121

             I’m also excited for MvC origins, and you my friend have good taste in fighters, as in previous posts I have already professed my love for Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Cyber Akuma is just awesome as a boss and as a character!

            I agree with just about everything you said about Devil May Cry also.  3’s my favorite too, the story, atmosphere, music, and gameplay in that one alone is my favorite of any action game of its like (GOW,DMC,NG,Bayo, etc), with Bayonetta a close second.

            However I actually liked DMC4 and Nero.  I liked how they left a lot of the mysteries/connections open for interpretation until (what I thought would be) its sequel.  Stuff like that keeps a universe interesting for me, when you can think you know about certain things in a story, but not know the truth until its revealed in a sequel, but that’s just me and I do understand how many weren’t fund of it too.  I also HATED the whole backtracking the whole game thing they did, while it was fun playing again as Dante, it would have been better had he been able to do something I dunno DIFFERENT.

            Like I said though I’m slowly opening up more and more to the reboot though, the only thing I’m worried about is now is the gameplay, Ninja Theory doesnt really have a good track record on that aspect IMO.  The story is seeming to be going in a pretty good direction (which is something Ninja Theory is known for), I just hope that Capcom can help to make the gameplay part actually fun.

            But, lol yeah new Vergil=weird.

            But hopefully weird Vergil can still be awesome!!!

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s the thing about DMC4. I didn’t dislike Nero himself as a character and, like you, I enjoy stuff like that being revealed. The problem I had with DMC4 is that there was literally no other point to the story than setting up a mystery that obviously would have no connection DMC1 or 2. Unless DMC5 ended with Nero dying, and that would’ve been even worse. While I liked Nero, I thought the whole connection to Sparda/Vergil was completely random and unnecessary. That backtracking really was lame though. We spend a good chunk of the game not being Dante, and when we do get to be him? Nothing else to do but what we did as Nero.

            As for the reboot, I’m of the same mind. Ninja Theory has yet to create any worthwhile gameplay for my money. I’m hopeful of DmC’s combat since they’ve been working closely with Capcom, with members of the previous DMC teams being on hand for the game. I also like that they gave Dante a weapon that does EXACTLY what Nero’s Devil Bringer did. All the fun of Nero’s combat with Dante sounds good. Hopefully they’ll give us a demo. If not, I’m certainly willing to buy it and return it if it sucks lol.

            Vergil’s gonna have to do a lot in this game for me to get over him looking like Jason Bourne and Magneto lol. I already like his personality, but he looks kinda fabulous. At least he still seems like a shifty bastard. I can already see the betrayal lol.

  • Nice that it’s an all Megaman continuity crossover game, but, seems Capcom’s still hesitant to do any new console based Megaman game out of feasibility worries.

    • SLick123456789111

       Which is funny , because they had absolutely no problem making 3 Street Fighter 4’s on PS3 , 360 , & 3DS after how the Street Fighter 3 series turned out.

      • To Capcom, they believe SF will sell well like hotcakes, even with Super and Ultimate versions following the Vanilla.

        But alas, their somewhat lack of financial faith in Megaman could manifest in the form of this game being IOS exclusive. Not to mention the possible low cost in developing it.

  • Anyone remembers the gba days? Like 6 Megaman Battle Network and 4 Megaman Zero. In those days Capcom milked the blue Bomber. I really miss those days… On the other hand, this looks like fresh poopish.

  • s07195

    A. NEW. GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    A crossover for all Megaman series has always been my dream here….. but i never once dream them happening on IoS here.T_T

  • Vampiric

    This isnt what megman fans want

    this isnt what megaman fans want on the 25th anniversary

    A social casual shovelwarish game to make money?

  • I’d rather queef razor blades than play this. Seriously? This is the best they can do? An RPG for the friggin’ iPhone?!

  • epy

    Stuff like this used to annoy me so much, now I just go “Capcom, oh you!”

  • SirRichard

    How the mighty have fallen. Just kill him, Capcom, he doesn’t deserve this.

    EDIT: I mean, that’s it? The 25th Anniversary of one of gaming’s long-running icons, and all he gets is a half-hearted RPG for a platform most devs treat like a dumping ground (a real shame, too, cool stuff has come out of the iOS and Android platforms)?

  • “New Megaman game!”

    “It’s a crossover!”

    “On iOs.”
    … Seriously Capcom? No. Really, SERIOUSLY? ಠ_ಠ

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    The words social game confuse me for MegaMan X considering the franchise deals with robot terrorists who wish to wipe out man kind. I instantly imagined X having a civilized conversation with one of the bosses..

    • SLick123456789111


  • MrJechgo

    Why don’t they make it for Vita and 3DS, as an actual platformer ? That would be interesting to see, not to mention that platformers don’t work on phones.

    Sonic Generations rekindled Sonic’s image… that would do the trick for Mega Man if it was made on the right handhelds.

    • “Why don’t they make it for Vita and 3DS”
      Because that would actually require effort, rather than a simple casual game that looks like it was built in Flash.

  • Herok♞

     Well its official Megaman is dead if the only new game they can announce is for IOS, something no fan would want to play a new mega game on, when Legends 3 was canceled because of lack of fan interest. that implies more fans would want to play this instead of a game they waited 10 years for and actively developed. This also uses the exact same premise of Universe just not on a console but on IOS instead. The sad part is if this does well we can except more low budget megaman games to just be made when capcom wants some extra money and if it fails they might just bury the bomber completly, making it lose-lose for everyone. 
    R.I.P Megaman

    • Anime10121

       Agree with everything you said except the part where Legends was cancelled because of “lack of fan interest”, that’s just the official excuse Capcom used.  Any one who was actually on the Devroom (I was a servbot and while I didnt submit a lot, was there everyday commenting on articles and so were many others) knows that the Devroom was bursting with ideas, threads, and entries to any and all contest’s that were held.  I saw a lot more fan interest in the DevRoom than you see on a lot of “Official game forums”.  I still find that as a bull excuse they just used to cover up the real reason they cancelled it (either they were doing the game to keep Inafune there, or they honestly just didnt deem it financially fit, but then again, look at Asura’s Wrath, and how they expected, and received little sales from it).

      • Solomon_Kano

        I think he was being ironic, since the preceding statement to “cancelled because of lack of fan interest” was “[they made a new game for iOS], something no fan would want to play a new Mega Man game on”. So I don’t think he was trying to say that’s actually why it was cancelled.

        • Anime10121

           True dat, true dat, My bad @Cyberninja776:disqus , I read that wrong.  I actually agree with everything said then :)

          • Herok♞

            @Solomon_Kano:disqus is right I was doing it to be ironic, but what really rubs me the wrong way is how they handled it, I joined the devroom but I am not creative so I didn’t do anything. Instead I waited for the eshop demo they promised would be the gauge of interest and I was going to buy that to show my support.

          • Anime10121

             Yep, their handling of the entire situation was poor to say the least.  But alas, I want to hope for a bluer future, but pretty soon the way things are going the blue shadow in Capcom’s logo will be completely gone and we will be left with just the yellow Capcom letters:(
            (exaggeration I know, but it still seems that Capcom wants nothing to do with the Blue Bomber anymore)

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        Man, I played Legends 2 when I was about 10 and couldn’t wait for the sequel. Then after who knows how many years Capcom finally announces it *Yeah!* just to cancel it *:(*

  • Travis Nolen

    i like how theres no comments excited for this. 

    capcom. look at yourself. your dying. quit fighting it

    • SLick123456789111

      The irony is all that money they snake out of their Street Fighter & Vs. franchises isn’t being put towards future projects , such as this.

  • ivanchu77

    So excited to see a new megaman ga……..

    *Social RPG*
    *For iOs*
    *Designed for casual gamers*


    • KilsanZ

      Exactly what happened to me,i was excited then exactly that sequence of words destroyed my happiness

    • Go2hell66

       that is an awesome pic

  • darkfox1

    Rust in peace? Capcom plz…

  • ZEROthefirst

    At first when I read about this last night I was excited. Then I read it was a social rpg for casual gamers on the IOS and I had to curl up in a corner.
    While I’m glad Megaman’s getting some sort of game now, it’s sad that it has to be what looks like a half-assed flash game.
    R.I.P. Megaman.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I can’t take this seriously.  It seems like a cash grab like every other “social” game out there.

  • doubletaco

    Just let him die, Capcom. Let him die with what little dignity he has left.

  • The concept idea is good, but that’s all the praise I’ll give.

    >Well, on the plus side Capcom didn’t totally abandon Mega Man.

    It’s still not a plus side. When a RE or SF game hits the iPhone, THEN it’s a plus side.

  • KyokoSasegawa

    Guys, you’re forgetting something very important. It might have awesome MegaMan music. New/Remixed.

  • Tatsumarii

    Here Capcom. —–> [E] Drink this and make a real Mega Man game now. 

  • Zertan

    Let analyse the screen shot.

    – Looks like an extremely early build due to being on a flat surface 
    – A lot of reuse assets (standard 2d Capcom game practice)
    – Some sort of RPG level up system.  EP on the top and Current Level at the bottom left.
    – The custom MM that is on the screenshot have a fur coat. Is that a cape as well on the artwork?
    – Where are the movement buttons?
    – the SF x T MM isn’t on it :)

    Worst case scenario: This ends up being like Megaman X iOS remake.
    Best case scenario: Being like Korean Online Megaman game (What happen to that one?)  and ends up creating a new MM franchise.

  • AuraGuyChris

    The concept is good.

    Then I read the rest and labeled it a bad fanfic idea come to life…

  • isfuturebright

    Not sure if excited or sad.

  • sd28

    the death of a legend

    • SLick123456789111

      ❒Megaman died when Keiji Inafune left the company lol. All this is , is adding more proof to the fact.
      Deep down we all knew Megaman would receive this type of treatment.
      (Which is why people aren’t flipping fridges).

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Its truly XOver. BUT wait here’s Barrett from ML3! and he’s pissed off

    • Göran Isacson

      Are all these Smash Bros modifications? Because man, you had me wondering if this was an actual game there for a while…

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Yeah its Smash bros mods someone made a full moveset for him *RIP ML3*

  • Go2hell66

    CapComedy at its finest

    • SLick123456789111


  • kevinposta

    What are you doing Capcom…? ;_;
    This is really painful to look at…

  • Kris

    I’ve always preferred having a new game in a series to having no new game in a series, regardless of appearance. While the game certainly isn’t what I was hoping for from a Mega Man game (although I did want a new Mega Man design), I’m willing to give this a chance. The idea of multiple franchises coming together and customizing your own Mega Man sounds interesting to me. 

    Would I have preferred that stuff in a platformer based on the X series on a system with buttons? Yes. But I’m still willing to give this a chance, at least until I play it.

    • Solomon_Kano

      That was how I felt, but some people that played the iOS version of Mega Man X said it didn’t turn out so well, so my interest in this just kinda vanished. Mega Man has always been a series dependent on tight controls and that’s apparently something the iOS version didn’t deliver.

      I mean, I’m still interested in this in concept (X meeting .EXE!?), but there goes playing it.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        it sucked

        • Solomon_Kano

          I’ve heard. Hence interest vanishing lol.

      • Kris

        Yeah, all the MM ports for iOS are kind of a mess (really weird physics on jumps in 2, for instance). But since this is an RPG, I’m still holding onto a tiny bit of hope, however small it may be. ;-;

        • Solomon_Kano

          Well, let’s hope that… hope pays off lol.

  • Shadowman

    Oh god, Your hurting him!!

  • Neophoton

    I swear, indifference to Capcom’s antics is all I can express these days. :(

  • Violetrosefall

    Happy 25th anniversary Megaman. Another collection pack of the old X or normal Megaman games for the current consoles would had been less insulting…

    At least there is hope X and Zero’s role on that Project X Zone game is a better tribute to the blue bomber… otherwise, seriously Capcom, if you no longer like the character then just kill it
    already, let him die with what little dignity he has left -_-

  • Göran Isacson

    Yeah, according to rapports Megaman X was an utterly TERRIBLE conversion for the IOS, with NO scrolling and impresice controls. IF these problems carry over to this title, well… it’s almost enough to make a guy believe it when people say Capcom is intentionally trying to turn people off of Megaman.

  • Why cant they just make new graphics? Maybe they spent their budget on that one piece of good artwork.

  • GotoHell

    Oh god, the art style in this game is so bad that for a second I thought it was a sequel to those horrible PC Mega Man games.

  • SLick123456789111

    I can’t wait until EventStatus’ next video.

  • Amine Hsu Nekuchan

    I… I kinda wish Capcom would abandon Megaman rather than put out…. whatever this is…

  • they hurt megaman by making him into a flash game for the ios and yet they won’t go low enough to put it on facebook…yet. tsk tsk capcom you could of gone lower.

  • chalkcl

    Capcom wasn’t happy with killing Megaman but now they’re raping his corpse. Good lord, if you’re being lazy asses with the franchise then just leave it alone and let it rest in peace once for all.

  • Michael Cadogan

    Megaman + Casual Gamer = DOES NOT COMPUTE.

    • Model_M

       Actually it can compute, just not like this.

  • Hinataharem

    Up next, Metaur pet simulator

  • RmanX1000
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