Tales Of Xillia 2 Has Code Geass: Akito The Exiled Crossover Costume

By Spencer . August 18, 2012 . 11:34am


Namco Bandai announced a collaboration costume for Tales of Xillia 2. 4gamer reports players will be able to get Akito Hyuga’s clothes as downloadable content for Tales of Xillia 2.


This isn’t the first Tales of and Code Geass crossover. Tales of Graces f has a bunch of Code Geass costumes in Japan.


Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on November 1 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Zero Shift

    Something the US won’t be getting either, just like with the Tales of Graces f Code Geass costumes lol. Oh well, luckily they’re just costumes and nothing game changing, so it’s not THAT big of a loss for me. Still, just getting the Xillia games in the US period would be a good start.

  • DanteJones

    I like how Ludger looks in this outfit, it suits him pretty well! Much better than the Emil outfit that’s for sure.

  • Closet_Ninja

    i always love cross overs

  • Niermyico

    Meh. This “Akito The Exiled” hasn’t made a name for itself worth for me to get hype for this costume (even if I know we’re not getting it lol). Right now, all I’m seeing is Ludger in a uniform. If he was wearing Suzaku’s that would be a different story since he’s more iconic character.

    • Sardorim

       Well it’s Code Geass so they’re just trying to build more hype for it. Right now he’s nowhere near Lelouch levels who was just born epic.

      • Christopher Nunes

        Who’s “Akito The Exiled”?

        • Sardorim

           The new main character.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Ah, I see. How is he compare to Lelouch?

          • Sardorim

            He’s… Nowhere near as awesome or smart. Than again his little OVA series just started. At least you can expect a happy ending for him even if most of his friends will die.

            Also, like Lelouch he has 2 Love Interests. A long haired chick connected to Geass in someway and a mysterious tomboy.

          • Christopher Nunes

            So Shirley and Kallen were Lelouch’s love interests? To me, it seem like he had multiple love interests.

  • Tales_of_Master

    I want a crossover where you fight characters from other video games series from Namco in the Colosseum. Like fighting Heihachi from Tekken or Siegfried from Soul Calibur. That’s the kind of crossovers I personally prefer. I think we’d be lucky if they put a cameo battle this time around, since TOX (the 15th anniversary title) didn’t have one -_-

    • Michael Cadogan

      Not so much in the colosseum but in Tales of Destiny and Eternia you were able to fight Druaga(Tower of Druaga) and Valkyrie(Legend of Valkyrie) through  certain sidequests. They were TOUGH but really fun.

  • Sardorim

    Great more Code Geass… Why can”t they just let me forget the horrible CG R2 ending? Kallen and Lelouch deserved better! And why did the Black Knights not die for their stupidity! Argh!

    • Fitzkrieg

       Play Super Robot Wars Z2: Sasei-hen. They fixed it.

      • Mr_SP

         They didn’t. Sure, there’s the option for Ohgi to not betray Lelouch, but then they proceed to mess up by letting Schneizel survive, without Geass, and reappoint him Prime Minister of Britannia… after being responsible for the deaths of millions of Britannians, and trying to destroy human civilisation. And they deal with the Euphemia issue so poorly. And Lelouch’s survival in the betrayal route is just stupid and totally devoid of logic and morals…

        Really, they just sacrificed some unpleasant but logical parts of canon for desirable things that are executed so poorly and illogically that they come out just as bad, if not worse. And it’s clear that they’re doing so just to avoid differences between the routes because they’re clearly making a sequel. And for me, the worst part about it is that they’ve done so much better before.

        • Sardorim

          Schneizel survives in the regular Code Geass ending. And you’re wrong, Schneziel is regulated to being Nunnally’s  helper no matter what. The difference is that Lelouch acknowledges that Schneziel wanted peace but doesn’t approve of his methods.

          However Lelouch refuses to use Geass and says he’ll live on only as Zero with Kallen and Suzaku aiding him. Basically Lelouch convinces Schneziel to put his skills to good use instead of dying on Damocles which manages to work since Lelouch had defied all of Schneziel’s expectations at every turn in the IF Route. So Nunnally rules Britannia with the help of Schneziel, Cornelia, and Euphiemia. Britannia also joins in with Kaguya’s little alliance and severely disarms after the Damocles is destroyed.

          No, Schneziel doesn’t nuke the Britannians in the IF Route because Lelouch never takes over as Emperor thus he never uses Geass on his relatives because the Betrayal never happens. Which means that Schneziel was pretty much Emperor in the IF Route after Charles’s death since there is no one else left to lead.

          IF Route also took out any deaths via Schneziel through FLEIA, he just joins Millardo in an alliance and later calls out Lelouch to fight him at Area 11 – Mt. Fuji. The deaths of all the 11s at the Tokyo Settlement were all Suzaku’s since he’s the one that pulled the trigger.

          • Christopher Nunes

            This IF route sounds better… should’ve been like that in the anime.

            But isn’t Super Robot Wars Z2: Sasei-hen a crossover game with various Mechas and the characters thrown together?

          • Sardorim

            Yes it is. It has Gundam 00 in it too. Though if you go the Normal Route the 00 plot isn’t front and center and Ribbons dies off early. While in the IF Route Ribbons is the last villan standing before the OG Villan and has amassed a ridiculously large force against you and has teamed up with Grace. Words cannot describe how much better the IF Route is over the Normal Route.

            Normal Route also skips the entire White Fang arc of Gundam Wing and just has Millardo be Lelouch’s pawn. IF route also reveals that the Wing Scientists used to serve Celestial Being and had worked on a later scrapped concept of a Gundam using the Zero System and the Twin Drive System.

            Normal Route also has a more mellow and sad ending while in the IF Route Zero decides that before everyone can say Good Bye he’ll host a party to celebrate their victories. Throughout the part Zero meets all the cast members with Kallen to see what they’ll be doing before they leave.

            If Route also gives you the secret choice to choose which girl Crowe likes, though it doesn’t change that Crowe still ends up with Esther(The other Main Character of z2.2) regardless but it leads to humorous scenes even if you do choose Esther since she initially thinks you aren’t serious.

          • Mr_SP

             Indeed it is. Code Geass is only one of many elements, and other than the stupidly enormous and poorly handled cast list (120+ units… and not enough deployment slots to use even a quarter of them, thanks to the PSP being unable to handle the Squad System from Z1) is the only substandard element. And, no, it shouldn’t have been like that in the anime. We don’t need an ending that blatantly ignores the events of the series and the characterisation of the cast. They could have at least been consistent about it, but, no, the rest of the game completely supports canon.

          • Mr_SP

             Ah. Well, I can agree with that… In fact, that’s rather how I hoped they’d do it… but then Z2.1: Hakai-hen ended with the SAZ going as per canon. Even if Euphemia “didn’t die” on the IF route (though it’s more like they retcon her death, despite Suzaku listening to her final words and everything), she and Suzaku break up forever, because “Lelouch needs your help”, and she disappears… it’s really not much different from having her die. Heck, it’s kind of worse, since she has Suzaku join you for a short time in the last game, so she and Suzaku only break up because her reputation is done for, I guess. It’s just sort of… missing the point, a little. And, yes, Shirley lives on the IF Route.

          • Mr_SP

             He survives in canon, but is Geassed to no longer be a threat or capable of independent thought. Yes, Schneizel wanted peace, but so did Ribbons and Charles and Trieze, and Dr Hell wanted to save the world – it doesn’t permit forgiveness for what he’s done, most certainly not without paying for it, and Schneizel has most certainly done more to deserve it than Trieze or Dr Hell. The original series makes it clear that Schneizel planned for FLEIJA to be deployed in Tokyo – with Euphemia’s death causing massive holes in their common sense, Suzaku and Nina are just dupes, and the destruction of Tokyo visibly pleases Schneizel. After all, Schneizel is the one who authorises the use of a City Buster in a Britannian city, and tells all of his troops that it will be deployed and what it will do. You wouldn’t do either of those things if you weren’t planning on using it. Yes, Suzaku pulled the trigger, but he did so with the authorisation of his superiors, even if he didn’t plan to use it in the first place. Schneizel isn’t innocent just because he didn’t do it himself. War, and the chain of command, don’t work that way. And you certainly can’t forgive Suzaku *and* forgive Schneizel without cheapening the deaths of those millions of people. Either those lives mean nothing, or there is someone who must be held responsible.

            Heck, in canon, Schneizel tries to sacrifice Nunnally to kill Lelouch. Schneizel *has* no morals – his actions are purely defined by what he can get away with. He doesn’t *have* any sympathetic motives. “Peace” (through cataclysmic destruction, mind you) didn’t even seem important to him, compared to attaining victory over Lelouch. He was fine with dying, so long as Lelouch died (though he may have been using it as insurance for his escape) – the only thing he seemed even slightly afraid of was Geass. And yet, he shows no dislike of Lelouch nor does he disapprove of Lelouch’s actions at all – and he knew that Lelouch would do anything to save Nunnally, showing that he’s not mistaken or misled about Lelouch’s personality. It wasn’t even Lelouch that defied Schneizel’s expectations in the IF route – just Ohgi. Ohgi is the only one who acts in an unexpected manner, and everything else falls into line from there. Lelouch not using Geass? Well, if ZEXIS doesn’t pluck out his eyes or kill him, then, yes, that would be what they insist on.

            Schneizel can’t be forgiven any more than any other non-generically-evil villain can be forgiven for their actions. What next? Garma? Durandal? He can’t be so easily ignored like this when there is no reason to do so. And, yes, being Nunnally’s assistant means that he’s Prime Minister, or some equivalent position, by virtue of being the assistant to the undisputed ruler of Britannia. Nothing changes that the IF route’s integration of Code Geass is, at best, more illogical than canon, by ignoring everyone’s characterisation when it’s convenient to do so. That Ohgi is the only one who’s allowed to decide what to do about Lelouch is, by itself, phenomenally intent on ignoring the game’s large cast, that Ohgi’s opinion is only slightly more important than Tamaki or Kakikouji’s and certainly shouldn’t be making a decision that big without conferring with ZEXIS’s actual leaders, and that *Crowe* is the main character who should be making decisions.

            Plus… it was 25,000,000 deaths in Tokyo, of combined Britannian and Japanese – mostly the former, IIRC. And let’s not get into how phenomenally absurd it is that the UFN representatives aren’t dead – the only reason they survived in canon was because Lelouch “captured” them and used his own troops as human shields – and that it was even possible to attack the Damocles in the first place without being slaughtered en masse by FLEIJA – Suzaku’s strongest attacks don’t even make it’s shielding flicker.

          • Christopher Nunes

            I meant having a better ending overall, and NOT killing off some characters… poor Shirley, poor 
            Euphiemia. :'<

            I wanted some happy endings for them.

          • Sardorim

            That still doesn’t change that you are wrong on the events of the IF Route. Schneziel didn’t do many of the bad things he does in the Normal Route. Beause Zero isn’t betrayed he fears ZEXIS so joins with Millardo who is elected as the leader of the Alliance.

            Still doesn’t change that the general populas doesn’t know about Schneziel’s backdoor plans.

            And no, it wasn’t just Ohgi. The only thing Ohgi did in the IF Route was that he didn’t betray Zero and that he holds Damocles open long enough for Zero, Suzaku, Jeremiah, and Rolo to get in.

          • Christopher Nunes

            That kinda sucks… for Euphemia. At least Shirley seems to get the better end of the deal.

          • Mr_SP

             So, Schneizel doesn’t do one of the bad things he does in the normal route – destroy Pendragon – and yet he still joins the group who’s stated plan is basically to destroy the UFN and conquer the Earth Sphere on behalf of the colonies, and who’s actual plan is to create a great atrocity to defeat war. And this is not a bad thing, is it? Plus, he goes and destroys Mt Fuji – Japan’s most prized national icon – which, while not really killing anybody, would still be repugnant to any Japanese person. Employing Schneizel afterwards would insult all of Japan, and sabotage Britannian reconciliation efforts. He might as well be trying to be evil.

            No, the general populous does really not know about all the backdoor stuff that Schneizel has done. However, we’re supposed to expect that ZEXIS has a pretty good idea, which is the important part. And people would want to know who the heck was in the Damocles when it attacked Japan so obviously. You can’t hide all of it.

            Yes, it was just Ohgi, because the dialogue shows that you, the player, are making a decision, which Ohgi will then proceed to enact. Thus, the decision is purely dependent on Ohgi, who had no idea who Zero is, and has clearly never had any real idea. He only knows what Villetta has told him, which is not normally considered an indisputable fact, given that she’s treacherous and has shot him before, and no one else knows who she is. Part of the reason his actions were so despised was because he came to a decision completely ignorant of any actual facts – he wasn’t present during any of the “revelations”, nor did Viletta seem aware of most of it, and no one else knows about Villetta, either. Lelouch doesn’t even unmask until after the decision is made, so they literally have NO PROOF OF ANYTHING, only second-hand testimony. The other part is that he doesn’t have the right to make that decision, because he is not the head of ZEXIS, nor a major member, he is not the head of the Black Knights, and he is not the vice commander of the Black Knights after the merger with the Chinese military (as far as canon goes), nor was he really any more than Lelouch’s secretary before then, assuming he had an actual position.

            Both Heero and Chirico know who Lelouch is, and yet seemingly have no intention of stopping anyone, even though Heero has already gone through this exact same decision, and Chirico has been in the same position as Lelouch – only Roger is actively trying to dissuade anyone, and even Kallen isn’t given the chance to say anything. And even if Ohgi chooses to get rid of Zero, they do nothing, as if the two of them never really had trust in Lelouch at all.

      • Christopher Nunes

        How did they fixed it?

        • Sardorim

           They fixed it tremendously and Ohgi isn’t an idiot if you choose to believe in Zero. Ohgi even orders his Black Knights to shut the heck up when they question why he’s giving Zero a chance to speak his case.

      • Sardorim

         Already did. Future installments with CG might not even have the CG Ending anymore and just go with the far more popular IF Route version where Lelouch lives on as Zero. Though the heavy Kallen x Lelouch shipping, that was magnified greatly in the IF Route, may have helped the IF Route popularity as well.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Thought some of the things near the end of R2 was bad, certain characters dying and the ending… really?

      I still suspect that Lelouch got his father’s “code” at the end to be with C.C.
      I believe Lelouch and C.C. are good together, and that’s my opinion.

      • Sardorim

         No, they said that Lelouch died. Besides, C.C. and Lelouch state multiple times that their relationship isn’t like that. Even when Kallen demands to know if C.C. loved Lelouch she said she didn’t, she just wanted to see this all through to the end because she knew Lelouch would die.

        • Christopher Nunes

          About the Lelouch and C.C. argument… things change.

          I know they announced it and had an on-screen death scene, but I like to tell myself he’s alive. Well that’s what fanfictions are for.

    • Spirit Macardi

      I personally loved the finale. For once, Lelouch did something completely selfless. Until then, everything he did was either done because he thought it was what his sister wanted or so he could get back at his father.

      And I’m not knocking Lelouch, since I loved his character. The entire series was a complex character study, and I loved everything about it. Plus it’s the only “real robot” anime I’ve seen that I think properly represents the concept.

      Not to mention the dub was one of the very best I’ve ever heard (and apparently even Japan thought JYB was the best Lelouch x3).

  • Nirun Rangraengjit

    Well… there goes another DLC costume set we in the West probably aren’t going to get.

    •  ikr, i mean we didn’t even get the Haseo Xth on Graces, then again, i’m just hoping that Xilia and Xilia 2 will be released out of japan too

      • Christopher Nunes

        I still have no idea why Namco Bandai won’t release the Haseo Xth Form costume as a DLC. They own the rights to the .hack games, right?

        Also Code Geass is a given since Namco Bandai is responsible for the series. Really, I want an explanation to why they can’t be release. I feel much better knowing.

        • yeah, bamco owns .hack, just that the recent .hack games didn’t go out of japan, no idea why. Then again some of the western critiques are rather…. racists, and will bash a game like no tomorrow just because it was made by a Japanese company

          • Christopher Nunes

            I have no idea why… a game’s a game no matter who or where it’s made.
            *Sigh* A sad future indeed… =_=

  • Ayaka

    Seems a lot better than the first one, kinda resemble Valkyria Chronicles-guys uniform I think? Which makes it even more neat. Hope they come with some other fancy idea like uh, a banana costume. Or a giant debit card-like cosplay for the poor Ludger.

  • Picking this up definitely!

  • Sardorim

    To the other discuession..

    Shirley isn’t killed if you get enough Zero Points which unlocks the IF Route. However Shirley just vanishes if you go Normal while she’ll appear a few times in IF. Shirley lives on knowing she can’t be in Zero’s world but she says that maybe they can be togethher in another life and that he must remain Zero. Rolo also doesn’t die and becomes a much better character in IF.

    Euphiemia lives in IF Route only, she says Suzaku can’t be her knight but that’s so Suzaku can work with Zero since Zero is still a terrorist even if ZEXIS is endorsed by the world. Euphiemia still supports Zero in secret though alongside Nunnally, Cornelia, Schneziel, Relena, Marina, Tianzi, Kaguya, and ect.

    C.C. also doesn’t want to live and supports the endgame Kallen x Lelouch shipping, which makes sense since C.C. played more of a motherly role for Lelouch and Kallen in z2.2.

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