Black Rock Shooter: The Game Still On Track For Digital Release In The West

By Spencer . August 19, 2012 . 10:50pm

brspspNIS America gave RPGamer an update about the Black Rock Shooter video game for PSP. Ryan Phillips, PR and Marketing Manager, says it will be localized for North American and on track for a digital release. A limited edition is being explored, but NIS America is still looking at the logistics of making one.


Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Migage said they are working on an English version of Black Rock Shooter back in July. Imageepoch is probably busy finishing up Sol Trigger and Time and Eternity: Toki Towa, which are both slated for release in October.


Phillips also re-confirmed Atelier Ayesha with an added tidbit of information. The game was announced at Anime Expo, but it seems that Tecmo Koei, now the parent company of Gust, are discussing who will publish the PlayStation 3 title.


Thanks for the burning tip, Elle!

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  • Luna Kazemaru

    still glad is coming over tho :P.


  • Arcm

    Please release a limited Edition I would buy it ASAP!!

  • Blesmi

    Oh God, I really and I mean REALLY hope that Tecmo Koei doesn’t localize/publish it. Nothing exactly personal against them, I mean I buy their Dynasty Warriors games over here, if if they’re dubless and digital only. Because hey, I understand that DW isn’t exactly popular over here. But I do NOT want that trash to happen to Atelier Ayesha. I enjoy having all of my Atelier games sitting on a shelf, main characters smiling back at me. So please NISA, do what you have to in order to get the localization for it. Because if they’re gonna butcher Koei’s main series which is already niche as it is, what do you think they’d do to something as ultra niche as Atelier?

    • Wait a minute. The only Musou/Warriors game that went digital-only (in US) and without English dub is Musou Orochi 2/Warriors Orochi 3. From what I remember, up to Dynasty Warriors 7, the releases are still discs with English dub. (I’m only talking about the PS3 releases though, so I don’t know if there are digital-only 360 versions I didn’t know of.)

      Besides, there are reasons for why WO3 turned out the way it did. It didn’t have an English dub because the English versions came out very quickly after Japanese release – only a 3-month gap! Considering the roster of 120+ characters, there was no way they could have managed a full dub within that time.

      As for the digital-only release for US, I think it had more to do with Koei’s confidence (or lack thereof) in the area when it comes to selling their Warriors games. I’m not arguing that there isn’t a significant number of fans in a region that big, but if you’re aware of the popular Western gaming (and review) scene, they haven’t exactly been favorable to the series – or just Japanese games in general. From what I noticed from the time I was on The Escapist forums, the series in particular seems to be a hate figure for some people who bash it for being repetitive, having a bad dub, etc. Compare that to the much more lenient and appreciative EU fanbase – one of its biggest fan communities is based in UK – and… it’s not exactly a wonder why. They probably thought that rather then print physical copies for un-guaranteed sales, they’d just put it on digital service (which cost them very little to “print” in comparison), just for the fans.

      • Blesmi

        WO3, One Piece Pirate Warriors, and DW7: Empires. All with no dub, and therefore due to SCEA’s stupid policies, no physical copy in the US (DW7:E hasn’t been confirmed for no dub yet, but it has been confirmed as a digital only release). Believe me, I know full well the reasoning. And yes, for WO3 it makes sense since they’d have to pay a ton of money to dub the SW characters. As much as I want my Musou games in physical copy, I’m still very happy that Tecmo Koei US still brings them over and I gladly continue to buy and support them.

        That being said, I am all about the Atelier swag. If TK does end up bringing over A14 I’ll definitely buy it, however I probably won’t be happy about it. I highly doubt that they’d put in the money to dub this game. Which in turn would lead to a digital only copy. Honestly I knew something like this would end up happening once Tecmo Koei bought Gust, which is why i was pleasantly surprised when NISA confirmed they were publishing it here.

        I don’t know what’ll happen and even if I did there’s nothing I would be able to do about it anyway, so i guess I’ll just have to hope that NISA does indeed bring it over and makes a sweet CE like they always do.

        • I’m not sure Pirate Warriors counts in our context though, because while it can be considered a Warriors title, it’s not published by Tecmo Koei, but by Bandai, which has been managing the One Piece games for years and probably have the final say in which dub languages the game is to be released in.

          As for future Atelier titles, yeah, all we can do is wait and see how things roll out. Even if the English dub were to be skipped, I don’t suppose we’d be losing a lot if the games themselves were good.

  • Kefkiroth

    I’m so glad this is coming! It seems like a game like this, loosely related to Hatsune Miku who is very much Japanese, would be impossible to sell!

  • “it seems that Tecmo Koei, now the parent company of Gust, are discussing who will publish the PlayStation 3 title.”

    What discussions are there, it should be NisA hands down. They would release a higher quality product, charge less, and release faster than if koei handled it. I imagine if Koei publish it, it will be just because they don’t want to give NisA a cut, and it will end up digital only undubbed (for NA, undubbed disk release in EU). Best case it ends up dual audio on disk and we get to pay $60 for it instead of $50 through nis and won’t have an option to buy a LE for $65 :/

    • MrKappa

      TE can do it right if they wanted. Just because they have goofed before doesn’t mean they will make all their releases digital and undubbed.

      NISA has a lot on their plate as is and they can’t handle it right as is anyways.

      • Raharu95

        I’d still say let Nisa Handle it.

      • Nemesis_Dawn

        NISA have done an amazing job with the previous Atelier games, so they should be the ones to localize it.

  • $3587643

    Just in time for the PSP to be completely and totally dead in the water.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Naw that will be the other half of P2, which at this rate won’t get here until 2013.

      • 猫 黒

         No, the PSP is pretty dead in the west.  I don’t want to admit it either (I own very few console, and my PSP served me extremely well), but there are basically no more original Western PSP releases.  (You could argue that Japanese ports was the PSP’s main attraction, but even so, it’s pretty much over, except for a few stragglers like BRS).  Mind, I know that the PSP is still strong in Japan, but those games aren’t coming over here, trust me.

        • $3587643

           Yes, thank you for understanding what I was saying. I love you.

      • Let’s just hope ATLUS wants more $$$…

        Tht and Soul Hackers.

    • Luna Kazemaru


      • M’iau M’iaut

        WAKE UP

        • Luna Kazemaru

          *wakes up* Huh wha..I got bored of his failed troll like comment.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I know, and each one is no different than the last.

  • IE, you guys need to calm down and work the localisation quicker…. 

    Aside frm tht, YAY

  • A 3rd person shooter from imageepoch….sounds terrible. Not even the BRS license can save it. Yea i know its supposed to be an RPG but they called the 3rd birthday an RPG in Japan too.

  • tyrantflughude

     Wait what do they mean a limited edition is being explored I thought they said they were going the release  the limited edition they got in japan. but I guest the psp is dying oh well. 

  • Colonel Custard

    I just want to say AH FLIIPING YHEAAAAAAA!!!! My friend let me borrow his BRS yesterday and I’m still playing it. 

  • 猫 黒

    Wow, this game is like BRS’s clothing.  Both are vaporware, but just as BRS’s clothing is SFW, the game is still on track.

  • Raharu95

    Mmmm…. So there is Still a chance Nisa won’t Localize Ayesha. I’ll hope for the best.

  • Learii

    ah so NISA still working on this game i though this game wasn’t coming to the west

  • Vampiric

    does anyone still even care about this?

    • Herok♞

       I do, it gives me hope that a few other PSP games can be released here as well.

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Contrary to popular belief, not everybody is crazy only about the DS and Pokemon games. The PSP may have lacked the DS’ library but it had a bunch of amazing games and even today those games are still being played, whether it’s on an actual PSP or through a PSV. These news are great for those of us who have yet to stop caring about the PSP~.

      Though, news would be 10x sweeter if the figma figure would come out in some kind of bundle too~.

      •  What do you mean by “the PSP may have lacked the DS’ library?” it had tons of great games. If you mean that the DS had Gameboy Advance support than the PSP had PS1 game support.

        BTW I’d like a Nendoroid Petite with my BRS game please!

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          The PSP had nowhere near the amount of games the DS saw released for it, that’s what I meant. As much as I love the PSP, the DS library was bigger and more robust by leaps and bounds~.

          • Sorry but I don’t agree. It all depends on what games you like. If you prefer games like Mario and Cooking Mama you’ll find much more of those on the DS. But I like JRPGs, TJRPGs and music games and the PSP had much more of those. I also play my Gameboy Advance games on the PSP, but that’s a different story.

          • neo_firenze

             This is absurd to complain about.  PSP and DS have BOTH been amazing for JRPGs (not to say both don’t have awesome stuff in other genres), each of them with a boatload of great ones.

            PSP has Falcom, the Persona games, more Nippon Ichi stuff, a huge library of PS1 RPGs, etc.  DS has a lot of system exclusive Atlus stuff (Etrian Odyssey, non-port SMT games with Strange Journey and Devil Survivor 1&2), more Square-Enix games, a huge library of excellent GBA RPGs, etc.

            To think that a major JRPG fan would be fine passing up either of PSP or DS is simply insane.

          •  @neo_firenze:disqus I think you are wrong. The DS had some JRPGs, and I enjoyed them, but JRPG fans can pass on the DS without missing any life changing JRPG. Passing on something like Tactics Ogre, Final Fantasy Crisis Core or the Monster Hunter PSP games would be “insane” for TJRPG and JRPG fans. However that is not the point. I strictly wrote that comment to counter Juan’s ridiculous notion that the PSP “lacked the DS’ library”. The PSP didn’t lack anything. Thank you.

    • BRS fan here. And I do.

    •  Every quality PSP game that hasn’t been out in English yet will forever keep interesting me. That includes Black Rock Shooter, Valkyria Chronicles 3 and Final Fantasy: Type Zero.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Going from the excitement still being shown on this thread, yes I would say quite a few still care. And someone will care in another thread when you post the same comment there. 

      Please do note we have updated our posting rules.

  • Black Rock Shooter has to have a limited edition, or at least a physical edition. Selling only digital copies of a game that’s main audience is people who love collecting figures is a huge mistake.

    And that tidbit about Atelier Ayesha…was there any doubt that this game will be localized? Ever since Atelier Rorona the Atelier games have been doing great (relatively to their genre and the expectations from them) both in Japan and in the West. 

    •  >Selling only digital copies of a game that’s main audience is people who love collecting figures is a huge mistake.

      This, you totally nailed that.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Yes because we don’t care about the games we only care about the figures -_-. You should be glad they didn’t just drop the game.

        • JustaGenericUser

           Or maybe they want both.

          F— off.

        •  Some people of course will be content with just the game, but it really isn’t a secret that all of the anime, games and so on that BRS gets are mainly to promote the merchandise GSC make. And people who are into collecting usually like to…collect?
          I dunno, if there is no physical release then I’m sticking to my Japanese copy.

  • SirRichard

    You said the cursed d-word, everyone panic!

    Personally I don’t care how we get it, just that we do indeed get it. Going digital means NISA can get it to us faster themselves, and having something for my Vita to do is always nice.

    As for Ayesha, I imagine Tecmo Koei are considering localising it themselves no doubt. I don’t mind, as long as we get it either way.

  • Physical release please! :(  Just sell through online retailers or something…

    Just really, really not very trusting on the whole digital download thing.

  • Barrit

    Ugh, I forgot about the Tecmo thing. Hopefully NISA gets to publish it. If TK publishes it, it better retain the Japanese audio. A worst case scenario just flashed through my head.. they publish it with English dub only using those awesome VAs we hear in the DW games ;x

    As for BRS.. Premium Box with WRS figure and downloadable code would be fine with me. (skimming through their forums a while back, I THINK I remember them saying they couldn’t do that for one reason or another though) I never buy digital releases, but for PSP games, I’d make that exception. Having a Vita now, I would prefer to play it on there.. plus PSP game downloads are pretty small and wouldn’t take up much room on my memory card.

  • So reassuring yet again.  I do want a limited edition, even if it means digital only copy.

  • Wagnaria

    Hmmm IMO NISA you’re late. Alot of BRS fans like me didn’t get patient and have already finished the game in JP , I legally bought the import and followed some fan made walkthroughs to unlock hidden Stuffs. I’m not big of a fan so I don’t really care about limited editions but I may still buy it to atleast show that I appreciate the localization effort and most of all to understand the story properly(because it would be in english), though playing it wouldn’t be exciting as before anymore.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I’ll believe it, NISA, when I actually see it released or actually see evidence of localization. Until then, I’m just going to go on believing it’s cancelled.

    • Ladius

      Mikage already said they’re still working on the localization, chances are the situation is similar to Grand Knights History’s: English localization completed months ago, but Japanese developer too busy to actually work on the code. Let’s hope the outcome of this localization is different than GKH’s.

  • Unknown

    Let’s try getting Sol Trigger out here as well

    • i would love it if the came out with sol trigger here. The site, gameplay and everything looks gorgeous. but i’ll only buy a umd copy no DD. otherwise ima get it from play-asia

  • neetloaf

    The game was announced at Anime Expo, but it seems that Tecmo Koei, now the parent company of Gust, are discussing who will publish the PlayStation 3 title.

    This shouldn’t even be up for discussion. :'(

  • Yeah, it’s been nearly a year since it was announced, and there’s nothing to show for it…  has definitely gone into “believe it when I see it” territory.

  • Darkrise

    “Imageepoch is probably busy finishing up Sol Trigger and Time and Eternity: Toki Towa, which are both slated for release in October.”

    … Won’t the simultaneous release conflict with each others sales? Sounds like a bad idea releasing two games from the same company on the same month.

    • But if they both sell well then that just means more munnies for them lol

  • I imported the White Box and I can say that it is a wonderful addition to my collection and I hope it does get a physical release so everyone will be able to enjoy it as well as the game.

    As far as the digital release goes I don’t particularly mind that either, but I just hope it will be playable on both the PSP and Vita just as many other games are.

  • Kai2591

    Oh great make us worry Tecmo Koei, please.
    Well whoever publishes Gust games from now on, it better have:
    1. The full Japanese audio.
    2. Excellent translation, without changing any of the original meaning/dialogue/expressions.etc.
    3. Provide a Limited Edition exactly as the ones the Japanese are getting, or better.
    4. Localize all the DLCs.

    Personally I’d like NISA to do it though, as usual.

    • Zoozbuh

      Jesus, as much as I agree with you, demanding much? At the end of the day, if Gust games continue to be released in English AT ALL I’ll be happy :S

      • Kai2591

        lol sorry but my inner Gust fanboy could not be contained~
        But yeah you’re right we should be grateful if Gust games continue to be localized at all….just as long as they retain the Japanese audio at the very least ;)

  • Valtiel Ikari

    great news, since this game got my attention back when it was announced, hopefully, they can also bring Sol Trigger, if they can, I would be a happy RPG player!

  • Ladius

    I really hope the issues regarding Ayesha are purely logistical, and that NISA is still able to localize every new Gust game regardless of the fact that TK distributes or co-publish them… after all, TK already distributed their games in Europe, so it isn’t like they have never cooperated before.

    Regarding BRS, I’m curious to see if it will indeed be the last PSP game localized in the US, or if that place will be taken by Class of Heroes 2 or by the (still unannounced, but extremely likely) Persona 2 EP. Then again, there could be more surprise announcements in the pipeline from the usual suspects – XSeed, Aksys etc.

  • Asanti Jackson

    I hope the game is compatible with PSVita, because if not I’m SOL.

    • It should be because it works on PS Vita on the Japanese PSN

  • Visa Vang

    I think it’s time to start thinking about grabbing the Japanese Premium Figma-White Rock Shooter. We will not get an awesome release as that here in NA. And I wouldn’t mind a hard copy of the game.

  • I really dont want a digital download. And i refuse to pay for a dd copy of it im jus that stubborn cause if umds are going to stop i might as well buy from amazon and play-asia. I really love physical copies of a game specially my psp and xbox. i dont see the point in buying a dd copy and possibly paying for a higher memory card if i dont have one already

  • Does any one know when BRS is coming out because I really can’t wait till it does.

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