There’s A Little Persona 4 In Square Enix’s Arcade Game Lord of Vermilion Re: 2

By Spencer . August 19, 2012 . 10:05pm


Yu Narukami from Persona 4 and Persona 4 Arena shows up in Square Enix’s arcade game Lord of Vermilion Re: 2 as a cameo character. A fitting crossover since Square Enix helped Atlus bring Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 to PAL territories. The popular card game also has Nier, BlazBlue, and Black Rock Shooter cameos.


Lord of Vermilion Re: 2 is getting new "ultimate rare" cards like Izanami illustrated by Souji Hisakata and Tenma no Yokukai from Toh Azuma.


lordofr-7 lordofr-2

S_フォーマット080825 lordofr-8a lordofr-8b


Classic common cards like the Skeleton Fighter, Grendel, Medusa, and Apollo are getting a makeover too.

lordofr-6 lordofr-6a lordofr-5 lordofr-5a lordofr-4 lordofr-4a lordofr-3 lordofr-3a


Lord of Vermilion Re: 2 Over the Lord Chapter 4: Awakening Blaze that Purifies the Everlasting Darkness comes out in arcades this autumn.

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  • RmanX1000
    • xXDGFXx


      Now what shall we name this actions. Thumb Screening? Screen Up? Yes Smash?

      • neocatzon

        simply shining finger

  • Liam Tasker

     Square Enix needs characters from Atlus to help make their games sell that’s why I like this decade, it’s Atlus’s chance to shine, please Atlus new persona at TGS

  • Vince

    He’s so swag that even his own game can’t hold him in.

    • Lea Schemmel

      Yu brought his bitches with him too, but Aigis is most likely going to steal the spotlight from him. She looks pretty damn awesome in her LoV artwork.

  • Tales_of_Master

    This is the first time I know of this game existence, but I can already tell this gonna be good….I’m not even planning on playing the game :D Atlus should bliss more games with their properties, Although I would prefer Devil Summoner and SMT cameos over Persona cameos.

  • IshimaruKaito

    is this coming to the US???

  • BurnMyApathy

    P4 cameo in a Squeenix game?

    My nigh impossible dream of having a MegaTen/TWEWY crossover is closer now than ever…

    • Dylan Ng

      DeSu x TWEWY???

  • Dylan Ng

    Why can’t we hv this type of arcade game in my country………. Looks better than Dinosaur King/Mushi King lol.

  • Neophoton

    I’d love to see an arcade game like this over here in the US. Shame it won’t happen. :(

    • zephyrsword

       It’s indeed a shame. The card game on it’s own looks amazingly fun.

      • Neophoton

         I usually don’t get into card games, but this one in particular looks interesting to me.

  • Zonic505

    “Lord of Vermilion Re: 2 Over the Lord Chapter 4: Awakening Blaze that Purifies the Everlasting Darkness”

    ….nominee for longest freakin’ game title ever.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Your kidding me right? :O

  • Cucumber

    Wait, this isn’t the big colloboration Hashino was teasing, was it?

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Is he named Yu Narukami in this game too?

  • KingGunblader

    Move over, Kingdom Hearts. There’s a NEW ridiculous title in town.

  • AzureNova

    Wow, I really want this to get localized. Its fun playing card games like this. Especially one with such great artwork.

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