Ciel No Surge’s Third DLC Pack Takes Players To A Planetary Amusement Park

By Spencer . August 20, 2012 . 12:05am

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Gust is continuing their communication game Ciel no Surge with a third downloadable content pack. Ciel no Surge turns the PlayStation Vita into a window to Ion’s world. You can pop in as Ion gets out of bed and set up dinner dates with her. The goal is to restore Ion’s memories.


World Pack Volume 3 picks up in an amusement park called Planetary Mansion. Nei now lives in this district and works as a dancer, performing for thousands of fans.


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Ion meets Shirotaka, a new character, when she watches Nei perform. The two of them cheer Nei on during the show. Shirotaka usually works at a BIOS shop and his name is actually a pseudonym. Ciel no Surge World Pack Volume 3 will come out in September as a 500 yen ($6) PlayStation Network download.



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  • Nickie

    Glimpsed Ciel no Surge. Thought localization announcement. Saw full title… Sad Panda. T^T

    • Herok♞

       If anything I would say it would be localized when everything is done, because I don’t think many people would buy a base of a game and the keep buying dlc so they can continue the story.

      • i wouldnt mind paying 6 bucks for the dlc though. it beats paying 14.99 for CoD dlc which i can use that whole 14.99 to buy a new game with.

        • Herok♞

           well this is the third dlc pack, so if you buy the game it would be $40 (US)
           and then $6 more each dlc pack so you would be up to $58 before tax.

          • Suzuki_ayano

             second DLC was free, so its more like 46. I think they planned for 8 packs total so… $82 assuming each one is $6

          • Herok♞

             So like I said it will probably be brought over when finished

      • Kai2591

        I agree. I prefer to buy the whole thing with all the main story DLCs at one go. Perhaps that’s what NISA is planning. Hopefully :)

  • I’m glad that there is still content and news coming out for Ciel no Surge. Since this is the 3rd DLC content pack for the game I wonder how well the game is doing and if they’ve thought of localization yet for it.

  • HassanJamal

    Wait this game is out already? huh, strange as i havent heard anything bout its release.

  • Kai2591

    Can anyone tell me who do we play as in this game? I mean, is there an actual character who we ‘control’ as in any other games? who are we ‘roleplaying’ as? does this character have a name? or do we literally play ‘as ourselves’? Its never clear to me…I hope my question is understandable haha.

    • Christopher Nunes

      You play yourself, no avatar, and wander the world with Ion to restore her memories. It’s like a visual novel in that sense.

      Go on YouTube to look at gameplay footage to get a better idea.

      • Kai2591

        I see. Thanks for clearing that up. Although I still can’t grasp it completely. Guess I’ll have to actually play it to really understand it. Hopefully we’ll get a localization~

        • Christopher Nunes

          Same here.

          Ion is cute, and the game is really interesting! We need more Vita games over here!

        • The game play is definitely “communication game” style, there is not a lot to do in terms of actual interaction.

          You essentially operate in the following settings:

          1. Ion’s Room

          Ion’s room contains a terminal of sorts which acts as a window from your world to Ion’s room.  The terminal never moves (except for when you ask Ion to sleep together and she’ll place it in bed until you go to sleep (ie, Vita goes to sleep).  Instead you can look around, get Ion’s attention to talk and ask her to perform various tasks.

          – Main interactions here are call/response interactions with Ion
          – Ask her to obtain ingredients to craft items or food
          – Watch her as she performs daily tasks (reading, cooking, eating, sleeping).

          2. Dream World Main Room

          You can dive into Ion’s “Dream world” where you will be presented with a series of doors (each represents one of the game’s chapters, 1 and 2 are the only ones available right now), as well as a terminal to return to the regular state of Ion’s room, or looking up you can visit the Charl nest.

          – Interactions are Story Chapter selection, Charl Nest

          3. Charl Nest

          Charls are basically fairies you create by scanning barcodes (there’s a great Sharl DB website out there now where you can basically pick and choose and it will give you a barcode to scan for the Sharl(s) you want).  They are the tools you use to fix Ion’s memory.

          – 4 elements (repairs require certain elements, earth, wood, water, metal)
          – Skills are LP, Restoration Points, and Sharl Management
             LP is basically their fixing duration
             Restoration Points are how much they can fix at eat interval
             You only select one of your sharls to fix, so management allows you to recruit other’s sharls to help (most useful).

          There’s other Sharl management things you can do, and some social components built into Sharl stuff (each Sharl has a community board, you can also pet other people’s Sharls and stuff).

          4. Story Mode

          (Editing to add that the screenshots above are all from Story Mode segments.)

          In Story Mode you will find Broken Points, which you then will select a Sharl (and then recruit other Sharls from other players [the list is automatic, you don’t need to have friends playing] to help).

          Once the broken point is repaired it becomes an Event Point, which you then can select to play the next part of the story.

          No interaction in Story Mode.

          Summary: Overall the game has a very unique feel and because Ion’s life plays out real time it can be annoying (I hate it on the weekends when she goes to bed early and I basically can’t play).  

          I like it though and have become kind of attached to her.  If you don’t get attached to Ion and the day-to-day interaction/item crafting and dates then the main story stuff is kind of underwhelming, particularly since they’re apparently going to start charging for the new ones (World Pack 2 was free).

          But I recommend it if you have a good grasp on Japanese.  It’s not something you’ll enjoy if you don’t know Japanese pretty well though.  As is I spend a good part of my playtime with a Kanji lookup / Dictionary app on my phone at work.

          • Kai2591

            “…a terminal of sorts which acts as a window from your world to Ion’s room”
            -that’s the answer I was looking for~ So we ARE literally playing through a window of sorts to Ion’s world. (But why does she have such a terminal? whats that about? Why are we, the player, in that situation, interacting with Ion through a terminal? How did it come to that? I mean there must be a story to that right? It couldn’t be that all of a sudden some stranger peeks through a magical window and starts being familiar with Ion and helps her out for no reason, lol)

            So it being real time can be annoying I was afraid of that. I hope there’s no penalty if we don’t play for so long for weeks or months (is there?)

            Btw can you tell me what’s the ‘Kanji lookup / Dictionary app’ that you use? I want to learn kanji as well. I can read hiragana and katakana but lacking in the kanji (and vocabulary) department :) Thanks.

          • Your questions about the terminal are actually part of the story, and we haven’t yet really gotten any good answers, though there’s a person that you’ll meet in Ion’s room that knows more about the situation but won’t share.

            There’s also no real penalties for not playing for extended periods.  She doesn’t get mad or anything, you just miss out on chances to get HymnP (currency you can use to buy skills and accessories for your Sharls).

            On the iPhone I use the “Kotoba” app.  It’s basically a front end wrapped around Jim Breen’s WWWJDIC. 

            Definitely a fun game though and more so a unique concept.  They even do a video series featuring the VAs for Ion and Kanon monthly or so.  Last episode they finished cooking some hamburger and the community gets to vote on how they think it turned out through their Sharls (and your Sharls get a bonus item for voting).

          • Kai2591

            (lol couldn’t reply to your latest comment due to limit -_-“)

            I see…well, my curiosity has now been quenched~
            Thanks a lot for all your info! Looking forward to Ciel no Surge’s localization :)

        • Nickie

           I was wondering if Ion falls for ‘you’? Or are you just a sorta father/mother figure to her?

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