2nd Super Robot Wars OG Screenshots Show Off Maximum Break Technique

By Spencer . August 21, 2012 . 1:00am

Banpresto added a few new tactics to 2nd Super Robot Taisen OG. The PlayStation 3 game has a new move called a Maximum Break which has two twin units sync up for an attack.


srt5 srt6 srt7 srt8 srt9


srt14 srt15 srt16 srt17 srt18


2nd Super Robot Taisen OG also has combination attacks where two mechs can mesh their skills together. After a series of delays, Namco Bandai will finally release 2nd Super Robot Taisen on November 29.


srt1 srt2 srt3 srt4 srt10 srt11 srt12 srt13 srt19 srt20 srt21 srt22 srt23 srt24 srt25

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  • This game will be glorious..can’t wait

  • WingsOfEternity

     Can’t wait for that HD Rampage Ghost

  • gaiahatergaia

    The hell? didn’t they already have a system where two characters attack?

    • Kibbitz

      Edit: the siliconera gallery URLs don’t seem to be carrying properly, so highlight, copy and paste or open in browser as necessary.

      Edit 2: If I understand correctly, since you can set up Twins during Intermission, this might mean that the original Kiryoku requirement that they had last time isn’t around anymore.

      Man, one thing led to another and I ended up visiting the main website to read about this in detail, so here’s what I can suss from reading with my limited Japanese.

      The two characters attack thing in OGS previously was a twinning mechanism where two units can join to form a pair once their Kiryoku reaches 110 or more. In that pair, if they attack another pair, they can each attack their own target or focus on one. You can still see that being present in this game in 
      http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=234937|12 where option two is own target and option 3 is focus. Maximum Break is option 1 which effectively is a variant on the platoon support fire system that you’ve seen in other games like Z1 or Alpha 2/3. In here, it requires the initiating character to have the first skill shown in 
      http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=234937|10 to the right (the one with the asterisk) and the supporting characters having attacks with the F property (http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=234937|13 ). The initiating attack doesn’t need to be F-rated.

      The screenshots also show a Combination Attack which isn’t related to the type that Spencer is talking about. The one being displayed is similar to the one in SRT D where you can attack more than one enemy with an attack that has the C property if your character has a Combination Attack skill. As per the screenshots, Lamia has it at L2 as the fourth skill in http://www.siliconera.com/postgallery/?p_gal=234937|18 and if the enemies are adjacent to each other. If I’m not misreading this, you need to be adjacent to the enemies as well, so even if they give you a beam rifle of 1-4 range, you probably still need to be next to the enemy to combo into them.

      Hope this helps, and anyone interested with better Japanese skills, please feel free to read http://www.suparobo.jp/srw_lineup/srw_og2nd/system/index.html and correct me.

      • gaiahatergaia

        Thank you kind sir.

  • Wondering_Zero

    Looks awesome, too bad I know we won’t see it released in the US though. :( What I would give to play a new SRW game in english…

    • Sardorim

      20 years later… Hey guys, that translation patch is done! And everyone would still play it even though it’s 20 years old.

    • well at least this has a better chance of getting an English release than Z though but since original generations for the PS2 never got one… so yeah guess it won’t, but if by some miracle they decide to release this in the english hopefully they’d do a an HD SRW OG collection(OG1 and OG2 + OG Gaiden) in English too and bundle it to a mega collector’s edition that’d be super awesome gravy or a separate release would suffice as well

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Such a collection is never going to happen unless they either remake the games AGAIN or put a frame around the edges of the screen in order to keep an SD resolution. 

        The problem is that sprites cannot be upscaled the same way 3D assets can, beacuse it makes them look extremely pixelated. As a result, it’s not possible to do a straight port of sprite-based games to HD systems.

  • SMT

    this is so nice but i hope to see any Alpha 

  • hmmmm what if they did a SRW with Valkyria Chronicle style? i think that’d be good

  • Vampiric

    This game has a real good localization chance

    1) We know US publishers ( probably atlus or aksyss) have been sniffing around this title

    2) Being an OG title, it doesnt have any of the license issues. 

    *According to mod discussion closed*

    • Jesse Thompson

      I would probably buy at least 3 copies if this gets localized.  I own all the JP PS2 games even though I can’t read a lick of JP, I own tons of the figures, and recently I’ve been trying to buy the anime DVD’s produced by Bandai Visual (which is no longer around so getting them at a decent price is tough).

      So yeah, pleeeeeeeease let this be localized!  Honestly, I’ll be purchasing the JP version regardless if it does, just to say I own it. :D

    • Godmars

      Trouble is, the game’s $90 to $100 in Japan. Bandai might not wish to localize on that reason alone.

      Probably a dumb idea, but what about a charity kickstart to show interest? Set it for $100,000.

      • Sardorim

        Well, thinks are normally more expensive in Japan. Look at the price differences for P4Arena.

        • Godmars

          And look at how they region locked it over fears of reverse importing. The only PS3 title that’s been done to.

          • Vampiric

             1) prices fluctuate between regions. That point is irrelevant

            2) OG titles have been brought over before

            ex pokemon black white was 90 dollars on japan, but was it localized? of course it was

          • Godmars

            Is Pokemon the crack cocaine of gaming? Yes. Yes it is.

            SRW. Not so much. I’d love to see it as much as any western fan of the series, will import it, but I know its not going to happen. That more than likely, its opposing popularity in Japan could act as a negative in bringing it out.

          • WingsOfEternity

             You’re comparing Pokemon, a franchise that’s been extremely popular worldwide for ages to SRW, a very niche franchise that already has a history of it’s games never being localized. Doesn’t make sense to me.

            I’m also sick of hearing “oh OG titles have been localized before”, so where’s OGs, OGG, OG Saga:EXCEED, OG Saga: LOE 1/2? I don’t like being negative but let’s face the facts, this game will not make it over to the west

          • Vampiric

            you completely missed the point.

            The point is games in japan ARE ALWAYS more expensive and it doesnt stop localizations

            They localized the important ones missing only 1 ie exceed.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Please read the comments, numerous posters have detailed why this title has little if any chance. You have made your point and constant repetition brings nothing more to the discussion.


          • Vampiric

            I read the comments, and there reasons, are faulty, which I illustrated. I am not the one going on and on here.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        “Trouble is, the game’s $90 to $100 in Japan. Bandai might not wish to localize on that reason alone.”

        It’s not the price difference that is the issue so much as the fact that, more likely than not, there simply isn’t a big enough audience for these type of games in the US to justify localisation.

        The fact that this game is a home console release doesn’t help matters.

    • “2) Being an OG title, it doesnt have any of the license issues.”

      That may be true, but that didn’t get the two games that came before it localised. Both OGs and OG Gaiden need to be released first, otherwise most of 2ndOG won’t make sense. The GBA games don’t count, as OGs rewrites parts of it and OG Gaiden is an all new game set after OG2’s Inspector events.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Atlus have also publicly mentioned that the SRW series in general didn’t sell well enough to justify bringing them over.  It’s kind of why Endless Frontier’s sequel wasn’t brought over.

        • Vampiric

           They didnt say anything like that publicly

          You do realize atlus has a history of not finishing series.

          And weve heard from namco publishers are already asking about doing it

          • PoweredByHentai

            You don’t hang around in their forums, do you?  Because one of the moderators strongly hinted at that.

          • Vampiric

             I do more than you might think

      • Vampiric

         Actually it will make sense

        If you know what gaiden means, it means side story, nothing to do with the main story

        both OG’s were localized, this is 3. We would be missing nothing in story

        of course the gba games count, it rewrites 1 percent of it I would wager after playing all 3

  • Xekyo

    This game looks too awesome not to be localized.  I need this.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Since they never bothered with ps2 version of OG, and it’s sequel Gaiden, I’m not having high hope of this getting translated. Regardless of that DS spin-off… which, btw, led to quite a few people believe that it’s actually the main series.. -_-‘

  • Learii

    i don’t havehigh hope that this game will localized but is will be awesome if is  does

  • Vampiric

    I will be importing the collectors edition and displaying it proudly 

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