Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s Sleek Black Box

By Spencer . August 21, 2012 . 1:30am

Square Enix revealed the cover art for Bravely Default: Flying Fairy, which appropriately has a fairy on the front.



Why is the box art black? Nintendo of Japan’s rule is any games rated CERO C (15+) or CERO D (17+) for Wii and now Nintendo 3DS have to use black boxes. This decision was announced shortly after Nintendo published their first CERO D title, Zangeki no Reginleiv. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy comes out on October 11 in Japan.


Fixed: Sorry guys, that “North America” bit was a sleepy error. Fixed!

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  • $30632660

    It should be illegal for a game case to be that sexy.

    • Christopher Dean

      I think I’ll buy this game even though I don’t have a Japanese 3ds…

  • XypherCode

    That is one sweet package you got there. xD

  • Carocaro4


  • …. wait, what? “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy comes out on October 11 in North America.” am I misreading something? if that’s true, it just mean that I should buy 3DS XL ASAP!!! XD

  • Go2hell66

    (⌐■_■) dat package…

  • gooney121

    “Comes out on October 11 in North America.” I know that’s just a typo but QUIT MESSING WITH MY HEART!

  • Zero_Destiny

    I’ve always loved the Black Nintendo boxes Japan gets. I have to say, the black works great with the art they chose. This is a really beautiful box. Simple but it speaks volumes. 

  •  That’s one sexy box art, I’m loving it!

  • neetyneety

    Regardless of their rule, the black background actually suits the art well imo. It gives it that oomph/edge/or whatever you want to call it.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy comes out on October 11 in North America.”

    Wait, what?!

  • komiko12

    So there is the Flying Fairy…
    That boxart is so great!

  • Shadowman

    Okay I must be dreaming. They said “October 11 in North America” that can’t be true.

  • rinalicat

    What a pretty box art; a black background suits it!!

  • kureno

    11 oct in america? 
    My hearth just skipped a 12 beats…

  • Shane Guidaboni

    Siliconera making a huge mistake saying this is coming out on October 11th in N.America. Cruel. Just cruel. That’s the Japan release date. 

  • Draparde

    This game needs to be apart of my collection! >.<! 

  • This game needs to get US release!!!
    The box is so sexy!!!

  • Razentsu

    Man, that box sure looks classy.

  • kuroneko0509

    wow… the black box makes it looks gorgeous

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • oct 11… ok screw B&W2, i’m getting this without a second thought XD (my wallet only allows me to get only one ;_;)

  • Tom_Phoenix

    CERO C (15+)? That’s actually a preety high rating for this kind of game. For comparison, the mainline Final Fantasy titles have an A (All ages) or B (12+) rating, with most of the pre-VII ones having an A rating while most of the post-VII ones having a B rating.

    I have to wonder what kind of themes there are in this game to justify such a high rating.

    • malek86

      Type-0 was also Cero C. Perhaps it will be similar.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        So did Dissidia, but the reason why I mentioned the mainline FF titles is beacuse Bravely Default is most similar to those, particularly the pre-VII ones. As such, the CERO C rating kind of caught me by suprise.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          But one could argue many RPG games of that era (FFVI, Xenogears and Vagrant Story), today would be rated a full level higher under current ratings guidelines.  Dramatic storytelling (i.e. mature themes) was not as considered back then, and this story already is hinting to be quite dark.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            While that’s certainly a possibility, keep in mind that VI, for example, was rated again for it’s GBA and Virtual Console releases (which are relatively recent). The GBA version got an A rating while the Virtual Console version got a B rating (the GBA version removed the scene where Celes was slapped by a guard while she was imprisoned, but everything else is the same). Also, Xenogears already has a D rating.

            So while I see your point, I STILL think this is unusually high for a game of this type. As such, the story certainly has to be preety dark for CERO to rate it so high.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Stateside, the ESRB gave Xenogears a T and perhaps other early review differences are starker there. Star Ocean 2 got moved from E to T for the PSP version while the first two Wild Arms were KA and E. With Type-0 getting a C, it doesn’t seem totally unsurprising this release will.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            To be honest, ESRB ratings don’t really apply in this case, since there have been many cases where ESRB and CERO have given out WIDELY different ratings.

            I am aware that Type-0 and Dissidia both got a C rating. That said, as I mentioned earlier, Bravely Default is most similar to the mainline FF titles, hence why I compared the ratings of those titles to this one.

  • European release date + that box and art + limited edition = A GUARANTEED PURCHASE FROM ME!!! 

  • Hopefully SE’s recent US release of KH mark of mastery edition makes it more likely this will come out in america as well as get a special edition.

    • Ryan Sinclair

      If Bravely Default is released in the USA it would be really awesome if it got a special edition just like Kingdom Hearts 3DS did. However, if and more than likely it will be released in the US and UK it will more than likely get a Fall or Christmas release. 

  • Suicunesol

    Are you saying this game might get an M rating?

    • No, that depends on the subject matter.  In fact some games rated lower than C (like some SMT games) get M rating.

  • I actually wish they enforced this in the west.  Some games I think would look great with the black label instead of white.  Especially with Wii U’s blue label which may or may not compliment the artwork.

  • Somazu

    Pretty sure Oct 11th is the japanese release date as it hasnt been announced for localisation yet.
    I reeeeally hope it does though, i really want it.

  • O_O!

    •  XD The fairy looks nice but DAT ASS XD

      I like the strap shoes its wearing it flourishes nicely with butterfly wings against the black background

  • Pichi

    One of the rare times a box art is selling me the game.

  • TheFoolArcana

    Am I the only one who thinks this would look better with the usual white box…?

    • Maybe cause I’m not.
      Its G00d in BK

  • SirRichard

    If this is picked up for a Western release, please PLEASE keep that black box, Square. Hell, even just make it for a special edition only and I’d be down.

    You gave Lord of Arcana and The 3rd Birthday nice red boxes here in Europe, surely you can do the same for this?

    • For me though, just get it released here. Never mind the color of the box because at this point in time, there is not even a word if it gets an outside release.

  • Is Bravely Default “CERO C” or “CERO D” and why?
    does it contain something …?
    it’s art looks childish (and I like it) .

    • M’iau M’iaut
      Please review our rules on posting and note the box itself says Cero C. It appears Bravely will have quite a serious tale to tell ala Xenogears. One of the primary party members starts as an assassin assigned to eliminate the original team.

      • Didn’t notice O.O
        and thanks for the Link

  • Nice and simple. I dig it.

  • WyattEpp

    That is really excellent.  I sincerely hope they keep that cover for the NA release.

    • Or a cover that’s even better. Think about that lol.

  • AnimusVox

    I was waiting for them to show a fairy.

  • Blesmi

    See, now that’s not false advertising at all. The title is “Bravely Default: Flying Fairy.” And what’s on the cover? A flying fairy. Thank you. And might I add, that is one fine flying fairy at that.

  • Niermyico

    The cover is so blacksexy. I want this game so bad, along with Prof Layton Vs. Phoenix Wright.

    • AnimusVox

      We should start using this word to describe sexy black things.

  • Göran Isacson

    Her butterfly wings look… fuzzy. I like it. I really do like it, feels fresher than the standard butterfly wings you usually see on fairies.

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