• Hector Yujuico Rabie

    Gantz?! lol

  • omeganeko

    “can you lead the survivors from the horrors that is….. Manhattan” worst holiday slogan EVER

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    New York gets demolished in most video games like on a weekly basis. Can’t we have terrorists or aliens attack other metropolitan areas, like Seattle, Chicago or Dallas. Or if you want to go foreign a place like Berlin, or Moscow… =/

    • Kevadu

       Hey, leave Seattle alone!  We’re perfectly happy being forgotten about by the rest of the country.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dylan-Ng/100000854638739 Dylan Ng

      At least we SEast Asians hv the most least chances of getting screwed over lol. Japan though…

      BTW, did you watched 2012?? Moscow (i think) and other places got wrecked too…

  • http://chronotwist.deviantart.com/ JustThisOne

    “The goal of the game is to escape and bring other survivors to checkpoints.”

    I like the idea of 28 Days Later as a game, but having a game based around escort missions is a bad idea. We’re getting some true survival zombie games now though, so that works for me. (Last of Us, ZombiU, Walking Dead.. etc.)

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