Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition Shoots Up Stores This Fall

By Spencer . August 22, 2012 . 12:25pm

underdefeathd_dlx_ps3_flat_packshot_esrb_noflashRising Star Games could be called "Shooting Star Games" with all of the shooters they’re bringing to the market.  Akai Katana came out in May and Under Defeat HD from G.Rev will be out in the fall.


Under Defeat HD is reloaded with new graphics, artwork, textures, and shadowing. The Deluxe Edition extras include a digital art book, all of the DLC on disc, a soundtrack CD, and a letter from Under Defeat executive producer Hiroyuki Maruyama.


While Under Defeat HD will be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe, in North America it’s only coming out for PS3. Under Defeat HD: Deluxe Edition will cost $39.99.


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  • Code

    Hooray >ww<; I find it interesting though it'll only be coming out on PS3 in North America, but Europe is still getting a 360 version too. Also kind of prefer the original cover, but this new one isn't bad or anything, so no big deal u 3 u;

    A nice bonus for Deluxe Edition would have been maybe the original Japanese cover reversible DC cover similar to the Japanese version. Since really a DX Edition would only be fore the real niche fans any ways u w u; I'm really hoping it does well, G.Rev really does deserve some success~

  • malek86

    I’m not a big fan of shmups played with the entire widescreen, but I’ve been following this for a while, from back when it was still supposed to be an XBLA release. I should at least give it a chance, I guess.

    • FX102A

       If it’ll help, the game has 2 modes. Arcade uses the original tall & narrow screen, whilst the New Order mode (which uses a twin stick control scheme) is fully widescreen.

    • Code

      If it’s structured anything like mamoru-kun it’ll probably include both the arcade resolution and widescreen resolutions as separate modes with separate leaderboards uwu; Widescreen is likely more of an arrange mode, since they adjust enemy layouts and such to make use of the whole field owo;

      • malek86

        @Codemakura:disqus @FX102A:disqus ah, ok. That’s good. The original mode doesn’t use twin stick shooting, right? I assume it’s kinda like Zero Gunner instead?

        • Code

          Nahh the original doesn’t use twin stick, it’s sort of similar to Zero Gunner 2… admittedly Zero Gunner 2 feels better and handles it’s controls better though, but Under Defeat is still pretty solid o3o; As far as widescreen using twin stick as an option I have no idea, but Mamoru-kun had some modified control options/twin stick for widescreen mode.

  • neo_firenze

    Why am I even considering the quadruple-dip here?  (already have DC, J-360, J-PS3)  Thanks to region free PS3, I’m gonna have to skip it… but any of you who like shooters at all and don’t own the game in some form already, PICK THIS UP!

    Also… “all of the DLC” is just the one DLC ship released in Japan, right? 

  • Hoshi星

    I was about to import the european version… Thanks Rising Star Games of America!

  • FX102A

    How did I miss this?!!

    I imported the Japanese PS3 version around 1.5 months ago, still going to buy both European Versions, plus a Deluxe version hopefully means a Soundtrack included. The music from Mission 4 just kicks Heavy Gunship Arse!!

    I do hope though they get a chance to fix the music bugs (rain sound effects gets stuck in a loop after defeating Boss 2 and the music during Boss 4 has a tendency to stop).

    One thing I hope though is the EU version uses the Japanese Limited Edition covers, those were sweet. The U.S. version screams the Sky Crawlers cover debacle (EU get sweet artistic JP cover, US gets crap, generic cover).

  • Godmars

    Was wondering where this had gotten to. 

  • Will double-dip (already have JPN PS3 LE)

  • Learii

    old school game i miss these kinda games

  • Taiyz

    I’m really starting to wonder why a bunch of multi-platform games are coming to NA only on the PS3. Aksys wasn’t able to acquire the 360 versions of Shikigami no Shirou 3 (in this case they licensed the game for the Wii) or Arcana Heart 3, and now Rising Star wasn’t able to get Under Defeat HD for us. Seriously, do Japanese publishers have some issue with American 360 owners?

    Since Microsoft of Japan has started cracking down on region-free games (not sure how Max Anarchy managed to do stay region-free, especially since Under Defeat HD was THE game that exposed this whole thing) it’s extremely disheartening to see a game like this to go exclusive outside of Japan.

  • Zonic505

    Wow, got Akai Katana not too long ago for only $20. I’m tempted to get this, especially with all the bonus content. Props to RSG.

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