Dragon Ball Z For Kinect Was Made For Fans Who Dreamed Of Shooting A Kamehameha

By Spencer . August 23, 2012 . 6:45pm


Namco Bandai makes a lot of Dragon Ball games. We see new titles every year, but most of them stick to core fighting game mechanics and add flying Super Saiyans. Dragon Ball Z for Kinect is quite different since it’s played from a first person perspective and you punch using your fists. Why did Namco Bandai want to make a Kinect powered Dragon Ball game?


"One of the main reasons is we wanted players to shoot a Kamehameha without using a controller. Some fans may have dreamt of this and with Kinect maybe we can make their dreams come true," producer Koji Nakajima answered.




"The Kamehameha is a well known motion so I think fans should be able to do this. For all of the other skills, we tried to make these as simple as possible and there are icons [that explain how to do the moves]. Some people may need to train a bit before playing the game like when they have lashing attacks or doing a smash attack where you have to do gestures."


Dragon Ball Z for Kinect displays motions on how to do all of the attacks like Vegeta’s Final Flash and Gohan’s Masenko. All special attacks require ki energy, which you can charge up with a gesture.


While motion controls have grown in popularity, Dragon Ball Z for Kinect isn’t the first game with a Kamehameha gesture. A plug and play TV game called Dragon Ball Z: Kamehameha Battle Experience came with hand sensors. After players put these on they could throw energy blasts at the screen and, of course, shoot a Kamehameha. The game looks more like Space Harrier than your standard Dragon Ball game, though.


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  • konsama

    LMAO Dragon Ball rail shooter, now i’ve seen everything.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I find it disappointing that this doesn’t let you play pattycake against Nappa. Everyone knows he’s the pattycake champion.

    • ThatBlackGuy

      as long as they have the pokemon catching minigame all hope is restored unless they self destruct.

  • Learii

    how long do people have to do for the Sprit Bomb? about 2 hours?

    • $733987

      The biggest problem is during that 2 hours, your opponent is still constantly attacking you. And so you have to lean to the left or right to dodge while raising your hands up for 2 hours.

      …What’s the hand gesture for “I surrender”?

      • Learii

        lol sound like “oh he surrender 2 hours ago why I even bother fighting?” XD

    • AuraGuyChris

      Nah, it usually takes three episodes.

      • Learii

        that is Dragon Ball Z Kai not Dragon Ball Z because in DBZ Kai they skip alot of stuffs and  do it in 3 episodes

  • $733987

    Finally! I’m glad all those years of learning and practicing the fusion dance have not gone to waste! Now all I need is a guy/girl in the same power range as me to be player 2. Any volunteers? Don’t worry. My dance form is perfect, so we won’t be too thin or too fat.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    For kids not for Adults.I have dreamed of doing a Kamehameha my whole life ^_^ I will get a 360 only for this…………….. XD

  • “… and NO ONE ELSE.” 

    Seriously, what’s the deal with the Kinect these days? I honestly don’t know if it’s doing well or not, but its presence has all but disappeared from the gaming news I read…

  • Loran Cehack

    Gintoki can finally shoot a Kamehameha!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    I hope we will have to do the Fusion or the Father and Son Kame Hame Ha

  • Spider-Man

    Would have loved this when I was like 12. Not this time.

    • Fidelis

      “When you grow up, your heart dies”

  • AuraGuyChris

    Banco, you forgot a crucial fact. All the little children than loved DBZ a long time ago were hit with puberty.

    You just uncovered the truth about your true intentions: make people look silly in front of a TV so that they become a Super SOIYEN.

  • Excuse the profanity, Thats sick as F*cky!

  • Godmars

    So if this turns out to be a Dance Central clone trying not to masquerade as such or worse, another Steal Battalion which ended up being hampered by being a Kinect-only game, what is that going to do to Kinect?

  • this is definitely the game for that black guy who thinks he could become a “super saiyan” lololololol

  • gaiahatergaia

    i Dreamed of shooting whoever made the DBZ games go downhill in the next gen consoles.

  • French

    Yeah…..but you could have made a decent game and have had the kinetic Kamehameha as a mini game 

  • TheGameTagerZ


    I thought it was made to kill the franchise

    Guess I was wrong. 

  • Oh, I thought it was for Bandai Namco to quickly and cheaply reskin Ultimate Tenkaichi with Kinect controls in a very vain attempt to grab a new audience. Silly me.

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