Latest Tales Of Xillia 2 Videos Have Battles, Ludger’s Bonus Costume, And Rowen

By Spencer . August 23, 2012 . 3:28am

While we only get snippets from Time and Eternity: Toki Towa, Namco Bandai releases tons of footage from Tales of Xillia 2. The second trailer shows Link Arts and Ludger’s transformation where he can send enemies to another dimension. Players have to help Ludger pay back his massive 20 million gald loan.


Rowen, a playable character from Tales of Xillia, returns in Tales of Xillia 2 as the Prime Minster of Liese Maxia. He traveled to Ludger’s world, Elenpios, to negotiate a peace treaty.



Rowen is a playable character and despite his penchant for peace he will join Ludger in battle. 


First print copies of Tales of Xillia 2 include a code with Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World hero Emil’s costume for Ludger.



Tales of Xillia 2 comes out for PlayStation 3 on November 1.

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  • kiran caelum

    still waiting for tales of xillia in english. :L

    • It was announced already, right? Just be patient and let the localization team do their job. :p

  • Emil? Of all the characters, they picked Emil? *sigh*

    • Christopher Nunes

      I guess Emil is popular in Japan… heck I like Emil, he’s one of my favorite Tales Of characters.

  • RedShadoww

    Seriously it looks like he’s crossdressing… x_x

  • Everybody knows that Emil’s costume is for girls, Namco. Don’t tell me you want to take the mickey out of him already! Jokes aside, this is looking better as it plods along. I’m eager to see how it will be received. (Anyone betting on a Jude and/or Millia cameo?)

  • Latest Tales Of Xillia 2 Videos…where’s Tales of Xillia 1? Why is it taking Namco Bandai so long to release it in the West?

    • LightZero

      Tales of Xillia video are on youtube unless you mean in English. The game isn’t coming out until 2013. Also Namdai couldn’t careless about us westerners anyway. Hence why they are catering to their native country. Just be grateful we are even getting the prequel at all. 

      •  What I meant was – how come they are advancing so fast with Xillia 2 while us in the West are still waiting for a release date for Xillia 1. And I’m sorry if I sound a bit pessimistic here, but until I actually see a release date I won’t believe Xillia is coming to the West in 2013. TBA 2013 could easily be changed to TBA 2014 next year.

        • LustEnvy

           Where’s the faith? They stated it’s coming out in 2013. It’s just a localization. They deserve some faith after releasing Graces F. We still have a ways to go. Calm down.

  • Tales_of_Master

    Soooo….NB is trying to encourage people to buy the game early by offering an Emil custom ? Seriously NB ? Here is hoping for TOX to do great here in the west, so we can get TOX2 as well.

    • Arrei

      Well, funny thing about that.

      Emil’s pretty popular in the Japanese fanbase. So it makes more sense than we think.

      • It’s pretty obvious that they are doing that because Emil is popular, people whining about this should know that lol, its not like NB (tales team) is not in contact with their fans, all the contrary, they give a lot of fan service (no, no the pantsu shots and stuff kind of fanservice) to the fans. Putting Lloyd paired with Zelos is a good example lol…

        Also, i imagine it’s to kinda show the resemblance between them?: first being a MC of a direct sequel, and second (and pretty much the main reason i guess) the fact that pretty much their story is heavily related to one main girl.

    •  a Lloyd costume would have been better seeing as Ludger can use Dualswords

  • keithmaxx

    Awesome, the Prime Minister kicks butt… too bad Japanese ones are too boring to even try.

    On another note, I disagree that it’s a 完全新作 (Totally New Creation) as it’s: 1) a sequel, and 2) rides on the story, characters and assets from the first.

  • Nikolai Sumcad

    Ack. It’s the tube top again. Hehe. Well hopefully the swimwear costumes will make him look sexay~

  • I like Emil >8D, but his clothes just dont match him lol, anyway this might mean there is a Marta costume around…. omfgg if its for Leia i’ll die

  • zferolie

    IS there a reason we haven’t seen Jude or Milla yet? They were the main characters in the main game…

    If it’s a major spoiler for them not being here, let me know as well.

    • LynxAmali

      We don’t know about Jude.

      And Milla..well…it’s a major spoiler.

      • *might be? spoilers?, for those weak of heart, pretty light tho*

        Well, even with that ending i doubt she wouldnt appear on this game, one way or another, they kinda left that “atmosphere” at the end of Xillia, especially because it seems this will have some time related stuff (they made a new summon spirit called cronos, that, ….. this might be crazy but i believe you can resist the shock… controls time!!, so anyway, i suppose there will be some time traveling here)

    •  they’ll probably announce the next pair of characters soon
      if you see the pattern
      Alvin Leia
      Rowen Elise
      so next has to be Jude and Milla

  • animeftw999

    kinda sad when they were showing emils costume no music played T.T does this mean when we get costumes battle theme won’t change!!?!?!

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      I would love to see that lol

    • Arrei

      To be honest I found that aspect of the old cameos rather annoying. Made it so you couldn’t wear the costumes unless you also liked the song that came with it.

      I mean, if they’re gonna give us throwback music I’d rather we be able to toggle it separately, you know?

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Emil costume doesn’t looks right with him at all haha  but man this game looks sexy *no homo*

  • With each article I become even more excited for the Xillia series =^_^=

  • Jake Caro

    Gameplay looks sick!!!

    Ludger should stop cosplaying Emil though. That’s…also sick.

  • LightZero

    Looks like Baba wasn’t joking about Xillia 2 takes some stuff from Graces after all. I’m glad side step is back. I prefer that over free run. 

    • Xillia 1 also had side step, but it was an skill, and you had to press L1 as you attack for the char to side step, it wasn’t as “technical” as in graces

  • s07195

    Really digging the battle music in the gameplay videos.

  • Nitraion

    At time like this i just wish namdai was Atlus with passionate speed up localization lol

  • Meily

    In the first video, no-one thought the after-battle scene where they shoved each other to pose in a photo cute? Lol that practically made my night. I love Ludgar’s toothy grin, he’s just like :D

    And I’m loving how the battle moves just keep getting cooler and cooler with every successive Tales of game. I mean I’ve played since ToS and it still amazes me how they can think up these new precise movements for each battle arte. So fluid yet destructive!

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