Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting Coming To Android And iOS This Year

By Spencer . August 24, 2012 . 2:26am

resme8Capcom and social game maker GREE are developing a social Monster Hunter game. Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting will have familiar monsters like Rathian and Blangonga. Players can gather materials to make weapons and armor too. New for this game is a "friend hunting" system plus tap and flick controls.




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GREE and Capcom are also creating a Resident Evil Mercenaries social game too. The game has 3-on-3 third person shooter battles with either Deathmatch or King of the Hill modes. Chris, Jill, and Claire are confirmed for the game. All three characters can be customized too.


resme1 resme2


Resident Evil Mercenaries and Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting are slated for release in 2012 for Android and iOS.

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  • Areuto

    wait? so does this mean this is what Capcom has been announcing us to wait this whole time? I’m a sad panda :(

    • Peeka Chu

      Welcome to the new portable Frontier.  The only way I see the Vita surviving at this point – and I have one and adore it, but I’m just being a realist – is to heavily engage in PS Mobile.  That, and when they do an inevitable hardware refresh, make a model with HDMI out, a proper gorilla glasss and larger (6-7 inch) screen, lifestyle + productivity apps and built in flash memory with an option to add more.  These are features that ALL modern smartdevices have, which Sony has purposefully left out of their device (and there is an HDMI out cable too, demoed at E3, but they stubbornly won’t release the damn thing).

      Mobile devices are now actively competing with handhelds.  The only reason why Nintendo dug themselves out of an early 3DS grave was on account of a massive 40% price cut.  That doesn’t leave them much room to wiggle as we see with the 3DS XL and its ‘increase’ in price.  It also kills the later gen sales that accompany price drops, as the lower-spend market gets saturated faster.  I don’t see the 3DS going past 70 or 80 million – still an accomplishment, but it could end up even lower depending on how fast the smart-device gaming ecosystem develops.  The Vita won’t go anywhere unless it recognizes itself as a tablet competitor.  The World Ends with You, Monster Hunter, Phantasy Star, Resident Evil – almost every major console franchise is moving into the mobile space.  Writing is on the wall.  Adapt or die.

      Edit: I’d also add that one of the elements I personally like about mobile design is that the turn-around for development is FAST. Like a game gets announced and then released a month or two later. Sure 99% of them are crap, but you could say that of many platforms.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        “Mobile devices are now actively competing with handhelds.”

        No, they’re not. The reason why the 3DS was failing at the beginning had nothing to do with mobile phones and everything to do with the lack of quality software. It wasn’t the price cut that truly saved the 3DS (it merely bought it some time), but quality software with mass appeal such as Mario Kart 7 and Monster Hunter Tri G. 

        Likewise, Vita’s current woes have more to do with the fact that it lacks software that would appeal to a wider audience enough to sell systems. The cardinal rule of gaming is that people buy hardware to get to the software; if the software isn’t appealing, not many people outside of tech enthusiasts are going to buy the hardware.

        Mobile phones do a very different job compared to handhelds (even in the context of gaming) and most people don’t buy one for the games. Plus, mobile phone gaming isn’t something new; it has existed for a very long time. Infact, it has existed in Japan longer than any other country due to how rapid the advancements in mobile phone technology were in Japan. Yet, this had no impact on the GBA, DS and PSP, all of which went on to sell millions.

        To put it simply, the 3DS and Vita have suffered due to their own faults, not beacuse of mobile phone gaming.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I love it how they are trying to blame mobile gaming for everything now. Its hot in Japan and has been this is nothing new.

          • Peeka Chu

            Mobile gaming in Japan has never been so advanced or had such solid IPs attached to it.  Never.  Plus the cost of a smart device is one of “perceived value”.  It is expensive yes, that is if you buy the device outright which no one does.  You can walk into a store and get an iPhone for $99 or less with a contract, and start downloading free and $0.99 games in 5 minutes.  Accessibility + content are key.  Sure you pay more in the long run being tied to a contract, but most people see cell phones as a necessity these days, whereas game consoles are an entertainment expense – not necessarily vital.  

            And who are “they” btw?  :) I’m a console gamer first and foremost, I just worry about the trends of the industry and want to see the console makers react accordingly.  

          • Luna Kazemaru

             My comment was in general honestly because of the hate mobile gaming gets for no reason its not like everyone is going to drop arms and say welp we are moving to this. Yes its a trend and its a good way for devs to cook up some quick cash while in term expanding. Apparently most gamers don’t like this idea.

        • Peeka Chu

          Software won’t fix the problem.  And if you haven’t noticed, the 3DS is still under-performing in NA/ EU, its most successful region being Japan, despite a price cut and influx of this software stimulus that you are referring to. Do note that most of these IPs we can see are now migrating to mobile platforms – this ripple effect is new and hitherto unseen in the industry on such a scale, expect it to escalate not dissipate too.  Also note that by Nintendo’s own figures the attach rates for the 3DS are still under 2 games per 3DS.  So if the software is so great, why isn’t anyone buying it?  Again, I stress that the only reason the hardware sales are so high is because the have been boosted by a far too early in the product-cycle price cut. I don’t expect these levels to continue past mid 2013 before we see a decline.  Anyway, that last bit is just postulation on my end.  

          Still, I’m not sure how you could successfully argue that mobile gaming isn’t impacting a segment of the dedicated handheld market when all statistics and sales metrics prove this to be true. Please stop referencing past successes because as Sony’s PS3 debacle has shown us, the past is not often indicative of future success.  Plus, when GBAs and DSes were out, there wasn’t the elephant in the room of iOS or other mobile platforms that run circles around those devices in terms of tech or accessible content.  

          This “software is all that’s needed” is a myth.  Even the 3DS needed software and a 40% price cut before it gained any appeal in the marketplace.  Mobile gaming on this scope with quad core processors, HD screens and instant content delivery HAS NOT ever been in place as a competitor or alternative to traditional mobile games. If you want to talk about successes in Japan, you’d be remiss to ignore GREE and the Tales, Valkyria and other mega Japanese IPs that are now finding homes there.

          It is and will continue to be an uphill battle for dedicated handhelds and anyone with any sense knows this. We can revisit this argument again in a year, and I’m confident that I will be right.

          Edit: SE 3DS releases: 7 (wikipedia)
          SE mobile releases: Over 20 in 2011 and beyond, plus there’s at least 1/2 a dozen more out before the end of the year.

          I’m not the one making the decisions, the publishers and consumers are. You could do the above comparative again for nearly any major 3rd party publisher and the mobile platform would win in most cases. The industry is shifting. That’s just how it is.

      • Adrián Alucard

        I prefer buy a “cheap” (150-250 €/$) handheld device for gaming than a expensive (more than 500 €/$) thing for gaming

        I can’t understand how mobiles devices can compete with the consoles

        • Peeka Chu

          $0.00 to $99 contracts.  You pay more, but you never see the money spent.  Most people are terrible economists.  

          • Adrián Alucard

            But i see XD, i’m not rich i need to take care of my money
            I spent like 5€ ($6.25) every 6 months (i dont have contract, i pay what i spend, no more no less. I don’t know how this modality is called in english, in spanish is like “prepaid”)

            I’m not gonna pay like 30 € every month to have the yearly mobile phone and buy $0.99 crappy games. Cause is like buy a game every month

  • Go2hell66

    hmmm all these mobile games are starting to put a bad taste in my mouth :/

    •  Why do I even own my 3DS (and still thinking of getting a Vita after more games and a price drop come around) if all the portable games just come out on an iPhone anyway?

      • Peeka Chu

        That’s sort of the big issue that’s presenting itself these days.  I have a Vita, 3DS, Asus tab (refuse to do the mommy state iOS thing, sorry, did that for about 2 years) and I really wish I just had ONE device to fulfil all my portable gaming and productivity needs.  As it is, neither of these three devices performs each service perfectly.   Mobile games still have a bit to go, but man are they getting there – with the graphics and IPs at least.  And dedicated handhelds lag in terms of productivity and entertainment features.  

        I don’t want three devices, I just want one.  Someone make a JRPG tablet with tacked on controls.  I don’t care, I’ll buy it. We are moving towards a convergence of technology and services and whoever gets there first will make an absolute killing.   

  • keithmaxx

    This totally kills the element of exploration that is an essential part of the game, especially when they dumbed it down to tap and move to. Here’s to hoping the tablet version is much more satisfying.

  • If this was the MH announcement for the west…that coupled with TWEWY I give up.

  • Peace Legacy

    Hatred Word of The Year Award for 2011 went to “DLC”
    Hatred Word of The Year Award for 2012 went to “Social Game”
    Wonder what will 2013 brings

  • This is the big news that Capcom America had been teasing us?

  • ZEROthefirst

    This better not be the big news for Monster Hunter that Capcom America had been talking about, otherwise I think I’m done with Capcom.

    • Luna Kazemaru

       You know how many people say this and still go back to them lol.

      • ZEROthefirst

        The only reason I’m around Capcom is because of Megaman (they killed him off), Monster Hunter (we don’t see much for anymore), and Devil May Cry (which I hope DmC doesn’t turn out to bea bust, because Capcom likes to drop a series with poor sales *coughmegamancough*).

  • Monster Hunter: Massive disappointment 

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Its Monster Hunter without the hunting 

  • doemaaan

    ugh, i hate the name >_>

  • Some of you guys need to chill out. This is obviously  a Japan announcement and is not the same as what Capcom keep hinting at for the U.S.

    I keep saying this, but certains folks around here would benefit from giving things a little more thought before flying off the handle.

    • Joseph Santee

       This post actually calmed me down a bit. Thanks for pointing that out, Ishaan.

      …I’d still buy it, though.

  • konsama


  • Wow man
    just wow

  • SupaPhly

    The problem with mobile games is that they are usually watered down for quicker play and touchscreen only gameplay. If mobile gaming gets much bigger we would eventually have to suffer one day with casualised games from ios/android being ported to the dedicated gaming devices instead of the other way around
    or maybe im just being paranoid lol

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