How Much Does Final Fantasy Dimensions Cost In Japan? [Update]

By Spencer . August 25, 2012 . 8:45pm


Square Enix plans on selling Final Fantasy Dimensions for $28.99 or $32.96 if you buy the chapters individually. Final Fantasy Dimensions came out in Japan last year for feature phones under the name Final Fantasy Legends where it was split into 13 chapters:


The Last Dragoon
Light Snatching Ranger
Bard’s Love
The Knight wandering through the Darkness
Sorrow of the Memoirist
The Dancer’s Battlefield
Revival of the Knight
Fate of the Shinobi
Decisive Battle! The Avalon Empire
Fate of the World


It looks like Square Enix compiled chapters in a different way for Final Fantasy Dimensions kind of like how Final Fantasy IV: The After Years bunched the three episodes into an ending chapter. Instead of releasing the game all at once, new chapters came out every few few months. Prologue was a freebie and other chapters cost between 315 yen ($4) and 525 yen ($6.67) a piece. There is no bundle pack to purchase all of the episodes as a complete game, so all together Final Fantasy Dimensions costs between 3,780 yen ($48) and 6,300 yen ($80). It’s *probably not* either of those prices since some chapters are 315 yen and 525 yen, but Square Enix doesn’t say how much each particular chapter costs. Maybe a numeric mean of 5,040 yen ($64), which also happens to be the price of DS games is fair estimate?


Update: Special thanks to Seán for finding this Livedoor blog that has prices of all the Final Fantasy Dimensions chapters. The feature phone version was 4,410 yen or $56.

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  • Wow, don’t let Capcom hear of this practice if it succeeds.

    • Definitely not, we don’t want to see Megaman treated this way. *Shudders* I can just imagine how terrible that would be.

      • I honestly can’t imagine it. It’d be a travesty and something Capcom would definitely pull.

        • pressstart

          They have paid episodic content for games like Phoenix Wright and Ghost Trick. Not sure what the total price is though.

  • Not touching this at all. something tells me I’ll be expecting a physical release of this on the 3DS or Vita sometime in the future. 

    • Bhunivelze

      I doubt that. What would the point be in releasing a game like this on those systems? If they wanted that, they would be doing that in the first place. 

      •  People doubted FFIV The After Years.  Look where it got to. 

        • Bhunivelze

          Was the after years released again alone or alongside FFIV? This game is standalone. It isn’t going to get packaged and released again with anything else. 

          • Ty Austin

            Not to mention the current transition from PSP to Vita.

  • Wait. A chapter costs about $30?

    • Barrylocke89

      No, its 29.99 if you buy all the chapters at once, or a little over that if you buy them one by one.

  •  Well…guess we can’t complain about the price they’re asking for the iOS version now, lol!

    They sure know the power of the Final Fantasy brand!

  • Neophoton

    …Yet I feel people are going to buy this anyway, regardless of how absurd the price is. I’ll just hope Capcom doesn’t hear about this if it succeeds.

    •  Oh I am going to buy this game. Just not at full price. SE usually drops the prices after a couple of months, and I can definitely wait.

  • I’ll be staying far, far away from this one. So not worth it.

  • eilegz

    no wonder square enix prefer doing mobile games, they can rip off its fans…. the price its excesive….

    Somehow i tried Chaos rings II and that was such an amazing game for mobile i hope that they release it someday for android and wp.

    • Don’t full price games cost that much? I see no difference between that and this.

      • Evan Groman

        The difference is that phone games are generally regarded to be things you unwillingly play while waiting to waste time, whereas other games you make time for.

        • Ty Austin

          Yeah, back when phones weren’t that powerful.  Things are changing now, phones are rivaling handhelds and the market is huge.  You’re also forgetting about the iPad, it’s hugely popular for playing games at home as well.

          The original intention of handheld games was to play them on the go and while you wait.  Now is no different from back then except now that capability is on your phone.

  • This is totally unrelated to the post but I’m going to ask it anyway: Do you think Square Enix will release Chaos Rings 1 and 2 sometime in the future on the 3DS? Seems like a good decision. Bundle them together, add 3D effect (for text and menus only probably) and ship on a physical cartridge. Seems legit?

    • I rather want it to be on PS Vita as a PSN game. I played the heck out of it and man it looks visually beautiful for an iOS.

    • Ty Austin

      That would be pretty cool.  I would even say throw Chaos Rings Omega in there while you’re at it.

  • Ty Austin

    I’ll be picking up the first two parts day one, couple bucks isn’t that bad.

    If I like it, I’ll most likely just wait for them to go on sale, like everything else on itunes. 

  • Bhunivelze

    is 30 dollars for a full game that bad? What are people complaining about?

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