Watch Square Enix Adjust The Agni’s Philosophy Tech Demo On The Fly

By Spencer . August 27, 2012 . 5:01pm

Yoshihisa Hashimoto, Chief Technology Officer at Square Enix, brought the Agni’s Philosophy demo to SIGGRAPH, a computer graphics conference. 4Gamer reports this presentation was a bit different since Square Enix demoed some of the changes their Luminous Engine can do on the fly. You pause the demo and change elements like the beard’s color and dye a beard and adjust how twisty it is.


It’s possible to play with particle effects like the color, blur, and size of bugs and "meat" when the dragon is formed.


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  • alexis cortes

    I wish they could make a Dissidia 3 with FF13 graphics for ps3 and make a free camera mode like this for when you’re watching replays of battles, that would be amazing, maybe even better than actually playing imo. 

    • Godmars

      They likely could but couldn’t afford it.

      Would rather see such than XIII-3.

      • Syn

        I dont think money is an issue, this is SE after all, and they are the same guys pouring tones of cash into XIV: Realm reborn, and XIII-3, both which have seen dwindling sales due to less interest in terms of their respective brands(I am referring to how X-2 sold less than half the units XIII did in the same release time and currently, and the disaster that was the original XIV), so having a ps3 dissidia wouldnt be such a stretch, on top of that, they developed the eingine in house so they dont need to pay for proprietary rights and all that thus making it cheaper and reducing dev costs and time.(which is apparently the big selling point of the engine) 

        • Godmars

          By “cost” I’m including time, effort, skill and creativity. An HD console version of the game, because they’d want more than a just a PS3 version, would involve more than simple upscaling of PSP graphics. We’re talking about a free-floating 3D fighting game with massive F/X and competently tacking on an online multiplayer. This would be the expectation from the same people who messed up FFXIV and then chose to pour money in after the fact when the damage was already done.

          Between that and the likelyhood of a XIII-3, that things like this tech demo doesn’t even suggest the proper direction to go in to make an HD Dissidia, I sincerely doubt that square has the talent.

          • Syn

            When you phrase it that way, I would say yes, I also dont think they would manage the cost currently(they usually have to pull manpower from other projects when working on their main titles), and so a dissidia PS3 is a far flung hope, however, the buzz around this engine(according to SE), is that it is intended to reduce development time and costs(for example, they hope that dev times can be reduced to 2 years with new IPs by using this engine) and the SE teams have the talent( they did manage to toss a ”
            free-floating 3D fighting game with massive F/X” on to a psp after all), in the end, it will come down to whether the engine can perform as intended(have massive FX done quickly e.t.c), and whether SE consider Dissidia a profitable asset on the PS3(or 4).

          • Godmars

            The thing about this new engine they’re so proud of could possibly make it harder for them to do certain things. The same way that since Epic’s UE, ID’s Rage and Crytech’s cry engines are tailored around FPS, the only thing you really see are FPS. You get someone trying something like the SHMUP Renegade OPs, you get tons of excess assets like a physics model that has an arcade car rolling and unable to shoot or move while still being fired on.

    • Derek E Nay

       For me, Dissidia is the best game SE brought out in a long time.

  • $30632660

    The beard stuff was meh, but the dragon part was epic.

  • Unknown

    Hopefully it won’t take six years to make a final fantasy game now…

    • keithmaxx

      No, it’ll just make it six times more expensive.

  • Paradox me

    I patiently await the announcement that Agni’s Philosophy is going to be an actual game. They’re taking every opportunity to show off their work/tech and I have a hard time believing that they don’t have a mountain of conceptual material leftover from this demo.

    Plus, being the effort of an international team within Square, it would be one step toward ridding the industry of this poisonous East Vs. West mentality. With their acquisition of Eidos, Square is in just about the best position in this regard. They could prove that it’s best to build off of one another, not butt heads.

    They could be the Captain Planet of game developers.

    • Solomon_Kano

      The Captain Planet of game developers has to be the best description of all time.

      I’m now hoping they do indeed make Agni’s Philosophy a game, if only so I can call them that (though it certainly does look like it’d make a lovely game).

  •  Can’t wait to see this used in FFXIII-14

    •  LOL. You made me laugh there. Let’s see what comes out first: FFXIII-14 or FFXIII Versus.

  • That was really cool. The idea of changing camera angles in the midst of a cutscene is pretty awesome. (I loved playing director in Heavy Rain.)

    Also, that beard and dragon stuff? Coooool.

    This must be what The Sims 12 will be like. xD

  • Ultimaniacx4

    Flying the camera through the particle effect on the summon was just jaw-dropping.

  • I liked seeing the summon at different angles; gave me a feeling like I was missing out during the actual demo though. you can tell its moving, but you cant see it, and you’re focussed more on the summoners just…standing there.

  • Lazulis

    Whoa, that is pretty amazing. I’d spend too much time playing director though, haha. 

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    thats very impressive, but i still think for the next entries, they should focus more on story than on graphics, wich i consider they weakest point since they entered the PS2 era.

    • theoriginaled

      I disagree. I personally feel that ff10 is one of their strongest and most moving stories if not THE most. Most people just cant get over that HA HA HA scene (which most people also completely miss the point of)

  • Evan Groman



    If the next FF/SE game is going to hv a mode lk this :D 

  • Unlimax

    Imagine if Square  add this Technology for the next Parasite eve game , How could the Transformation Scenes look like with this Engine !

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