Final Fantasy Dimensions Job Turns Memories Into Power

By Spencer . August 28, 2012 . 12:24am


Nostalgia is powerful force. Square Enix is aware of this and banking on fuzzy childhood memories is one reason why Final Fantasy Dimensions is getting so much attention. A new job class in the iPhone/Android game is a master of memories, but Argy starts the game with none.



If Argy has any memories he would be over powered. Players can search for memories (small, lovely, and important) to boost Argy’s parameters like strength and speed. Argy’s battle command "Memorandom" uses a random ability Argy learned, which gives players access to a larger (although random) selection of skills.


Final Fantasy Dimensions uses Final Fantasy V’s job system where you learn new abilities by gaining AP. You can equip learned abilities even if you change jobs to create a Ninja with Black Magic or a Dragoon that can Dance. With careful ability planning, it sounds like you can make the Memorandom the strongest skill in the game.

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  • Lazulis

    The second screenshot looked kinda like Pokemon when I scrolled down too fast. Master of memories…that sounds interesting!

    • Pokemon… Skill Roullete option… “Memorandom”… Metronome?

  • komiko12

    Do Argy’s memories unlock through in-game events?

    • I’m guessing that they could be unlocked in multiple ways, maybe even in battle like a Psuedo-Blue Mage.

      • komiko12

        Hehe, now that’s interesting.
        But, I think that he can mostly gain memories by going to specific places or triggering some events as you go along the story.

        • Yeah, like the guy above me said, Argy does regain her memories via in-game events. The Warriors of Light (not the Warriors of Darkness) will get the Memorist job later on. You know, this job class really is interesting. I’m wondering myself if it may also be applied in Bravely Default, as well.

    • Tommy Lee

      Argy is a one chapter/episode character like the rest of the people in  these articles. And yes, she does regain her memories as you progress through the chapter.

  • Well, that’s interesting! I’m glad they’re actually working on some new jobs and ideas :)

  • Nauris

     It looks as if they made this game on RPG maker. It’s just bad.

    • Bhunivelze

      That’s the result of it being made in the style of the SNES games but at a higher resolution. If it bothers you that much, just put some vaseline on the screen. It’ll fuzzy things right up.

      I personally think it looks charming.

  • Alex

    Eurgh, that dialogue…

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