"Ninja Arms" Trademark Hints At Ninja Game From Capcom

By Spencer . August 29, 2012 . 1:45pm

imageOver the years, Capcom amassed an army of ninjas –Guy from Final Fight, Ibuki from Street Fighter, Ginzu from Captain Commando, and whoever the lead character of Ninja Arms is.


Capcom filed a trademark for Ninja Arms in Japan for use with video games. We haven’t heard about a game called Ninja Arms yet, but Capcom tends to use every trademark they file. Sometimes it just takes a really long time. We found Asura’s Wrath and Dragon’s Dogma back in 2010.

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  • so they’re gonna create a new series after they ruined all of their series? nice.

    • Read the posting rules, dude. Some of your comments are really troll-ish.


      Edit: This is your second warning, btw. Your “LOL, XBOX” trolling in a previous post was the first. Something to keep in mind.

      • Kaihedgie

         This is getting awfully annoyin’. If people truly think Capcom is “ruining” franchises then why in the heck do they still tune in to everything they do in every waking hour?

        • SLick123456789111

          Hi there Hedgie.
          Here could be some cases:

          ●Their just joking around , what with Capcom continuously shooting themselves & their supporters in the foot  , they assume everyone has become wise to the company & can share a light-hearted joke together.

          ●They haven’t heard of Nintendo , Namco , Platinum Games , NetherRealm , Nis America , Konami , Sega , Sucker Punch , Insomniac Games or Ubisoft.
          -All these companies that are positive & generally safe options to support , as opposed to Capcom.

          ●They “still” believe Capcom will change their adverse mold.

          ●Their making aware of a routine/situation/issue to uninformed gamers through choice vocabulary.

          ●They are trolling trolls.

          ●Their rubbing opinions/facts in the faces of CapCrops who don’t want to hear or see them.
          -CapCrops=Capcom Fanboys/Fangirls

          ●Their being sarcastic.

          Either or , supporting any company listed in #2 would prevent some of the 7 cases I’ve listed that bother Capcom loyalists. (Unless a special event occurs where the comparison of Capcom & another company (Say Nintendo) is inevitable.)

          Also , I don’t think people do this every Capcom article , maybe 1/4 of the time. The only time I can really say that people would go buck wild on every Capcom article was about a year ago , last August-September.

          -My 2¢

          • Kaihedgie

            They’ve been doing it for the past few months with SFxT. They still won’t shut up about it.

            CapCrops? Really? Do we really need derogatory nicknames? Aside from that, all of those companies have had their own problems as well, and in some of those cases, have done worse. From my own experience, people do this for the sake of bandwagoning, as if they’ll get a medal for it or something.

            Yeah, Capcom screwed up some stuff, but it’s nothing to throw a tantrum over and it’s certainly nothing to berate people at for defending when you could be doing other things instead of constantly shadowing over what one group of people is doing all day long. Again, there are far worse things to get mad at, but getting ticked at Capcom feels like absolutely nothing but a meh considering that.

          • SLick123456789111

            Can’t help but try to understand their stance on SFxT & or these situations Hedgie. People these days don’t want to listen to logic or reason. S’why I shift my eyes around posts a little quicker. Don’t have time for some of these peoples baseless posts. 
            Me & you (from what I understand) have been around these communities for awhile , that’s why we see the repetition in behavior more than others.
            I understand where your coming from , you want to read articles w/o any riff-raff , but to , sometimes people need to decide when to stop themselves.
            Ex:Idk if you remember , but there was this troll on SRK named after another main member & he died down a while ago after UMvC3’s hype died down. He tired himself out.
            Sometimes that’s what it takes. /Edit:His name was HecatomCanEatAD*ck or something along those lines.]

            Me personally , I don’t have to much of a problem with people acting up in this light fashion , so much as it isn’t dealing with me or something I support , I just ignore it.

            N’ , CapCrops sounds more animated than Fanboy to me personally :D Plus it gives a fitting title to those characters.

            /Double Edit:Yeah I can understand if I see people getting enraged at Capcoms decisions this late in the game & they have been a Capcom fan for a long time now & know how the machine rolls. But if it’s somebody who’s just now getting into say SF or MvC for example , picked up SFxT or MvC3 & these were their first experiences with Capcom , I’d expect them to act out a little more because they feel ripped off. However , I don’t think any Ex-Capcom fans really take them that seriously anymore. I think it’s all just light-hearted shots fired at Capcom based from each persons personal experiences with the company.

            No harm no foul.

          • Kaihedgie

            Unfortunately, these aren’t some light-hearted shots, these guys are hunting for necks to chew on for anyone who says anything remotely positive. They don’t care how mature, composed or otherwise rational your comment is and even if your interest in games from other companies is very explicit, they’ll be the first for your throat. And believe me, I’m not the kind of person who exaggerates. No one wants to decide when to stop. They’re just focused on the bandwagoning and they don’t seem to care how stupid or offensive they can get. One of those guys was over here just for me but he was banned afterwards. As with the mock accounts, yeah, it was getting really horrible around UMVC3. I had a troll after me as well, thought I think I know him from somewhere since he had a peculiar name.

            They probably don’t act out as much because they either been through far worse than some on-disc data, understand why they do this outside of monetary gain or simply just don’t care. Though the only reason I’m truly ticked is because these same people exhibit blatant double standards, roaring at Capcom for doing one thing but giving a free pass to everyone else. So for me, it isn’t just the obnoxious repetition, it’s the terrible hypocrisy people show in light of everything. That’s really the only reason I speak up at all.

      • I accept your warning. the above comment of mine is not a trolling attemp, it’s just my joke. btw I’m sorry if it’s offend anyone.

  • Farid Belkacemi

    Ninja Arms may be the “amazing scoop” teased by famitsu… The timing is sooo perfect ^_^

    • Solomon_Kano

      I would love that. Capcom’s commitment to bringing out new IPs consistently is probably the best thing about them.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Holy fudge, let Ninja Arms be a game about Ginzu. That would be incredible. Which, of course, means that’s exactly what it won’t be lol.

    That title alone kinda says it’ll be a more action-y game, as opposed to some Tenchu-type ninja action. To me, at least. Ninjas still haven’t lost their appeal for me though, so I look forward to Capcom revealing this eventually.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    Ginzu deserves love, actually, all of the band of Captain Commando deserve some love, hell, all of capcom old school beat’em’up deserve some love!

    Why don’t you give some love to your beat’em’up capcom?

  • ffboi7

    Boom! It’s a iOS game >~>… But if not then yes! I hope it’s a great game :D

    • Possible. Since Capcom said before that they will be, uhm, strengthening their mobile efforts.

  • z_merquise

    I read in other sites that one of the Capcom producers would like to make a side-scrolling beat-em-ups someday.

    I hope this would be it. I would really like Capcom to re-live their days on the genre because the’re, in my opinion, the best developers for belt-scrollers back in the glory days of the arcades.

    To the Siliconera staff:
    How you guys find these trademark thing? I think your site is the only one who do this, I really like it!

    I remember you guys posting trademark articles for games like Lollipop Chainsaw and Dragon’s Crown (and used that creepy Burger King mascot as a picture) with everyone not knowing what those were then months or a year later, it would turn out to be awesome games.

  • Jonah Dok

    You forgot Strider Hiryu…

    • Kaihedgie

       Technically yes, technically no…Strider started out as a manga before Capcom adapted it into a game series

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


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