Nintendo Teases New Monster Hunter 4 Weapon

By Spencer . August 29, 2012 . 5:02am


Nintendo ended Nintendo Direct with a tease. The silhouette is a new type of weapon in Monster Hunter 4. Iwata said more details are coming soon. Anyone want to guess what kind of weapon it is?


Monster Hunter 4 is slated for release in spring 2013.

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  • leadintea

    Looks like a swallowtail to me…

  • looks like they might be some time of all-around class. i see a sword and shield(in the same hand?) a lance on the back, and then a gun on his waist. thatd be pretty combotastic.

  • kuroneko0509

    multiweapon equip???

    • ronin4life

      To me, it does seem like a Great sword + sword and shield.

  • Ashurei

    I was thinking the same as leadintea soon as I saw it.  >Nintendo< makes me sad, though.  Still holding out for the multiplat claim to come to fruition.  I'm forever spoiled by Portable 3rd HD.  

    • Peace Legacy

      Isn’t exactly console begging, but still kind of a violation of the rule in spirit :/
      Please try to be extra careful with these sort of posts

  • Lιβεr LεγιΣ

    The guy have a shield on his hand, or maybe a gun-shield.
    But I’m sure the thing on his back s a double-headed lance

  • Pedro Magalhaes

    Some sort of stick with two sided blades or maces. Nothing new here. Always thought they’d either go for ranged weapons or halberds but clearly they want something more flashy.

  • Captain_Jiruo

    It looks like a two sided pole-arm but I’m going to think out of the box and say it’s a Switch-Bow. You fight with the blades and then can Switch it to a bow, the blades fold back into a bow shape and you can fire the bolt(arrow) that’s in the hunter hand in the silhouette.

  • Go2hell66

    Some kind of new gun weapon for sure

  • Daniel Morandi

    Meanwhile Vita is sinking.

    •  Lol. It wouldnt be a Monster Hunter article without the Anti-Vita troll.

      • Daniel Morandi

        In fact I prefer Vita but I won’t deny reality that this game is a console seller for most people. That and I really enjoy joking about any console.

        Stay mad.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Looks like it could be a new typ of bow/gun weapon or a twin saber (or whatever you call a weapon with a blade on each side of the handle).

  • Jungo

    Double voulge! Like Wei Yan in Dynasty Warriors.

  • eilegz

    looks like an enhaced cannon lance, this game its guranteed to sell in japan no doubt about it like pokemon its a cash cow….

    What its sad even if it gets new weapon the gameplay wise its still stagnant. The guns bows in MH game have been horrible, the hit detection issues and the way you aim shoot its just bad

    Capcom its pushing this further, the reason of no having a vita version its so simple capcom really want to keep MH on last gen tech, it hasnt changed that much since ps2 era, its the same clunky gameplay, dated graphics, its have the same dated mobility and mechanics with some gimmicks.

    I really wait and see what its next but so far im not impressed

    •  A couple of things:
      1) Gameplay is not stagnant. In MHP3rd, almost every weapon’s attack pattern changed for the better, and now, with MH4, It we will have the moving caravan to change the game as well.
      2) Guns and Bows are some of the strongest weapons in the game.
      3) Graphics don’t make a game
      4) The slowed down feel of controls is something that many MH fans love. It makes the game harder, and being difficult is what the game’s about.
      5) Sony treats the game terribly (No advertising, publicity, etc.), where as Nintendo gave it a whole series of commercials. They weren’t the best, but at least they were made, which is more than Sony ever did. With that given, I don’t think were going to see a vita game any time soon.

      tl;dr  You are completely wrong in everything you said.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Regarding number 4, some of MH’s difficulty feels completely artificial and arbitrary though.  For example, a weapon’s sharpness degrades with use and time and it isn’t clear just how many strikes you can have with your weapon before you need to sharpen it again.

        • The sharpness is based on where you hit the monster, and doesn’t have anything to do with time. Different parts of the monster take away more sharpness than others because they are harder. It’s all about knowing your prey, the more you hunt, the better you’ll be able to predict things like sharpness and stamina decreases.

          • PoweredByHentai

            I know that.  Thing is, it still feels rather arbitrary to me because I’d be wailing on a monster’s tail so that I can harvest it for a quest and then the game would tell me that my weapon’s sharpness has decreased.  That means that I have to fight off the monster with a weakened weapon until it runs away so that I can have some breathing room to sharpen it again and then repeat the process when I try to kill the damn thing.

            As far as micromanaging goes, I think that’s taking it a bit too far and is especially ridiculous when everyone in my party has to sharpen their weapons after just cutting off a monster’s tail.

            I think that having a durability index for the weapons and setting the sharpness issue as a buff would have achieved similar results and be less of a hassle when in the middle of a quest.

            I understand that they might be aiming for a certain level of realism in their fantasy but there comes a point where the whole “true to life” aspect of it becomes an encumbrance.  I doubt that many people would be fond of playing an FPS game where they had to maintain their M16 rifle every step of the way in a jungle warzone.

      • FlameEmperor

        Agreed. I loved the change for the the longsword.

    • FlameEmperor

      I’m getting tired of people using graphics as an excuse not to enjoy a great game. As for gameplay I have no clue what you’re talking about. MH3 changed the series a lot gameplay wise so maybe you should try playing it before you make such statements. A reason why the game might not be on the VITA yet might be because of its sales. When the sales for the VITA picks up then Capcom might release MH on that system. 

  • Hinataharem

    Looks like a naginata and shield.

  • You know you have a megahit franchise on your hands when you can gather a press conference to announce just that there’ll be a new weapon.

  • ronin4life

    Any one ever get a hero in the gba fire emblem games? That’s what the left hand reminds me of.

    But the thing on his back looks like a great sword… Damn, this is frustrating…

    And those wishing for a vita version: I’ll Never say never, but you also need to wake up and smell the strong odor of cross promotion…

  • Peanutmchoho

    I don’t know about the right arm but the thing on the back is probably along the lines of this: 

    • ronin4life

      “Right” arm? You mean this is a back shot?
      o.o; I thought it was a front shot…>.<;

    • PoweredByHentai

      Right arm looks like a shield with a pile driver.

  • konsama

    I’m gonna call it a double bladed Sword, like darth maul’s, maybe it can separate in 2 and become a sort of DS, or charge like the SA and get a special attack.

  • Code

    Mmmm my guess is a spear/glaive weapon class, although I’m getting a more dual saber image in my mind, but I figure it’ll be more of a stand alone spear weapon, without the heavy shield like the Lance and Gunlance. Other thing I figure is a pilebunker, which would be pretty awesome uwu;

  • Double Ended Naginata/Spear!

    Anyone remember that wind Elemental weapon from Onimusha? kinda like that.


  • $30632660

    I’m thinking double blade naginata like Serge’s Swallowtail from Chrono Cross.

  • it’s like Sns+Gs+Ls+Lance+Sa

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