Final Fantasy Fans Pick Knight As The Most "Attractive" Job, Summoner Is #6

By Spencer . September 2, 2012 . 5:05am


Square Enix asked Final Fantasy fans a silly question – which job in the Final Fantasy series would get the most attention from the opposite sex. Knight, according to attendees, topped the list with 20% of the votes. White Mage was #2 locking in 15% of the votes with Thief following in third place. Here’s a breakdown of the chart in English.


Knight – 20%
White Mage – 15%
Thief – 7.5%
Dragoon – 7.5%
Bard – 7.5%
Ninja – 7.5%
Summoner – 5%
Paladin – 5%
Dark Knight  – 5%
Dancer – 5%
Onion Knight – 5%
Airship Engineer – 5%
Freelancer – 5%


Missing from the list: Calculator, Time Mage, and Juggler (these guys are pretty useful too!).

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  • ShinGundam

    No Blue Mage or Samurai?
    Shame on you FF fans.

    • Jezzy

       Samurai is always wasting money with their Gil Toss skill. Not a good trait for your potential partner.

      •  i thought Thief uses Gil Toss… Samurai in FFT uses Draw Blade… >_>

  • SirRichard

    White Mage should’ve done better, dammit.

  • riceisnice

    Haha. Isn’t that sort of a cliche’d view?

  • epy

    What?! Dragoon all the way!

    • James Keeton

      Absolutely took the words right out of mouth :) Well, it’s either Dragoon or Red Mage for me – I can’t say no to that fancy RDM hat!

  • Mark Fate

    I can’t help but think knights wouldn’t be that sought after… they probably make up at least 50% of the population. Surely the higher class mysterious dark knights and majestic paladins would prove far more popular? Or the ‘steal your heart’ badboy, the thief? Just a guess…

  • Nikolai Sumcad

     Take note, they’re talking about the appeal factor to the opposite sex (?), not necessarily the strength and role.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    No love for Alchemist makes me sad here.T_T

  • Göran Isacson

    Don’t know how useful this could be if they didn’t bother separating the male and female voters into separate cathegories, to be honest. As is, how do I know if this means women think men find the White Mage hot stuff, or if they think men find the Knight the bees knees and vice versa?

  • Dragoons make me hot.

    • badmoogle

      They are definitely the most badass FF job class.

  • I can relate to the Guys voting for White Mage. That beauty in Final Fantasy Tactics still haunts my dreams :D

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I guess, in spite of the fact that they are the most typical fantasy archetypes, the Knight in Shining Armour and the Staff Chick are still extremely popular.

    That said, considering the poll isn’t divided by gender, this could also possibly mean that female Knights and male White Mages have grown a lot in popularity.

  • wow… you can see knight in any games but summoner is one of the series mascot.

  • PersonaSpace

    Only 5% for Dancer? Sadness.

  • Where the hell is Black Mage?

  • Whatever Class Ramza is in at the current moment in my 100th playthrough…..

    ….. an Arithmetic.

  • kuroneko0509

    Onion Knight is in the chart :D

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Onion Knight <3

  • Natat

    No Archer? Profound Sadness…

  • Jirin

    What’s the gender breakdown of the poll?  I’d be a little more surprised at males picking knight.  (Though I suppose anime fans have been trained on that style of female).

  • Time mage is pretty useful indeed.

  • Dragoon all the way!

  • I’m surprised Dancer is so low on the list.

  • DanteJones

    Holy Knight.

    …its not like I’m biased or anything..

  • Considering that the percentages seems to be based on quantities of 2.5% (assuming about 40 people based on that), I can’t imagine a lot of people showed up for this poll.  So, basically, thief being voted for three times was enough to get third place.

  • JohnThackr

    Everything is divisible by 2.5%. Did they only ask 40 people?

  • This post gave Vivi a cancer.

  • $24431191

    Female Ninja

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    It depends on what they can do. Rydia in FFIV stood out as one of the best summoners from the franchise in my opinion. But it was mostly because she knew how to do a lot of black magic besides summoning.

  • … Wait, the entire series? Red mage, then! It’s the hat. :3

    Otherwise, Dragoons. Because Dragoons.

    • SpecDotSign

      Exactly. I would imagine Dragoons get maaaaaaad tail son.

  • What, no love for the Red Mage?

  • Chiupon

    it’s japanese, and this may have been stated… But the girls want a kind and manly chivalrous and heroic knight, while the boys want a supportive, demure, and cute healer…

  • Ricardo Guedes

    depends on the gender (FFTactics): male -> knight (hair); female: dancer (belly dance)

  • Hinataharem

    F*ck yeah white mage.

  • Pichi

    I would go for Juggler. Moogles look very cute with a dash of a troublemaker.

  • Fitzkrieg

    I’m kind of surprised surprised that Librarian didn’t make the list. Isn’t that a popular fetish, anyway?

  • Go2hell66

    5% for dark knight? lol that would have been my first pick.

  • Prinnydoom

    Dragoon, dark knight or paladin would be my choice. Ha thats three jobs of the two most central characters in FF IV

  • Why isn’t the monk on that list? They’re the most Bamf of the original classes, and in tactics the boy Monk was really cute!

  • LustEnvy

    Black Mage isn’t on the list? LULZ

    Oh Japan, u so funneh.

  • theoriginaled

    Geomancer. Female geomancers only wear shirts, male geomancers only wear pants. total win.

  • Wtf lol… Ninja? Samurai? Calculator was only good for its ability/sub lol… Nobody seriously used Calculator main unless you are doing like a Calculator only challenge or something XD

  • Just Tim

    It really amuses me that even Japanese female FF fans recognize how spoony the Bard is.

  • i will choose to be a  sky pirate :D

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