Resident Evil 6 Has An Unlockable “Lone Wolf” Ability

By Kris . September 2, 2012 . 12:30pm

Resident Evil 6 has an unlockable ability that lets you play the game without the help of your partner, I learned today. You can unlock this using Skill Points.


Your partner will still be present in the game, and they’ll help you open doors and the like, but if you get pinned down, for instance, you’ll have to get up on your own.


The full extent and effects of the Lone Wolf ability is unknown so far. For instance, I couldn’t get confirmation from Marketing Coordinator, Mike Lunn, on whether or not zombies would attack your partner.


However, Lunn did say that Lone Wolf was just one of the quirky abilities you could unlock with Skill points.

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  • Crevox

    Mmmmm… does one skill in a game constitute a news article…? Oh well…

    • D H

      It does when a lot of people complained about having to tag along with a partner in the previous title, even though I personally didn’t really have much of an issue.  Sure, Sheva gets hit every now and then, but so do I, so…

    • A skill that potentially changes how the entire game is played does, yes. 

      • Crevox

        A lot of skills do that in games… I mean, a lot. I don’t see articles for those. I just found it weird, especially considering when we don’t know the rest of the skills when there could be plenty more that do something as “radical” as this.

        A flip switch for the AI is not really “changing how the entire game plays”

        • You’re forgetting something very important. The reason for a lot of the rage of Resident Evil is the damn forced co-op. It’s something fanboys have been screaming to be changed or removed. This skill basically caters to those players and changes everything.

          A face-heel turn such as this is surely worthy of an article.

        • Herok♞

           Its all how the skill is announced if you its something you find out about once you have the game it is unnecessary to have an article about it but if we find out early like we did now it is needed.

        • I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. The games that we do cover, we tend to cover fairly in depth. RE6 is just one of many. I don’t see the point of your complaining here is all. If you don’t care to read something, then don’t?

          • Crevox

            I just found it an odd choice for an article. It seemed like such an insignificant minor detail for a news article to me, is all.

    • Laharl

      There’s entire articles dedicated to why the recent Metal Gear games have such silly names, why not Special Skills for the biggest horror/action series ever?

      • Crevox

        “biggest horror action series ever…”

        Not to mention, this is just ONE skill in the pool of what could be TONS of skills. I’m sure there are going to be others that do interesting things as well, are we going to get an article for every single one?

        • Laharl

          It’s one skill that addresses a polarizing issue in the highest profile game Capcom has ever released.

          • Crevox

            The person following behind you will no longer shoot their gun.

            This doesn’t change the fact that they’re going to follow you, they’re going to be required for every co-operative gate, ladder, boss, etc. They’re just not going to help you up or shoot their gun, effectively just turning the difficulty from “Normal” to “Hard” (less firepower, death is death).

            …how is this addressing a polarizing issue? The entire game is still completely designed around two people, with some parts being designed around 4 or more. It’s just a tiny difficulty knob.

          • Laharl

            You don’t quite grasp the profound zealotry of RE purist do you?

            Consider yourself lucky.Here’s a paraphrasing “RE4 may be one of the best games made, but it didn’t mention or use the old virus or a variation of it, so it’s a bad RE game”

          • bigevilworldwide

            It only polarizes fanboys that wanna live in the past…The ones that swear to the gods they will not buy a game that changes to appeal to a wider audience, even though they secretly go out and buy the game anyway….Hate to break it to the fanboys but RE 5 sold around 8 million copies the highest seller in the series. As much as I loved 1-3 in 1996 it was time to evolve, they were never scary and are pretty horribly dated

          • Laharl

            RE5 also had the benefit of being a follow up to a game that won over a dozen GotY awards, and also being the first RE to be released simultaneously on two major consoles.

            And it wasn’t nearly as well received as 4, so 6 is consciously addressing the complaints of 5, This skill addressing one of them.

  • SirRichard

    Given that the enemies seemed to favour the watermelons inside Chris’ arms more often than not in RE5, I imagine this would make for a rather tense game of constantly having to run and reposition yourself before an enemy grabs you and eats a third of your health bar. 

    Would certainly make Professional difficulty more hellish, though, you’d need to keep more of an eye on your AI partner and basically jump at shadows.

    • margherita mastropaolo

      sei italiano?
      a giudicare dal tuo direi di si
      in any case i hope you don’t mind me asking

      • SirRichard

        You asked before, mate, and again I’m not Italian. That’s the flag of Ireland, the third colour’s orange, my source image probably just makes it look a bit redder than it should be.

        Technically not Northern Ireland’s flag, but it’s a quick enough visual shorthand for “Irish”.

        • SirTeffy

          And an even quicker shorthand for “Italian”. Probably would be better to change it to a shamrock or something to eliminate any confusion in the future, because I saw it and thought “Italy”, too.

          Here in the States, EVERY Italian restaurant’s got a flag hanging. Irish pub? Not so much, usually a shamrock flag/green flag/(insert Irish stereotype here) flag…

          • SirRichard

            Yeah, but I don’t really like those stereotypes, I’d rather use an actual flag. Besides, when I sit closer to my monitor it looks like orange to me, so I’m not sure how people are seeing it as Italian. But whatever, at least they’re getting the European bit right!

  • omeganeko

    lone wolf skill ACTIVATED!!!
    “go home sherry”

    • bigevilworldwide

       You must have chosen to use selective reading skills or you have bad reading comprehension…Like where it said the AI was still present they just don’t shoot at anything.. Which if they still get attacked will result in double babysitting…But by all means you go ahead and assume without reading the actual words in the article past the title

      • Laharl

        You must have not played Revelations, because babysitting AI partners is no longer an issue.

      • omeganeko

        Lol I know the AI is still present. I was just making a joke at The fact if the AI isn’t doing anything it might as well just not be there.

  • OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • cameron forsyth

    wouldn’t you call that a ‘Disability’

  • Godman

    Awesome I can’t wait for this game
    I’m going to tackle Lone Wolf on Professional >:)

  • Didn’t they already have that?

    It was called “Every A.I. partner in a capcom game”

  • Peace Legacy

    Now all we need is a mod to completely render the partner’s model invisible during gameplay

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