Catch Up On The Lightning Saga With Japanese Voiceovers And English Text

By Spencer . September 3, 2012 . 1:20pm


Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong wants to get players caught up on the “Lightning Saga” before Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII comes out next year. Their Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dual Pack includes both games with Japanese voiceovers and English subtitles. A set of eight postcards is also part of the package as a bonus item.


The Final Fantasy XIII / Final Fantasy XIII-2 Dual Pack costs HK$588 ($72) and comes out on September 13.

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  • Unlimax

    ಠ_ಠ …

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Seems like a lot of work for such a niche audience who hate all dubs and prefer the JP audio.

    • Actually Japanese gamers like English dubs. They’re just about as ignorant about how English sounds as Americans are about how Japanese sounds.

      • Aoshi00

        Jpn gamers or movie audience do prefer their Hollywood movies or Western games in original Eng. dialog (they might not understand Eng w/o subtitles), not sure what’s ignorant about it.. even though the Jpn dub is perfectly good as well.  I played thru both 13 & 13-2 in Eng and Jpn, I like both dubs.  There are actually 2 drama CDs for Epilogue Zero in Jpn only, would be nice if they are released in Eng. too.

        I dunno, would you like to watch Pan’s Labyrinth dubbed in Eng instead of the original Spanish? It’s personal preference really..

        The HK dual pack packaging is really nice…

    • Syltique

      XIII-2 sold 200k in Asia, which was more than many European countries that SQEX focuses on more.  I think they see Asia as a growing market for their games and are trying to help get people interested.

      The dual pack makes perfect sense really.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        Ah I see, I didn’t realize this was a Hong Kong only release. My fault.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Hey the dub was pretty good 

  • Meh.

    • meh … great comment meh that is great and you are not even stating why you are not interested in it jeez if you don’t like it don’t even comment.At least make you’re comment more fun than just putting meh but that’s just me ranting on something again.

      •  People have opinions, not all of them will be positive.  I would rather not write an entire hate page.

        • Scrooge_McDuck

           Aah, but see, a negative comment without rationale or merit is just pure negativity. And negativity by itself is generally not a good thing.

          Yes, yes, there are short, unexplained, positive comments, too. But positivity brightens the day! Negativity brings everyone down! Why would you do thaaat?

        • i know that people have opinions weather it’s good or bad we all think differently but when ever someone say meh that just irks me since i don’t know why they do not like it but anyway it’s fine what i meant to say is that you have to state a reason why you hate something you don’t have write an entire page for the thing but just a couple of lines not to much to say what you think about the product but just in case i offended you sorry in advance have a nice day :) 

  • Shiki

    Where can i get this ?

    • Tales_of_Master

      • Oltheros

        That’s a huge markup over the HK price, if you convert it.

        Too bad things like this don’t get released in NA.

      • Too expensive, I can get both game for £20-£25 in total. FFXIII-2 became THAT cheap.

  • Do want!

  • Herok♞

    I already have both games(2 is even the collectors edition), but since I don’t know how much they sell for in HK I say this is a good deal

  • eilegz

    now all DLC on XIII-2? sigh

  • Mark Fate

    Hm… I’m interested. Reached the point where XIII was supposed to become less linear as my fat PS3 died a couple years back and have not had any motivation to start again (despite special edition XIII-2 sitting on my shelf still sealed).

    I think I’d be willing to play it again with Japanese dubs.

    Although, I have too many games and too little time so I probably wouldn’t. /sademoticon

    It’s really about time we saw Versus though…

  • $24431191

    Sold. This is exactly what I wanted: Japanese voices, English subs.

  • Paradox me

    I was ready to buy this as long as XIII-2’s DLC was included on the disc, but that price is pretty steep (considering my reasoning and that I only want XIII-2).

    Here’s hoping the DLC is on the disc so I can snag if if it ever drops in price. Or, better yet, Square releases some sort of complete edition worldwide. I know you’d love for me to buy your game a second time, Square. Help a bro out.

    • PoweredByHentai

      If you go to the Golden Computer Centre at Sham Shui Po in Hong Kong, you’ll find the prices there to be more reasonable.  That’s basically where I went to buy my games while I was in Hong Kong.  The dual pack would probably be about 500 HKD at one particular store close to the main entrance from the nearest MTR exit.

      Most of the time, the PS3 games I picked up were about 300 to 400 HKD.

      • superdry

         Ahh…the Golden Arcade is one of the best places to buy games.  I love going there whenever I can drop by HK.

        • PoweredByHentai

          The other place is over in Mongkok’s Sina Center or something where I picked up my copy of Trigger Heart Exelica (Limited Edition for PS2).

          I like the Sina Center because it has a store on the top floor that sells h-doujinshi. :D

          • s07195

            Not to mention Oriental 188 in Wanchai. Though I still prefer Sino Centre because of the large choice of anime goods. Not buying H-doujinshi yet though. :P

          • PoweredByHentai

            “Not buying H-doujinshi yet though.”

            Oh, but you will.  You know you will.  :D

          • superdry

            Oh, nice!  I haven’t been to HK in years, so I don’t remember much of the Sina Centre even though I have been there in the past.  Hows the pricing of the h-doujinshi?  I might need to peruse there next time I go.

            Nathan Road is always a fun place to walk around and kill lots of time.

          • PoweredByHentai

            The pricing for those h-doujinshi is about the same as what I would normally pay for at the Hendane booth at Anime Expo.

            Depending on the h-doujinshi, the price tag is anywhere from 135 HKD to 200 HKD or so.  There are some that are priced above or below that range but the majority is within that range.

  • Zero Shift

    $72 for two games that I can get for about $10 (XIII) and $20 (XIII-2)? Not even those 8 postcards justify the extra $42 (excluding tax/shipping). For that price, maybe include an art book or an extra that’s slightly more worthwhile? Maybe some people see the value in Japanese voice overs…

    • Xerain

       That’s the whole point of this article, yes. If a game was original produced for a non western market, yet only released fully localized with English VA, I woudl gladly pay an extra $20 -$30 on top of the original price for a version with the original voice overs.

  • idofgrahf

    If they add all the DLC onto the bundle then it will be worth it. As it is I can catch up on FFXIII just fine by, unfortunately, reading the in game encyclopedia which by the way is not voiced so the original voice acting doesn’t help there. 

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