The Story Behind Soul Sacrifice’s Horrifying Monsters

By Spencer . September 10, 2012 . 5:16pm

All of the monsters you slay in Soul Sacrifice were once human. The Harpy was a woman of noble birth who fell in love with a fruit vendor. Everyday she stopped by and bought a bunch of fruit hoping to attract his attention. As her love deepened so did her appetite and she grew in girth.




One day, without warning the merchant moved to another town. The heartbroken woman heard the whispers of darkness and transformed. Her extra baggage became clay. Wings sprouted from her back and she flew to the next town. Rather than being overwhelmed with jealousy, her appetite took over and she swallowed the man whole. Now, the Harpy flies in the sky looking to swoop down on her next meal.



Cerberus was once a man who longed to protect his hometown from savages. With a sword in hand and two dogs by his side, he held his mission in his heart. What the man couldn’t defend his home from was a disease that spread throughout the town. Corpses piled on the street and despair set in as the man sealed the gates. Barbarians raided the town one night and stabbed the man in the back with a spear.



While knocking on death’s door, the man heard a voice asking if he would sacrifice for the "most important thing" to him, which was defending the town. He followed the voice and with a sorrowful shout the man was fused with his pet dogs.



It is said this town still exists in the world, but once you enter you can never leave.


Soul Sacrifice is slated for release in Japan this winter.

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  • Those are some very interesting and heartbreaking backstories. Hopefully, we’ll get to know more about the other monsters as well.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    I actually feel sad for the monsters now, wen I get a Vita and this game, I will release them from their suffering.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      if only monster hunter  that that feeling 

      • Draparde

        the closest MH had was Lao shun, as it was apparently running from just so happened to take a mountain path right into civilization, where you are hired to repel/kill it. :x

        personally i think it’d be hard to recreate that feeling for MH seeing as how the monsters are animals rather than beings that have gone insane/transformed or the like lol.

    • PoweredByHentai

      You mean SACRIFICE them for your ends.  :P

      • Valtiel Ikari

        If I remember right, you can decide to sacrefice their souls or to give their souls a peaceful rest, wich is what I’m going to do, at least for the Cerberus (seriously, the guy still protects the city, and that pic whit him and his dogs is heartbreaking)
        The harpy, seems like a noble woman that didn’t abuse her status while she was sane, so if I don’t discover in the game something that would prove that she did abuse her status, I will grant her peaceful rest.

  •  I wonder if all stories are like that, noble people just looking for love and goodness and ending up becoming twisted monsters…

  • Domii

    I’m loving this so far. I am very curious to see what happens when you kill these creatures. So far it looks like I’m going to save the soul of the Cerberus, unfortunately I will sacrifice the soul of the Harpy just because she can’t control her appetite…..he he.

    • Brian

      In total agreement the harpy’s story seems eh to me I don’t care about her all that much. But the Cerberus dude he really though he was going to save the town, I feel bad for him enough I would save him

      • Domii

        You know, for some reason I’ve always followed the code of honor when it comes to characters with a noble past like the Cerberus in this case. In the Souls series I was particularly soft with these kind of characters, it really broke my heart when I had no choice but to stab them in the back.

        • Rohan Viajar

           forgive my random question. but by “soul series” are you referring to demon and dark souls?

          if so..
          but what do those games have to do with Soul Sacrifice?
          just because they have the word “Soul” in their titles doesn’t mean they’re related. or am I missing something here? O_O

          • Domii

            Yup Dark/Demon Souls. I brought it up because although this game is not related to them, they have a similar premise when it comes to handling NPCs or in this case enemies. In both games you have to make harsh decisions even after knowing certain characters noble backstories.

            If you haven’t played them, I urge you to check them out as they are the greatest gems to grace our gaming lives this generation.

          • Rohan Viajar

             oh I have both.
            but I couldn’t finish them.
            well I could probably finish demon souls given the time

            but dark souls might take even longer for me. haha XD

    • Barzh

      Sometimes man, you’ve just gotta follow through though. In a game like this, I’d personally just rather go all dark and let the physiological stress of sacrificing such a man weigh it on me lol.

  • SirRichard

    Now, this is what I like about backstories and lore in darker games like this; good or noble intentions (or at least, not evil ones) giving way to great horrors. It’s the same sort of touches that I liked about From’s Souls’ backgrounds. Though here, the whole sacrifice element adds a new layer; do you absolve them for what they were (innocents, noble soldiers) or sacrifice them because of what they became (destructive, horrifying monsters)?

  • Visa Vang

    Ohhh~ I can’t wait till they get to the Gods and Demon lords. Those are some awesome legends.

  • FlameEmperor

    Finally a reason to get the VITA!?

    • There are several others and a few more currently Japan only. This is just another one. A very enticing one.

    • Learii

      don’t forgot ragnarok oddyssey is coming out next month

      • What isn’t coming out next month. >_<;

        • Learii

          lol  i heard is coming out oct 16th tho but who know

          • Hmm. I see. It seems like October is the month of games this year. At least in the Western countries.

          • Learii

            i  agree with you october only have  the games i want oh and i buying a ps vita for  ragnarok odyssey and this game <3

      •  Don’t forget Virtue’s last reward yo…

        • Learii

          oh that i just hope is come to the west tho

          • Raharu95

            It is…

          • Learii

            that great another great good for vita

    •  What I am looking forward the most is Ragnarok Odyssey, Persona 4: The Golden and DJ MAX Technika Tune.

      • FlameEmperor

        I forgot about Persona 4 and Ragnarok Odyssey….
        What I’m waiting for is news for a Monster Hunter on the VITA.
        Hopefully it happens.

        • I know Vita is going to eventually get its MH game and is going to be Epic! but I dont expect that to happen any time soon

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    the feels…

  • darkonezero

    The most metal game to be released on PSV

    • heartless141

       more like “mental” to me

  • heartless141

    can’t help but laughed at the harpie story. xD
     but maaaan, can’t wait to try this out at TGS

  • BERSERK influence I am sensing.  Which is good.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      More Berserk in any thing is always good.
      Looking at the manga and anime industry now (moe and trope fest and very shallow, in most cases), and how it used to be (manly, violent, awesome, whit well developed characters),I have to ask.
      What the hell happened?!

      •  Kawaisia happened.

      • Calintz YT

        You treated a few popular anime/manga as the entirety of anime that’s what happened. Claymore, hell, even Black Butler has dark shit in it(He had his butler slaughter kids in the manga). It does help when you stop treating a few popular shows as the whole though.

        • Valtiel Ikari

          did you notice that I put “in most cases”?
          I do know about the ones you mentioned, hell Claymore is one of my favorite, I know a lot about various dark anime/manga; Shingeky no Kyojin, Hokuto no ken Rei gaiden, Akumetsu, Ichi the Killer, Mansion of horror, Gantz, Shigurui, Basilisk and many more, but, I noticed some thing, the popular ones, that every body talks about, are always the moe-shallow-genericcharacterdesigned-troope-fest ones, hell, in the last convention I went, NO one knew what anime was it wen they showed Basilisk opening and the only one that did said Naruto was better and Basilisk was a cheap copy of it, no one knew from wich anime was the character in my T shirt (Guts from Berserk) no one knew about Claymore, so yeah, the mayority is how I described, the dark and serious ones are actually a niche inside a niche, wich is sad.

  • That is intense.  Good writing right there.  

  • It’s sounds as Cynical like a certain other series with Souls in the title.

  • I like it! A game with it’s own mythology….

  • Loran Cehack

    I glanced at the thumbnail I thought it was Pandemonium from Gintama. (Shinpachi’s love-interest.) I couldn’t help laughing, thinking they made a Gintama game. LOL. Been so awesome.

  • Rolling Guy

    This reminds me so much of NieR. Where not all of your enemies are actually bad.

    •  kinda like dark souls too, where the bosses were sane once, but slowly lost their sanity and became hollow (mindless zombies)

  • Hinataharem

    Remember to eat your fruits kids it will turn you into a horrifying monster.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    It doesn’t matter, under no circumstances do you swallow your crush… well, there may be a few, but not swallowing a person whole!

    In any case, liking the backstories for all of the creatures that we’ll encounter during the game.

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Oh god, these are disturbing… but I’m curious to hear more humans-becoming-monsters stories…

  • These stories make me want to play the game even more =)

  • I loves me some touching backstories for bosses.

  • piichan

    Hmm, people going mad and transforming into monsters…Claymore-ish. This is getting more and more interesting. 

  • tubers

    Oh I do love some itsy bitsy lores from these monsters.
    The screenshots have a lot of Demons Souls/ Dark Souls vibe to them.

    Wish there’d be a real souls game for the VITA.. I’d love to farm some Titanites lying on the bed or outside the house :P

  • rinalicat

    Interesting! I wonder if this game will make me cry with the backstories…

  • It is said this town still exists in the world, but once you enter you can never leave.

    >Escape/Teleport crystal. (As long as it not a anti-crystal field lol)

    All this once-human bosses reminds me of those witches/apostle in MadoMagi/Berserk…
    Disturbing yet sad.

    • PoweredByHentai

      The Madoka Magica witches are definitely tragic.  The Berserk apostles, however, totally asked for their unholy powers.

  • badmoogle

    Very interesting background stories,they really add to the creatures/characters…The Cerberus one especially is epic.

  • LazuliteLiamz

    Wow, those are some interesting lores. Giving the characters background stories would surely makes the players more attached to the game world. I can’t wait to play this game.

  • this really adds depth!

  • Yu-Gi-Oh! really spoiled me with their “good-looking” harpies. I remember seeing that harpy in a previous article and thought: What an ugly harpy that is. But now, after reading that back story, I feel sorry for her now.

    The harpy, griffon and cerberus each having a story behind their transformations makes the choice of sacrificing or saving all that more meaningful.   

    Oh, man! I really want this game even more now.

  • lorelai4cuties

    wooow even the ppl you figh have a sad backgrounds make you feel sorry for them..thats pretty awesome idea..damn we have to wait till 2013 :(

  • Victoria [Rokuso3]

    This reminds me of Baroque’s Meta-beings. Interesting!

  • XiaomuArisu

    Thats it im gonna be a good guy and cleanse them!

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha wow, you could see the difference of the effort they put into writing those backstories from the MOON. One of them is legitimately heartbreaking, the other feels like they wrote it while drunk. Getting turned to darkness just by having the guy move out on you, versus everyone you know dying from disease and accepting the darkness offer because YOU WERE DYING… it’s almost comical. And who gets fat eating fruit

    • Relytgninroht

      If you eat too much of any food…

  • Ravage27

    this is easily the most disturbing harpy design i’ve ever seen

  • protofox

    wait wait waaaiiiittt… 1st you make me sad and heartbroken at their stories…then you preeettyyy much say..yeah..kill them and end their they havent been though enough of their i gotta kill them. This. This i can do. -get sword-

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