Mega Man Creator’s New Side-Scrolling Action Game Where You Play As The President

By Spencer . September 11, 2012 . 2:04am

jjrockets1Keiji Inafune isn’t only working on Soul Sacrifice and Kaio: King of Pirates. The Mega Man creator also made a side-scrolling action game with Marvelous AQL.


J.J. Rockets puts you in the shoes of the President of the United States… who transforms into a mutant blasting super hero. Inafune designed J.J. Rockets for short play sessions. You get three minutes for each mission and that includes the time it takes to defeat a mutant boss.


J.J. Rockets is available now for Android. It’s free to play, but you need a Mobage account to register. Marvelous AQL will also release an iOS version.


jjrockets2 jjrockets3

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  • Muffum

    A Mega Man game where you play as the president?

    Someone needs to explain to me why this shouldn’t be released as a AAA title. If it was full retail, I’d still buy a copy. Hell, I’d probably buy 6.

  • Syltique

    I’ve got to admit, this kind of sounds brilliant. 

  • dahuuuundge

    Is this “MO BA GEH” account limited to Japanese residents only? This game looks kinda fun.

  • I’m sorry, I need to make things clear once an for all :

    Keiji Inafune is NOT the creator of Mega Man ! It’s Akira Kitamura. Inafune just came along after the character was already created, he even admits it, so please stop saying he is the creator of Mega Man, because it is not true.

    • Zexill



        There was a 5 page article in France revealing who KI really was and was backed up by solid facts, but unfortunately it was lost in the redesign of the site and never rewritten :/

      • puchinri

         It’s also said in the artbooks that he always admits to coming into the projects much later in, and isn’t on the projects from start to end until much later.

    •  Even if that’s true (idk maybe i should see) but he still helped create most of all the games…he may not have CREATED megaman but he made the games and i think that’s what people are saying

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      That’s true, but I kind of treat Inafune like a step-father of some sort. He may not have created Mega Man, but he certainly oversaw and helped it the character and seies grow afaik

      • puchinri

         That’s a great way to put it actually~.

    • PABLO Rapetti Perez

      He developed the mythos and created Zero. The man to my respect, is the creator of Megaman, even if he isnt officially.

      • puchinri

         Not all of the mythos. He didn’t have any serious creative input until X, basically.

        • Well, the good part of the X, Zero and Battle Network sides where with him developing. So really… is there should be a father of Megaman, this is the man.

    • puchinri

       This. It’s frustrating, if not at least because it’s misleading every time (and very confusing).

  • “J.J. Rockets puts you in the shoes of the President of the United States…”

    Incoming Metal Wolf Chaos flashbacks in 3, 2, 1…

    • SeventhEvening

      I was going to say that every action game I’ve played that allowed me to play as the president has been bloody fantastic. 

      Which means MWC.

      • I wonder if Japanese developers see American Presidents as big, tall muscular men who can physically kick ass – unless it’s an intentional comedic stereotype there already. The US President in 7th Dragon 2020 was also a pretty big, square-jawed man, but the game wasn’t a comedy.

        • malek86

          Maybe Hollywood has jaded their idea of what a president should be like. I guess they watched Air Force One and now they think every US president is a badass who can solve a terrorist crisis by himself.

    • Neophoton

       Clicked on this article to see if anyone would be reminded of Metal Wolf Chaos as well. I never got the chance to play that game, but the Let’s Play I’ve watched made it look fun and yet silly.

    • malek86

      And Ninja Blade too. Even though you don’t actually play as the president, in fact you are tasked with rescuing him. But when you get to his place, turns out he just frees himself and uses ju-jitsu to school around a freaking ninja in a cutscene. So I guess that’s gotta count for something.

      But I think that’s actually the same in-universe president of MWC.

  • Paradox me

    It sounds like this has every right to spawn a gigantic multimedia franchise that puts Inafune back on the map.

    Seriously, that character design alone makes me wanna see this become the next Mega Man.

  • rinalicat

    Okay, this looks cool; a side scrawling game that requires levels to be completed in 3 minutes? Interesting! Dunno if I’d buy it though. I did find Half Minute Hero frustrating so…

    • Well its free to play so its not like you can’t try it out just to see.  Besides Side scrolling platforms with time limits…no surprise there and seeing how its 3 mins i doubt the levels are really big.  still its free so yeah

    • natchu96

      It’s like A Megaman time attack run on crack . . .

  • Zonic505

    Wow, this looks really interesting. Perhaps if it’s well received, it can be ported to iOS & consoles (XBLA/PSN). The art style/character design alone has me wanting to try the game out.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething


  • Jon McGuire

    Hey this looks coo-

    >Android only

    Well forget that.

    • Anime10121

       I’d LOVE to jump on this, if I could as an American play it on my phone, but considering you need a Mobage account, I’m assuming this is a Japan only release?

  • isfuturebright
  • I wonder what’s with developers going straight to making games on android platforms first instead of doing iOS or a simultaneous release for both platforms?

  • neetloaf

    Honestly this game looks like an obamanation.

    But I still want to play it.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Even stands like Mega Man…or Vile…or Zero.  One of them.

  • The game looks like its gonna be fun but why is it the american president D:, i like the getup though :P

  • lennus

    :D Wow… The MegaPresident fighting Guts… Stoneguy and that green guy who looks completly different than Bubbleman…

    c¬¬| Inafune doesn´t have new ideas…

    • SetzerGabbiani

      Maybe…or maybe he’s slapping Capcom in the face with this.  It pretty much looks like a speedrun Megaman.

  • Jonathan Keycross

    “I´m Mike Haggar and I approve this game”

  • puchinri

     I genuinely thought you meant one of the actual creators of MegaMan. Still an interesting looking game though.

  • they don’t know obama!

    • SLick123456789111


  • reminds me of Metal Wolf Chaos for some reason lol

    • Because the president pilots a giant mech?

      “Oh, yeah…sorry, but I’ll have to cancel that. I’m heading out to save America.
      Can you let them know that I won’t be able to make it.”

  • ronin4life

    How do you get a mobage account??
    TELLS ME NOW!! °[]°//

  • d19xx

    Are you a bad enough dude to be the President?

  • WyattEpp

    My god, it’s…it’s viewtiful!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Metal Wolf Chaos 2: The Re-elections

  • Well, obvious MegaMan nod here, though I can’t say I find the character design anything but a bit ugly. The weird Gutsman guy does look cool though.

    I also wasn’t aware there was a big demand for hard as nails action platformers on phones… it’s nice that they’re trying to develop higher end games for nontraditional mobile platforms, but I really don’t think these traditional genres are well suited to cell phones. If this plays anything like the iOS version of Megaman 2, then consider me not interested.

  • Göran Isacson

    While platforming games for the mobile phone aren’t really my bag, I can’t say no to this particular brand of cheese. Couldn’t turn it down with Metal Wolf Chaos, can’t turn away from it now. Also, I am digging that weird skull-helmet he’s wearing.

  • so He has 3 mins so no one knows that he is the
    President ?

  • -Hey Kenji Inafune, this new game is kinda like Mega M-


  • that’s Gutsman turned Viewtiful

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