Metal Gear Rising: Revengance Is PS3 Only In Japan

By Spencer . September 12, 2012 . 1:58am

imageWhile Metal Gear Rising: Revengance will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the West, the game will be PS3 only in Japan.


Konami apologized to Japanese fans who were looking forward to playing Metal Gear Rising: Revengance on Xbox 360, but didn’t give a specific reason why the game will only be released for PlayStation 3. Since the announcement specifically mentions Japan this should not affect the Xbox 360 version of Metal Gear Rising: Revengance in the West.


Recently, Konami has opted to release multiplatform games like Silent Hill HD Edition and Silent Hill: Downpour as PS3 only titles in Japan. In related news, Konami confirmed Zone of Enders HD Collection for PlayStation 3 will include a code for a Metal Gear Rising: Revengance demo in Japan.

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  • Christian Wright

    completely understandable. the 360 probably would’ve been more successful in japan had developers attempted to make good original exclusives for it. in the west, games like gears of war and halo can push new consoles, so if there was an equivalent in japan, like some badass rpg that was a must have, then i’m pretty sure things would be different

    • Muffum

      I’m pretty sure Tales of Vesperia became a huge 360 seller in Japan pretty early on, but then the PS3 rerelease came out. It proceeded to sell so much better than the original despite being a rerelease, and that might’ve been at least an indication of where 360 sales were headed in Japan.

      • They had a console bundel in japan. Trusty Bell Edition

      • It actually did pretty bad(In japan), which is why Namco refuses to make any Tales games for the 360 now

    • Kris

      It’s a shame Mistwalker’s output didn’t do too well, I would have loved to have seen Cry On!

      • malek86

        Mistwalker has some serious trouble selling games. They can’t seem to make anything really successful regardless of the platform.

        • Anime10121

           Its more than likely because they wont put them on the console that actually sells RPGs in Japan, the PS3.  Sakaguchi’s anger towards Sony is hurting his company far more than he would think.  I still think if Lost Odyseey, and probably Blue Dragon too, would have been released on PS3 (even as Japan only PS3/360 titles), they would have sold twice as much and become successful franchises now.

          Sakaguchi really needs to get over his whole ousting from Square/Sony, especially if he wants to continue to release big budget JRPG’s.  The audience in Japan for console JRPG’s has proven time and time again, that their home is on PS3, and until Sakaguchi relents, and actually starts releasing their games on PS3 (at least in Japan), they will unfortunately always see miniscule sales.

          • malek86

            I read in an interview some time ago, that the reason why Sakaguchi won’t work with Sony is simply because Sony has expressed no interest to do so, whereas he was contacted directly by both Nintendo and Microsoft to make games for them.

            I may be wrong though. Maybe he doesn’t like Sony. But I think it’s more that he didn’t like Kutaragi… and that guy went away long ago. So I doubt that’s the reason.

          • Anime10121

            Read paragraph four here This is just one of the many times he’s been quoted at disliking the PS3 period, well Ill quote it

            Concerning Sony’s PS3, Sakaguchi is unimpressed, stating, “Kutaragi-san’s architecture … seven DSPs and a low-powered CPU. I don’t like the PS3’s architecture.” Sakaguchi believes that programmers want to create good software, but PS3 designer, Ken Kutaragi, has made it very difficult. The PS3 disses don’t stop their either. When questioned about motion control, Kutaragi says that he finds it unnecessary for the kinds of games he develops (RPGs). Furthermore, he notes that the 360 controller is the “the best one that I’ve seen, especially the analog. And it’s easy to operate, and it’s really reactive, unlike the Sixaxis.”

            Even if it is the case that he’s not working on PS3 because Sony never approached them and asked him to, is it not HIS responsibility to his fans (and the workers in his company) to try and reach the widest audience possible by seeking out ways to distribute his games, rather than be too prideful and not develop on the platform because Sony didn’t ask.

            As you said one of the main reasons the Gooch said he wouldn’t work on PS3 is because he disliked Kutaragi, but Ken’s been gone for what 5 years now, and we still have yet to see the Gooch try and develop for Playstation again.  Thats even more fuel to say that he simply just dislikes Playstation now.

            I still think thats because of the whole Ken/Square ousting after The Spirits Within.  Even though that was kinda Hironobu’s fault for making a Final Fantasy movie that you know, looks NOTHING like Final Fantasy, while being an OK movie on its own, placing Final Fantasy’s name on top of it was nothing more than brand placement to try and reap more sales than it would have, which in the end, kinda backfired.

          • malek86

            @Anime10121:disqus look, these are companies. It’s their job to do money. If they think something will do them money, they’ll change their behavior their tails immediately. Look at how Valve initially dissed the PS3 because it wasn’t selling, and three years later they just casually said “yeah I know we dissed Sony before but now we think they are kinda cool”. Gabe Newell obviously knows to follow the money and eat his previous statements when necessary. And Sakaguchi is probably the same, in the end their objective is to make money.

            Those comments were probably because at the time Sakaguchi was still under contract by Microsoft, so he would try to put them in a better light. Also don’t forget the PS3 was doing pretty badly in sales… and besides, everyone agreed that it was difficult to develop for. Once his contract ended, he presumably went under a new contract with Nintendo (who at the time were in a great position), so I don’t think he can really do anything with Sony platforms right now even if they are more successful.

            I don’t doubt Sakaguchi has a bone to pick with Sony, but if it made him money, I guarantee he would run to them immediately.

          • Anime10121

             Which is exactly my point, its their job to make money, yet Sakagoochi seems to be going everywhere EXCEPT where the money is.  PS3 has been doing well for the better part of 4 years now (out of its 6 on the market), so the excuse of him not developing for the PS3 because of its lack of success isnt valid in anymore.  The argument of the PS3 being difficult to develop for also doesnt matter to a company like Mistwalker anyway, considering they contract other actual dev studios to do the actual development.  They could simply contract one that has experience on PS3.

            On the matter of contracts, I’ll give you the one he more than likely had with Microsoft.  But to sign (as a third party) an exclusive contract with Nintendo was yet again, another stupid business decision, because the cases where third party games do well on Nintendo’s console hardware nowadays are exceptions and not the rule.  Successful third party software are still few and far apart on the Wii (hopefully the situation will be better with the Wii U), so an exclusive contract with them wouldn’t have been the smartest business decision either.

            The thing is, Sakagoochi hasnt even TRIED to put a game out for PS3 to see how well it would do in comparison to his other efforts, and comparing sales of other RPG series released on all the platforms, that is a dumb decision in and of itself when you’re a small company.  When you are starting out, you need to go to where your audience lies, and for JRPG’s, that evidently is PS3.

          • malek86

            @Anime10121:disqus “The thing is, Sakagoochi hasnt even TRIED to put a game out for PS3 to see how well it would do in comparison to his other efforts”

            And my point is, how could he? If he really has jumped from a contract with Microsoft to a contract with Nintendo, that would make it pretty difficult for him to release a game for another console. And I remember reading that Mistwalker is prepping a Wii U game, so I guess the contract isn’t over yet.

            And his studio is small enough that he can’t just say “screw contracts, let’s work by ourselves”. He needs financial backing by a big publishers. It just so happened that it hasn’t been Sony… or at least, not yet.

          • Paradox me

            Mistwalker isn’t a large company that can just develop for whichever platform they fancy, they’re a small co-developer. 

            It’s unlikely that they would ever be able to do a PlayStation 3 title without direct involvement from Sony and, frankly, how much interest has Sony shown in Japanese developers this generation? They’ve acquired Guerrilla Games, Media Molecule, and worked with a host of other Western developers on numerous new IP, but they’re still betting the farm on Japan Studio and Polyphony in Asia.

            There’s also the fact that they were founded with funding from Microsoft (who also established Artoon to help Mistwalker’s development) and then locked into a exclusivity deal. Whether Sakaguchi liked Sony or not, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were never going to go multiplatform. Following this, they were approached by Nintendo. Again, The Last Story would never go multiplatform.

            They’ve yet to make a major game without the help of a console manufacturer, and I have a sneaking suspicion that if Sony came knocking at their door, they’d do a PS3 game.

          • Anime10121

            I know Mistwalkers a small company and that both Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were published by Microsoft Studios and the Last Story was published (at least in Japan) by Nintendo, so those titles had no way of ever being multiplatform, which I can understand.

            The whole thing about them not being able to do a game without the help of a console manufacturer is a pretty reasonable explanation. But I still think it would make more sense for him to try and get a game published by Sony too, rather than constantly spew such distaste for ever making a Playstation game again, I mean, its not like Mistwalker actually develops their titles anyway, so there’s no need for his studio to have familiarity with the architecture.

            While Sony hasn’t shown much interest in Japanese developers this gen, many small RPG studios still realize where they would make the most profit, Gust, Nis, Compile Heart, Idea Factory etc etc all realize that their best bets are either Playstation games or multiplat ones.  I still think that the Gooch could partner with someone like Namco, Sega, or heaven forbid even Square to release a game for Multiplatform consoles just to test the water and see if the games would do better on PS3.  The Gooch has a legacy for creating the most successful JRPG series on the planet (although it didnt actually blow up into a MASSIVE success until he took on the role of producer), so I’m sure there would have been PLENTY of people jumping at the chance to publish a game for him had he asked.

            When you are responsible for the livelihood of your company, people shouldnt have to come to you and ask you to develop for their platform, a smart business looks themselves for ways to attain better results, and seeks the route that would in turn gain them better results.

          • Hraesvelgr

            Mistwalker released at least two games where the big money is (portables, specifically the DS (at the time)) and it still didn’t help, so I don’t think releasing it on PS3 would do much for them. Mind you, their DS games were of questionable quality, so there may also be that, but this is more than just “they didn’t go to PS3, so they failed!”

          • Anime10121

            True ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat and neither of the two Blue Dragon DS games sold too well, and although I’ve never played ASH (although I want to, it isn’t in English) the two DS Blue Dragon games were quite mediocre, so its understandable that those two didnt sell well.  Now I’ll be the first to admit that the original Blue Dragon for 360 wasn’t that great either (it was good, just not great) but it was still solid enough that it should have done better than it did.

            I’m not saying its exclusively because Mistwalker wont go to PS3 that they are failing, but I am saying that the genre itself is more successful on (as far as console releases go) PS3 and that considering none of Mistwalkers games have been all that top-notch (barring Lost Odyssey which was pretty great), that they should be pushing for as many platforms as possible and not limiting themselves to a contract on only ONE platform.

          • “But to sign (as a third party) an exclusive contract with Nintendo was yet again, another stupid business decision…”

            Why would this be a stupid decision? They paid him to make a game for them, and he made one, true to his vision, and raked in a load of new experiences along the way. Good developer + Good publisher = Win, win.

            If you’re just annoyed that he hasn’t made an exclusive for the PS3, I don’t know if that’s necessarily a smart business decision, given the state Mistwalker is in, unless a publisher offers them a financially viable contract to do so.

          • Anime10121

            I just meant that 3rd party Nintendo RPGs dont generally do well on Nintendo (console) hardware, and havent since the SNES.  Tales of Symphonia was an exception to the rule, but generally 3rd party console RPG’s dont do well on Nintendo consoles anymore, heck, they do better on 360 than they do on Wii.

            It may have been a good decision based upon how much he was paid, but even still he didnt get to make the game, exactly “true to his vision”. In one of the Iwata Asks interviews it points out that Nintendo actually rejected the original scenario and they had to restart the project, here’s the source: with the statements down at the bottom.

            I’m not annoyed that he hasn’t made an exclusive for the ps3, Its more that he hasn’t made a game for the PS3 period (be-it multiplatform or exclusive), and more than likely because of a grudge against Kutaragi/Sony from almost a decade ago.  I have a Wii and have the Last Story (which I didnt like) and had a 360 (before it bricked) with both Blue Dragon (liked) and the Lost Odyssey (which I loved), however, I’m simply pointing out that I think the types of games he makes would fair better with Playstation’s audience, since statistically, they buy more games from the main genre his studio creates games for.

            If the contracts he’s signing with Microsoft/Nintendo are all thats preventing him from releasing games for the Playstation audience too, then seek publishers that’ll allow him to develop for multiple platforms like Namco, Sega, Konami, or Square.  As I said in a previous comment, with the history he has, I’m sure they would love to work with the man if he were to go to them vs. waiting for somebody to come to him.

            I mean, honestly, it CANT be that much more expensive to do multiplatform work than it is to do 360 work or WiiU work (which he’s rumored to also be working on).

          • @Anime10121:disqus “…more than likely because of a grudge against Kutaragi/Sony from almost a decade ago.”

            It’s dangerous to make assumptions like these, so I tend to stay away from them. All they do is create smoke when there may be no real fire. Ignoring that point, however, publishing contracts aren’t always a matter of sales.

            You’re talking as if Sakaguchi is somehow unhappy or dissatisfied in some way after having worked on The Last Story, just because it was on a Nintendo console. This is not the case, however. All evidence we’ve had thus far points to the contrary, and he’s even said that he’d like to work with them again.

            Look at it this way: Nintendo are Japan’s leading publisher, and one of the most successful publishers worldwide as well. They’re financially stable, their upper management and board of directors consist of actual game designers (or former game designers) as opposed to business executives. They “get” game development. Why wouldn’t a game developer want to work with them?

            As for The Last Story’s original scenario being rebooted, I’m well aware of that. We covered it on Siliconera as well. The thing is, though, no game is ever 100% true to anyone’s vision. Whether it was Nintendo or at another publisher, Sakaguchi would most likely have had to make changes to TLS in some capacity, regardless. That’s just how it works.

            The fact of the matter is, he (and his studio) got to expand upon the theme they wanted, they got to develop the game using a process that they wanted, they had development and debugging support from Nintendo themselves, they were fully funded, and they put out a good game. I don’t see what was lacking.

            Yes, The Last Story didn’t sell as well as it should have, but that’s a question of specific market circumstances that few people could have predicted. No one thought Wii software would drop off the way it did. It was something that came about due to a lack of quality third-party support and a failure on the part of both Nintendo and third-parties to establish a hardcore audience on the Wii early on.

          • Anime10121

             Youre right, I dont have much evidence to make that assumption other than Goochy saying he didnt like Ken, so I guess it would be wise for me to stop saying that, as I hate it myself when people tend to spread misinformation as fact.

            However, I dont think Sakaguchi is unsatisfied with the Last Story, in fact he seems quite satisfied that he was able to do what he wanted with the battle system and city.  I know he was satisfied with what he accomplished on the Wii and (barring a few frame hiccups here and there) it was technically well built.  Although it wasn’t my type of game, I do see its appeal to others (much like how Zelda isnt my type but I can completely understand its appeal to everyone else).

            I also know that Nintendo is one of the best (if not THE best) built game/console studios out there, but it still doesnt change the fact that ever since the SNES, JRPG’s haven’t sold all to well on Nintendo consoles (even the ones they publish), compared to other consoles.  Even the 360 seemed to have more success with JRPG’s than the Wii.

            I still believe it was a dumb decision to (if he is in a contract to do games exclusively for Nintendo) limit his games to only Nintendo hardware, especially given the fact that Nintendo’s success this gen has largely been based upon Nintendos internally developed properties: Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Mario, Zelda, Kirby etc, Nintendo’s externally developed properties based upon Nintendo’s staple franchises such as: Donkey Kong and Metroid, and Dance games such as Just Dance.  There have been other success stories on Wii, but for the most part, they were for the majority new Nintendo properties, or the same franchises that they’ve been making since the original Nintendo.

          • @Anime10121:disqus But, I don’t see why it was a dumb decision if he got what he wanted out of it. I don’t think Sakaguchi particularly cares about what specific platform his games are on. 

            Aside from hearing of Mistwalker wanting to develop a Wii U game, we haven’t really heard anything along those lines. I mean, he’s working on iOS games for the moment, so clearly, he’s open to different platforms. He just picks his platforms based on what Mistwalker’s needs at the time are.

            Again, if Sony walked up to him and went: “Hey, here’s all this money and development support from our studios. Come make a PS3 game,” he’d have no qualms about doing it. 

            (Although, maybe not right this very moment, since it seems like he wants a change of pace and to work on smaller games for a bit, before taking on another big project.)

          • Anime10121

             I’m just talking sales-wise, it wasnt that smart.  I think it would have been better to go to someone like Namco, who has a lot of capital, so that he could release his games on multiple consoles vs. going to any of the Big 3 console manufacturers for console exclusive publishing deals.

            I think, as the head of a studio, he shouldnt be waiting on a studio to come to him, he should be reaching out to studios himself to reach a wide audience for his games.  

            But then again, maybe he has done this, I dont know, but just from the comments he’s made previously since right around the start of this gen, he has been vocal about his distaste for Sony hardware, which seems to be where the majority of the JRPG console fanbase lies, and thusly a very big pool of potential sales for his companies flagship genre.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      There were a number of Japanese exclusives when the system first came out, especially JRPG’s. It’s why I own the system. I thought it was going to become the home for them, but then Vesperia PS3 proved differently and I became a dual system owner.

  • I guess licensing fees and stuff are more than they expect to make back in sales?? Not sure I understand the reasoning

  • Go2hell66

    so this seems to be a growing trend, does this mean xbox360 isn’t a viable platform in japan anymore?

    • Herok♞

       I don’t think it was ever a viable platform in Japan to begin with, since you never heard about the new Xbox game selling alot, like I don’t think any Xbox game cracked a million sales if there was PS3 version in Japan.

  • malek86

    I wonder if they are going to make the US version region free. If so, that at least would be an option for japanese owners, I guess.

    • I haven’t seen many region free 360 games, you think it’s a possibility?

      • malek86

        In the US there’s quite the number of region free games. From Konami for example, the american versions of Castlevania and the Silent Hill games are all region free (except Homecoming, but it’s only locked for PAL consoles, it works on japanese ones).

        Japanese games are almost always region locked, european games are 50/50, while american games are mostly region free. So it’s a distinct possibility.

        • True, I forgot many US games are region free, I agree then.

    • omenaaa

      It’s still going to be released in Asia.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Well, i can only thing the main reason here is because licensing the game on 360 here is unable to bring enough profit there. So…..sorry for 360 owner there.T_T

  • Nicolas Vasquez

     still not as much as the numbers of western developers that shun the PS3.

    • Godmars

      Except the game’s not finished and being released in other regions when it happens. Don’t think its ever happened.

      Could probably bring Vesperia, but even there there was the difference of a completed Xbox translation, and having to cover the extra content when it went to the PS3.  

    • Hraesvelgr

      Pretty sure there aren’t too many, if any, western devs that actually “shun” the PS3, but okay.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Which Western developers would those be?

    • SaberSaurus

      You mean, Bethesda and Activision? Those are only two numbers :P

  • Anime10121

    Understandable, Japan is not to fond of the 360, what with it selling on average about 7K units a month there.  The systems practically dead, so there’s no reason to pay the licensing fees to release the title in Japan, when the audience is so small that they probably wont make back the initial investment on the cost of licensing the title for 360 in Japan.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    This makes complete sense. In my head, though, I laughed at the part where Kojima apologized to Japanese 360 owners, because with the system’s sales, he could probably personally apologize to them, face-to-face, and get it done in a single afternoon.

    • HAHAHA, it sucks Xbox hasn’t sold much. (Plays Neptunia).

      • M’iau M’iaut

        @Nemesis_Dawn:disqus    Let’s both not bait system wars any further.

        • Nemesis_Dawn

          Don’t see how I’m doing that when I own both systems. You can’t deny that 360 sales haven’t been that great in Japan, with it competing for last place all the time, and with the recent software sales of Persona 4 Arena. If I was all, “Haha! Suck it, Xbots” (which would be silly, because as I’ve said, I’ve owned one for quite a number of years) or some other nonsense, then I can understand a warning, but a simple joke based on sales figures does not constitute trying instigating a system war, at all.

  • Yeah. Saves them the money and time. Makes sense as to why it’s PS3 only.

  • no doubt… Xbox sales very poor in Japan. but.. isn’t it will be on PC too? in NA?

    • Anime10121

       It was canned for PC if I remember it correctly.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Not surprised here, seeing as how the 360 is one of the most un-popular and poor selling console outside of the U.S.

  • MangaTherapy

    Japanese version will have Apple product placement, eh? :) 

    On all seriousness, I wonder about Microsoft’s future in Japan now. 

  • Leonard Norwood Jr.

    Makes sense, Should be no problem for anyone who has a PS3 alongside many consoles they have. For those who have Xbox360 as their only console it is a minor problem since Xbox360 sales have been suffering over there than in the West.

  • Göran Isacson

    … Wow. If sales are THAT low that they can completely forego developing a version for JUST the Japanese Xbox 360 market and still get away with it, sales are indeed LOW.

    That is, if that IS the reason for it.

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