Next Ys Game Could Be Ys Eight Or An Ys V remake

By Spencer . September 18, 2012 . 11:00am

imageNext week, Falcom will release Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees for PlayStation Vita. The game a re-imagining of Ys IV, which was originally made by Hudson for the TurboGrafx CD. Ys Celceta is a different take on the story, which begins with Adol arriving in Celceta without his memories. The gameplay has been revamed too and designed like Ys Seven.


So, what’s Falcom planning for the next entry in the Ys series?


“In terms of the next Ys title it is something we are still planning and discussing right now,” Falcom president Toshihiro Kondo said to Siliconera. ”


“At this point, it is too hard to tell if it will be Ys Eight or maybe we’ll take all of our new technology and remake Ys V.  Those are just a couple of possibilities that we’re discussing internally on which direction to go with the Ys series.”


If Falcom makes it, Ys Eight will be a brand new adventure for Adol. Ys V follows Adol as he searches for a lost desert city that suddenly reappears. What’s interesting is that, like Ys IV, Ys V was remade and re-released just six years ago. Taito remade Ys V and brought the game to PlayStation 2 back in 2006.

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  • I’m hoping for a Ys V remake, since that’s the one I’ve yet to really play :)

    • Ys V needs a remake more than any other title in the series, I’d say. It’s got an engaging story, really cool characters (including a badass dude whose name is literally “Stalker”!) and a truly interesting setting, but its gameplay simply isn’t up to par with the rest of the series. If the game could be reimagined and revamped, it would honestly have the potential to be the best Ys game out there IMHO. Falcom’s already proven that they can take one of the series’ most divisive entries (Ys III) and remake it into one of its most beloved (Felghana), and I’m quite confident they’d be able to do it again with the series’ other black sheep title.

      …That said, though, Ys Seven certainly kicked ass, so I’d happily take an Ys 8, too. ;)

      • Raiyu

        After reading this, now I really want a remake of Ys V.

  • “The game a re-imagining of Ys IV, which was originally made by Hudson for the TurboGrafx CD.”

    Also by Tonkinhouse for the Super Famicom, under a different title (and with different maps and a notably different plot). Hudson’s “Dawn of Ys” and Tonkinhouse’s “Mask of the Sun” were both unique takes on Ys IV, with Hudson’s straying a bit farther from Falcom’s original story concepts but proving to be an arguably much better game.

    It’s interesting to note, too, that Taito’s PS2 remake, “Ys IV: Mask of the Sun -a new theory-,” had completely different gameplay and a yet again largely rewritten/reordered storyline from its Super Famicom predecessor. Meaning there are three versions of Ys IV out there already, all three are significantly different games, and NONE of them was developed by Falcom.

    That’s what makes Ys Celceta so special, and such a great choice for the 25th anniversary of the series. It’s going to be the first time ever that Falcom has given their own spin on the Ys IV storyline. Four Ys IVs, all different games… and finally, one of them is official.

  • Raiyu

    Honestly, I hope they make Ys V so that it will complete all of Adol’s adventures to date. We’d Ys 1-7 all on one system all from the same developer.

    Plus I heard Ys V wasn’t all that great in terms of combat and story, so I’d like to see Falcom’s take on the game.

    • Combat, no, but the story in Ys V is actually really good. Possibly one of the best stories in the series, in fact.

      The gameplay, however, is REALLY lacking compared to other Ys titles.

  • Hope it will be a V remake first. By remaking it, we wouldn’t miss any game up to Seven.

  • Aveyn Knight

    Either would be awesome, but I think a new game would be best

  • brian yep

    I could’ve sworn they decided Ys 8 would be next.
    Ys 5 would neat too, hopefully we’ll get 4 and 5.

  • Need YS5
    4 and 5 are the only ones in the series i didn’t play yet

  • Jirin

    I don’t understand why they’re slapping old stories on totally new combat at calling it a port of the same game.  Ys isn’t about the story.  The stories are pretty much interchangeable in Ys games, so they’re really about the combat.  Ys OoF is a totally different game from Ys 3.  New game, remake, they’re both really just new games.

    I just wish they’d get rid of that multiple characters in the party thing, Ys works best as a single character series.

    • Multiple characters in Ys Seven worked perfectly fine, I thought. Switching characters honestly felt no different than switching swords in Napishtim, switching bracelets in Felghana or switching artifacts in Origin. It was just as instantaneous and had just as much of an effect on gameplay, when it comes right down to it.

      If it helps, don’t think of them as separate characters… just think of them as separate weapons, all being “wielded” by Adol. ;)

      • neo_firenze

         Really good description of the mechanics!

        I’ve got no issue with the party system in Seven myself, thanks the the fact that it’s instant and doesn’t affect the fast paced gameplay.  It’s a little refreshing to see some variety in characters too, I enjoy playing as Dogi and the rest of the cast.

      • The thing you’re forgetting, though, is that the bracelets/weapons in Oath and Origin affected the gameplay beyond combat, spilling over into expanding your options during exploration and navigating the stages.  Besides Dogi and Crshe being able to smash rocks, they didn’t have any of this in Seven.  

        It looks like they’re bringing that back for Celceta though, which is nice.  Navigating the levels in Seven just wasn’t as exciting as it was in some of the games that preceded it.

        •  I can agree with this to an extent, though the dungeon designs more than made up for it IMHO. I may not have used special character abilities to solve puzzles or explore new areas, but there were still plenty of puzzles to solve and areas to explore, and they were all masterfully designed in a way that made them just as fun and engaging as anything in any previous Ys title.

    • Barrylocke89

      The terms that I see being used is “remake”, and I think that is a good description of what they did with Oath and Celceta. When I think of remake, I think of the game having the same basic story and characters as the original, but the other aspects of the game are reimagined. Another example would be comparing Tales of Destiny on the PS1 to Tales of Destiny (and the Director’s Cut) on the PS2.

      • Morricane

        Oh yeah, that too was pretty much a very different game except the characters and basic storyline…

  • dahuuuundge

    Whatever new Ys game there will be, just don’t strap Adol full of belts like Ys Celceta

    • Or better yet, let the player choose the character outfits.

      • Wouldn’t be the first time for Ys V.  It actually did have plenty of options for changing the palette of Adol’s outfit (and hair, even)

  • Marcelo Gouvea

    I just hope the next one has both a Vita version and a PC version…

  • Shaun Huseman

    Id love Ys V remake. Well as long as they bring IV over on the Vita as well as this.

  • Can’t wait to play through Ys IV again. and hopefully V, as well =D

  • Manuel Antony Marcano

    This may sound a bit odd considering it was so disliked but I actually really liked Ys V, I dare say its one of my favorites because it was overhead and had an attack button. I don’t remember any Ys game having that at the time, to me it felt like a big step and when Ys 6 came out years later I remember thinking it was an evolution on V.

    Sadly, all these years and I still have no idea what Ys V is about beyond the basic “He’s looking for something”.

    • You’re not alone. Ys V is one of my favorites of the series. It’s not what you’d expect of the game engines belonging to the Ys series, but I thought it was a fun experience to play, nonetheless.

  • kupomogli

    They should make a Ys5 remake, then for Ys8 they can pull out all the stops and make it, potentially, the best Ys experience.

  • Ladius

    I would like them to remake Ys 5 using an Ys Seven-like battle system, so that they can improve that formula to the fullest and then push the series in a completely new direction with Ys 8, like they did for Seven after the NapishtimFelghanaOrigin block.

  • Complete the set Falcom.  Last main game left for Playstation handhelds.

    • Wagnaria

      Yes I agree with this! 
      Plus I love playing Ys on the go so I hope that the next Ys would still be on handhelds.

  • I’d prefer V honestly. Then they can do 8. That way I could (if they release Celceta here) have all of the games potentially.

  • neo_firenze

    “What’s interesting is that, like Ys IV, Ys V was remade and re-released just six years ago. Taito remade Ys V and brought the game to PlayStation 2 back in 2006.”

    Yeah, but there’s a big difference between the Ys remakes done in-house by Falcom and the ones that other companies have made over the years.  The Taito PS2 remakes just weren’t very good.  Falcom’s remakes of I-IV are supremely excellent (well, we’ll see soon on IV once Celceta is released but it sure looks fantastic), basically the definitive versions of each game.  I’d love to see V get the same Falcom refresh treatment.

    Count me in the seemingly high number of people who’d really like an Ys V remake as the next stop for the series.  Then do the next generation of Ys with a new Ys VIII after that. 

  • $733987

    How about a new Ys for consoles?

    • psycho_bandaid

      Hmm. I wonder when is the last time falcom has made a home console game at all? I think a PC game might be the closest we’ll get.

      •  Last time Falcom developed a home console title in-house was probably 1995, with Ys V. Ever since then, it’s been nothing but PC and handhelds.

  • Vadim Merzhey

    Yeah, remake Ys V, it needs normal remake.

  • psycho_bandaid

    Through all the iterations and gameplay tweaks in the series I still have not met a Ys game I didn’t like. Looking forward to whatever they come up with.

  • I hope the next Ys game won’t be anything like Ys Seven.

  • Ridho Siregar

    W-wait… I came here for the thumbnail… Where is it?

    Which Ys game is it?

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Hmm, why does many gamer seems to be quite obssessed with YS 5 remake here.T_T

    Is it only me who actually enjoy playing that game there?T_T

  • Kamion

    I also want an Ys5 remake because it’s the only game I never finished. The story was great but Ys games are more about gameplay, so I didn’t enjoy it. If Falcom remade that, I’m sure it’d be a great game. So yes, please :-)

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