Opposites Attract When It Comes To Tales Of Xillia’s Heroes

By Spencer . September 20, 2012 . 11:40am

While showing off link artes in Tales of Xillia’s battle system, series producer Hideo Baba mentioned an interesting tidbit about the two protagonists. In the beginning of Tales of Xillia players can choose to see the start of the story from Jude or Millia’s perspective.


Baba said in Japan, male players the female protagonist Milla Maxwell while female players like Jude Mathis more. When Tales of Xillia begins players can choose to see the story start from either Jude or Milla’s perspective. While the game has two openings, both characters meet and Tales of Xillia’s story begins.


Baba reiterated he wants to release as many Tales games in the West as he possibly can. In 2013, Tales of Xillia will follow Tales of Graces f, which came out earlier this year.

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  • Freud_Hater

    I’ll go with jude, personnally, but Milla does have a few assets to her character… And I’m not talking about the twin-like assets she has…

    • zazza345

       Keep in mind that ideally you need to play as both to get the full picture of the story, though for story purposes (despite its worse beginning) would be better to start with Milla, if you need more explanations.

  • “male players the female protagonist Milla Maxwell”  you mean
    male players like the female protagonist Milla Maxwell.

  • rinalicat

    I do like Jude but I also like Milla so I’m making two separate files to play as at the same time. It will be confusing but I’ll be satisfied.

  • MrRobbyM

    I’m fond of Milla as well simply because I like her design better. And no, that doesn’t mean her boobs. Also because I’m kind of sick of playing as young males.

  • Paradox me

    I’ll probably go with Milla, hoping for an explanation as to how that hair works. If they don’t offer one then I’m just assuming those yellow and green highlights are actually solid hair gel.

    • AokiShizuku

      They do actually explain it in a skit. I found it quite funny.

  • Jirin

    I might go with Milla just because I like crazy multicolored gravity-defying impractical uncomfortable-looking anime girl hair.

    • Jirin

      Also that picture of Jude has kind of a ‘Twilight poser’ vibe to it.

  • Xapth

    I like both Milla AND Jude, they’re both beautiful.

    Either way, I’m sure most of us are going to play the game twice to experience both sides. 

    I’ll probably pick Jude first though. He looks like a Tales of Lelouch.

  • YoshEE

    I can’t wait til 2013 to get them. And I am still praying for Tales of Vesperia PS3 

  • Aqua King

    I really don’t care for games with dual playable protagonists. I love the Tales games, but this does not intrigue me.

  • kool_cid414

    If it’s two different openings I’ll just look at one and not save and when done look at the other one seems simple enough.

  • Tales_of_Master

    I’m a dude, and I liked Milla more. Not because she’s a girl, but because she’s a better character in combat, and she’s the more mature of the two. I hate extremely young male leads, that’s why I was thrilled when I first saw Yuri in ToV. All in all, I’m excited to see what Milla is gonna be like in ToX2.

    • MrTyrant

       I’ll be honest I like Milla because she is a girl and for being an heroine she is not your typical healer-good-girl lol

  • Let’s put it this way… Millia FEELS like a REAL Tales main protagonist. while Jude feels like someone that COULD BE the  main protagonist…. Jude’s character is really really Bland… Millia got the Asbel and Yuri vibe, where Jude is like Hubert or I guess Flynn… Though Flynn is much more interesting than Jude…

  • Milla should be the only protagonist in general. Jude is… ugh. :/

    Milla has a lovely beautiful appearance- which is what matters the most to me. :P and everything that makes a protagonist awesome.

    • MrTyrant

      Im the only who thinks that when a main character is cool the main heroine (wich is the love interest of the protagonist) has to be as cool/badass as him/her. I love those kind of couples, while a lot prefer Milla they hated Jude and in others stories when the main character was cool the heroine was annoying and so on…of course there are exception like Stan x Rutee or Luke x Tear, etc.

      • My preferred couple are what basically YurixEstelle are. :)

  • MrJechgo

    Milla should have been the main character for Xillia. I applaud Namco’s attempt to make the game with 2 main characters, but Jude came out as a bland secondary character. Furthermore, the whole concept of having 2 main protagonists was a letdown, as you do NOT get 2 radically different perspectives.

    Seriously, I’d say only 25% of the game is character-exclusive, when in general, these kinds of games have like 50% if not 75% of the game being exclusive to each character. They could have gone with way more events, dungeons and bosses for that, but in the end, the differences are minimal.

    As for the article, I’m probably gonna go with Milla as my first playthrough, because since I was always playing as a guy in Tales games and MANY other games, it,s good to play the opposite gender. I picked a female trainer for Pokémon Crystal and picked the female mercenary for Samurai Warriors Chronicles.

    Change is good ^^

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Basically, it’s like Star Ocean 2.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    Definitely going with Milla myself. Not just cuz’ of the good looks, from what I saw in various videos, but because she has a likable personality and is pretty badass in the fight. Although it won’t stop me to switch to other characters from time to time. I just hope Star Driver clothes are present in English release. ^^

  • I’ll go with both because that’s how I roll. (Also that’s why NG+ exists.)

  • Neophoton

    Well, I figured female fans in Japan would probably prefer playing Jude. I, on the other hand, find Milla to be more interesting, so I will gladly play as her over Jude.

  • Demeanor

    As much as I love and adore Mira/Milla (she’s beautiful! though a bit cold and duty-obsessed… ^ ^ I go crazy for proud, deadly female chars in games) I’m going to pick Jude on this one, since I picked Milla for the JP version.
    Jude may indeed be a blander character (maybe his own story will put him in a better light?) but he’s really awesome to use in battle! Milla is spectacular to use but her melee is very overshadowed by her elemental artillery, Jude has an incredible close-and-personal game that feels very satisfying!

    @paradox: I wouldn’t criticize Milla’s hair in front of her, that hairstyle is a very precious gift from a close friend of hers, and she’s quite proud of it… ^ ^ 

  • Göran Isacson

    For those in the know- is there any other differences later on in the game if you choose one over the other, or is it only the set-up that’s different?

  • I will take them both (Mostly Milla) when I get my hands on the game lol =^_^=

  • I’d go for Jude first too! However, I think when I get it I’ll choose Millia first so I can save the best for last, he he he.

  • Akarnage

    I read somewhere that you’re better off starting with Jude? Apparently his side of the story gives more closure and more bosses. While Milla is better suited for a second playthrough.

    Shame, really. Because I’m a lot more attracted to Milla, I haven’t been this interested in a female Tales character since Tear.

  • Phlo

    Going with Millia’s side for the better battle music.

  • Ibi Salmon

    Am I the only one interested in playing as both protagonists?

  • KingGunblader

    I’ll definitely be playing as Milla first. I’m a sucker for the strong female lead even if she is a bit scantily clad. 

  • Ghist

    I’ll probably start with Jude first. If only because I love the hand-to-hand style a lot.

  • margherita mastropaolo

    xillia looks great,i can’t wait

  • LightZero

    I guess that makes sense. Jude is a tool and I don’t like him much from what I seen of the sub cutscenes whereas Millia seems cool. 

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


  • Don’t make fun of Milla’s Hair people! That’s her “Charm Point” for goodness sakes >____<

    • The skit for that was funny XD, went ahead and got me the game near a year ago, shame i just started it like a month ago >.>

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Unlike the others here, i would probably played Jude first.^_^ I wanted to see how far Jude has changed from the first title there.

    If Hope from FF13 can changed drastically on 13-2, i can’t wait to see how they provide the changes there.^_^

  • Alphabet Soup

    Planning to play as Milla because she seems badass and I’m happy a Tales game is going with a female protagonist, even if she still has a male counterpart.  I hope someday Namco will feel comfortable having just a female protagonist.

  • Whenever I play a game where I can choose male or female protag, I go with the female first, and then the male for my second playthru. That’s how I did Star Ocean: The Second Story and P3P (though I do know Minato’s story bc I played the original on the PS2). Or… I linearly play both characters. XD (I did that for Star Ocean 2 on the PSP.)

  • idofgrahf

    As a guy I prefer my protagonist as a guy simply because its easier to identify with ones own gender. If I’m role playing, its easier if the person I’m suppose to identify with is the same gender.

  • harmonyworld

    the fact that I’m a girl doesn’t matter cause I’m gonna play both sides eventually.
    But I do wanna go with Milla first because it’s rare to get a Tales Protgonist as a girl.

  • LaserVision

    Spencer you don’t know if we’re opposites! I happen to have a pair of boots that look exactly like Millia’s!

  • Phantoon

    Boys like to play as girls and girls as boys, news at 11.

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