Bravely Default: Flying Fairy’s Characters and Gameplay are Intricately Linked

By Laura . September 24, 2012 . 1:05pm

The concept of Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is heavily centered around its gameplay, Square Enix producer, Tomoya Asano, mentions in a recent Iwata Asks interview with Nintendo’s president. Key features of the system include the four-character setup and the job system.


However, instead of keeping gameplay and writing separate, Asano and Naotaka Hayashi, a scenario writer from MAGES who wrote Steins;Gate, decided to mesh the two together.


They started with the characters, which they felt was one of the most important aspects of Bravely Default. One of their main goals was to create characters—even villains—that would be loved. Additionally, the dialogue would be lively and interesting, and the game’s world would be crafted to create as interesting a setup as the characters needed.


With regard to characters, the two developer reveal that each of the four main characters in Bravely Default is intricately linked to a key aspect of both the game and the plot. For example, one of goals of Tiz is to rebuild a village.


Doing this alone would take an extremely long period of time, but by using the StreetPass function, you can recruit more and more villagers to your village, and they can all help with the rebuilding. Two villagers would cut the time in half. Four, into fourths, and so on.


Another character is Agnes, the girl who appeared in the original AR demo for the game and has been Bravely Default’s most frequently seen character thus far. Her background in the game involves searching for the four crystals, and as such, she is also the one most connected to the main plot of the game.


A second female character, Edea, who is the daughter of one of the villains, is in charge of the sub-quests and the job class system. Finally, the last character in your party is Lingabel, an amnesiac boy who keeps a memo that has events from the future written in it. The memo can be read at any time during the game.


All of these characters are not only linked to facets of the main story, but also with different aspects of the game. Iwata responds by pointing out that one of the many reasons that makes an RPG interesting is uniqueness in the way its system and plot are set up.

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  • Herok♞

    This sounds really good, I hope I can play it sometime soon.

  • Unknown

    this game is gonna be absolutely amazing, a very good jRPG in a long time. Hope it hits the west very soon.

  • LightZero

    Sounds very interesting. I think this will be a worthy addition to my library. 

  • Anime10121

    Every time I see a Bravely Default header, my heart jumps for joy thinking its a localization article, and then…  I read the rest of the header :(

    • Lightthrower

      Don’t worry, it will come here eventually. Not like Type-0 though…. *whimper*

      • Spider-Man

        Maybe they’ll release it on the PSN rather than a physical release? So we can download it to our PSP/Vitas? >:

        •  They did that already in Japan.  They said no to everyone else because they said the western peoples can’t have it.

    • In general, don’t expect localization announcements from Square for these kinds of games before they’ve been released in Japan. Bravely Default will probably come over sometime next year, but they aren’t going to talk about it before it’s even out in its home market.

      • Anime10121

         Yeah you’re probably right, unless its Final Fantasy, Square doesnt usually announce localizations for their titles until after their release in Japan.  Even KH games (well other than 2) arent announced for the west until close to their Japanese releases and sometimes after (BBS).  Guess I’ll have to take the wait and see approach, I’ll give em til January before I start begging :P

  • SirRichard

    It’s really encouraging that the devs thought about how to tie gameplay and story together however partially, because that’s an area where a lot of games (RPGs in particular, being story-focused) tend to fall down and it can seriously hurt them to do so.

    And with Steins;Gate as a precedent, it sounds like the writing is definitely trying to break from the usual clichés that have plagued the genre for some time now.

  • Paradox me

    Doing this alone would take an extremely long period of time, but by using the StreetPass function…

    I’m boned, unless they show mercy and make it easier in the localized version.

    Either way, this sounds cool. JRPG gameplay is typically so far removed from the narrative.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Honestly, I like this game more the more I learn about it.  A sequel to Final Fantasy 4 Heroes of Light that wanted to do some unique things… so rather than make it generic again to fit the Final Fantasy brand image, they just left the brand behind. Cool stuff.  Then they released some music, and that was great.  Then they released demos and actually changed things based on player feedback (speeding up the battles because of popular request is exactly how demos should work, but rarely ever do).  Now we’re learning that the game was built from the ground up around the story, rather than the more common approach of building an RPG then slapping a generic RPG story onto it.

    What’s NOT to like?

    • Random battles is what hit me pretty hard. I love everything else they’ve said about Bravely Default, but man… in the age of Persona and Xenoblade and Dragon Quest IX, I don’t know if I can go back to random battles. 

      It’s sort of bearable in Pokémon, but only because you can kind of tune out and listen to music or watch a movie or something while grinding, but in a game like Bravely Default, that would take some of the fun out of it, since the battle system isn’t as simplistic as it is in the Pokémon games.

      • Paradox me

        I’d be disappointed in random battles if the alternatives didn’t throw inescapable enemies at you so often. It varies from game to game, but most that show enemies on the overworld often make running away from them about as annoying as being dragged into fights randomly.

        It’s not so bad in RPGs on the big screen with larger, more open areas, but when you’re working with the confined spaces of a handheld title (or just cramped dungeons/areas in general) then the difference is negligible to me.

        Final Fantasy XIII-2 was interesting in that battles were random, but instead of flinging you into a fight it made an enemy appear on-screen. I thought that was a really neat way to go about it.

        • Maybe I’ve just been spoiled by Persona, DQIX and Xenoblade. Each of those makes visible enemies pretty fun to deal with. In DQIX, the map is impressively huge, so there’s always room to run away. Even more so in Xenoblade, although they do tend to chase you around for a bit before you lose them.

          Persona does make it hard at times, though, yeah. Especially in P3, where the corridors of Tartarus can be fairly narrow, and enemies sometimes like to jump out at you from around a corner.

  • When we first heard the title name, many thought it sounded weird, not sure how the game will turn out.

    Fast forward to now. And the game just continues to grow in more awesomeness and show why I love RPGs and gaming as a whole.

    For me, this will be the game I judge SE by. I just hope that SE:
    1) Confirm localization of the game in the west.
    2) Bring over that Collector’s Edition.
    3) Even if 2 doesn’t happen, I will want 1 to happen.

    •  me too …
      I like ‘almost’ all SE games..pity that a lot of them are in japanese

      • It’s not that I don’t like their other games, its just that, this feel more like their “own” game not just  something “borrowed” from titles acquired from their merger.  

        EDIT: Type-0 does look very good. Shame it wasn’t localized as even a DD.

  • It just gets better and better.  I’ve always liked the name of the game and this just proves why.  I don’t understand why a lot of people want a name change.

    •  When I saw the name first time (and the girl) and found that it made by SE ‘SquareEnix’ I said it’ll be a great game.
      (if you think about it I say that to every SE title)

    •  it’s less a “want them to change it” and more of a “they changed it because it doesn’t fit their current vision (that keeps getting worse) for Final Fantasy”

      really, they almost did the same thing to FFIX

      think about that

      •  So in other words it’s a “They changed it, now it sucks” thing huh?

  • Göran Isacson

    That IS a pretty interesting approach, I must admit- having each of the characters somehow be closely connected to a gameplay element such as jobs, the book that will keep track of events and a town-building minigame. Only thing I’m wondering now is if these motivations will somehow come to clash with the “main character” and her drive to gather the four crystals.

    Also, can anyone else think of another RPG that did this? Somehow made their character an extension, or even manifestation, of a particular gameplay feature?

    •  not to that aspect but “Chrono Cross” did a lot of Linking between chars/story ,Chars/chars and Chars/themselves …
      and has some chars affect the gameplay too (if you have one of players in your team you can shop anywhere in the Map).

  • wannit

  • each character has it’s Link with the gameplay and story ..
    “…..Agnes, the girl who appeared in …… and has been Bravely Default’s most frequently seen character thus far”
    Really I barely even saw another character with her in all screens and on the cover too! I must say the Developers like ‘her’.

  • Totally awesome. Can we have, please?

  • neetyneety

    I love reading Bravely Default articles and seeing how much effort they put in the game. From the plot to the characters to the gameplay and even to the title, it’s obvious how they wanted each and every part to perfectly complement each other. At first I was a bit skeptical on how S-E would approach making this game, but after following the dev cycle for a while, I can honestly say that this is one of the most anticipated games of my lifetime.

  • CirnoLakes

    Is it just me, or does this look like by far the best project Square Enix has been in in years?

    I’m almost never excited for anything by Square Enix anymore. But this looks like it could be their next Kingdom Hearts.

    • zeta

      then after a few years this game will be ported to IOS and Android – _ – ;; damn squareenix

  • ” Finally, the last character in your party is Lingabel…”

    Hmmm, I know this is just nitpicking, but it seems SE has officially romanized リンガベル as “Ringabel”, ‘tleast according to their official TGS trailer :P (it can be seen around the 1:00 mark, and you do have to pay attention because the letters are kinda small, but it’s there above the kana)

    Nonetheless, awesome job on the newspost!

  • jeam95

    hopefully the game is worth it!!

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