Watch Ludger And His Brother Julius Transform In Tales Of Xillia 2

By Spencer . September 24, 2012 . 4:36am

Tales of Xillia 2’s lead character Ludger can transform and bring enemies into another dimension where he has the edge. It appears his brother Julius has the same ability as seen in the fourth trailer for Tales of Xillia 2. The fight between Ludger and Julius appears to be a major plot point in Tales of Xillia 2.


The game’s theme song is "Song 4 U" by Ayumi Hamasaki. She also sang "progress" which was the theme for Tales of Xillia.


Tales of Xillia 2 comes out on November 1 for PlayStation 3. Reserve it and you’ll get a Tales of Xillia 2 Before Episode short story, art book, a code for three classic Tales hero costumes (Emil, Yuri, and Asbel), and a PS3 theme.

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  • Jordan Coleman

    While I kind of dislike this series, something about this one makes me interested. Was never interested in the first 1, but I guess it’s the setting. It looks different then other Tales games. 

  • Darkrise

    Wow, just as beautiful as the first Xilia’s in-depth trailer. Ufotable really was the perfect choice and the plot seems pretty interesting.

  • hunterrnl

    Hmm I am still thinking. Wait for a small chance of TOX2 in the West or import just like always hmm.

  • zferolie

    Well, if this turns out to be a spoiler… thanks for that Namco.

    Why does it seem more and more game companies are spoiling their own games before they are out?

    • Darkrise

      Probably to increase tension and drama to make things more interesting and exciting, stirring up more hype among audiences.

      • Pretty much. JRPG premises often start calm and slow, which probably isn’t exciting enough for the way companies want to advertise their games.

        • Darkrise

          Indeed, BUT it was worth seeing the animated cut-scenes early. =P

    • LightZero

      They have been doing this for a good solid decade (jrpgs developer that is). I don’t know where you been. You have to think like a businessman. These “spolier” scenes are used to entice buyers. Often times those scenes are red herrings. They don’t really reveal much in the grand scheme of things. They are just used to bring in some drama and action. No one is going to be interested if they play it safe by showing some of the slower scenes. 

      • zferolie

         Yeah, I know they do that, and I am not that upset if they do it right. I just hope that fighting your brother wasn’t supposed to be a twist surprise in the game. But yeah, showing some of the later scenes in a game can work to build excitement without spoiling the game. I guess just the way they right out say it’s a major plot point bugs me.

        I just may be over reacting. It may just be a red herring. Right now I am avoiding spoilers for Halo 4, and they have been releasing diaries of the forerunners and weapons, which I want to see in the game as I get them.

    • MrTyrant

       For me is a great way to be make the game interesting. Now I want know why they fight and what is happening in the game.

      • zferolie

         Yeah, that is true. I am curious why they are fighting myself.

        I guess like I said below, as long as this wasn’t supposed to be a big twist, then it’s not bad

  • Tales_of_Master

    Sooooo Julius is indeed a boss in the game.


    • MrTyrant

       It was obvious. The brothers are always enemies at some point in the game in most stories xD

    •  Was that jude in a bloody mess on the floor in the beginning?

      • Tales_of_Master

         Actually I think that’s Elle’s father.

  • Neophoton

    I generally prefer playing my games in English (plus, y’know, import costs can be hefty), but in the event ToX2 fails to get localized, I could easily just import it. I’ll be holding up on buying it for now since it’s releasing around a bad time for me, what with Okami HD and ZOE Collection being out around then.

    • IshimaruKaito

      im right with you! if they take too long (at least for me) im gnna buy TOX2 

  • Cephrien

    That animation is just plain SICK.

    • neocatzon

      ufotable racks ton of cash since their Typemoon’s projects

    • zferolie

       The animation is quite amazing. The best for a Tales game so far I think

  • Natat

    … Why is an older-looking Archer in this game?

    • MrTyrant

      If Ludger bring his reality marble when he transform then Archer have to show his UBW D:

  • Anything ufotable animate = Beautiful quality animation. (NOT mocking, notice I didn’t use caps)

    Who is the old guy in red?? New charac??
    Srsly the little girl now have a DEAD FLAG hanging…. I hope I am wrong.

    Relax you r not gonna play it soon so by the time you got this you should prob forgot it ady…. And I’m sure they are HUGER twist than tht.

    Tht segment in the end… SUBTLE fourth wall breaking XD 

  • French

    Namco and any other company that releases trailers more than 2 minutes are fools

    • I really don’t understand the logical here. It’s not like they are making you watch it. It’s not essential to playing the game. Also didn’t you make a comment like this before? Why restate it?

      •  don’t mind him, he’s either trolling or just that dull

        • You’re right. I shall take your advice good sir ( ^.^)

      • French

        They aren’t making me watch it,but if im gunna buy a game from them, i should be able to have a teaser shown, not a spoiler filled trailer… its the same with hollywood… like the saying goes “less is more” 

        • My statement still stands. No one makes you watch it. One could simply read about the game and either buy it or not. Or I don’t know watch half of the trailer?

        •  did you seriously just compare a game with hollywood ? and have you SEEN the trailers they show in theaters ? most are longer than 2 minutes, and they are far more spoilish than this trailer

        • Have you ever played a Tales before? .___. The “spoilers” on the trailers are always insignificant at the end. lol

    • the things I could have done with those extra 2 minutes. How I wonder :/

  • The combination of beauty : Ufotable x Ayumi Hamasaki x Tales of
    super ultra great delicious wonderful trailer

  • The more I see… The more I want~ I’m super curious as to who her Papa is. Has that ever been said?

  • MrTyrant

     Now I know that Ludger is a silent character but still is kind of cool to select an answer in the skit events.

    • LightZero

      Apparently he does have some speaking roles. 

      • Like P3 & P4 “Per-So-Na”??? Lol.

        • MrTyrant

           Yeah, Battles only? because he should speak when you choose an answer on the skits.

          • Darkrise

            Hm, well I’m pretty sure he speaks out of battles as well, I mean why do we even hear his voice at all in the trailer?

    • Raiyu

      He does speak, they aren’t done recording for him yet.

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    thats a very Demi-fiend transformations the brothers have there.

    • Or MGS Rising would do too.

    • Darkrise

      Haseo-ish too.

  • Jesus Christ the wait is killing me! November 1st can’t come any faster!

  • keithmaxx

    Ludger: Pay your gajillion-gald debt, you ****!

    Julius: Mwahahahaha, nevar!

    Oh yes, the story was actually all about the money; the girl was just a hook. ;)

    • Nicolas Vasquez

       you switched the character roles there.

  • Nitraion

    News along with this trailer:
    “In addition to the trailers, more information about the game’s DLC was announced. All of the DLC purchased for the original Tales of Xillia can be used in the sequel and some costumes such as the Yuri/Asbel DLC for Xillia 2 can be used in both games.”
    Pretty neat if i say…. ^^

    • That is pretty neat, seeing as how I bought all of the damn Xillia costumes. I plan on doing the same for this game.

  • its so awesome that its sexgasmic

  • AoNoise

    Now THAT’S some way to get me hyped.

  • Demeanor

    Mmm seeing how they finally decided to bring some love to the West with Graces and Xillia I suppose there’s a very good chance ToX2 will be localized as well, thought it’d probably be a 2014 thing.
    So I think I’ll have no choice but to double dip with this too XD all the more power to my (bad) Japanese, I guess. I just can’t stay away knowing I’ll be in control of Mira/Milla-sama once again!!!

    LOL @ the skit XD I’d have picked nantoka as well XD it feels nostalgic to hear Xillia skits once again and intriguing to see Alvin speak to the new char Ludger

    • Seriously they need to stop gagging around and just give me Vesperia,Hearts, Innocence, a proper remake of tempest for the 3DS  and Rebirth (WHY YOU NO LOCALIZE REBIRTH NAMCO?)

      Bleh I dont feel like buying a PS3… but Xillia…XILLIAAAAA!!!!!!


      • Tempest is not a motership title… I doubt it’ll get  remake… and I’d rather have a Symphonia remake. <3 And Baba said there are no plans on bringing Hearts to the west, too bad it's the most awesome one, plot-wise, in my opinion. Vesperia… just give it up, it won't come, Innocence, maybe the vita one… Rebirth, well… same as Vesperia. xD At least we're getting Xillia after Graces. Be thankful as it might help changing Baba's mind. :P

  • IshimaruKaito

    so i heard ludger speaks…..i dont care about anything else i just WANT TO HEAR HIM TALK! idc if he just says hi i wnna hear it!! lol

  • Magus KilIer

    I didn’t understand crap,but i laughed at Ludger’s face at the end

  • sd28

    every thing I have seen points me to believe that elle is ludgers daughter from a different world 

  • Göran Isacson

    That was some pretty neat-looking animation there. But I must admit I’m curious now- what option did Ludger choose, to make the other guy cuddle up to the kitty and sound all ‘everyone betray me… except you kitty’.

  • AokiShizuku

    Judging from the trailer, I think Ludgar screwed up horribly and now the world is ending because of him. See? This is what happens when you bring in a new protagonist into the hero business. They end the world within the first few days.

    I’m just kidding. Despite Ludgar being the main character, I still want Jude to get some spotlight. He’s my favorite Tales protagonist. 

  • Genjo

    well there’s a chance we might get it sooner then waiting almost year for it but we need good sales for overseas to get a good chances to come sooner!

     “While not confirmed for release in any other regions, series producer,
    Hideo Baba says there’s a “good chance” if the original game sells well
    internationally in 2013″

    so GO GO GO! get moooore people to pay the Tales of Xilla game when it comes out! lets show Hideo Baba! that u.s/eu wants some loving from Tales of Xilla 2 also!

  • Two brothers, locked in mortal combat. All I could think of was, “BROOOOTHERRRRRRRRR!”

  • Anthony Hayball

    Sick Trailer. I’m imagining if this out in Engish I’m going to guess that PEGI is going to rate this as a 16+ and in US Rated Mature.

  • Jude looks so much better in Yuri’s clothing than Asbel did!
    And Milla in Asbel’s… Hah!

  • Crimson_Cloud

    That was impressive. O_o
    I would pay extra bucks for them to keep Japanese track. 

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