The Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky HD Edition Soaring On To PS3

By Spencer . September 25, 2012 . 11:32pm

imageFalcom is coming back to consoles with an upscaled version of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Dengeki PlayStation announced The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Kai HD Edition for PlayStation 3. The game is slated to be released on December 13 for 3,990 yen ($51).


If you haven’t been following the Trails in the Sky series, "FC" is the first game in the series called simply The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Xseed brought this title over and released it in North America last year. Perhaps, they’ll pick up The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC Kai HD Edition too?

  • About time. Small screens are a disservice to games massively consisting of text.

  • My life is complete. I hope they put it on PSN too though, not just disc release.

  • Godmars

    Start asking for a US release now?


  • Go2hell66

    do they really want to put those nasty sprites on a giant screen? even if they do remaster it i don’t think it will look that great

    at least more people get to play it which is a good thing but this port feels a bit unnecessary, especially with zero no kiseki evolution on vita.

    • Ladius

      Originally Trails in the Sky was a PC game, there is nothing wrong with them reusing the hi-res assets for a PS3 port.

      • Go2hell66

        lol really? had no idea there was a pc port :/
        *correction: pc VERSION*
        either way i still think it works way better as a portable game

        • JazzyMan123

          Um, it was a PC game first, then a PSP port.

          • Go2hell66


        • Did you read what he said? “Originally Trails in the Sky was a PC game”. Meaning it was released on PC before PSP.

          • Go2hell66

            YES GEEZ my wording was little bad calm down people

          • I wish you keep what you originally posted. Making me sound like a mad man.

    •  Here’s a screenshot from the PC version, if you’re interested. Sorry for the super huge URL:

  • Paradox me

    PC still seems like the West’s best chance at seeing the full series, but I suppose this couldn’t hurt.

    • Hraesvelgr

      PC also seems to be the most financially sound way of releasing it, too, since the PSP version (sadly) did not meet their expectations.

  • Raze

    XSeed pls

  • Learii

    xseed plz bring this to the west

  • I think xseed has other things to concentrate on like translating that script heavy game, Trails in the Sky Second Chapter.

    • Ladius

      Making sure that as many players as possible play FC and know what the series is about is the first step to make Second Chapter a success, though.

      At this point, the most reasonable move for the Trails franchise in the west would be a SteamPS3 double release of FC followed by a SC announcement for as many platforms as possible (Steam and PSN, now that the dd version is in the pipeline, and maybe PS3 if Falcom release a SC HD after FC HD).

    • Paradox me

      Shifting their attention to a PS3 release in the West makes more sense at this point. They could push forward focusing entirely on translating SC, but there’ll hardly be a market for the game on PSP once they’re done. I doubt even a PSN release, playable on Vita, would be enough.

      A PS3 version could provide an additional source of revenue based largely on their original investment in FC’s translation, possibly making up for lackluster PSP sales. In turn, if Falcom does a PS3 port of SC then XSEED not only has the funding to finish translating the game, but also what should prove to be a much larger audience.

      • hm in my own opinion releasing the PS3 version wouldn’t help that much due to the fact that you probably get more or less the same amount of audiences because people who owned the PSP probably owns the PS3. I’m not saying everyone but maybe the majority so fewer new audience. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about here.

        I think it would be much better to release the PC version how they did with YS The Oath of Felghana since it’s on a platform more or less everyone has and the PC requirement to run this isn’t that much. Even a computer with integrated GPU could play Oath or Trails. Better to allow newer audience to have a chance to play it rather than the probable existing. Not everyone who wants to play Trails has a PSP or PS3. 

  • Total_Overdose

    I really hope this becomes completely voiced like The Legend of Heroes: Zero No Kiseki Evolution. I love these games!

    • JazzyMan123

      Doubt it.

      • Total_Overdose

         I know. But a man can dream! :)

  • malek86

    I would have thought a Steam release was coming first, but this is gonna be good for them too. At least, it increases our chances of seeing the other games as well.

  • Dantis

    I got about two hours into Trails in The Sky and haven’t touched it since. Outside of the pretty-good writing, nothing about it grabbed me. The battles in particular struck me as sub-par, and I really didn’t like the battle theme.

    • Go2hell66

      i have to agree the 1st game isn’t good as i thought it would be, it felt like 50 hours of straight sidequests. (actually i never seen so many cutscenes of people eating lunch in a single video games before lo, it felt like every 20min they had to stop and eat rofll), the battles were pretty slow paced as well.

      for what its worth i did enjoy the 1st game to an extent and from what i’ve seen it does look like the game gets better in the sequels

      • Dantis

         I expected a lot more from the way people talk about it.

        • JazzyMan123

          Well, wait until to sequels come out and see if it’s any different.

          FC is more of an “introduction” to the game world and it’s characters and the real thing starts to get going in SC.

      • You’re right. While I think that FC is a great game, it is my least favorite of the series. At the end of FC, you only barely have an idea of the scope the series has, plot-wise.

        …but by the time you start realizing just how big it is, it’s great. (Ao no Kiseki was an incredible game. Worthy of being considered a climax to the series.)

    • Ladius

      You barely saw the beginning of the prologue of a game that can easily last more than 60 hours and is, in itself, only the first chapter of a series spanning five games (with a sixth in the pipeline).

      No offence, but, as much as you’re free to drop any game even after five minutes if you don’t like it, I don’t think you can form any kind of objective judgement on anything regarding Trails 1 or the Trails series after playing such a small part of the game.

      • Dantis

         It was the gameplay that didn’t grab me though. I doubt it changes much between two hours and sixty.

    • Laurence Dean

      I actually felt this way as well but some friends who had similar taste in games pushed me on. The battle system does get fairly interesting when you start unlocking more quartz slots; but the game really shines at the end of chapter 3 it picks up greatly and never drops off ending with a pretty big climax then a  cliffhanger. It instantly shot up from being a decent JRPG too an amazing one. I highly suggest you stick with it :)

  • brian yep

    AW, YEAH.
    Though it was mildly fun at first, I gave up a few hours in once I found out it had a cliffhanger ending and had SC had a questionable chance of coming.

  • HarryHodd

    Day one! Been waiting for Falcom to start developing on PS3.

  • Hours

    Please come to the US!

    I think this would be a great way to continue the series in North America, along with the hopeful Steam and 3DS ports. Trails is so amazing, I want to support it with my money!

  • Well I for one, hope this is only the start of something for Falcom that leads to more of their stuff being available.

  • MrJechgo

    Shouldn’t that been done in the beginning -_-; ?

    • Why, when Falcom was testing the waters for console development? It’s MUCH cheaper to develop for PSP, and the game was originally developed for the PC.

      Falcom isn’t a huge company, not like Konami or Capcom. (roughly 50 employees)- and they take advances slowly. Considering the development costs for the PS3, it would have been a bad idea. Had they not done so well on PSP, I doubt we would be seeing this news today.

  • why not bundle all 3 chapters in 1 blue ray game? so as to abolish all doubts of the release of the other chapters… i guess its too much to ask since up-scaling 2d sprites are harder than a game that is 3d

    oh well i hope they’d really polish this game up so that “kai” would be a “buy” for the fans

    • The game was originally on PC with HD assets.

      However, Falcom doesn’t always release with the west in mind. They aren’t targeting a particular region. I have predicted that they are testing the waters for the viability for releasing a game on the PS3 before they take any other risks.

      Sora no Kiseki FC was the second title they released on PSP. (Gurumin was the first)

      • so if they have all the HD assets to use why not release all three chapters into one game disc collection though? i guess this makes more money for them if they release the chapters separately if it sells and less risks it doesn’t

        and judging by that quick release date i’m guessing its a direct port of the pc version regardless i hope xseed translates the SC and third

        • I suspect that, rather than a direct port of the PC version, they’re converting the PSP versions to the PS3 and adding in the HD assets again. This isn’t something that can be done overnight. Not when they’re working on at least three other games at the same time. (Next Kiseki title, at least one Ys title, and some unnamed project that’s been mentioned a couple of times.)

          Remember, this is a company with 50’ish employees, including HR, financials, server administration, marketing, etc etc.

          But this means that the “enhanced” PSP versions with all their extras with HD images, along with trophy support will probably be what we see on the PS3. It’s a juggling task.

          This also means that the game will be forced to comply to CERO standards, which means that they can’t use the full Star Door from Sora no Kiseki the 3rd, most likely to keep it a CERO B. …so they’d definitely have to use the PSP version there.

          Oh, and while the images can be HD, the game’s stillframes happen to be on panes that are 768×512 – this would need to be made to a different resolution for PS3, wouldn’t it?

          And because it’s a “quick release date” doesn’t mean that Falcom hasn’t been working on it for awhile. Falcom doesn’t always talk about their current projects. Sora no Kiseki FC was only announced about six months before its release in 2004 for the PC.

          …but the artwork in one of the artbooks is dated 1999 and 2000. Well, before the announcement date. The first confirmation of Falcom working with PhyreEngine (Sony Playstation devkit) was around… 2009, I think? Somewhere around that point. They only confirmed that they had it last year in an interview with SiliconEra.

          •  thank you sir for pointing out the work needed to be done for this version coz i thought it was going to be a lazy port and your wealth of knowledge with falcom affairs is much appreciated.. what is this full star door? some overly guro or ecchi fan service scene? I’ve never played the 3rd ever

          • Sorry for the delayed response on this…

            The 3rd star door isn’t ecchi or fan service-y. It’s actually kind of dark and disturbing. It has an image of a child nude in it, though you don’t see anything… but it wasn’t in a sexual manner. It was actually in a more violent manner, which may or may not be worse.

            There are a lot of implications, but nothing very open, which makes it easy to assume things the wrong way as well. (which was intentional, I believe.)

  • If it means we can finish the saga in the West I’m for it.  Better for me than the iOS version that was coming.

    • A thing to keep in mind is that the iOS version isn’t a port of the game. Aeria Games confirmed that it’s a new game under the Kiseki title that they’re developing.

      • Huh I thought it was a port, I must of missed a lot of articles about it.


    Great news, i allready have the Psp version but what the heck im getting the Ps3 version too lol.

  • Hope Ghostlight is paying attention Euro fans

  • Settsuo

    Developers: What’s this?
    Me: It’s my… my… money. *blush*
    Developers: Are you blushing?? O_O
    Me: *punches* Take it you idiots take it all!

  • dahuuuundge

    So is this a port of the original PC version?

    • There’s no information on it at all beyond being for PS3, a release date, and a price. It just popped up on the release calendar in this week’s Famitsu.

  • kevinposta

    So this means Second Chapter could come to PS3~? If they port all the games to the PS3 then it would be a safe (for now) realm for Trails games :D

  • neo_firenze

    My semi-realistic dream world regarding the series:

    1) Sora no Kiseki 1-3 released in English.  I don’t care what platform.  Steam/PC seems… maybe most likely?  But I’m plenty happy with PS3 or PSP.  

    2) Zero no Kiseki Evolution (Vita upgraded port of the original PSP game) localized and released in English.

    3) Ao no Kiseki Evolution (for Vita) announced for Japanese release, localized and released in English.

    Nayuta is a more interesting case.  It’s the most playable of the Japanese PSP games in the series for people who aren’t fluent in Japanese, since it’s more an Ys-style action RPG as opposed to the rest of the series being heavily text based RPGs.  But that also means that maybe it’s easier to localize, without as much of a heavy translation burden.  Though being PSP-only hurts its chances and it seems less likely to get ported to other platforms.  I kinda don’t expect it in English, unfortunately – but I’ll appreciate the Japanese version and certainly would support it if it DID get a surprising localization.  If Xseed continues to be Falcom’s US partner, I’d hope for them to work on getting the other games out first (along with the hopefully obvious choice of Ys Celceta).

    • JazzyMan123

      To be honest, I don’t think we’ll ever see Zero/Ao no Kiseki localization-wise. The scripts for those two are a nightmare.

  • Mike Pureka

    Holy carp! FINALLY! Someone is porting some of these games that companies keep inexplicably making for handhelds and putting them on consoles I want to play (and have). 

    I really hope this gets localized;  I would assume it would be a pretty easy job since it’s already  been done for the handheld, but you never know. x.x

  • Ace

    Hope we get news on TitS 2 and 3 becumming localized. 

    • LustEnvy

       Failed attempt at trying to be funny.

  • FreeRPGer

    I’d love the HD collection here in North America, but I’d even love to see TitS 2 and 3 come here to USA on the PSP even. At least the PSP hooks to the TV (with a smaller screen).

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