Toki Or Towa? Time And Eternity Short Movie Asks That Question

By Spencer . September 27, 2012 . 1:56am

The protagonist in Time and Eternity: Toki Towa was supposed to marry Toki, but he is fatally wounded on their wedding day. Princess Toki travels through time in hopes of preventing the tragedy and uses her alter ego Towa to in battle. So, who will the blue-haired hero fall in love with? That’s up to you.


Imageepoch also released a sample of the soundtrack. Time and Eternity: Toki Towa comes out on October 11. 


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  • Learii

    nice art =D

  • I really liked that sample at 1:03. I wish that Collector’s Edition comes to the west because I’m loving that sample so much. 

  • why can’t I choose both?

    • I’m sure that’s what EVERYONE wants… T_T
      It’s a little bit cruel that only one of them can be with him especially when they share a same body…..

    • 猫 黒

       You can’t choose BOTH time and eternity.  That’s like if someone asked “do you want to live forever?” and you say “yes and no”.

    •  you can choose both for a “nice boat” ending >=P

    • Tht where a NG+ with a diff ending comes in.

    • Barrit

      Maybe they will release a harem ending as DLC.

    • $733987

      Isn’t that the story? It’s not Toki and Towa saving the knight, it’s the knight saving both of them.

  • Göran Isacson

    Someone floated the idea that Toki and Towa are not truly two different personalities but two different mentalities, two different approaches that the Princess uses to progress in life and that her choice will in the end be about what she wants to do with her life. Does she want to be the brash adventurer that defies convention, or does she want to be the responsible ruler?

    I like this theory a lot more than that we are basically going to choose one LIFE over another, even if it’s pretty damn weird that it seems like the decision rests in the hand of some dude who’s going to be absent for most of the gameplay (Yes I am still frustrated that we know so little about the princess or how the heck he’s considered a “protagonist” when he’s apparently dead).

    • Pichi

      I’ll be open to that idea. And it can make a lot more sense as well.

      • Göran Isacson

        Then let’s hope it’s the idea that will actually make it into the game, fingers crossed :)

  • Yup, I fell in love with the soundtrack already. Definitely checking it out when it releases!

  • Nerroth

    There was a third preview clip added to the nbgi channel; for a voice drama of some sort.

    (I wonder if there will ever be an anime adaptation of this game at some point.)

    • This is practically a playable anime lol.

    • That was funny. 49 seconds I will never be able to unhear lol =P

  • Wow, the more I see the more I want Toki Towa. My wallet is going to hate me buy I may have to import the collectors edition. Especially since it comes out a few days before my birthday lol. Also that soundtrack just sounded beautiful as soon as I started listening to it. If it does get localized it’s a day 1 for me, and I hope we get a collectors edition too.

    As for who our Blue-haird prince will fall in love with I choose, I choose…….. Honestly I can’t really choose yet. I know we had this whole conversation about how its still her no matter what, but I still would like to get to know both sides of her first =^_^=

  • Brimfyre

    I would rather Toki and Towa meet some new dude on their adventures and end up with him.

  • Another new chick appears!! Who could she be???

  • personablaze

    Forget Toki or Towa I want Weidy…

  • Jonathan Keycross

    “So, Toki or Towa? Which one is your type?”
    (Toki) <-  (Towa)
    *Towa snaps and stabs you*
    (Toki)       (Towa) <-
    *Toki snaps and kills you*
    I still think no matter who will be chosen, Protagonist will still have a bad end.

    •  really really BAD one ,I must add.

  • $733987
  • Definitely Weidy.


  • I love a female who knows her way around a shotgun.

  • ArthurCarvalho

    I might be mistaken, but I think that Towa is herself from the future…

    But I think that in the video above (the first one) the time witch says that when using time magic, only the soul goes back in time, so it is not uncommon for both souls (both past self and future self) to end up together in the same body.

    Please correct me if I’m mistaken.

  • Kevin Lor

    They need to add another option and let us choose both! Cmon its a fantasy anyways so let me have two of them lol

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